Episode 36



Its been a period of change in the government despite it not being election time. Some of these changes have come about because of the usual hectic NS Summer Holiday, others because of leaving joining, rejoining and meh.

First Premier Gadshack announced his resignation which elevated Vice-Premier DaveIronside to the Premiership. While pondering the appointment of a new Vice-Premier the nation saw the return of former political heavyweight and long term absentee Elpidia, eager to rejoin politics and a steady hand on the rudder he was immediately appointed.

Meanwhile to cover various vacations there was a shuffling around of offices and positions before things settled down with everyone back in their original jobs.

The Foreign Office have been active getting out and about in the NS World, some of you may now be familiar with our roving diplomats Sparta, SatanLord and KaiserAdolf who have been popping into chatrooms across the NS World. Should they wander into your region don't worry they don't bite and they enjoy the odd cake.

ROLE PLAY NEWS (if it's green you can join in)

BACK TO THE FUTURE The nations of Satanica and Sparta have gone back to the past to explain how the two nations came to be buddies. An end of a war, rebellions and military aid are all being discussed.

WAF GET TOGETHER The continent of Ardia has always been one of the more unstable ones in Mundus. Recently we was the Western Nations form their own little club, however Elpidia have now called for a reform of this fledgling organisation and so nations have descended on Elpidia for talks on how this should be done. They still don't like the East.

PEACE AND RECONCILIATION Following an end of the Mercian Genocide the new High King has attempted to sew up the nations fragile social structure. In order to gain some legitimacy in the world they've also invited everyone to a memorial service, however so far many nations have stayed away.

WE TOLD YOU ARDIA WAS SPLIT Having seen the Western nations of their continent get together a second Ardian organisation has arisen. Association Of Southeast Ardian Nations has been proposed and has seen some interest.....what next the Northern Ardia Gang.....no one get any ideas.

SCHOOL DAYS It's 1980's Tarragonia and the life and times of a school student in a multi-cultural land are being played out.

UC CREATE NEW NATION Having suffered from terrorist attacks from Scordisci for some time the Ui Cenneslaig government determined to take action following inactivity from the Scordisci government. The massive UC War Machine is currently steamrolling tiny Scordisci leading to the Cennesliagian King creating a new nation from conquered territory known now as the Kingdom of Scordisci. Meanwhile there are rumours of mass executions of suspected terrorists.

PEACE IN OUR TIME.....MAYBE Following a territorial dispute going back to a World War many many many years ago the Ionians and Nova Ardian's are disputing the fate of the city of Vienra. Throw into the mix the CTO trying to act as peace keeper, various other nations picking sides and a religious extremist group getting involved its probably going to become a mess.


ELECTION TIME It's time to pick the new CTO Secretary General. Nominations are open, put forward the next leader of the free world......kind of. Applications are open for the next 72 hours.


RUGBY ROUND UP The Rugby World Cup has begun in Vaguzia. 12 teams will compete for the trophy with defending champions East Moreland heavily fancied to do well. The opening round of games have been played and Elpidia top Group A while East Moreland top Group B.

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL After weeks of competition the football Champions League has concluded with Achkaerin based Leonaise F.C defeating Lodjian Spartak Leubin 2-1 at the King Robert Arena in East Moreland.

FORMULA MUNDUS The motor-sports series continues with the most recent race being in Verover. Aerial Singleton of QAS took the race win with Sam Halliday in 2nd place just ahead of Riverie's Megan Harrison leaving her still 20 points clear at the top of the Drivers Championship.


SPECIAL REPORT FROM THE NORTH The North News Network have published a special battlefield report from Marseille, sadly the fate of the news crew is yet to be confirmed.

TARRAGONIA TO MAINTAIN NON ALLIANCE STANCE After a week referendum, the Municipal Collective has resoundingly voted to not join the CTO, ASEAN and WAF. The League Council verified all the Municipal votes this evening, The the Speaker of the League Council, Jacob Epana stating, "The People of Nova Tarragona are fiercely independent in thought and nature"

WHALE OF A TIME In Nya Aland It was announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing that the annual whale hunt will again be permitted, in addition to Mikberg and Sputswald being permitted to hunt whales the town of Ruleholm have also been included this time. This year a total of 190 pilot whales are permitted to be caught however rules governing the hunt remain in place meaning the hunt must proceed using traditional tools and equipment. Meanwhile Dartfordian animal rights groups have announced an intention to disrupt the hunt. Achkaerin have also announced a step up of patrols in the area following the trouble caused at the last whale hunt

SATANICA LEAVE IMPERIAL ALLIANCE Today a special session of the Legislature was called in which the Assembly and Senate both voted to leave the Imperial Alliance by a wide margin. Following the vote the President announced his office was currently sending a communique to the Imperial Alliance announcing the nations immediate departure.

PROTESTS IN QUINTAX Following the declaration by Rokkenjima to cut off Protoan supply lines, effectively eliminating the Protoan military power in the region, thousands took to the streets demanding the Dominion to enter the Ionian conflict in support of the Nir'Shado. The protestors are supported by a number of government officials believing Rokkenjima closing off the entry into the Rokkenjima trade set a dangerous precedent

KIRYAT GAT MEET MERCIA Chancellor Livna Siskin is set to undertake what will be a historic journey to Mercia. The Chancellor is set to attend a service there to remember people killed in the Mercian Genocide and will meet with newly crowned High King Rupert. The visit shall be historic as it will mark the first official contact between a Mercian and Kiryatian government in over 500 years. Historically the Hassopites captured people from Gat and used them as slaves in various ways, this is something that has never been publically addressed by the Mercian government.

VAGUZIA INCREASE MILITARY SERVICE From now on Vaguzian boys will be in the army from their 17th to their 22nd they in stead of till their 21th. Prime Minister Yimos Querego said the following: "I am very glad this is happening, on this way we can pay much less for the army because voluntary soldiers are more expensive and you never know when they stop." Also Left wing party SC reacted disaipointed: "This is ridiculous, this boys should be at school till their 22nd not in the army. This boys should decide theirself if they want to join the army."