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In a prepared statement before Parliament, Toliman Vice President and Foreign Minister El Tigre Rey announced that a new pan-national association has come into existence. The former luchador said that the Toliman government considered all nations to be part of the organisation, known as the International Association of Nations, and had set up a provisional headquarters in the Palace of the World, formerly the People's Palace, which was were the majority of the military junta's rules Tolima from. A separate government statement also released the organisations provisional charter. Speaking for the opposition, Richard Horris Aruba welcomed the move but questioned whether Tolima was ready to take such a big step into international politics.

El Tigre Rey replied that the government had sounded out potential partners already for the organisation, and was confident international reactions would be positive.

The Daily Acts
The Imperator's News Agency

Alba Longa, Imperium Augustum: The Peregrine-dominated Toliman Affairs Tribunal tabled a statement entitled the "Charter of the International Association of Nations Act" with the August Senate earlier this morning. Equestrian Senator Praefect Tyrrhenis Popularius introduced the Act to the Senate, announcing it as "a partial ratification of the Toliman Charter of the International Association of Nations, with reservations". Whilst the tabled version of the Act is still under debate, and hence both subject to change and not a matter of public record, the Toliman Affairs Tribunal released a public Draft at approximately midnight yesterday.

The Draft indicated the intended reservations proposed by the Toliman Affairs Tribunal, crediting Divine Praefect Alicia Agapitus with "substantial contributions". It is therefore believed that the reservations in the draft primarily relate to expected concerns with the August state religion, Paxcism. An anonymous scholar of theology, advising the Daily Acts, indicated that most of the reservations are consistent with the state-prescribed formulation of Paxcist belief.

The reservations proposed by the Tribunal to the August Senate are listed in full below.

P.1 In order to facilitate a better world whereby the rule of law and rights of all are1 is respected;
P.2 It is proclaimed by all nations states that an International Association of Nations is formed of all the nations states of Eras.

1.1 The Purpose of the International Association of Nations is to facilitate the spread of peace and2 goodwill to all peoples of Eras and to create the conditions whereby dialogue and mediation is may be used to settle disputes;
1.2 It is the further Purpose of the International Association of Nations to ensure the development of nations is conducted in a fair way and in a co-operative manner3.

2.1 is struck out in entirity.4
2.2 is struck out in entirity.5
2.4 Members shall respect the rights of all citizens that are granted by local or international6 law.7

1. Imperium contends that not all rights should be subject to international arbitration, and may instead be enforced unilaterally.
2. Imperium claims exception on religious grounds.
3. Imperium contends that co-operation may not be desirable in the development of nations suffering from systemic inequality. See reservation 1.
4. Imperium claims exception on religious grounds.
5. Imperium claims exception on religious grounds.
6. Imperium contends that international law is insufficient to accord rights to the citizens of sovereign states unless said rights are accepted by both the sovereign conferrer of citizenship and the territorial sovereign, including where these two sovereign actors are identical, hence making acceptable amendment redundant.
7. Imperium understands local law to refer to the laws of the territory that the citizen occupies, including those locally guaranteed through bilateral or multilateral international agreement to those in possession of particular sovereign citizenships.

It is understood the tabled draft includes an additional clause, which would permit the Senate to recommend an appointment as the August Representative to the International Association of Nations, which would be conferred by Caesar to serve at his pleasure. The Toliman Affairs Tribunal has not publically indicated if they have proposed a recommendation to the Senate.

Stokes: Thank you all for coming to the first governmental forum in the great nation of Argonisi's history!
All: QUOD PALUS EST NOSTRORUM DOMUM (The swamp is our home)
Stokes: Yes yes, now the issue that we have today is setting up an official government! We have risen from the mud but that does not mean that we must act like the primitive mud-people! The first post we will be voting for is of course; King. You shall write the name of your vote down on the paper and it can be anyone, no one is off limits.


Stokes: Thank you so much! I will do all that is in my power to bring out fledgling nation the glory it deserves!
Stokes: The next position shall be Prime Minister and the rules that go with it. The Argonisian Prime Minister will act as the voice of our nation at all World Events, including the upcoming August Assembly which we shall be attending!


Stokes continues: They will have no terms and will only leave office when impeached by the people for this will be a DEMOCRATIC MONARCHY!


Stokes: I ask that you submit your votes now


Pembly- Tha- Thank you so much for your support and decision to elect me as your Prime Minister. I, uh, I promise to do my very best to speak, I mean, talk for you. My duty is to represent this beautiful nation and I will bear this weight with pride. The green of Argonisi shines bright! QUOD PALUS EST NOSTRUM DOMUM


Stokes:There is also one more thing that we must vote on. As many of you may know, there will be something called an IAN forming across Eras that includes all regions. We must have vote as to whether we acknowledge the IAN and if we will request to join them! We will gain glory and recognition by joining the IAN and will be able to keep up with world events. All those in favor?


Stokes: Well then, I am pleased to say that the first governmental forum for Argonisi is now over and all results are final until death or impeachment. Pembly, get ready for the August Assembly! Thank you and QUOD PALUS EST NOSTRUM DOMUM!!
Official Decree, By His Imperial Majesty, The Grand Emperor of Goyanes, Anthony I
Approved and Ratified Into Law by the Imperial Senate

By order of Senate Leader Hans Fjall, and a majority vote of 111 out of 140 possible votes, the Imperial Senate sets into law the formal request to join the the International Association of Nations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also approves the final decision, and foreign policy shall reflect this request.
The Cogorian Politburo has in a late night session voted unanimously voted to join the IAN, the decision was then confirmed by Chairman Zhukov. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has been tasked with establishing membership, and Junior Minister Without Portfolio Medvedev has been assigned as the nation's representative. The Cogorian government would like to state that we look forward to assisting our sibling nations in bettering the lives of the world's workers, and in tearing down the class barriers that have held the planet's progress back for far too long.
It is in the interest of His Magnificence at this time to declare the Syrixian Empire's request to join the International Association of Nations. The Empire is quite excited for the future prospects of this organization and we look forward to seeing how this organization will impact the global community.

As such, we additionally wish to notify Tolima and the IAN that the Imperial representative to the IAN will be Subhas Chandra Patel, Former Imperial Ambassador to Esroniet.
The Confederacy of Zyvetskistaahn
Executive Office for Foreign Affairs

Notification is given that, subject to the reservation noted, the Charter of the International Association of Nations has been ratified in accordance with the requirements of law in the Confederacy of Zyvetskistaahn.

The requirement of Article 2.1 that the Confederacy recognises all member states is subject to the right of the Confederacy to determine its recognition of states.

Helen Etherington is appointed as the Confederacy's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the International Association of Nations and the Confederacy asks that full credit be given to all that she may do or say on behalf of the Confederacy.

Issued by the Executor-General by Order of the General Council of the Confederacy
The Constitutional Monarchy of Andrenne
An Official Declaration from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs​
After approval from the Andrennian Parliament, Andrenne formally requests to join the International Association of Nations. If this formal request is approved, our representative will be Ellen Skjellsser, the Speaker of the Unterhauset (The Andrennian equivalent to the House of Commons).
Military Federal Autocracy of the Stan Yera
Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Executive Affairs

The Stan Yera forthwith shall acknowledge and uphold the Official and True Charter of the International Association of Nations, with the exception of clause 2.1, and shall seek war first against its people’s common enemies, without diplomatic mediation.

The Stan Yera shall appoint its ambassador upon the ratification of the following Charter proposed by the Stan Yera, detailing the rules and structure of an international judiciary, such that nations and individuals may be brought to trial for violations of international rights and freedoms.

Charter for the War Crimes Tribunal of the International Association of Nations (WCT IAN)


In order to bring to justice the various nations and individuals who would seek to infringe upon the natural rights of a nation, their own or otherwise, the establishment of a judiciary system is necessary.

All nations are beholden to the rulings of the Tribunal in accordance with the founding Charter of the International Association of Nations.

Article 1

1.1 The purpose of the established Tribunal will be to prosecute those who would seek to violate any of the rights of the natural and true citizens of any country or the recognized and true government of any country through crimes of war and crimes against humanity, as established in various documents and charters of legislation of the IAN.

Article 2

2.1 The Tribunal shall consist of nations currently presiding on the Council of Nations. In the event of a conflicted party presiding on the Council of Nations, a new nation will be chosen to preside in the conflicting nation's place in the same manner as the normal election of a nation to the Council of Nations.
2.2 The Tribunal shall consist of three or five Justices, one chosen from each of the appointed nations to the Tribunal.
2.2 Justices will be tasked with hearing the case presented against the prosecution and determining the validity of the accusations presented.
2.3 A majority of at least 60% (3-8 based on Council size) justices are required to convict or pardon the accused nation or individual.
2.4 A majority of at least two (2) justices in the case of a three seat tribunal, or four (4) justices in the case of a five seat tribunal, is required to convict or pardon the accused nation or individual.

Article 3

3.1 Violators of the IAN charter, and derivatives thereof may be brought before the tribunal by an appointed and impartial prosecution. Individuals and/or Nations accused of committing acts of Crime against Humanity (Clause 3.2), Crimes of War (3.3), and Abuse of Prisoners of War (Clause 3.4) may be brought before the Tribunal by a representative of the victim nation or individual in Prosecution, or a prosecution appointed by the victim nation or individual at their discretion.
3.2 Crimes against Humanity are defined as any act that directly and systematically attacks or violates the rights of any civilian population or identifiable subset of a population. are defined as any violation of the IAN Legislation regarding Treatment of Civilian Populations.
3.3 Crimes of War are defined as any act during a time of war against a nation that would cause undue suffering or death, or breaches of any Charter of the IAN that define conventions of war, weaponry, treatment of prisoners taken during times of war (Prisoners of War), or treatment of civilian populations during times of war. are defined as any violation of the IAN Legislation regarding Wartime Conduct.
3.4 Abuse of Prisoners of War is defined as any violation of the IAN Legislation regarding Treatment of Captured Soldiers and POWs
3.5 This Tribunal shall operate within existing legislation provided by the IAN for determining the prosecution of a case.

*Struck-through clauses and phrases have been voided. Bolded Clauses and Phrases are new additions.


The Council of Great Houses has voted to accept Myroria's offer of membership in the International Association of Nations, though it echoes concerns from its co-member in the Novrith Pact, Imperium Augustum. The Council of Great Houses rejects any attempt from outside powers to dictate laws inside the All-House Union of Myroria. International laws are often merely attempts by imperialist, Established powers to force small nations to bend to their will. For this reason, the Council of Great Houses and the Sedera refuse to consent to allowing the IAN or any other organization to change our sacred laws and customs.

In addition, the Council of Great Houses voted to accept that resolutions of the IAN are legally binding inside Myrorian territory only when concurrently accepted by this body and the signature of the Sedera. Thirdly, the Council voted that IAN dignitaries, when present in Myroria, must abide by the same laws that govern any diplomat from an organization other than a sovereign state - that is, obtaining a valid internal passport and avoiding all holy sites unless specifically authorized by the Foreign and Diplomatic Service.

Internal passports are a vital way to ensure the security of the Myrorian people and their way of life from intrusive foreign interference. These passports must be stamped at consular stations in each County when foreigners and resident aliens are to be traveling across County borders, and malcompliance could result in a revocation of visa. In a fourth resolution, the Council of Great Houses voted to expedite IAN requests for internal passports in recognition of the organization's noble, though perhaps overreaching, goals.

In a fifth resolution, the Council voted to appoint Llarsilasun Quarrith, of Great House Quarrovth, as its representative to the IAN.

Clerk of the National Peoples' Congress
"Workers of all countries, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!"

In a vote of 918 in favor, 260 against, and 36 abstaining, the National Peoples' Congress of the Republic of the Ilamzati Proletariat agreed with the proposal by the United Workers' Party of Ilamzat - Militant Front to accept membership in the International Association of Nations, with reservations to the charter.

The United Workers' Party of Ilamzat - Militant Front and its 838 representatives voted unanimously to accept their proposed list of reservations, and were joined by the Democratic Socialist Party and its 51 representatives, as well as 29 representatives from the Front for the Establishment of a Proletarian Democracy.

260 members of the FEPD led the opposition to the bill; decrying all cooperation with foreign bourgeois powers as well as the UWPI-MF's policy of Socialism in One Nation. 36 members of the FEPD abstained from the vote; eight of these representatives were absent from the chamber at the time of voting. For the most part, those abstaining were the "usual suspects" - members of the FEPD who object to electoralism.

The National People's Congress adopted document and reservations is as such:

In article one:
"1.1. The Purpose of the International Association of Nations is to facilitate the spread of peace and goodwill to all peoples of Eras and to create the conditions whereby dialogue and mediation is used to settle disputes;
1.2. It is the further Purpose of the International Association of Nations to ensure the development of nations is conducted in a fair way and in a co-operative manner."

Ilamzat cannot promise to spread peace until the international ruling class allows the proletariat to vote away their wealth - seeing as this has no precedent in history, we cannot agree with this at this time.
Ilamzat cannot promise to cooperate in all instances with bourgeois states.

In article two:
2.2 Members shall not war on another member without just cause.
2.4 Members shall respect the rights of all citizens are granted by local or international law.

Ilamzat reserves the right to determine just cause in its military dealings.
Ilamzat shall only enforce international law when it is a signatory to international treaties dealing with law.

The People's Council on Foreign Relations voted unanimously to send a delegation to the International Association of Nations. For a representative, the Council chose Dalir Gifahani, a veteran of the Great Revolution and a member of the Qeshir Council on Public Transportation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to announce, following parliamentary approval of the International Association of Nations Membership Act (which received Royal Assent on 9 December), and the promulgation of Council Order 1233, that the Kingdom of Plembobria will be joining the International Association of Nations.

In addition, His Majesty has accepted the advice of the Cabinet to appoint the Honorable Patrice Hossam, as ambassador to the IAN. Mrs. Hossam previously served as Foreign Minister under the Nelson Government, and also represented the Kingdom in the now-defunct Democratic Union, serving more than once as its chairwoman.

We thank the Toliman government for taking up the daunting task of building an organization such as this one.

The Goyanean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as mentioned previously was tasked with all dealings involving the IAN. We have finally decided to appoint former MoFA Peter Svenson. We would also like to second the concerns presented by our friends at The All-House Union of Myroria, and at Imperium Augustum. The Imperial Republic of Goyanes will also not accept international laws unless approved and ratified by any of the Houses of Parliament, and given royal assent by the Grand Emperor. Those are the only concerns we wish to voice at the moment.

Republic of Ascalon
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Republic of Ascalon is proud to request to join the IAN. The national assembly has voted and ratified the law into place, and has appointed former Prime Minister Jo Hassel to be our representative.
The Armed Republic of Cogoria would like to address the issue of the Council of Nations early on in this process of establishing the IAN. We believe that the candidate nations put forward for voting should be nominated but no nation should be able to nominate themselves. We also believe that the council be of diverse political ideologies in order to avoid the corrupt capitalist nations utilising the organisation as another method of subjugating the world's proletariat with their flawed ideology.

After due consideration, and a vote of the Acting National Assembly, the Republic of Jacksonville requests to join IAN. We hope that our application will be accepted and that we may bring Jacksonville into the world for peace and prosperity.
[spoiler="Overruled." A short flavor text side story]
Prime Minister Ellison barged into the princess's office only minutes after it opened, tossing a bill at the princess in a fit of rage.
"Yet another stab at our sovereignty, Claidie, with Parliament going all in with a vote against my objections. How much more of this are we going to take?" the minister yelled.
"I see this as a diplomatic opportunity, one that could launch us into the international scene more so than some party at a palace," the princess responded.
Aghast at the contradiction in the princess's actions of late, Minister Ellison scoffed at the hypocrisy. "This coming from the same head of state who sought every opportunity to exclude herself from diplomacy with other nations."
"Madeline, please, this kind of diplomacy actually has consequences behind it. I'm curious to see how this goes," the princess replied. "Besides, if it doesn't work out, we'll just remove ourselves from this association and we won't have to worry about it."
With the princess's point made, she put her full signature on the bill and stamped it with a green "PASS". With that, the Principality of Sil Dorsett agreed to be part of the International Association of Nations.[/spoiler]
Her Royal Highness The Princess of Sil Dorsett, by and with the advice and consent of the Peers and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, announces the passage of legislation to ratify the Charter of the International Association of Nations and to join as a member.

Regis Gicquel shall lead the delegation to the IAN as ambassador. Mr. Gicquel is an experienced diplomat, having served as Minister of Foreign Affairs during the reign of Her Highness's predecessor, Prince Stéphane.

William Bowers
Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Principality of Sil Dorsett

The August Public Record
Your Press Agency

Alba Longa, Imperium Augustum: The August Senate has reportedly accepted the Toliman Affairs Tribunal's "Charter of the International Association of Nations Act", mandating the formal recommendation of the Act to the Augustine Office. It is not yet certain that Caesar will choose to pass and execute the Act, but a communique issued by the August Conclave indicates that the August Household is planning for the Act's execution.

The communique appointed an officer of the household staff to receive correspondance on the matter of selecting a representative to the IAN, Divine Opp. Patricia Palladus. It is believed that the Conclave, the collective term for Caesar's children eligible to succeed him, will likely make a recommendation alongside the August Senate, permitting Caesar to select between the two if he chooses not to elevate an individual from his own shortlist. Whilst it would be unusual for an individual in the Conclave to receive such an international position, it is possible that the IAN would be a convenient posting for a politically neutral Conclavist, or one who is unlikely to pose a serious challenge to the throne. Such would achieve the careful balance between overcommitting to the IAN, potentially unpopular domestically, and failing to achieve a reasonable status in the face of more experienced candidates.

In particular, two Conclavists are likely candidates - Princess Johanna Jura, and Prince Varus Nascorus. Princess Johanna Jura is a current officer in the Medical Service, her service in which necessitates political neutrality to which she is unusually committed. Her involvement in the IAN would send a clear message to both members and August citizens on Imperium's stance regarding the IAN's responsibilities, whilst also being one of the most reputable candidates likely not to cause civil uncertainties. Prince Varus Nascorus is best known for his relationship with international spiritualists, particularly in Myroria and Plembobria, as well as his long-term partnership with the workers' syndicates and cooperatives that support Imperium's state-controlled unions. His appointment would trade potentially serious government dysfunctionality for what would likely be nonpartisan support, as well as elevate Imperium's unofficial policy of pragmatism regarding the international left to the beginnings of formal diplomatic partnership.

Whilst under ordinary circumstances, Princess Johanna Jura's personal popularity and Prince Varus Nascorus' immense personal unpopularity would make a Conclavist recommendation of Princess Johanna Jura a foregone conclusion, their close personal friendship is likely to delay such a recommendation. Were the Conclave to make a recommendation based on consensus, it would be expected that the matter would be so open-and-shut that they would not entertain submissions from the public. However, it is the expert consensus that Princess Johanna Jura and Prince Varus Nascorus are likely to enter a personal arrangement on the recommendation, so that one shall withdraw to support the other - in which case, Princess Johanna Jura is believed to carry enough personal cachet to force through a recommendation unilaterally.

The August Senate has also invited submissions on the matter of its selection. It has proposed the appointment of an officer from the Medical Service, or from the August Reformation Tribunal. The first would mirror the advantages behind Princess Johanna Jura's own appointment, but would further depress the reputation of the August representative in the IAN, and would in the case of her appointment be likely to fail. The second would give the August Reformation Tribunal the right to make its own appointment, which would likely be based on the heavily regionalist agenda of the ART, known for its intimate ties with Silly String, Montani, Toliman, and Floregasquan politicians and business. It is possible that it would choose to seek out a partnership with the Friends of the Tamerlan Corporation, the corporate organization responsible for the administration of the Plembobrian-based Tamerlan Corporation generally accepted to be a front for pro-Novrith Pact public servants. The two are known to be on amicable terms, and may choose to propose a joint candidate against the August Senate.

Finally, Caesar himself may choose to appoint a staff officer known to him. Such an officer would likely be drawn from the Divine Service, and would almost certainly indicate a highly ideological approach to the IAN, primarily on the matter of hereditary rule and on preserving August sovereignty in the realm of military and territorial policy. Their rank would likely be inflated in order to match their elevated status in the Augustine Household, but would indicate to both the IAN and the state Caesar's intention to directly subjugate IAN policy to the executive.

The Censorial Service has appointed Caroline d'Vesuvio to accept public submissions on the matter of recommending an August representative to the IAN, and will use them to engage in public relations and campaign activities with funds donated from August citizens. Foreign officials are invited to lodge submissions with Msr. d'Vesuvio on behalf of their governments, with submissions being forwarded to the appropriate institutions and individuals.

Details of Princess Johanna Jura and Prince Varus Nascorus can be found here:
Post submissions to Msr. Caroline d'Vesuvio here:

The Kingdom of Esroniet wishes to inform Tolima and the International Association of Nations that it has decided to apply for membership. Esroniet shall be sending Former Deputy Minister Jacques Curie to fill the roll of Esronian IAN ambassador. We wish the best of tidings to all other aspiring member nations at this historic time for the world and hope dearly for a peaceful future.


Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Esroniet
After a long debate, The Senate members of The Rose League have voted in favor of joining the International Association of Nations. The League already works towards a goal of mediating peace and goodwill between other nations during times on conflict and we feel that the Association can help further that cause on a larger, more international world stage. Our representative shall be Elizabeth O'Shea, a long standing member of the League Diplomatic Service and well versed in foreign affairs.

The Federation Of Scallendovia, has voted to join the IAN, for promoting solidarity and peace around the world. Scallendovia former minister of foreign Engr, Saddy Thompson will be sent to represent the federation.

Lord Kayus Emmanuel

The Counselors members of the Federation Council of the Federal Republic of Panama Coalition have voted in favor of joining the International Association of Nations.

William Rodriguez I
Supreme Federal President
The Federal Republic of Panama Coalition

It is with great humility that the Republic of Mouxordia accepts its newfound duty and role to the nations and citizens of the world, to include her own, in participating in the International Association of Nations (IAN). The time has come for the Republic of Mouxordia to take the international stage and join the many other nations who seek to impact Eras in a positive light. With this correspondence, her decision is absolute. The Republic of Mouxordia hereby appoints the seated Secretary of State (currently Secretary Boris K. Poklonskaja) to lead the Mouxordian delegation in all IAN matters and affairs, and to relay in whole important matters to the seated President.

The Republic of Mouxordia greatly looks forward to participating in this international bureaucratic endeavor, and of what rewards might come of it.