( Court case ) Request for intervention

Nation of Complainant: Scallendovia

Organization(s) of Accused: The Phoenix Union

Date(s) of Alleged Offense(s): Feb 25 2017, 2:26pm

Specific Offense(s): Removal without informing.

Summary of Events: Our nation is been removed from the organization without notification, due to the ongoing war between Scallendovia and Cogoria including SAA Canada.

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On the aforementioned date, the Phoenix Union ( PU ) send a memorandum to the government of scallendovia notifying us about our removal from the organization due to our aggressive acts. The Phoenix Union take this step without calling all scallendovia MPs, inorder to discuss the issue with them. And again the Phoenix Union is planning an economic sanctioned on scallendovia which don't suppose to be. We hereby brought thus issue to IAN for intervention. Looking forward to here from the Secretary general.


Lord Kayus Emmanuel
MajGen Chris
Sen.James barnet
The AoN is an organization of international law and collective cooperation. Regional Alliances and Geopolitical Alliances have the freedom to increase and decrease their membership how they see fit and organize within the bound of their own laws, the AoN has no authority over that, nor should they ever have such authority.

I wouldn't expect the AoN to take on a the issue of my native Ilia being kicked out of the Trillium Accord if we causes unnecessary destruction and human suffering. In fact if anyone should worry about repercussions for their actions over this fiasco it would be your land for their fragrant disregard for human misery causes by a needless and gross inflaming of a war that by all reason should have been on its way to a decline but was brought new life by your hap-hazard and frankly irresponsible actions.

Your nation even disregards the fact that this august body doesn't even have a court and dares to whine directly the Secretary-General about something you voluntarily entered just to immediately disregard the bylaws and rules of. You and the nation you serve are a land of monsters looking for refuge in in heaven. And we will not pay service to the accusations of a state that commits war crimes and flippantly declares war without Casus Belli against an organization who doesn't want to be associated with nations that commit such acts.

~Representative el Trecht of Itrea-Ilia; General-Secretary of the AoN
Goyanean response as a Councillor of Nations to the Scallendovian request:

Disclaimer: This is solely the opinion of the Goyanean delegation to the IAN, and does not represent that of the the Council of Nations, Secretary General, the IAN, the PU, or any other parties involved.

1. At the moment there are no IAN statues that prohibit independent geopolitical unions from removing member states in the fashion that you are describing.

2. Article 4 of the Phoenix Union Constitution clearly states the process for dealing with nations that have involved themselves in a war.

3. In our eyes, you aligned yourself with the initial aggressors, Cimmerien, which placed you in a position that made your member state subject to removal by the PU.

4. The Goyanean delegation also believes that all sovereign nations and unions of nations have the right to place sanctions freely, regardless of wether or not the government(s) involved like it.

The Goyanean delegation believes that this request for an IAN intervention is useless, and will not provide any goal in de-escalating the crown conflict.
The Cogorian government has informed me of the response they wish to put forward. The nation of Scallendovia has made its bed, now they must lie in it. Their aggression against our proud nation has been recognised by the esteemed members of the Phoenix Union who have seen fit to recognise our just cause. There is nothing further to discuss. The IAN cannot force the PU into retaining your membership, and if they could, it would mean less than a paper sword. They would be allies in name only. I would not expect them to honour the treaty obligations thrust upon them.
Junior Minister Without Portfolio Medvedev
Representative to the IAN
Elizabeth was home in Avon spending time with her family when the call came in about the Scallendovian delegation petitioning the International Association of Nations to intervene in some affairs. Sighing to herself as she walked into her home office, she opened a secure video link with the [Merilian] Ministry of Diplomatic Affairs who connected her through to her office at the IAN so she could deliver a statement that her aides could then deliver to the other IAN Council members.
"While it is disheartening to see the Phoenix Union lash out and kick the Scallendovian nation from its rank without warning or discussion with their delegation, at the same time the course was justified seeing as Scallendovia was in direct violation of Article 4. As the newest member of the Phoenix Union, I find it shocking that the Scallendovian delegation would not know that the constitution clearly stated that 'if the attack by the member state against the non-member state is purely aggressive and is not backed by sufficient reasoning, the sufficiency of which shall be judged by Parliament, Parliament may vote to deprive the aggressive member state in question of Phoenix Union membership'. Seeing as their nation got involved in the Crown Conflict on the side of the Kingdom of Cimmeria whose reasoning for war was purely unjustified since its goal was the annexation or total destruction of another state simply due to having a different governing style that they happened to disagree with. Furthermore, I see no need for the International Association of Nations to get involved in the geopolitical affairs of the various alliances that exist throughout the region. If we go down that road, it will eventually lead us to the point where this organization will be dictating to everyone who they can and cannot be friends with and in essence turn the Association into a world police."
On the merits of Article 2.3, the August Consular Office wishes to indicate that the IAN has jurisdiction on matters where a party to a dispute, in which both parties are members under the Toliman definition, consents - which does not apply here, as the case is raised against an organization and not a member-state. Furthermore, the Charter does not state the manner in which such jurisdiction could be used for dispute resolution outside those that are infringements on IAN constitutional documents - currently, only the Charter.

Therefore, the August Consular Office recommends that the request be rejected on matters of jurisdiction, and further recommends that the case not currently be revisited with a revised defendant on the grounds that the IAN currently has no legal framework for exercising its jurisdiction.
Memorandum from the Imperial International Association of Nations Committee (IIANC)
The Imperial International Association of Nations Committee (IIANC) wishes to declare on behalf of the Empire that the Empire agrees with and supports the Xentheridan denial of Scallendovia's request and as well commends the Ilian response in the highest. Scallendovia broke Article 4 of the Constitution of the Phoenix Union, an article they at the very least should have known existed. The fact that they now have the gall to bring this before the International Association of Nations is shocking and a waste of everyone's time.

-Subhas Chandra Patel
Chairman of the Imperial International Association of Nations Committee
Chief Imperial Ambassador to the International Association of Nations