[Criminal] Complaint against Skittleyflakes


Name of Complainant: Skittleyflakes

Name(s) of Accused: Skittleyflakes

Date(s) of Alleged Offense(s): 9/26/2017, 9/16/2017

Specific Offense(s): Doing a bad (Circumventing ban with alts)

Relevant Excerpts from Legal Code or other Laws: I did a bad and thats it

Summary of Events (What happened, in your own words): I made a discord account to harass mad jack and feathers, then circumvent my rp ban then to be exposed.

Evidentiary Submissions (Evidentiary Submissions may be submitted to the Attorney General or Deputy Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division via PM): look in discord

Comments: i did bad


kul Seredrau
Not even going to begin to explain why I'm turning this "complaint" down. Troll elsewhere, and by "elsewhere", I mean where I don't have to deal with it.

Thread locked.