Opening Address May 2018


North Pacific Dweller
The Office of the Minister of Defense
May 12, 2018

Greetings, I am Zazumo. Well it's the start of a new term and here I am as Minister of Defense. It's a big job and there is a lot of pressure on me to keep the NPA running exceptionally well. My two predecessors Malphe and Gladio both left some big shoes to fill. And I am looking forward to taking up this challenge. When joining the NPA back in July of 2016 it never crossed my mind that MoD would be in my future. So I want to thank Siwale for trusting me to lead the ministry this term.

My goals this term:
Most importantly to keep the NPA as active as we have been in previous terms. We've continued to set record detag numbers and this is a big goal to continue to aim for. Apart from detags this term should also focus on increasing the activity of our Auxiliary forces. So more holds will also be a goal for the term. There will also be a focus on training soldiers in the basics of military gameplay. Admittedly in our previous terms soldiers have had less to do as our officers mainly pointed in ops. The lack of soldiers pointing greatly reduces the effectiveness of the NPA. The basics of military gameplay should be well versed in every member of the NPA. So taking a page from Gladio's book, as MoD this term I will be taking a step back from pointing during ops and allowing soldiers to get the most out of op participation.

Deputy Ministers:
This term I will be appointing two Deputy Ministers. I want the high command to be as experienced as possible. So I am naming BluieGamer and BMWSurfer as deputies. Bluie and BMW have been long time members of the NPA. Both their experience and loyalty make them the obvious choices for the role.

So here is to another fantastic term for the NPA!

Minister of Defense


Semi-retired legal nerd.
Congrats to you Zaz for becoming MoD and congrats Bluie and Surfer on getting DMoD!!
To a great Zaz Term :rum: