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The Aurorean president's speech

July 08, 2022

President Bartolomeu Barth:
Brothers and sisters of the free Aurorean Republic, today, it is with great sadness that I bring you a piece of sad and most distressing news. The Harbi across the border has mercilessly slaughtered our brave soldiers in the front. For what reasons do they do this? I do not know.

But I fear this plan has been a long time in the making.

For weeks, we have been suffering under the torture of a drought created by the Scalvians across the borders. A problem that has taken the lives and livelihood of innocent Auroreans who had only wished to live in peace – An issue that has become intolerable for us.

Our livelihoods are under threat. Our families are in danger. By these foreigners' hands, we have suffered every kind of ill-treatment in the most distressing manner. More than 1,000,000 people of Aurorean blood in 1907-2022 have had to pay the price in blood, and for what? The possibility of appeasing these cold-blooded, god-denouncing infidels that only live to disturb us?

I came to power by a just and legal democratic election. As always, I attempted to bring about an alteration for this intolerable madness by the peaceful method of making proposals for peace and harmony. It is a lie when the outside world says we had only tried to carry through with our revisions by pressure and force. For twenty-one years, on my initiative, I attempted to carry out these revisions for peaceful settlements and understandings. I have not once but several times made proposals for peace and harmony in my ambition. But all these proposals, as you know, have been rejected. You, the people of the Aurorea, know of my struggles. Of my endless attempts for a peaceful clarification and understanding of the problems, we have with our neighbours. And you know now that it has been all in vain.

It is impossible to demand that an impossible position should be cleared up by peaceful revision of the status quo. It is also impossible to say that the one who undertakes these peaceful clarifications be held responsible for the current situation. Only one problem stood in the way of peace and harmony: the Scalvian and Volshan menace. These scavengers shadow our every step and seek only our complete and utter destruction. Like a vulture to carrion, they seek to kill us all in our moment of weakness.

And today came that decisive blow.

Since 4 A.M., we have been under fire from the Scalvians and Volshanese regular soldiers, with bombs and poison gas filling the entire front. Scalvian and Volshan regular soldiers have fired into our territory for the first time in thirty years. These dogs have directed their attacks against the brave men and women of the Aurorea. Moreover, Scalvia has shot down our brave pilot in the skies patrolling our border for what seems to be an intolerable incursion into our sovereignty. The Volshans have, no doubt in my mind, cooperated with the Scalvs and attacked us from the south. Any attempt made by our diplomats to seek the clarification behind their intent has been met with stony silence.

Brothers and sisters of the free Aurorean Republic, I am distressed. When these statesmen in the west and south would only seek violence and death upon us, I can only regret such a decision. It has, for a moment, made me hesitant to fulfil my duty. I could only ask myself, what more is wanted? What more do we have to sacrifice so that we can sate these devils from the gates of hell? I have solemnly and repeatedly assured our neighbours of our peaceful intent. I have constantly offered friendship and the closest and utmost cooperation to Scalvia, the Volshans, and the Union of Aurorian States. All this has been provided one-sidedly from us, but no longer!

My brothers and sisters of the Aurorea, if the Aurorean Government and its people were to endure such treatment any longer, the Aurorea would disappear from the world stage. I was determined to resolve the status quo through peaceful dialogue, but in the face of such grim and provocative acts, I can do so no longer. Whoever so departs from the rules of a civilised nation shall only be met with the same destructive force they so relish in. If the Auroria will not have us, then we shall have all the Auroria!

I hereby declare that we are now in open conflict with these infidels from beyond our borders. War is upon us, and we will continue this struggle, no matter against who, until the safety of the Aurorean people and their rights are secured. This war is no mere secular conflict amongst mortals but a conflict of faith and our very existence. Our Chief Rishama has reassured me that our cause is just as it is sacred. The fallen shall join our heroes in heaven, and they can rest assured that any worldly sentiment would be well taken care of by their Aurorean brethren.

I ask of no Aurorean men and women to do more than I myself did and am ready to do at any time again. There will be no hardship for the Aurorean people to which I myself will not submit. My whole life has been dedicated to the upbringing and livelihoods of my fellow Auroreans, and I will do whatever is necessary to protect them from harm! I am, from now on, a proud Aurorean soldier. I have once more put on the military vest that has covered me throughout my time as a military doctor of our army, and I shall not take it off again until victory is secured or if I die with a gun in hand.

As an Aqdas first, a Hessaist second, and finally, a proud Aurorean soldier, I vow to enter upon this struggle with a stout and willing heart. If, however, anyone thinks that we are facing a hard time, I should ask him to remember that once, an Aurorean King, with a tiny city-state, conquered the Zaniahs and, in ten wars, finally came out triumphant as the first King of the Auroreas. It is because the King and his people had that stout heart that we need in these times. I would, therefore, like to assure all the people of my beloved Aurorea that we will never repeat the result of the War of 1879 in Aurorean history. Just as I am ready at any time to stake my life - anyone can take it for my people and the Aurorea - so I ask the same of all others. Nothing will break the Aurorean spirit, nothing shall shake our faith, and nothing will destroy the will of our people!

Like our forefathers before, we shall chant these words in our moment of distraught and our moment of triumph:

אורוריה מיועדת לאורוריאנים!
(Auroria is for the Auroreans!)
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El Presidente Speaks on the Scalvian-Aurorean Conflict, asserts Costa Azura will "maintain neutrality at all costs..."

July 9th, 2022

In a rousing speech preceded by patriotic fanfare, beloved President Santiago de la Cruz, he cautioned the now two warring nations of Scalvia and the Aurorea. He was disappointed that Scalvia fired the first strike, albeit in self defense, but maintained that both nations should declare a temporary ceasefire and come to the negotiating table before things get too out of hand. He proceeded to offer Santa Catalina as a neutral negotiation table but went on to state that "...Costa Azura must, can, and will maintain her neutrality at all costs, and we will not hesitate to open fire at any trespassers to our airspace or territorial waters that ignore our warnings. We will not tolerate violations of our territorial integrity regardless of the reasoning...". Later in the speech, President de la Cruz stated that the Armed Forces and Intelligence Directorate were both on high alert and this would be the case for the foreseeable future.

Furthermore, he maintained that Costa Azura will ramp up its military exercises and spending to compensate for the possibility of a modern war in the region. President de la Cruz also stated, "...I believe that the possibility of joint military drills with the Imperium should be heavily considered. Who knows what the leftists in the north could do at a time like this?". At this time, it is not clear if Costa Azura will actually reach out to the Imperium for further arms deals and cooperation. Seen as one of the most important notes of the speech, President de la Cruz declared that Costa Azura was now in the process of refurbishing and rebuilding its nuclear arsenal, which has been largely mothballed and decreased since the 1990s. Intercontinental ballistic missiles will be repositioned around the nation as a precautionary measure. At the end of his speech, the President declared that the annual Dia de Victoria military parade would still be held as scheduled. President de la Cruz has stated that, despite the policy of armed neutrality, Costa Azura is willing to send humanitarian aid to both sides.

At this time it is not apparent how the newly begun war in the west will go. Both nations have large militaries and military budgets. The fiery speech given by Aurorean President Bartolomeu Barth claims that not only was their drought devised by Scalvia, but now Volshan has also begun skirmishing on their neighbor's border. If this is true it is possible that a Scalvian-Volshan alliance will begin an offensive within the week. Azuran military analysts believe that a combined Scalvian-Volshan offensive would likely be capable of overwhelming Aurorea with a two-front war but cautioned civilian onlookers that war is never as simple as it seems and only the people fighting it know what it is truly like. President de la Cruz was careful and wise to avoid picking a side in the war, and Costa Azura can hopefully shine as a peacemaker between the warring nations of Ethia.
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North Timistania

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July 11th, 2022

In a statement delivered from the office of the Zilathe:

"Brothers and Sisters, Volshan has always stood as a bulwark of democracy on the Ethian continent, we have forged a nation through hard labor and fealty to one another, however for too long our prosperity has been threatened by the tyrants to our north. The Aurorea is a regime built upon lies, preserved by lies, and driven by lies, they have no respect for peace or international laws, they wish only to fulfill their delusional fantasies of conquest. On the 8th of Auvoi, a day that will stain Ethian memory for generations to come, the Aurorean government commenced a brutal invasion of the Scalvian federation, this invasion of a sovereign democracy was justified by a ridiculous lie, that somehow the drought in Auroria was caused by outsiders.

Make no mistake, the Auroria is lying, their true goal is nothing less than the subjugation of all of Ethia, the time for diplomacy has passed. For generations, the people of Volshan and Scalvia have looked to their borders with anxiety, the constant threat of missiles and invasion hanging heavy over their heads. We can no longer allow such a regime to terrorize our peoples, for the sake of our nation, for the sake of our neighbors, and for the sake of our children and elders, this fascist aberration must be destroyed.

Here in Volshan we have a saying "Service through truth" it is a pledge, a statement that informs how we choose to live and treat others within our nation. The time has come to bring the burning sword of clarity down upon this regime of lies, we cannot stand idly by while the Aurorean dictatorship brutalizes our neighbors. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I must now declare that as of this moment a state of war shall exist between the Volshan Autocracy and the Aurorea.

May Aurora, Auvoi, and all the gods watch over us, I am certain that right will prevail."

-Zilathe Arnthe


We apologise for the interruption to this broadcast. Normal Programming has been suspended indefinitely. A National Emergency is in progress which will impact your safety.
Please stand by for a message from the Scalvian Emergency Broadcast System.
Please pay close attention to the following message, as it may contain information vital to your survival.

Information of a possible nuclear strike against this country has been received. The current threat level is Emergency advice, meaning that an Emergency is likely, and you should take action now to ensure your safety. There is significant risk of damage to life and property. Targets estimated as all capital cities and major regional centres. Civilians should stay inside their homes. Seek shelter NOW! Seek a place of safety NOW! Ensure you have access to a battery powered radio for updates and instructions on 531kHz on the AM band. Updates are also available via www.em.gov.sc. Updates will continue to be broadcast via television as they become available. Seek shelter NOW! Seek a place of safety NOW!

A few minutes later...

We apologise for the interruption to this broadcast. Normal Programming has been suspended indefinitely. A National Emergency is in progress which will impact your safety.
Please stand by for a message from the Scalvian Emergency Broadcast System.
Please pay close attention to the following message, as it may contain information vital to your survival.

This is an Emergency Watch and Act Advice. Information about an incoming missile strike against this country has been received. The current threat level is watch and act, meaning that you should be aware that an incident is taking place, and you should seek a place of safety immediately. Seek shelter NOW! Seek a place of safety NOW! The Ministry of Defence Advises that approximately 35 missiles have been launched in a possible nuclear attack from the Aurorea, and their trajectories confirm impact across all Scalvian capital cities and regional centres. Impact is estimated within the next five minutes. There is significant risk of extreme damage as a result of the nuclear explosions' light, heat, and blast. Civilians should stay indoors, and not go outside. If you are outdoors, seek shelter below ground level if possible. Alternatively seek shelter from any structure or object that may act as a shield. Some shelter is better than no shelter at all. If not in an emergency centre already, civilians are advised to seek shelter in the lowest, most central part of a building, away from external rooms, windows, and doors. Seek shelter NOW! Seek a place of safety NOW! Where possible, create an inner refuge inside your shelter space. This refuge will help shelter you from fallout and radiation. Make the walls of your shelter as thick as possible, by using items such as doors, furniture, suitcases. Do not use items such as fuel tanks or metal cans, which may contain a flammable material.
Ensure that the holes of your shelter are as small as possible and preferably covered. Take 14 days worth of supplies with you into your refuge. These supplies should consist of food, fresh water in containers, personal and general cleaning, health items, bedding, and so on. You may be unable to leave your refuge for 14 days, so make sure that you can live as comfortably as possible. Fallout is deadly. Fallout is dust and debris generated by the nuclear explosion. Fallout is invisible and may be present in everything external to your shelter. Fallout will cause radiation sickness and blindness, followed by death. Fallout will cause birth defects, stillbirth, and other diseases in pregnant women. Be prepared for the three effects of a nuclear explosion: intense light, intense heat, and the blast shockwave, these will blind, burn, and destroy everything within a 2km radius of the explosion. Martial Law is now in effect by presidential decree. Strict and severe penalties apply for breaking the law. Follow all instructions given to you by law enforcement and government authorities. All landline, mobile, and internet services have now been temporarily disconnected. Do not attempt to use these services. Ensure you have access to a battery powered radio for updates and instructions on 531 kHz on the AM band. Updates will continue to be broadcast via television for as long as possible. Seek shelter NOW! Seek a place of safety NOW!


We apologise for the interruption to this broadcast. Normal Programming has been suspended indefinitely. A National Emergency is in progress which will impact your safety.
Please stand by for a message from the Scalvian Emergency Broadcast System.

All clear - this is an all clear message. All missiles have impacted their targets. No nuclear warheads were launched at Scalvia. Landline, mobile, and internet services will be reconnected momentarily. The Authorities thank you for your cooperation.
Please continue to follow instructions of your local authorities. Civilians are reminded that Martial Law will remain in effect until September 24th.
A National Emergency Remains in place, and an Air Raid Warning remains in place over Dogaži, Stukums and the Greater Kariste Area.
Please pay attention to the Air Raid Sirens, and proceed to shelter immediately upon hearing the siren. A varying wail means an air raid is incoming. A solid tone means all clear.
Remain vigilant, remain alive.



Premier Alexi Carlov speaks about new Conflict in Auroea

In Response to the Nation of Auroea entering Conflict with the nations of Scalvia, the Volshans, and the Union of Aurorian States, Premier of Belska Alexi Carlov spoke from the Peoples Leadership house about the conflict developing in Auroea.

"Citizens and workers of the Union of Belskan Republics"He would say during his speech "It is with great sadness I inform you of A Developing war in Ethia. The Nation of Auroea has betrayed the Nations around it and attempted to Initiate a Conflict, they have declared war on their neighbors and violated their sovereignty, For these actions, we herby Drop our Recognition of the Nation of Auroea and Condemn their Government for it's aggression towards it's neighbors"

Shortly After, There was a stage One alert in major city's of Belska, Stage one meaning 'Keep your heads up just in case something bad happens'. this was very brief but caused minor panic, Missile defense systems have been online just incase of aggression and Belskas only carrier, the Light carrier Pelograd has undergone drills.

Belska's leadership has emphasized they do not wish for conflict, but will 'Prefer to keep a shield up' incase of the conflict escalating.

Greater Ale Permars

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"The government of the People's Republic of Rayvostoka, in the strongest possible terms, condemns the actions of the Fascist Government of the Aurorea against the free, democratic nation of Scalvia. It is the opinion of this government and of the Party that we must do whatever we can to assist the nation of Scalvia and protect them from the claws of fascists who would seek to rip their nation apart and put it under the jackboot of tyranny. We will attempt to work with our neighbors in the United Aurorian States to aid them in any way possible. Whether that be through military means or through humanitarian means, the nation of Rayvostoka will fulfill its duty as a messianist nation to assist its fellow messianists and provide their citizens with protection from those that would try to take their lives away from them. God help Scalvia, God help the UAS, and God bless Rayvostoka."


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"Dear residents of Tardine, native citizens, naturalized foreigners and ambassadors working in the behalf of yours' nation. From this present day, July eleventh, I shall become Tardine's General Governor, after the imprisonment of the traitor called Werdoi Saintonni Danfeh, who accused and killed the Tardineanni Royal family, the Kladerais'. However, we learnt that the lineage wasn't lost, when Ekron Johak appeared out of nowhere claiming to be a descendant from the royal family. Despite it being true, he wasn't in line with what the people needed and that's the main reason that we, the 'Military Junta' overthrew him of the ruler position.

After months fighting against the 'loyalists' forces, also know as 'central government', we were finally able to retake what's ours. The nation is celebrating this important victory right now. There's still one more obstacle to overcome, though. The criminal group know as The Silver Arms, whose violent acts terrorized Tardine's population in old times, has resurfaced with a renewed strength. Therefore, we must try and stop them, before they take more lives in their blind attacks against the population.

However, knowing that a Military Junta won't be able to attend people's necessities for long, we decided to make the transition to the civilian government now, despite there being still some problems to solve. The Tardineannen will be able to choose what's their preferred form of government, and we'll be making all amendments needed to the peaceful government transition. The polls will be out soon, so... Be sure to vote with responsibility and according to what do you think it will be better for our nation. The fighting days aren't over but we can already see in the horizon line the 'Bright Destiny' where we are heading to.

Still, there's one more subject we must talk about. This one is a disturbing notice. Today, while we were celebrating our victory against fascism, personified in Werdoi's rule, the Suadivicians saw the fascists rise in their nation, dominating their cities and invading their homes. I must add that we won't be giving our support to a fascist government ever, be it with people's approval or not. The fascists have taken millions of lives and won't stop till they destroy the world. That's why our diplomats will stay in the Imperium, as we want to end this war before it starts.

We can't have any wars anymore in the Aurorias. It's time to stop and look back to what make us Aurorians, our united identity. That's why we don't consider the Aurorea nation to be Aurorian. They have no respect for other nations and want to impose their crazy visions in the people's minds by force. We shall stand with Scalvia and, while we can't send our troops into another war, we'll support them with our intel dataset.

Stay strong, people from the Aurorias! The peaceful days shall become reality soon!"

Lord Dominator

Statement of Alveris’ Executive Council on Recent Events:

Friends and fellow citizens, it is with heavy hearts that we heard of the recent events in Scalvia. Attacking unprovoked, Aurorea bombarded the nation of Scalvia with missiles. While not a nuclear attack as was initially reported and feared, this still marks a grave injustice done, and one with no reasonable justification. There is simply no good reason to ever attack the civilians of any nation. It is our moral duty as good people to condemn these actions, and strive to prevent them from happening again.

Similarly in our turbulent times, we must observe the recent victory of the Junta in Tardine. In this area we have what is hopefully more positive news, as the Junta as pledged to create a government not dominated by the military of the nation. This tracks with prior information and pledges made in diplomatic talks with us and the UAS, and we hope they will uphold them faithfully.

In light of these events, especially the former, we the Executive Council will be doing as such:
  • The armed forces of Alveris have been placed on higher readiness, and our naval forces have been redeployed to account for these events
  • We will be working with the National Congress and our friends in other nations to appropriately respond to the aggression of Aurorea in a manner we hope will deter further attacks
  • Diplomatic talks with the Junta in Tardine have been stepped up, in accounting for their effective control of the nation
Orkide Dilmen, Minister of Finance and President of the Committee
Gokberk Sarikaya, Minister of Defense
Talat Ceren, Minister of the Infrastructure and Housing
Ulke Konca, Minister of Law
Oktem Ayhan, Minister of Education
Acunalp Ocal, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Sonbahar Taskiran, Minister of Human Welfare

Statement from the Mondic government on Auroria
With all of the recent events on Auroria, from Scalvia to the Imperium Suavidici, Mondari looks upon the region with a heavy heart. That being said, we will not abandon our allies or the people affected by the conflicts in the region. Mondari will accept refugees from Scalvia, Suavidici, Tardine, Volshan and the Aurorea. We will accept any ethnic Szlavs currently residing in Suavidici into the Mondic embassy in the country with open arms and protect them to the best of our abilities, it's evident that the treatment of Szlavic people in the country will only continue to deteriorate. We strongly recommend that any Mondic citizens in any of the aforementioned nations return home or seek refuge in the nearest Mondic embassy as soon as possible.

We hope that the Aurorean invasion of Scalvia will come to a peaceful conclusion shortly. Mondari strongly condemns the aggressive actions of the Aurorea and will continue to support Scalvia throughout the war as best as we can.

Jackson Campbell
Secretary of Foreign Relations and Trade

North Timistania

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[Volshan Z-80 Figthers]

Over the course of six days, the Volshan airforce has inflicted crippling damage upon Aurorean air assets with airbases, radar systems, and military infrastructure all being targeted by precision attacks. Air Marshal Telecles has confirmed that the operation codenamed "Ethian Night" has been a resounding success:

"The brave aviators of Volshan have done their country proud, over the course of combat operations they have successfully neutralized hundreds of enemy targets and reduced the Aurorean airforce's southern command to little more than a heap of burning wreckage. The way is now opened for ground offensives to begin and with air superiority now achieved the push into the south can begin in earnest"

Ethian Night's role in the conflict is now over, the follow-up ground offensive "Ethian Dawn" is now underway, the brave soldiers of the Volshan army preparing to strike across the border, the people of the autocracy hoping and praying that a swift resolution to this conflict can be achieved. Reporting for VNN this is Velia Carthenai.
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Portions from the Interview with State Chancellor Alekso Tamminen
Radio Vaeltijvnykvag interview with Elisa Kupava, June 8, 2006

Discussing the state persecution of Courantists in Severogotia

Interviewer: The world is not happy with the Namiestnik's treatment of Yakuvoniak Courantists-

Tamminen: Severogotian Courantists.

Interviewer: I'm sorry, State Chancellor?

Tamminen: This country should not see any distinctions within the singular nationality of Severogotians.

Interviewer: "Okay."

Tamminen: We are one country, one people, under one constitution.

Interviewer: Of course. Now, back to the Namiestnik's treatment of Severogotian Courantists. According to official state records, 10,000 people were sent to re-education camps for various charges, not only limited to treason. Some reports indicate they were arrested on the basis of their religious profession. Today, the Imperial Veche approved a constitutional amendment adopting state atheism. It has been claimed that this, among other examples, are closely interlinked. Those who believe this accuse the Severogotian government of committing religious persecution. What is your response?

Tamminen: I believe in freedom. Including the freedom from detention without trial. The court of public opinion, no doubt stirred by the Autocratic World Elite, has not affected ordinary Severogotians, thank reason! These Courantists they call "victims" and "refugees" trying to escape a cruel regime are not like ordinary Severogotians. We're talking about Solidarist loyalists, radical Messianists, [and] Courantist fundamentalists. Extremists who rejected the Great Patriotic Revolution. The Namiestnik started the process to create a real democracy with no obstacles to the legislation of what should be universal human rights. Rights these so-called refugees could've prevented if they succeeded back in 1997.

Interviewer: But does the government recognize that its actions are indeed acts of persecution?

Tamminen: It's misleading to call it "persecution."

Interviewer: You don't think the government is committing persecution?

Tamminen: There is no such thing going on. The violation of religious liberty is, in fact, illegal in the 1992 Constitution.

Interviewer: Then why is the government mistreating Courantists?

Tamminen: The law clearly defines what is peaceful religious practice and what is dangerous criminal activity. Nothing was ever unconstitutional.

Interviewer: Then what about ordinary Courantists?

Tamminen: As I've said, these "refugees" are not what you think. They're boyars. They're oligarchs They were the establishment.. A significant number of these people had to be laid off from their government jobs. They were not arrested for criminal or terrorist activity. It was part of the government's lustration policy*. They held a monopoly on this country's future for far too long. Foreign governments underestimate their influence for the sake of virtue-signaling. These refugees are just trying to regain their ignorant, elitist ways, coming to prominent Courantist countries like Goyanes and Oklusia. I'm not even surprised if the loyalists kept close relations with Goyanes. That could explain the Goyanean ships violating our maritime sovereignty every now and then. Ready to reinstate the old fascist regime that would restore Courantism as the state religion.

Interviewer: After the arrests related to the failed coup in 1997, the government announced it would take extraordinary measures to extinguish the root causes that threaten to "destabilize the free world." Does the government think that the domestic threat is over?

Tamminen: We've come a long way since 1992. Our country is destined to become a democracy. We made this choice in 1997 and soldiers, good men and women, paid with their blood to save our future. Until then, the government will do everything in its power to defend our common destiny. The days of autocracy is over. And if countries interested in "helping"—Oklusia, Goyanes, Kaliva, Predice, and Aethia, think they should do something about it, they should think again. They're wasting their time.

Lustration policy - Purge of criminal government officials, usually those who served in an overthrown dictatorship
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Excerpts from Ohridski Vesnik article "Mass illegal migration threatens world security"
May 4, 2004

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned Oklusia officials of illegal migrant trafficking rings if current refugee policies were left unchanged. They alleged many of the Severogotian refugees were economic migrants. Organized crime in both countries have been taking advantage of a difficult situation.


Police Maj. Gen. Alekso Tamminen, Acting Commissioner of Immigration, expressed his willingness to work with the Oklusian government and other countries to manage the ongoing refugee crisis, including the repatriation of unauthorized persons. "Let this be a lesson to the press," Tamminen said. "Manufactured hysteria leads to unbalanced decisions. This overreaction has reached ridiculous proportions. It will take a toll on the safety of the host countries' populations, who likely did not want to welcome these migrants in the first place."
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Excerpts from Ohridski Vesnik article "Namiestnik tells Oklusia: Don't be fooled"
March 14, 2005

During a live cabinet meeting, Prince Namiestnik Bolkonsky made a direct appeal to the Oklusian ambassador "for [Oklusia] policymakers to refrain from incentivizing the refugee crisis." Instead of helping, Oklusian efforts to assist illegal Severogotian migrants have only exacerbated the socio-economic problems of both countries. Accepting too many migrants might spell rising unemployment in Oklusia.


Bolkonsky cited reports of poor employment forecasts from the Ministry of Labor. Numerous business leaders held meetings with the Namiestnik to explore the reversal of some controversial policies in the National Secularization Program in an attempt to regain foreign business confidence. Steel tycoon Ella Järveläinen personally told the Namiestnik that his policies were not suitable for global trade relations. Continuing it might worsen the already deteriorating economic situation.


In the local Oklusian community, Zaldrist supremacists agreed with the Namiestnik and claimed mainland Oklusian media did not cover the crime surges in the early years of mass illegal migration.
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Education remains a challenge in Essalanea, the nation continues to struggle with low literacy* rates and poor infrastructure, however, Faygar Falke believes he may have a solution. The elder for modernization proposed the innovative "global yurt" program in 2019 hoping to capitalize on the growing uptake of solar power and electronics, it represents a hybrid model of education that may just give Essalanean's the best of both worlds. The idea is simple enough, the Falke foundation has constructed special "E-Yurts" in the territories of participating clans, these yurts are solar-powered and possess laptops capable of streaming lessons from universities across Eras. At a press conference in Neuanfang elder Falke elaborated on the benefits of the new scheme:

"Rather than waiting decades for brick and mortar schools to educate our people this new strategy will allow our people to get access to world-class courses and lectures without sacrificing our traditional ways, with nothing more then a solar panel and an internet connection we can bring the world to the steppe and the steppe to the world!"

Participating universities are offering a host of courses via a curriculum that is a mix of live-streamed lectures and pre-recorded, both children and adults are encouraged to attend the free sessions in e-yurts. Already several notable Norsian universities and educational providers have agreed to sponsor the program with digital courses including:

The Imperial University of Luscova
The Saitta Technical Foundation
Old Royal College
And the Imperial Norsian Association of Paramedics

Elder Falke hopes to attract universities from across Eras to take part in the program:

"I will be visiting Bergum, Pataliputra, Siloyev, Bykonsvidi, and numerous other capitals across Eras, I am certain educators will be thrilled to take part in this revolutionary system"

The E-Yurt Program has also been touted as having use in humanitarian crisis zones beyond Essalanea as Elder Falke explains:

"If we can improve educational outcomes in developing Essalanea I see no reason that such a strategy could not be employed in other nations struggling with the traditional provision of learning, I have already been in discussion with the Hagen foundation in Hessunland to try and implement an adapted scheme in the Ducrijeckan safe zone and with the end of the North Metteran war there is an opportunity to help keep thousands of refugees in both Predice and New Aleman in study and educational programs"

*Estimates range between 30-40% of the countries population being literate though given the difficulty in accurate census measures it could be far lower​
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Your Comrade
TNP Nation
Friday, 12 August 2022
6:00 pm
, Byzanewmium

Capitalist Party Leader John Tronald has called upon Prime Minister Matisyahu Newman (L) to begin a federal investigation into Karl Mei and the Workers of the World Party. Tronald claims to have evidence that those outside of the Confederacy of Byzanewmium are attempting to influence the nation's elections and push socialist policies on the overwhelmingly capitalist nation.

Tronald said, "We all know Mei and people like him. They hate Byzanewmium. They hate money. I've heard bad things, the worst things, about such people. Would I support them? I don't think so. Mei just got back from a trip to Namwenia. Why do we have such relations with the Namwenians? They're all lazy communists. Bad stuff. Bad things come from there."

Mei (WWP) recently returned back to Byzanewmium from a family trip to the Wandor shore in the United Socialist States of Namwenia (USSN). Photos have surfaced showing him meeting with USSN Communist Party Leader Carlita Nom while in Wandor. Mei says that the visit was purely social and that he and Nom had known each other for years. "Carlita [Nom] and I are friends for years having known each other since our college days. This was purely a social meeting and we are not seeking USSN involvement in supporting candidates in Byzanewmium elections. Mr. Tronald is creating dangerous speculation with such demagoguery." Nom was reached to for comment and her press secretary released the following statement, "Ms. Nom and Mr. Mei have known each other for a long time and support restoring power to the people all over the world. However, there was no discussions of USSN involvement in candidates for office in Byzanewmium."

Prime Minister Newman has said that he takes such claims seriously and that if evidence is presented, he will direct investigations. However, thus far he said that Tronald and the Capitalist Party have not provided any evidence of the alleged collaboration between the two.

While foreign endorsements are allowed and non-citizens are allowed to campaign in elections in Byzanewmium, foreign investment / donations to campaigns is strictly prohibited in Byzanewmium. However, certain non-candidate specific political action committees are allowed donations from foreign nationals.


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Terrorist Attack
Tuesday, 16 August 2022
2:00 pm
, Byzanewmium

A terrorist attack recently attached the Capital City of Byzantia. A van armed with explosives was driven into the Stock Exchange building in the center of Byzantia leading to 200 deaths and 1,800 wounded. The driver of the vehicle also died on impact. Following the incident, Byzantia was on lockdown for approximately 8 hours before resuming life as normal.

Prime Minister Newman (L) said, "We cannot allow the terrorists to control our lives. We will continue to live as normal. We will not surrender to their bitterness, resentment, and anger directed at our people. We believe in freedom and has served us well these many years. We will not allow our freedom to be stifled by the evil acts of an extreme few. I am directing law enforcement throughout the nation to be prepared and to invest in personnel who excel in de-escalation of criminal activities. What we do not need is cowboy cops rushing into things creating more problems in our neighborhoods than we already have. We must be supportive and demilitarize our police so that the people will trust them more."

Mayor of Byzantia Ginny Cheong (L) stood with the Prime Minister supporting his call for increased alert for law enforcement, but echoed his support of redirecting police funds to social workers and personnel who will assist in de-escalation.

Workers of the World Party Leader and Primer of Murnia Karl Mei said of the move by Newman, "...it's about time. Our draconian laws have overwhelmingly harmed the poor and minority groups in this nation. This leads to resentment and anger in various communities which could have led to the attack on our capital. It is a shame that this happened, but may it serve as a wake up call to the evils of the worship of capital."

Capitalist Party Leader John Tronald called the move a sign of weakness from Newman. Tronald said, "We were attacked, you don't get to be a huge p****y in the face of an attack. Baby Matty needs to grow a pair and sack up. Strengthen the police force. Be ready at a moment's notice. Call back all our national guards. Also, we need to build a wall at the border to stop any foreigner terrorists from coming in." While the northern border of Byzanewmium lines up with the ocean, the national border lines up with the United Socialist States of Namwenia (USSN) and Tronald has long believed that communists from the USSN are trying to infiltrate Byzanewmium.

Confederate Party Leader Roberta Lee said, "While I understand where Newman is coming from, I cannot and will not support these measures. If Prime Minister Newman is unable or unwilling to tackle the issues facing us from this unknown terrorist threat, I will direct the Confederate Party to cease its cooperation with the Libertarians." Following the last Parliamentary elections in 2020, the Libertarian and Confederate Party currently lead with a joint coalition in Parliament.

Investigators are unsure of the cause of the attack, but information leaked to the news indicates that the attack was the work of anti-capitalist extremists. A note found at the scene of the crime said, "Capital is the enemy of the people and must be stopped." No other information is currently available.

This is a developing story.


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Exotic Butters#1535



"Good day, fellow Tardineannen. It is of utmost importance for me to be clear and honest with all of you. Therefore, here I am, exposing myself in a way to discuss whatever is happening. As I stated before, it isn't my goal to be an autocratic ruler, who doesn't care about people's feelings or their needs. No, that was what that monster, also know as Weirdo Werdoi by some, did every single day. However, it's concerning that some groups are accusing me of 'hiding the existence of another alive Kladerai' while I wasn't aware of it until the moment I saw Mr. Laremos' post on Twitcher. I must say that those people don't know a single thing about me.

As everyone knows, I am the grandson of the late Emperor Pofred Risvie. However, I'm not some 'power hungry chimpmunk' or a 'demon in disguise' as many of you used to refer to Werdoi Danfeh and Ekron Johak. My intentions were clear as water when I offered to assume the throne. I want to rule for the people, not for some groups or even myself. I know it's hard to trust anyone, specially after what happened but, I have the compromise to always do what's in the best interests of the Tardineanni citzens. That's why we are still figthing the Silver Arms while, at the same time, funding the reconstruction process. The days of fearing for your lives are over, my dears. Obviously, there's yet a long path to walk towards our 'Bright Destiny' though we are, at last, on the rigth track.

What do I want to say with that is, I am at the mercy of you all. There's no need to be wary of my intentions, as I will do everything our nation needs to become a better place to live and only that. Therefore, if the baby is proven to be truly a Kladerai, I'll renounce immediately the throne. Or, if it's the people's will, I shall become the Regent Emperor while Arnip is of ruling age. That was, incredibly, the exact same thing that my grandpa did to Hermani IV back in the Fascist Civil War days. I don't see why would that become such a problem to some people. It's all very simple. The kid is a Kladerai? Let him rule when he's at age. The kid isn't a Kladerai? Then let it be alone and make Mr. Laremos face justice.

That's all I wanted to say, actually. Stay strong, my people, for we are heading towards our Bright Destiny together. May the Watcher bless you all!"


Excerpt from Ohridski Vesnik article "Imperial Veche blocks latest government bill, gridlock continues"
April 3, 2022

Lawspeaker of the Chamber of Vechniks Countess Irina Bošsa reiterates the entire legislature's opposition to Prince Bolkonsky's continued regency and the Alekso Tamminen government. The Rokzakon members and Vechniks once again demanded Bolkonsky to step down as namiestnik and the resignation of the Tamminen cabinet or face the "will of the people" in the streets, referring to the mass demonstrations spreading across the country, the likes of which were last seen in the 1992 Great Patriotic Revolution.

Excerpt from Život article "Bolkonsky busy picking new flag"
July 11, 2022

Tabloids in Ohrid have been republishing online an unconfirmed story from Rokzakon Palace. Over the weekend, the Namiestnik allegedly asked artists in the capital to propose designs for the new national flag. His specifications required it only "represent the new Liberal Severogotia." While most people are baffled or dismissive, political observers point out it is not a completely random act. The Namiestnik, with no end in sight for his constitutional and domestic woes, is now forced to assert his authority through what little power he still has.

Excerpt from Ohridski Vesnik article "Prince Bolkonsky steps down"
August 8, 2022

Prince Bolkonsky announced his abdication in a live broadcast from Rokzakon Palace. It was part of the peace agreement with General Nikademos Anttonen, leader of the Severogotian Popular Front. The terms feature the restoration of the Severogotian Commonwealth and the rights of Courantists. Bolkonsky's successor will be elected by the Imperial Veche, with its exiled members fully reinstated.

Excerpt from Ohridski Vesnik article "Tamminen escapes to Iolanti, Bolkonsky under house arrest"
August 10, 2022

It is unclear how Tamminen escaped the heavy surveillance of the Okhrana. State Chancellor Nikademos Anttonen, while vowing to prosecute all crimes committed by the Tamminen government, promised the justice system would be more humane and fair. He mentioned Bolkonsky's voluntary surrender to the authorities as a guarantee of the provisional government's humane justice policy. Instead of joining the general prison population, Bolkonsky was placed under house arrest in Pavelslott.

Excerpt from Železničar article "No trial date yet for ex-dictator Bolkonsky and his cronies"
August 24, 2022

During Question Time, Anttonen refused to give a date for the trial of Bolkonsky, Alekso Tamminen, the Tamminen cabinet, and officials of the Bolkonsky regime. Anttonen said, "There are other more pressing matters for this government. We leave it to the courts to decide on this judicial matter. Rest assured, justice will come. Let us respect due process." But when the Vice Chancellor for Justice got his turn to answer, he dodged the question and explained the legal difficulties of prosecuting a former monarch.

Excerpt from Nash Svet article "Prince Anatol Kuragin becomes namiestnik"
August 30, 2022

75-year-old Prince Kuragin is the only right choice to correct 30 years of satanic degeneracy. His leadership in saving Severogotian lives and preserving the Courantist faith will be instrumental to his regency. The proliferation of unnatural marriages, heresy, and blasphemy have only exacerbated the complex issues in society that is neither economic nor political. The first course of action for the newly-restored Commonwealth should be the immediate repeal of every unmessianist law signed by Prince Bolkonsky, who has been a suspected pedophile for years. In 1991, Bolkonsky was reportedly engaged in an incestuous, bisexual, polyamorous relationship with two of his underaged cousins.
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"As of the beginning of this month, the unlawful and appalling camps constructed by the previous Chairman and traitor Mikhail Aslanov. The Messianist-Communist party and the Presidium under my direction have ordered the immediate closure of said facilities. The facilities in question not only went against our beliefs as socialists but our very values as Messianists. And for that, those responsible for their establishment and those who administered and guarded these evil institutions shall be punished to the full extent of Rayvostokan law. As Chairman, I will also meet with the victims of these camps to repair the damage done to those that suffered under the previous government and will be working with the Ministry of Human Resources and Ministry of Finance to provide economic aid to those affected in the form of reparations and new employment so that they may rebuild their broken lives.

Under my leadership, I will right the wrongs of the traitor government and restore this beautiful nation to its former prosperity. God bless the Messianist Communist Party, and God bless the People's Republic of Rayvostoka."

Esthursia offers global economic and customs agreements to the "Western world", amidst rising cross-oceanic activity

The increasing policy of Esthursian governments of connecting to the Western world rather than merely the Aurorias has spurred a movement for free movement between democracies

The Atlish Redery for the Home has announced it intends to extend bilateral customs agreements and free movement deals with "free democracies" amidst a continued push for co-operation with the Western continents "over the next few months and years". The Home Redery itself has made a statement on the issue:
We find it is critical to foster fairer and more open relations with the Western continents, and a focus more closely on global democracies alongside local ones will not only foster a closer relationship with nations for whom we share a common reverence of freedom and democratic values, but of our common opposition to tyranny, and in these trying times - particularly for our continent over the past year - opening such is essential to move towards an eventual goal where we can do our bit to fight for world peace and prosperity.
We are hereby inviting the world's democracies to work with us, to come together, and to reflect on the last year in these Aurorias in order to move towards a clear goal - a world of united peace and democratic prosperity - and that the only way we can do this is if we work together one by one.
The Civil Service has remarked that it is "working around the clock to ensure the credibility of world democracies", while the Home Redery is, according to our sources, opening up draft plans to extend "free" and "high" respectively movement zones and even economic "friction-busting" co-operation agreements with participating nations.

The Esthursian government, however, has not always been one where free movement was even a palatable option, particularly with nations across the other side of the world. George Asmont himself reportedly once stated that "a free nation is one that knows the right constraints of its own borders, rather than giving into a blind notion of border freedom with nations that seem to operate with good will but maybe only to their own interests". A government where ministers readily point out their "desire to stand with foreign partners for common causes" is one far different to that of even the Harding era of the 2000s, who began a consensus on "Aurorian localism", a policy where free movement was mostly opened but only to the constraints of the continent and democracies within it - a policy rocked by the wars of the last year.

Edgard Alburgh, our political editor, spoke to us about the reasons behind this move:
The Esthursia that goes into the end of 2022 is not the one that forged the Aurorian localist policy of the early 2000s. The agriculture industry is far stronger nowadays, as is tourism - with even the forces of automotive and maritime industries pushing for greater export freedoms - unlike the days of the 2000s where domestic tourism and domestic consumption was the sole pull and push factor for business. The Aurorian continent, although still plagued with autocracies, was nowhere near as unstable and unpredictable as it is in 2022, where the Aurorian localist policy has resulted in an increasingly bewildered Esthursian government disillusioned with a policy it inherited already fairly half-heartedly; John Largan was a groundbreaking pioneer for globalism and although Harold Osborne's move towards globalism has been stunted, it appears the government is clearly off the mark in terms of seeking an advance in globalist interests.
However, the reason isn't solely practical - the Government, seeing the chaos and suffering that autocracies and autocratic forces have brought to the continent (especially when compared to the starkly relative peace we have experienced throughout as a direct virtue of our lack of autocratic forces), has moved from a commitment to expanding democratic co-operation to a high-priority crusade for democratic collaboration and alliances. The age where free citizens of the Western world are able to come to a safe haven of these Aurorias appears to have dawned, or at least the potential for it, as has another potential parallel age where Esthursians are able to enjoy the fruits of travelling across the free West - however it depends entirely on the current world's democratic governments' willingness - including our own - to truly commit to forging more open ties, and throwing away old policies of isolation or continental superiority in favour of a more open policy for generations to come.



Anttonen agrees with Esthursia, says we need innovators, investors
Thursday, 1 September 2022


State Chancellor Nikademos Anttonen says Severogotia is open to negotiating customs and free movement deals with Esthursia and other countries. He reiterated his commitment to free trade in his speech agreeing with the Esthursian government's "Western World" realignment to work with all democracies. "Once the labor market stabilizes," he said, "we can work towards the future with full confidence. The global future is free trade."

The State Chancellor explained the advantage of working with countries sharing similar values, especially after 30 years of unrealistic "Free World" politics under the Bolkonsky dictatorship. The ex-namiestnik, instead of seeking mutual benefit, sought to sow divisions between countries. None of Bolkonsky's ideal partner countries even considered his government's international agreements. Several of which refused to recognize his rule. Anttonen said, "Bolkonsky's personal vendetta against religion and autocracy not only cost Severgotia's closest trade partners but also its best and brightest citizens."

Anttonen assured the Imperial Veche he will not return to the Selective Relationships Era that Bolkonsky tried vainly to cultivate. He promised his government will seek relationships with all countries on a pragmatic basis. To that end, he pledged to move cautiously on future customs and free movement negotiations to achieve the most balanced bilateral relationship.

Leader of Severogotia's main opposition party Messianist Democracy Irina Bošsa warned about the impracticalities of a free movement deal with countries like Esthursia. She said countries agreeing to free movement must first consider its effects on the jobs market. In response, Anttonen reminded the Imperial Veche that the country is experiencing a brain drain. He said, "When the professionals and educated citizens start returning, more businesses will re-open and new businesses will be created. They will start expanding again. We need more innovators and investors. There will be no significant shortage in the jobs market in the foreseeable future."

Bošsa pointed out the time-consuming endeavor of retraining migrant workers, in accordance with various requirements, such as teaching Yakuvoniak, Valamic, or Mercanti. Anttonen answered that the government will find a mutually beneficial way to make every term in the arrangement work.
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Esthursia invites world leaders and representatives to Tynwald for joint bilateral summits

Tynwald summit scheduled for mid-October; reports say it was pushed from late September thanks to domestic election

The city of Tynwald has been selected as the "perfect location for the moulding of cultures, as a city built on the very moulding of cultures itself". Tynwald is a city founded by Gotic settlers in time immemorial, which was then populated by Asthonic and Osynstric settlers alike. Cumbric settlers moved there at the turn of the first century CE, but were moved to the western isles during the Classical Imperial age (300-1500CE). Briefly ceded to the constituent nation of Osynstry, Tynwald became a major port city and industrial hub of Asthonhelm on the Mere of Cambury north coast, serving as a major hub between Esthursia and the western world. After initial degeneration as seen in many northern and south-eastern locations during the late 20th century, Tynwald boomed as a result of investment during the Harding era that continued through into the 2010s.

Esthursia's government has stated that it wishes to "invite as many leaders as willing to hammer out trade deals to last for generations", with the Chancellor, Jeremy Wilson, stating:
For too many generations of politics and governments, this nation has viewed that there is more to fear than reward from the endeavour of Western diplomacy. This generation of Esthursia, however, has realised that the time has come to put the past behind us, with its attitudes alongside, and to move forward with our agenda of bringing together free democracies across the world and co-operating in order to ensure the preservation of democratic values and institutions.
Auroria has entered a dark chapter, make no mistake - but democracy, solidarity and freedom will prevail, and this dark chapter will end when we turn the page from authoritarianism to democracy; and we can use this grave situation to remind ourselves and our descendents exactly why we use diplomacy as such a groundbreaking and rejuvenating tool in the first place - because we are stronger as one than we are as many, and we can only progress if we are looking in the same direction.

Sil Dorsett

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Sil Dorsett#5888


An Address Regarding the 2023 Prime Ministerial Election
December 19th, 2021
By: Claidie Dorsett

To the Silien people,

It is my duty not to subjugate the people, but serve the people; not to be the one dictating the path we travel on, but to be a guide on the path the people have decided to travel themselves; not to be the captain of the ship, but to be the lookout in the crows nest. We've been together for five years, and it has taken quite some time -- probably longer than it should have -- for me to understand my role and be willing to fulfill it.

The responsibility of being the captain falls upon the Prime Minister, but it's not the same as being the captain of a Navy vessel, more like being the captain of a pirate crew from the glamourized days of old and other fictional stories. The crew chooses its captain, and should the captain fail to perform to the crew's satisfaction, the crew simply chooses another.

In just over a year from now, we will decide whether the current captain will keep her post. The 2023 Prime Ministerial Election is poised to be a historical moment for our nation, as for the first time in our history, the incumbent Prime Minister must defend her position. Whereas before my reign my family directly legislated with just the advice of the Parliament and the Prime Minister, now they are directly responsible for the nation's governance, and the elections will have a direct impact on the course our nation takes.

It's no secret that over the past five years, Prime Minister Ellison and I have become very close friends, and I rely very heavily on her wisdom. However, if the people decide that there is someone better suited for the role of Prime Minister, then they will have that role. I will not protect Miss Ellison in the coming election. I will not protect her or her party from electoral defeat if that is their destiny. I will not stop vote tallying; I will not declare results null. I will do nothing. And should there be any anomalies found, those matters will be litigated by our courts, not by me or my sister.

Recent events have made me realize why so many constitutional monarchies remain politically neutral, and my sister Alice and I will be exploring options that we can present to the people for them to have a greater hand in their government. I make this vow to the Silien people: I will not stand in the way of the will of the people.

I also make this plea to the nations of the world, especially those in the middle of their election cycles and those with elections coming soon: Listen to your people.


A New CTC: Labor-Progressive's "Militant" Slate Sweeps the CTC Executive Board
By: Ghyslaine Besnard
June 27, 2022


Supporters of "Militant" at the 2022 CCL National Convention
In an unprecedented turn of events in the Callisean Labor Movement, a slate affiliated with the left-wing "Labor-Progressive" faction of the PSD has won the leadership of the Callisean Congress of Labor (CTC). The new leadership slate, going by the name "Militant," ran on a platform of ambitious strikes, more rank and file democracy, and seeking closer ties with the radical Industrial Workers of Callise (TIC) and other trade union centers. This marks the first time since 1965 that the industrial and craft unions have had left wing leadership.

This past weekend, the CTC held it's annual convention where it elected leadership, voted on proposals, and set goals for the coming year. This convention occurred in the backdrop of political turmoil within the Social Democratic Party of Callise between Labor-Progressive and New Voices, as well as the failure of the Social Democratic Party and the broader Farmer-Labor bloc to deliver on the promises they've made to alleviate income inequality in Callise. The anger felt by many rank and file union members rolled into the 2022 convention and propelled the Militant slate to the forefront of debate at the convention.

The 2022 Convention saw, for the first time since the 80s, the adoption of explicitly political resolutions by the CTC. Some of them were modest, such as issuing a statement of support and solidarity with the People's Movement, others were more ambitions, such as a blanket endorsement of democratizing Callise and a condemnation of the anti-democratic elements of the Callisean Constitution. The latter of these two resolutions was incredibly controversial, as it touched on an active fissure in the PSD between Labor-Progressive and the more conservative elements of the party over the question of whether or not certain institutions (the Presidency, the Senate, etc.) should be preserved. The controversy caused by that resolution was further complicated by a passed resolution coordinating a joint strike between electrical workers in both the CTC and the TIC.

The new leadership of the CTC immediately set the tone of the new CTC with a statement of solidarity with TIC dockworkers. They laid out an aggressive plan of militant wage negotiations in bargaining units with expiring contracts. The heady attitude was, however, cut short when a delegation of PSD officials walked out following Militant's words of support for Hubert Bennett's call for a new, democratic constitution.

We will update you as this story unfolds.
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A Fourth Republic: Hubert Bennett links arms with Progressive, founds "New Republic" Caucus
By: Charles Gagnon
July 15, 2022


Hubert Bennet and left-wing members of the Social Democratic and Social Credit Party announce "New Republic" Caucus
Following recent political upheaval in Callise in the wake of government gridlock, Hubert Bennett and the PTC announced a new parliamentary grouping, "New Republic," along with members of the Green, Social Democratic and Social Credit parties. The caucus, which seeks to build multi polar support for radical democratic reforms in Callise, was announced alongside a series of proposed reforms in the New Republic Platform. The announcement was immediately followed by blanket expulsions of members of the Social Democratic and Social Credit party by party leadership.

With a Farmer-Labour government, led by Paul Levitch, elected on a slate of promises including radical land reform, more protections for unions, and other policies aimed at wealth distribution, the passions of the Callisean public was stoked when it appeared that key social reforms were dying in committee. A renewed attention on the perceived inadequacy of the Callisean constitution at representing the people of Callise led to the Workers Party of Callise (PTC), who had long been an advocate for establishing a democratic socialist republic in Callise, to launch a series of renewed nationwide calls to democratize the government. In this task they found support from the Labour-Progressive faction of Social Democrats, who felt the current government was betraying their promises to the Callisean Congress of Labor (CTC), as well as the Populist faction of the Social Credit Party whose land reform bills were abandoned by the Farmer-Labor government.

While not necessarily endorsing the PTC's vision of a socialist commonwealth, the New Republic caucus takes up many of the demands of the PTC's platform. These demands include the abolition of the Senate, the election of the judiciary, the implementation of instant recall procedures for all elected offices, and the abolition of the Presidency and the merger of all executive functions with the legislature. The caucus has also voiced support for the stated aims of the Farmer-Labour manifesto, on the grounds that those demands were the positions which a majority of Calliseans threw their support behind.

The announcement of the caucus immediately caused a scandal in the Social Democratic Party and the Social Credit Union. While no deputies announced their intention to caucus separately from their current party, and explicitly reaffirmed their commitment to their parties' programs, the party leadership took support for the New Republic caucus to be tantamount to dual carding. As a result, party members which were in support of the caucus were expelled. The Labor-Progressive faction has registered as the Progressive Labor Party, and has agitated for a reaffiliation vote in the CTC (which they have recently won control of). The Populist faction has likewise registered as the Populist Party, taking the ATR with them as their labor branch. Their exit in particular has thrown Social Credit into a crisis, with the left-wing of the party having been very supportive of Director Paul Levitch in the party leadership contest following the withdrawal of the Populists candidacy for party leader. With their departure, Paul Levitch's departure from politics is all but a foregone conclusion. The newly formed parties have been in dialogue with the PTC, with some reporting they are attempting to transform the New Republic caucus into a "United Front" bloc for the elections which are anticipated to occur following the impending resignation of Paul Levitch.

We will update you on this story as it unfolds.

Greater Ale Permars

RolePlay Moderator

Breaking News:
Imperial Government issues Statement on the situation in Syrixa

The suspension of Syrixian elections has caused quite a stir in recent days, with much concern being raised around the possibility of another incident reminiscent of the 1966-67 National State of Emergency that befell the island nation. And with many suspecting the possibility of foul play or the intervention of Imperial officials into the democratic process, these events have sparked His Imperial Majesty's government to release a somewhat unexpected statement about the situation that has befallen the State of Syrixia.

While holding a press conference early this morning, His Excellency, the Grand Vizier Riffat Adem, announced to the room of assembled journalists the following message concerning the postponing of Syrixian elections:

"It has come to the attention of His Imperial Majesty's government that the nation of Syrixia, who is a dutiful and long-standing ally and partner of the Sultanate of Aydin, is currently undergoing certain issues pertaining to their election processes, and we recognize that there is much uproar about this. And being mindful of our close relationship with the Syrixians, we understand that these are struggles every nation must face in hopes of improving itself. But we must also caution our ally, who, although we are staunchly loyal to and dearly love, must find reason in the chaos surrounding them and let cooler heads prevail. The storm winds are blowing, but they must sail their way to safety, lest they allow themselves to fall into the dark waters beneath them.
Therefore the Grand Sultanate of Aydin, alongside its Sovereign, Osmanek I of Aydin, must heavily suggest that the government of Syrixia re-engage the suspended election and allow for the ship of state to once again set sail as a strong and stable role model for all the peoples of both Craviter and the rest of Eras."

This strong and unexpectedly poignant statement has sent the political scene into a whirlwind, with many senior political experts, including those at ART, being stunned by such an unprecedented message with its clear and authoritative message striking a strange chord amongst those who have not seen something of this kind released, particularly toward the Syrixian State. But at this moment, there has not been any response from the Syrixian government, but it is expected that they will issue some kind of response sometime in the near future.

For more articles like this, subscribe to our daily newsletter or subscribe to our Viedéo channel for more ART content!

Written by: Devrim Yüce, 12/19/22
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IOU's new sterile processing program to meet workforce needs
Tuesday, 20 September 2022


The Ministry of Science, Higher Education, and Culture has approved Ohrid Imperial University, Faculty of Medicine's new career technical certificate in Sterile Processing Technician. The renationalization of hospitals have led to the restoration of many specialized medical services. Most of which were previously shut down due to budget cuts in the last years of the Bolkonsky dictatorship. The reversal of privatization policies has restored key public services and, for the first time in five years, the government released plans for new hospitals.

Carla Rosiello, the newly-appointed chairwoman of IOU Faculty of Medicine, expressed her concern about the lack of routine sterilization practices, especially in rural areas.

"A Sterile Processing Technician is a vital member of the surgery team," Rosiello said. "They do decontamination and sterilization of medical equipment, supplies, and even the very transport used to carry these materials. Sterile processing must be done before the first incision. Otherwise, there will be higher risks of death."

Despite the mass emigration, there is a growing number of aging people with increasingly complicated needs for medical care. This drove IOU to design the new career certificate to ensure prospective professionals, will not only graduate in a shorter period of time, but will have all the skills required for entry-level employment in surgical healthcare teams. Students in this program will also have the opportunity to learn about legal and ethical responsibilities, microbiology, aseptic techniques, management and communication skills, and equipment and supply maintenance knowhow.

The development of new medical college programs is expected to significantly alleviate the need for additional healthcare workers. Apart from training new medical professionals, the government has utilized the temporary measure of an international recruitment drive to fill in jobs in the nation's leading industries, prioritizing services addressing the basic needs of the people.

Proposals to incentivize migration to Severogotia will be debated in the Imperial Veche next week.
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Music News: La Travessia - The Sainte-Beaudoin Venue Changing Music in Craviter
By: Vanessa Quint
October 3, 2022


En La Por, a Villendean Post-Punk band, performing at La Travessia in Sainte-Beaudoin

As Callise's political scene has been undergoing drastic changes, with an ascendant PTC and an emboldened LN, it often becomes difficult to recognize the other ways in which the world is changing. Which is a shame, because something incredible is happening in Sainte-Beaudoin. La Travessia, a former bar purchased by an artist cooperative in 2015, has become the site of a revolution in Callisean Rock. Inspired by Post-Punk, Post-Rock and Progressive Rock (both the traditional Villendean scene, and the experimental Beaune Scene which would go on to inspire noise rock and Le Nou Cambiar), the venue has established itself as the venue of residence for several exciting new bands which are rapidly entering the Callisean mainstream.

The explosive release of Boigersville, the debut album of Brigada de Sorrol, in 2021 may have been the moment we turned our eyes to La Travessia, but the venue's ascendancy has been long in the making. In 2019, Brigada de Sorrol was one among many bands who are now establishing themselves as the artistic vanguard of Callisean rock. One such band, Foc de La Prada, has already gained mainstream recognition for their debut album Quan Ens Vam Conèixer (2021), which seamlessly blended post-rock, post-punk, indie, and math rock influences into one of the most creative albums of the year. Then, in 2022, the band Els Milicians, inspired by the Beaune scene of progressive rock (commonly referred to as Brancherock, in reference to the derogatory term for Calliseans), released Un Assassinat Té Lloc a Beaune. Making heavy use of synthesizers and distortion, the album was a delightfully dystopian fusion of punk and the experimental Brancherock of the past.

The reason for La Travessia's success at incubating these bands has been their residency program, wherein a band is obligated to perform biweekly in exchange for a modest stipend and access to the adjoining recording studio. The residency program was first introduced in 2019, with the first four bands in residence being the aforementioned: Brigada de Sorrol, Foc de La Prada, Els Milicians, and En La Por. Together they have been referred to as the "Big Four" of what is now being called Post-Dupont music, an umbrella term for the kinds of Punk/Post-Punk, Post-Rock, and Progressive Rock experimentation indulged in at La Travessia.

The success of these bands has also elevated La Travessia and the collective which runs in. Boigersville, while released by a major label, was co-released by La Travessia's own Músicka Nova label. The same was true of the debut albums of Els Milicians and Foc de La Prada (En La Por instead released on a traditional punk label out of Beaune). The Chief Producer, Andreu Parals, has quickly become one of the hottest avant-garde and experimental producers in Callise. His work on Boigersville drew the attention of Le Nou Cambiar, who have asked him to do production on their forthcoming album.

With the explosive growth of Post-Dupont music and the La Travessia scene, the future for Callisean music only appears to be brighter.

Left-wing politicians demand "criminal consequences" and Isaac Harding issues official apology, as INSSA report released; over 410,000 excess deaths estimated due to 2007-2011 austerity programme

With relative falls in life expectancy between 2008 and 2011, and 25% increases in male deaths in this period, was the "Harding Boom" really a boom for Esthursia?

The INSSA report has confirmed what many had already suspected; the fiscal tightening of the late Harding and Einarsson periods after the runaway inflation period following 2006 are said to have caused an awful lot of premature deaths - 412,000, in fact, to the nearest thousand. The INSSA report laid out a bleak review of the policy programme of the late Harding age:
Cuts in real terms to public sector wages, a freeze - so 5% yearly cuts in real terms - to pensions and benefits, a sudden rise in homelessness and evictions, and a strained healthcare service all contributed to an environment of social and economic pressure that both drove up suicide rates - disproportionately affecting men - and deaths amongst the oldest and poorest groups. Public policy is likely to be the key cause behind the vast majority of excess deaths registered between late 2006 into 2007, and the end of 2011, with knock-on effects on public service provision and benefits adequacy well into the following decade, which may have led to further excess deaths.
410,000 excess deaths would reflect an increase of 1 in 6 on the exclusive 2000-2022 average - meaning that for every 7 people who died in Esthursia between 2006 and 2011, the INSSA report points to 1 of those being brought earlier by the austerity programme.

Isaac Harding himself was amongst the first to respond to the INSSA report. Forethegn between the 2002 general election and his resignation in early 2009, Harding presided over the economic climate of rising inflation and steady economic growth known as the Harding Boom - a nickname ironically used by the left to signify its hollow nature, and by the right to champion its extensive economic growth. Harding's actions were extensively monetarist, a precedent set by both the former Social Democratic Forethegn Mark Willesden during the 2000-2 stagnation and within his own party conferences following Greenwood's resignation as party leader in 1992, leading to an extensive "slimming down" of the state during his tenure. Harding's reign saw healthcare budgets frozen to inflation, education budgets fall by 6% in real terms and welfare budgets frozen without inflation - leaving over a 20% fall by 2009. Einarsson, his successor, who saw even more radical cutbacks, with health's inflation protection removed and other departments cut drastically, particularly as the economy went into downturn, has not made a statement on the issue.

Harding told journalists outside his home in Mellington:
I must unreservedly apologise on behalf of my government at the time for the failure to address the potential human effects of our government policy, but maintain that the right decisions were made at the right times and that our government avoided further damage to society and the economy sustained in the Rederies that followed.

The political response to this has ranged extensively. Rosemary Manning has issued an "official apology on behalf of the Conservative Union" for the actions of her party, of which she was a Redethegn - note that she was one who routinely rebelled against the whip under both Harding and Einarsson:
The INSSA report has laid out clearly and plainly where the Harding-Einarsson government's wrong decisions to cut back extensively exposed weaknesses in our society. The human loss of their decisions is innumerable. I cannot extend my apologies on behalf of this party enough to the nation; this is a clear verdict against the monetarist policies of my predecessors, and I will continue my work to turn away from these.
Jeremy Wilson and Helga Almrdal released a joint statement, which went a step further:
The findings of the INSSA report are stark - the poorest in our society, the oldest, the most vulnerable, were left to their own devices in a society that failed to provide the most basic right to them - the right of life. This is a crisis of humanity, and our governments have taken necessary steps to counter the failures of the Conservative Union governments of 2002-2011. It is clear that lives were lost negligently, and this possibly even constitutes a reckless breach of our Overlawly rights to life; this situation is wholly unacceptable. When this government came into power, not only had the state been left bankrupt by previous programmes - but those who left had become morally bankrupt.
A considerable amount of the deaths' causes were laid out in the report, such as:
  • "Benefits falling in real terms below basic sustenance income levels, and many being denied access to even these sub-normal benefits by arbitrary restriction, resulted in the living standards of those on benefits falling below basic sustenance, and is presumed to have resulted in many deaths."
  • "Healthcare providers by 2010 were running on budgets that were below the necessary level to keep up service to the same level as previously, while a decline in health resulting from other austerity decisions drove up demand, resulting in a decline in care, rise in waiting times, which is known to directly have led to premature deaths. In particular, accident and emergency services, as well as cancer treatment, sustained extensive loss in service quality and in turn, a reduction in efficacy of treatment."
  • "A relative fall in policing budgets led to an awareness amongst criminals and victims alike of a loss of consequence; this is known to have directly led to have led to premature deaths. It is also known that consequences resulted from inadequate provision of equipment to serving police officers, and that expertise fell during this era due to a "fire and rehire" culture in the department in this period, particularly towards the Einarsson era."
  • "A relative fall in incomes, a drastic rise in unemployment between 2009 and 2011, and the massive reduction in mental health services, all put an immense mental burden on workers, particularly those left redundant and now dependent on below-sustenance benefits - this is known to have resulted in many deaths both by falling living standards, and by suicide."
  • "Living standards fell for all except the top decile after 2007, falling only for the top decile in 2011, and life expectancy in 2011 was lower for five deciles than in 2007, and lower for eight deciles than in 2009. This unprecedented loss of life expectancy was last experienced in the mid-1950s briefly, and more closely resembled that of the early 1920s."

Hróðvar Ljosvalur has taken this a step further, using the term "civic murder" first used by George Asmont to describe the premature deaths caused by the previous Conservative government's actions - both by conscripting to the failed Scalvian War and through its "illiberal" economic and policing programmes - to describe the findings of the INSSA report:
One death is too many. Five hundred thousand deaths is civic murder of immense proportions - nearly one in two-hundred of Esthurs died prematurely as a result of monetarist government policy.
The swathes of the Harding-Einarsson government responsible for this egregious loss of life should face trial for their actions - whether reckless or complicit - against the Esthursian people.

Also in the news this week:
BUDGET 2022: New Chancellor vows "eradication of poverty" as Wilson resigns as Chancellor after eight years in role
BUDGET 2022: INSSA report mutes monetarist opposition to redistributive policies
Weskerby Constabulary in crisis; second leader of Weskerby Constabulary resigns after Inspectors state "sustained failures to address key issues"
Family of Gareth Marylebone speak out against "culture of animosity" towards killed entrepreneur over suspected "plot to kill Forethegn Osborne"
Graham Ingley: The INSSA report rightly reprimands the irresponsibility of the Harding-Einarsson government, but should not be wrongfully weaponised against free-market economics
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North Timistania

RolePlay Moderator

"Good Evening listeners old and new and welcome to Canis Night radio, your one-stop source for all the goings-on in the Canis Governate! I am your host Gordy Greuvicus"

Interview with Speaker of the Synod Kavi Cala

Listeners I am joined in the studio by conservative politician Kavi Cala, the speaker has just released the bestselling political treatise "toward a greater Volshan" which has been flying off shelves thanks in no small part to its many controversial positions.

Speaker Cala, I would like to welcome you to our show
"Thanks for having me Gordy, good to be here"

Speaker, I think it would be fair to say that you are no stranger to controversy, in your debut book you accuse Esthursia of "moral weakness" and claim that their proposal for a currency union is nothing less than an attempt at political hegemony

"I like to think of myself as an honest man, I don't mince words and I don't dress up my ideas, Esthursia has a long history of sitting idle while the rest of the continent shouldered the burden of democracy, right now my own son is fighting in Aurorea along with thousands of other loyal sons and daughters of Volshan. Esthursia claims to be a beacon of liberty, but what have they done to defend that light? Their troops sit at the Scalvian border drinking tea and sleeping in warm beds whilst Volshan and Scalvian troops have nothing but MREs and bare ground for comfort. It's bad enough they do nothing substantial to defend liberty, but they now also have the arrogance to claim that their currency should dominate the post-war economy of Ethia?! If that isn't a moral weakness I don't know what is.

Strong stuff, you recently attended a session of the Synod and declared that every citizen should contribute to the war with donations.
"It's all hands on deck now, everyone needs to be doing something to help the war effort, good soldiers are dying daily in defense of our freedom, we should be sending them food, clothing, letters, and anything else they might need"

You have championed programs supporting our troops for months now, I understand you were recently at the tomb interring of Colonel Pesna
"Colonel Pesna was a Volshan hero, his forces were instrumental in the push to take the auorean border and he gave his life at the battle of Tel Khitana to seize that vital hub, attending his internment was the least I could do"

In recent months you have been extremely critical of the communities of the messianist new way*
"That is because the new way is a collection of parasites draining the lifeblood from our fair nation, they live separately, they don't work, they don't pay taxes and they certainly don't vote, we have allowed these foreigners to dwell on our northern frontier for far too long. If they want to wait out the end of the world they should at least earn their keep if they are going to do it on our land."

Finally, do you have any words for our listeners?
"Democracy dies in the dark folks, get out there and support this war anyway you can, if you can enlist then enlist! if you can farm then get out in the fields, and if you can afford to buy war bonds

Thank you for your time speaker

And now a word from our sponsors:


" You work hard to earn your keep, You've just finished two weeks in the mines and now it's time for catching up with your mates for roasted Paracanu* steaks and a spot of Volshan rules* and what better way to celebrate a well-earned rest than a tall refreshing longneck of Canis Gold! made from the finest hops grown in the richest volcanic soil, it's like a kiss from Aurora herself! Canis Gold, taste the northern spirit!"

* a collection of isolationist communities in northern Volshan, the new way believe the world is sinful and refuse to interact with anyone, not of their faith. They originally bought land in the north from the Volshan Synod in exchange for perpetual exemption from taxes and military service. right-wing Volshan politicians frequently target this group and scapegoat them for the country's ills.

*literally "pouch dog" when translated into Mercanti, they have been labeled kangaroo on occasion by foreign observers

*Volshan rules is a violent and archaic sport practiced in tribal eras as a means of preparing warriors for war, tackling and physical assault are normal and approved means of winning the endless struggle for field possession
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SBC News

"Beat that!" SDF Introduces new Self-Propelled Howitzer
By: Col. (Ret'd) Andres Tammets


(M250 "Phoenix" Self-Propelled Howitzers. Picture: 1st Mechanised Brigade)

Camp Druskinikai, Tauroga -- The 1st Mechanised Brigade unveiled Scalvia's new future self-propelled howitzer today, with the first battery of M250 SPHS "Phoenix" being intrpduced to the Brigade's Artillery Battalion.

Scalvia's First Indigenous Self-Propelled Howitzer
The M250 Self-Propelled Howitzer System, official ScalArm-STE Product name: Scalvian Self-Propelled Field Howitzer-20 "Phoenix," is Scalvia's first indigenous self-propelled howitzer, and looks to be the future of Scalvian Armoured Artillery, after the FEDMINDEF awarded the ScalArm-Scalvian Technologies Engineering consortium an initial contract worth 351mn crowns (393mn IBU) for 48 systems in January 2020.
Senior Minister and Federal Minister of Defence Tan Kok Soon hailed the system as "A leap forward for the Scalvian Defence Industry," after signing the agreement in 2020.
The first eight system battery was officially handed over to Battery A, 1st Armoured Artillery Bn. today, marking the first delivery of the system to the SDF.

"Beat That!"
The official press release of the 1st Mechanised Brigade and the Indigenous Self-Propelled Howitzer Consortium was entitled "Beat That!"
Below is the text of the press release:

Beat That!

Combine excellent range, pinpoint accuracy, a vigorous rate of fire, great protection, and excellent mobility and what do you get?
The kind of firepower that's the deciding factor in battle.
The M250.
Armed with a 155mm L/39 howitzer, capable of fire out to 36km with a guided, extended range round, as well as a burst of 3 rounds in 9 seconds, and a sustained rate of fire of 7 rounds per minute, the M250 offers unparalleled firepower to Scalvia's Armoured Forces.
Weighing in at 30 tonnes in its combat configuration and fitted with a 600hp engine gives the vehicle an excellent 20hp/tonne.
Capable of driving at 50km/h, the M250 is capable of keeping up with every armoured unit on the battlefield.
Unbeatable firepower. Just what you'd expect from the howitzer that's stealing the thunder from the old guard.

The M250 SPHS will likely see further orders, with the total number of systems procured expected to be around 120. The system is expected to become Scalvia's primary self-propelled howitzer system for the future. The ISPH Consortium has also stated that they are open to foreign orders for the system, stating that they are prepared to increase production significantly to meet possible foreign demand.
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Greater Ale Permars

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"Due to the tragic loss of life during and after the days of the New Year's Coup. And as acting Chairman of the Council of Ministers, I have seen it necessary to name an all-new council to fill in the holes left by the coup and put into place new and fresh individuals who will serve their country well in the months and years to come."

Ministry of Agriculture and Food- Lara Vinogradova
Ministry of Tractors and Agricultural Machines- Gerasim Egorov
Ministry of Assembly and Special Construction works- Rodion Egorov
Ministry of the Automobile Industry- Filipp Kiselev
Ministry of the Aviation Industry- Yermolai Novikov
Ministry of the Chemical Industry- Inna Kulikov
Ministry of the Construction Materials Industry- Semyon Frolov
Ministry of Ministry of Timber, Paper and Wood Processing Industry- Feliks Vinogradov
Ministry of Civil Aviation- Ermolai Aleksandrov
Ministry of the Coal Industry- Pyotr Nikitin
Ministry of Communication- Raisa Dmitrieva
Ministry of the Communication Equipment Industry- Florentiy Korolev
Ministry of Construction- Avgustin Kovalev
Ministry of Construction and Road-Machine Building- Yevgeniy Dmitriev
Ministry of Construction of Heavy Industry- Savva Romanov
Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry- Rurik Vorobev
Ministry of Culture- Myagkov Stepanovich
Ministry of Defense- General Roman Parkilov
Ministry of the Defense Industry- Slavik Morozov
Ministry of Education- Zadornov Artemovich
Ministry of the Electrical Equipment Industry- Ilya Sokolo
Ministry of the Electrical Industry- Isaak Kulikov
Ministry of Energy and Electrification- Luka Ivanov
Ministry of Finance- Ludmil Kuzmin
Ministry of Fish Industry- Karp Petrov
Ministry of Food Industry- Gleb Fedoro
Ministry of Foreign affairs- Vera Federova
Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations- Arina Nikitina
Ministry of Forestry- Koloda Grigorev
Ministry of General Machine-Building Industry- Adrik Kozlov
Ministry of Geology- Timur Egorov
Ministry of Health- Ilariy Aleksandrov
Ministry of Heavy Machine Building- Faddei Kozlov
Ministry of High Education- Esfir Nikolaeva
Ministry of Instrument-Making, Automation Devices and Control Systems- Vadim Ilin
Ministry of Internal Affairs- Daniil Sorokin
Ministry of Justice- Stanislav Orlov
Ministry of Machine tool building- Kliment Smirnov
Ministry of the Medium Machine-Building Industry- Onisim Semenov
Ministry of the Medical Industry- Iolanta Guseva
Ministry of the Radio Industry- Toma Dmitriev
Ministry of Railways- Kolmogorov Kozlov
Ministry of the Shipbuilding Industry- Agripin Volkov
Ministry of Trade- Georgiy Pavlov
Ministry of Human Resources- Anisim Mikhailov
Ministry of Religious Affairs- Elizaveta Sokoloa
Ministry of Water Resources Construction- Gala Egorova

Note on the Ministry of State Integrity:
"The Ministry of State Integrity, by my order, is to be reorganized immediately. As of last month, all current high-ranking individuals of the Ministry have been arrested and, pending investigation, will be allowed to join the MSI's successor organization, so long as they are not discovered to have been complicit in or involved in the New Year's coup. The Ministry is to be reorganized into a State Committee, the Committee for State Integrity, which will be chaired by Comrade Gervasii Aleksandrov, for the foreseeable future."

Note on State Commitees:

"For the same reason as above, these following State Commitees have been rechaired."

State Committee on Science and Technology- Sonya Semenova
State Committee for Standards and Product Quality Management- Evgeniya Alexeeva
State Committee for Inventions and Discoveries- Kuzma Nikitin
State Planning Committee- Antoniya Vlasova
State Committee for Construction- Anisim Kuzmin
State Committee for Defense Technology- Leontiy Pushkin
State Committee for Metallurgy- Petya Popo
State Committee for Transport Construction- Loginov Nikitovich
State Committee for Fuel Industry- Abram Valeryevich
State Committee for Material and Technical Supply- Pasha Nikolaev
State Committee for Labour and Social Problems- Sonin Olegovich
State Committee for Prices- Naum Sokolovich
State Committee on Statistics- Yevpraksiya Aleksandrova
State Committee on National Issues- Kodiak Volkov
State Committee for Vocational and Technical Education- Yunge Vyacheslavovich
State Committee on Television and Radio- Yefim Kulikov
State Committee for Cinematography- Zarya Kuzmina
State Committee for Publishing, Printing and Book Trade- Mefodiy Vinogradov
State Committee for Forestry- Domnin Svyatoslavovich
State Committee for Nature Protection- Mitya Zaytsev
State Committee for Physical Culture and Sport- Artem Belov
State Committee for Supervision over Safety Works in Industry and Atomic Energy- Maksim Kovalev
State Committee for Religious Supervision- Makar Makarov
State Committee for Birthing and Parenthood- Konnikova Filippovna
State Committee for Adolescence (13y-19y) and Young Adults (19y-24y)- Volodina Yurievna
State Committee for Newborns (0-2 mo), Infants (2 mo- 1y), Toddlers (1y-4y), Preschool age (4-5), School age children (5y-13y)- Eshmana Vsevolodovna
State Committee for Early Adulthood (24-34)- Lyubov Yanovich
State Committee for Middle Aged Persons (35y-65y)- Alenin Artemovich
State Committee for Elderly Persons (65y and above)- Avdonin Vadimovich
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On Democracy and Socialism: A Picardist Perspective on the Prydanian Situation
A Position Paper by Jérémy Lambert, Chairman of the Beaune Chapter of the Workers Party of Callise

When news first reached the Central Committee of the decision by the People's Party of Prydania to not join the IWA, not many of us were surprised. It was only 5 years ago that the people of Prydania, in their desperation to throw off the tyranny of the bureaucratic collectivist Syndicalist Party, had made common cause with the Old Regime to re-establish some semblance of democracy in their country. Yet in spite of the inevitability of their decision, we were taken aback by the vitriol with which our comrades in Prydania condemned the largest organization of workers parties and labor unions in Eras. The memory of the tragedies of the Syndicalist regime no doubt burns bright in their mind, but to turn their pain and hatred on their fellow workers abroad, especially when those of us in the Workers Party had repeatedly condemned the bureaucratic regime once its character was revealed, is puzzling. Nonetheless, the Prydanian People's Party is certainly not alone in its position. Other left wing parties and trade unions, such as COGENT in Saintonge, have also taken to rebuking the IWA as an extremist group, unfit to lead the workers of Eras. For this reason, the Central Committee of the Beaune Chapter of the Workers Party of Callise believes it to be prudent to survey the accusations levied against the IWA at the 2022 People's Party Convention, to clarify the finer points of Picardist political strategy, and to offer a way forward for likeminded socialist groups.

On Democracy and the Political Struggle
In the wake of the tragedies committed in the name of Picardism, it is often all too easy to forget the words of Picard himself. After all, it was in the First Program of the Association of Workers, the international organization from which those of us in the IWA draw descent, that Picard was revealed to be the most ardent proponent of Democratic Republicanism. To quote the introduction to the political demands, Picard argued that:
"Democracy is as essential for socialism as air is to the body. To call for socialism without democracy is impossible. Likewise, to call for democracy without socialism is an absurdity. For it is through democracy that the laboring classes, who make up the overwhelming majority of society, express their direct or indirect control over society. And it is precisely this radically democratic order which constitutes the Dictatorship of the Proletariat."
To Picard, and to those of us who call ourselves Picardists, the essence of our political struggle is to establish the most democratic form of government possible. But what characteristics would constitute such a form of government? To reveal this, we need only look at the political demands that followed the above quote:
In order to establish a Democratic Republic, the only possible form of government which can allow for the laboring classes to take hold of their destiny, the Association of Workers proposes the following:
  1. The abolition of the monarchy and any vestiges of feudal government, in favor of a government democratically elected by the people.
  2. Universal and direct suffrage by secret ballot of all citizens, without distinction of class, race, or sex.
  3. The guarantee of all citizens to freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of assembly, and most importantly, freedom of dissent.
  4. Two year legislative periods, at which representatives are to be up for re-election.
  5. Instant recallability for all elected officials, such that it established a horizontal mandate that keeps them accountable to their constituents at all times.
  6. The combination of legislative and executive authority into a unicameral, elected, working body representing all citizens.
  7. The restriction of the wage of elected officials to no more than that of a skilled worker.
  8. The election of all court justices and officials, as well as all executive officers in law enforcement.
  9. The election of all officers in the military by the men under their command.
  10. Abolition of all otherwise undemocratic institutions which distort the popular will expressed in the body outlined in demand 5.
It is through this program, and these demands, that we learn the historic role occupied by the Picardists: the party of radical democracy. And this foundation of Revolutionary Democratic Republicanism is reflected throughout the history of Picardism. It was present in the Beaune Commune, where workers heroically enacted the political demands outlined above. It was present in the original PSD party program, which called for the Democratic Republic, and it was present in the program of the PTS when Duval established the Workers Republic of Callise. Everywhere, and at all times, those who have held true to Picard's doctrine of statecraft have been carrying forward the banner of Democratic Republicanism.

That is not to say that all who claim the legacy of Picard have been without error. In particular, the question of democracy has been one that those workers movements which called themselves Picardists have not always been principled in adhering to. We speak, of course, of the Syndicalist Party of Prydania. Quite early on in the regime it became clear that what at first appeared to be an earnest socialist group that had been instrumental in anti-fascist action, was in truth a reactionary bureaucratic apparatus dominated by trade union functionaries and unelected party bureaucrats. A group which not only did not advance the Democratic Republican demands in their entirety, but which sought to restrict public participation in government by limiting the speech and political activity of those they disagreed with because it threatened their privileged position as the newly dominant social class. It is for this reason that the PTC was a loud voice on the socialist left decrying the atrocities of the Syndicalist regime, a position which caused much controversy at the time but which was slowly vindicated as other socialist parties began to see what we saw. But to confuse those atrocities with the Picardist position of Revolutionary Democratic Republicanism, a position which the IWA consistently advocates for, is a grievous error.

It is from this position that we now consider the situation of the People's Party of Prydania. Having so recently emerged from the quagmire of civil war and bureaucratic collectivist tyranny, it was always unlikely that the People's Party of Prydania would join our ranks. We knew we have genuinely revolutionary comrades in the ranks of the party, but for many, the memory of the Syndicalist regime is still too fresh. However, in light of the 2022 convention, we worry that what could originally have been attributed to trauma is more likely attributable to the genuinely reactionary and opportunistic positions of certain party leaders.

Let us take, for example, the position of Sigewulf Reiten, who has become something of a spokesperson for many who opposed the People's Party's decision to not join the IWA. In an attempt to rally those Left Opportunist contingents abroad which support his position, he attempts to position himself, and those like him as the "good" socialists, the ones deemed acceptable by the capitalist class and their new government in Prydania. He states:
But we're not alone. All over the world there are parties and movements that believe in progressive politics, but reject the tyranny adherent in the types of policies the IWA puts forward. We're stuck in an impossible position. Do we stay isolated? Or do we abandon our deeply held commitments to peace and an open, democratic society in the name of IWA membership?
One could almost forgive Sigewulf Reiten for his vapid pretension if he lived in a country other than Prydania, but to preach about the value of a democratic society while calling those of us Picardists who participate in the IWA tyrants is laughable. Lets perform a comparison of our native Callise with Prydania. Both of these countries are profoundly undemocratic, we must admit, but it should enlighten us as to the hypocrisy espoused by the Left Opportunists in the People's Party.

First, on the issue of freedom of dissent. Like it or not, one of the main tenets of Socialism is being a party of opposition. We are inherently in opposition to the State inasmuch as the State is not a Democratic Republic. This does not imply that we ought not work within the State to achieve reforms, in fact the PTC has been instrumental in cooperating with the PSD and USC in winning democratic and progressive reforms. But we recognize the limit that such reforms have within the current structure. For that reason, the PTC advocates the end of the Third Republic and the creation of a Fourth Republic predicated on the principles of Democratic Republicanism. Callise, for all its faults, allows this. Prydania, by contrast, has erected the radically anti-democratic Office for the Protection of the Constitution. A bureaucratic party which surveys the political positions of Prydanian parties and restrains those it deems to be anti-constitutional. I pray that I don't have to explain to Comrade Reiten how radically anti-democratic such an institution is. Much moreso than the IWA, which through Condition 8 actively requires its member parties to protect freedom of dissent within the party. So if his criticism of the IWA, and by extension the PTC, is that we restrict speech I would encourage him to turn his critical gaze towards his own government.

Of course that's not to say that the people of Prydania currently want to overthrow the current constitution, it is wildly popular. But a key principle of democracy is to at the very least allow for freedom of dissent, so that if and when the people of Prydania do want to re-examine their political order they are granted the full legal right to campaign on a program of replacing the current constitution.

Second, on the issue of equal representation. In our current Capitalist system, the power wielded by capital does inherently distort electoral results through political campaigning and the propaganda it can buy. Yet, in Callise at least, our government allows for workers to fight back their own way: through their trade union. Those of us in the PTC have had the privilege of enjoying a special relationship with the TIC, the largest industrial union in Callise, and by far the most democratic institution in Callise. Each year at convention, the rank and file of the TIC have the choice to fund PTC (and non-PTC) candidates of their choosing to advance their interests in national politics. It doesn't come close to rivaling the power marshalled by finance capital in Callise, but it at least allows for workers to even the playing field. Yet in Prydania, trade unions are barred from this most basic political right which is nonetheless extended to corporate entities! One would expect Comrade Reiten to at the very least recognize the serious handicap this offers to his democratically governed political party, and yet he spends his time attacking the IWA rather than seeking to implement full democracy in his own country.

Finally, on the issue of the monarchy. It is the opinion of the Central Committee that this is the most important point of comparison. Callise, undemocratic though it may be, lacks a monarch. So although our electoral system is not directly representative, and although many undemocratic institutions plague our state, we have the ability to at the very least choose our own leaders. This means that when we are confronted with an incompetent President or State Director, as we were with Leopold Dupont, we have processes by which they can be removed. This is not a luxury that Prydania affords its citizens. It is quite baffling for those of us who remember the Civil War to consider the absurdity with how events have played out, considering it was precisely the incompetence and the abuses of the monarchy which led the rise of bureaucratic Syndicalist regime. It was Anders III, fascist tyrant that he is, who used the privileged position of the monarchy to establish the Social Commonwealth, by far one of the most undemocratic regimes in recent Craviterian memory. And yet, having seen how an unelected head of state can use their power to do fundamental damage to democracy, the Left Opportunists welcome a resurgent House Lothbrok with open arms!

We may attribute this to the extraordinary competence of Tobias Lothbrok in leading the resistance to the Syndicalist regime, and at this task we must admit the skill of the current reigning monarch of Prydania. But Picardists operate on a principle informed by historical reality. Tobias may be a benevolent monarch, but how long until another Anders comes along and plunges Prydania into tyranny? If such a situation were to arise, the people of Prydania would have no recourse whatsoever.

We sympathize with the struggle of Prydania for democracy, it has always been at the heart of our political program. And we sympathize with the People's Party's attempts to safeguard democracy in Prydania. But to attack the democratic struggles of other workers movements the world over is profoundly unprincipled and hypocritical considering the People's Party's lockstep support for the undemocratic state in Prydania.

On Oppositional Politics
Another objection levelled by the Left Opportunists, and one which we find far more legitimate, is that of coalition governments. Solbjörg Farnes, a comrade representing the region of Hadden. There, Socialists have taken to forming a coalition government with the Free Democratic Party. Condition 6 of the IWA, which forbids coalition with non workers parties, would disrupt that coalition. For that reason, Comrade Farnes has objected to joining the IWA.

To answer this particular concern, we first need to understand the history of Picardist Socialism and why we insist on oppositional politics. As we have previously stated, oppositional politics are essential for Socialist movements the world over. By our very nature, we are opposed to the present political and economic order and favor a radically democratic alternative, one of truly democratic governance and truly democratic economic planning. To this end, we must be opposed to the constitutional order and campaign on its replacement. If we were to join the executive government in administrating business as usual, we would betray our principles in the eyes of the workers and administrate the very system which is the cause of their immiseration. Consider a PTC government ruling as a minor partner with the Civic-Republicans or Liberals. When time comes to vote for a budget, we would be expected to vote for it as part of our electoral agreement. But by the very nature, the current existing state will be administering things which no socialist can conscience. A repressive prison state, a police force which represses workers, and a state bureaucracy which holds aloft the corporations which run Eras. No Socialist can vote on these things, or be expected to follow the class leadership of a party which expects socialists support on these things. This is why the IWA has opposed coalition with bourgeois parties, and why the PTC has likewise vowed not to form either a minority government or vote for any appropriations bills. This is a tradition which extends back to the early PSD.

But what do the oppositional politics of the IWA mean in practice? First, it does not forbid forming a government (even with bourgeois parties) in which socialists and workers are the senior partner. So if the People's Party wishes to form a government with the Free Democrats with itself as the leader? The IWA has no qualms against it, because in principle the workers will be leading. Second, it does not forbid forming a government in which socialists are a minority, but in which another workers party is the senior partner. While those of us in the PTC are reticent to enter into such an agreement, it would also be allowed for the PTC to form a minority government with the PSD, because the PSD and the PTC are at least of one mind on immediate economic and progressive reforms which need to take place, and will not be governing the State in such a way that it targets workers. Third, oppositional politics does not mean "bullets over ballots" as some in the People's Party claim. The PTC is committed to the peaceful transfer of governance from the Third Republic to a Fourth Republic, via a democratically elected constituent assembly representing all citizens, not just those we agree with. The Left Opportunists call us idealists, and say that makes us future tyrants. Not so! We have a principled program, yes, and one which we do not expect to be realized all at once. But do not confuse our passionate defense of the entirety of our program for a willingness to impose it undemocratically. We will defend our party platform vigorously, but will never seek to implement it without a clear democratic mandate. This is what is meant by revolution, not insurrection but the removal of one constitutional order for another. For this reason, we applaud Comrade Arne for his acceptance of the democratic decision of his party, but encourage him and those like him to continue defending consistent revolutionary values and seeking to change the minds of our comrades in the People's Party.

Likewise, we oppose the juxtaposition of revolution and reform which the Left Opportunists have insisted upon. What is revolution but the full realization of those reforms in our party platform? If one can fundamentally change the constitutional order through the current constitution, without the convocation of a constituent assembly, we encourage them to pursue such a path. This is why the IWA explicitly does not reject members on the basis of their conviction in revolution or reform. Yet nonetheless, it is essential that our parties (regardless of the route they choose) remain committed to oppositional politics.

On the Prospect of a Social Democracy International
In an article published by Sölvi Buhl around convention time, the possibility was raised of a Social Democratic International. While our belief as Picardists is that all workers parties and unions should be under one umbrella, we recognize that there are natural fissures in the workers movement that will result in different organizations representing different strands of Socialism. As such, we find it prudent to articulate a Picardist orientation to a Social Democratic International, and the the Left Opportunist parties internationally.

As Picard makes clear in the First Program of the Association of Workers, Socialists are always a part of the working class-none stand apart from it. It is for this reason that we, in the PTC, encourage our genuinely socialist comrades in the People's Party to continue their work within the party. So long as you are allowed to express your beliefs, put socialist principles to a vote, and the democratic will of the party is respected, it is worth working within such an organization. The question is when does the organization turn from a Left Opportunist workers party, into an openly pro-scab party; will it respect the democratic decision making of its membership and make common cause with workers the world over, or will it ignore democratic decisions it does not like and scab for the workers movement globally? This is a question which we in the PTC believe to be open, in the case of both the People's Party and a potential Social Democratic International. As of right now, we firmly believe in the potential of the People's Party to be converted into a democratic organ of class struggle. But should the party no longer respect internal democracy and freedom to dissent, or should the international they consider forming scab for those socialist movements they deem "too radical" for the movement, then we can no longer work alongside them.

It is on this note that we leave an open question to our comrades in Prydania, whose struggle we deeply sympathized with and who we embrace with open arms as we do all workers across Eras. Would you work alongside us, to help make a better world for the working class? Or would you scab against us merely to spite those socialists you deem unfit for the name? If the former? Then we welcome the Social Democratic International with open arms and look to cooperate where we find common ground. If the latter? Then we rebuke the Scab International and will rally all true socialists and workers against the patsies of the capitalist class. Ultimately, the choice lies with you.

In Solidarity,
Jérémy Lambert, writing for the Central Committee of the Beaune Chapter of the Workers Party of Callise

North Timistania

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Operation Foehammer smashes Barthist industrial region!


[Volshan marines during a sweep of a worker's town in the As-Nashika province]

A new front opened in the ongoing war against Barthist tyranny, the forces of the 31st marine expeditionary force launching a lightning invasion of the province of As-Nashika, often touted as the so-called "Dark heart" of Barthist industry. Some 12,000 marines are believed to have advanced into the region with support from both armored divisions and air assets, the region has been subject to a lengthy bombing campaign several days prior to the main offensive.

"Fighting through miles of booby traps, landmines, IEDs and fanatical barthist fighters the corps has once again proven why it's never wise to provoke Tarquin's dogs, we bite harder than we bark!" Colonel Nunius of the 31st said during a recent press conference.

Roughly 50 percent of the region is now contested or in Volshan hands with efforts now underway to locate and neutralize both the industrial and nuclear capacities of the Barthist regime. Rumors of secret weapons caches and underground nuclear silos fueling urgent sorties aimed at crippling the Barthe regime's ability to conduct a protracted campaign. Patriach Emellius and his co-autarch, Matriarch Tarascia had this to say regarding the efforts of our brave armed forces:

"All of Volsha praises the sacrifices and achievements of our noble warriors, just as our ancestors drove out the colonizers of Trantori and the old imperium in the name of liberty and self-determination, so too do you, soldiers, airmen and marines of the autocracy continue that great tradition by driving the burning blade of liberty deep into the side of the vile tyrants of Aurorea. We shall not rest until the threat this wicked regime poses to all free peoples is expunged forever and both our own citizens and those of wider Ethia can sleep free from the constant terror of missile strikes and invading armies. May Aurora and Auvoi bless the autocracy and all of Ethia"

For now, the war rages on and the continent holds its collective breath.​
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TNP Nation
Statement from Klaudiu Floriuva, Kommissar of the Bureau of Agriculture and Environment of Arrandal

Arrandal grain production up from last year

BRAVONDKRAJ, Oct. 19, 2022 – Wheat and corn production is up from the same period last year according to the Crop Production report issued today by the Arrand Department of Agriculture’s Statistics Service. Wheat production is up 17% from last year and corn production is up by 9%. While levels are nowhere near pre-war production levels, the increase falls in line with government expectations of production for this year.

Objective yield and farm operator surveys were conducted between Sept. 24 and Oct. 5 to gather information on expected yield as of Oct. 1. The objective yield surveys for wheat and corn were conducted in the major producing counties that usually account for about 75% of Arrandal’s production. Randomly selected plots were revisited to make current counts.

The farm operator survey was conducted primarily by telephone with some use of mail, internet, and personal enumeration. Approximately 8,200 producers were contacted during the survey period and asked questions about probable yield.

The full report can be found on the Bureau’s website at biurarolnictwo.gov/plonsprawoz



Less Rokzakon Palace balls after changes by The Kaisar
Wednesday, 5 October 2022


The Kaisar has decided to open select areas of Rokzakon Palace seasonally to the public. Arcanstotskan Hall and the White Square is now accessible from 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM, weekdays, except Tuesday, in the months of July till August, and again from September to November. While this means people could finally enter the palace grounds, it limits the number of annual state celebrations held at the imperial residence.

For many young daughters of the boyars, the National Cadet Ball in Rokzakon Palace is one of six glamorous evenings where they present themselves to court life in stately fashion: Collectively called the Banquets of the Four Kings, exclusive ceremonies of pomp symbolizing a young boyar's transition to adulthood. They enter as debutantes and come out as prospective wives of future princes, generals, and statesmen. Due to arranged marriages falling out of fashion, the balls reassure worried boyars that their daughters would meet only the most suitable men. However, the changes at Rokzakon Palace would reduce the six-day event to three days.

"Oh, thank God!" a pedestrian celebrated in Northwest Ohrid. "Those pricks had it good for too long. I'm surprised Bolkonsky didn't do anything to eradicate them. Then again, he is one of them."

"I support a republic," said another pedestrian. This time in Stone City, the new government quarter. "But this makes me like the Kaisar even more. He helped save a lot of Courantists during the Bolkonsky dictatorship. I hope this signals the continuation of reforms in the near future, but I'm not going to be biting my fingernails so who knows."

Others are not so jubilant.

"It's a shame," said a 35-year-old boyar family chauffeur. He, like many patriotic Severogotians, believe the people should be proud of the monarchy and, by extension, the aristocracy. He continued, "The balls and the boyars, not just the monarchy, are all part of tradition. Nowadays, young people think its cool to laugh at traditions. We shouldn't always give in to the times."

"There should be six balls! Not three!" exclaimed a 16-year-old female student from Tsarskoye Selo Academy, an 17th-century imperial hunting dacha converted into a boarding school for the upper class.

Contrary to popular belief, the Banquets were originally three. In 1924, Solidarist dictator General Janka Vennamo added military soirées in the Banquets to encourage unions between bachelor cadet officers, often dvarane and cossack sons, and boyar debutantes.

As part of the new changes in the Imperial Household, the official announcement declared the Kaisar's plans to "modernize" required him to embrace the present. Unlike the Bolkonsky dictatorship, change would not be arbitrary. Instead, "there shall be a compromise of tradition and modernity" fitting a "monarch of a traditional country in the 21st century." In this important role, he described his commitment to serve the people as the "guiding principle of his reign." Which is why he founded the Imperial Philanthropic Society, an independent body from the monarchy that could quickly distribute the finances and resources needed by supported humanitarian organizations.
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INGRESIA: Chancellor condemns Northern League over "deaths and destruction" as occupying forces flee to Osteiha

As government forces near the city of Osteiha, NL-regime forces have wreaked havoc over entire swathes of Northern Ingresia


A local inhabitant walks through the town of Avélenha, Ositeiha Region, following the violent retreat of Northern League forces

For several years, little movement has been recorded - except the occasional breakthrough followed by a shift in front lines - however the Lauhas Times has extensively covered the slow decline of the League's resources. With the Amalha front taking priority for defending battalions, resources have been shifted south-east when shortages are incurred - hitting the northernmost forces hardest.

Despite some losses in the far-western front, the government has seen a sudden opportunity to break through in several locations in the north and west; even while the east, for the most part holds up. The Amalhan suburb of Seradèa was seized back last week, uncovering a scene of slow degradation and "frankly inhumane conditions" that people were forced to live in on the doorstep of democracy for years. Amalha itself remains occupied, although some battalions remain confident that they can take it back; First Lieutenant Artur Escanha spoke to us about the situation:
The situation in the east is improving markedly, as it did in the west and north very recently. Our capabilities are at their height while the League's forces are demoralised by losses - there are even rumours some aren't being paid. There is only so long they can hold out now - this is the end, and when the eastern front falls, we can finally vanquish this fifty-year menace. I wouldn't say it was presumptuous to say there will be significant gains on this front within the next year or two, maybe even the return of Amalha to democratic forces by this time next year.
Even if the east is in standstill; the north-west isn't.
The northern front in particular has fallen through in the last month:
  • The River Lunis has been crossed successfully in two places, for the first time since democratic armies reached it in 2009. The easternmost democratic front is now "within ten kilometres" of Lunisèn.
  • Despite losses around Strélon, the far-south and far-west have both seen considerable headway; in the third week of October, retreating League armed forces were forced to retreat three times in the same week as unsustainable positions failed to hold.
  • However, the most striking change is that around Osteiha; previously a relatively unknown and unmoving front, now the key sign of the League's weakness. Democratic forces are now in the suburbs of the city, and have seized the main Osteiha-Auverna highway in a five kilometre stretch, cutting off the far-west from Osteiha-Lunisèn group momentarily.
However, the retreating armies there have attempted to halt the incoming front with the lives of civilians. Entire villages have been burnt, farms salted and ransacked, and thousands of "forcible eviction orders" as civilians are moved with armed transport hurriedly elsewhere. A riot at a village near the frontline led to League police backlash; with an estimate of ten deaths.

National Alternative First Minister of Ingresia, Catarina Asténa, has called for a "peaceful transfer" of Osteiha:
This farthing has seen the War for fifty years; and we know what horrors it can ravage on each and every one of us. We call on the administration of the Northern League regime to accept our offer to negotiate a peaceful transfer of Osteiha, to spare the lives, livelihood and damage that urban warfare could wreak on the city.
Chancellor Ingvar Haugen has gone a step further, calling the actions of the Northern League "mass murder":
The horrific atrocities committed by retreating forces north of Osteiha are unequivocable war crimes and acts of mass murder. We will, when the time comes, arrest each and every so-called soldier who participated in these atrocities, mark my words.
Ingresia is one with the rest of us, and the Northern League must accept that it will not win - we once again call on it to surrender now, as we have at every possible opportunity in the last generation, to prevent any more loss of life. Acts of mass cowardice from retreating forces of the plutocratic authoritarian regime will only embolden our fight for universal freedom, and every single complicit person involved in any atrocity committed on the Avancenic people will be held accountable in time.

Fighting continues in the entire quartièr as local Ingresians come to terms with the changing war; and Osteiha prepares for the upcoming struggle.
- Pau Peiras; 29 October, 2022
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