Episode 30



The big news since the beginning of the New Year has been not in legislative government, an area that is still being reconstructed following the passing of the new constitution, but the discussion in government has been a consultation on role play rules. The current idea being to allow active role-players who have been part of the region quiet some time a second smaller nation. The Secondary Nations Act as it is being refered to would allow any member of the Order who has been part of the region six months and made 400 posts would be allowed to set up a new nation with lower limits than a main nation. Many members have talked about wanting to try new Role-Play ideas and the influx of new nations that the move would bring is likely to spice up the role-play world. A current consultation with all members of the region ends today.

ROLE PLAY NEWS (if it's green you can join in)

BRUSNYA OPENS UP Having taken it upon themselves to try and end their nations isolationism the Republic of Brusnya have been inviting nations to establish diplomatic ties, to date many nations have taken up the opportunity.

DAMERAN-TOSHIKAWA TALKS The Shogunate is currently in Dameran for diplomatic talks, these are still in the early stages but seem to be focused around the recent outbreak of hostilities between Neuva Ardia and Toshikawa.

EISEN-LUVONIA TALKS The two nations have gathered together to discuss diplomatic ties, at present the two nations have agreed to establish embassies and now talks are turning to economic matters.

AQUITAINE SEEKS RECOGNITION Following declaring their independence during the Marseille Conflict the Duchy of Aquitaine has asked the world to recognise its status. Previously it has been a protectorate of Rokkenjima and now is seeking to stand on its own two feet. One issue however remains the fact that General Cartier who during the conflict commanded part of the Marseille military which carried out atrocities and had links to terrorism.

ROKKENJIMA - TYTOR TALKS Following the restoration of the monarchy in Tytor following an attempted coup the Rokkenjiman Empire is seeking to reaffirm its ties with Tytor, a CSTO partner.

ONE MANS FREEDOM FIGHTER Having in their own history struggled to overthrow a tyrannical regime the nation of Epanastasia has floated the idea of an international organisation dedicated to helping oppressed people overthrow their leaders. While some nations have seemed interested others are worried that this may simply end up causing further tensions around the world.

MEET THE TOSHI'S WIth Toshikawa being a nation where leading nobles, known as Daimyo's have a certain degree of influence, four of the leading families have opened their doors to the outside world. So far the Archduchess of East Moreland has been the only one to take up the invitation.

KINGS BLOOD The King of East Moreland was shot and seriously wounded during a terrorist attack which saw a member of the royal protection team betray the King. In the same attack the King's sister High Priestess Joanna was also killed along with Chief Councillor Hugo MacGregor. In response the Kingdom have carried out a surgical assassination of a leading Borland Minister. Meanwhile the Kings Blood terrorist group also have Crown Princess Adriana of Rokkenjima in their control and have reached out to the Borland leader Kyle Barren.

NEW PRIESTESS ELECTION Following the assassination of High Priestess Joanna the Cult of Helus has no leader. Three candidates have been put forward and now voting is open.

BAJIN GALACTIC Toshikawan company Bajin Galactic have started accepting applications to go into space as a tourist. $250,000 will get an individual into low orbit around Mundus. Get your cheque books out.

MUNDUS PRIDE 2016 The regions annual LGBT event is underway in Gowu. A music festival, series of talks and entertainment are all arranged and everyone is welcome to attend.

RISE OF AN EVIL Following Neuva Ardia seemingly supporting a Buddhist extremist terrorist the nation have Toshikawa have begun strikes against the country. This has seen the use of devastating heavy weapons including a massive bomb dropped on one area. Meanwhile Achkaerin forces have infiltrated in an attempt to collect Neuva Ardia data to clear the name of one of their operatives in the assassination of Abran Penultimo.

WAR OF THE ENLIGHTENMENT Supreme Sovreignty's battle against the Englightenment continues with a giant naval battle taking place at the moment.


The big news in the CTO is a discussion on Admissions Procedures. This was brought about by the request of the Principality of Northern Borland attempting to gain entry to the CTO. The debate has descended into a heated arguement between Achkaerin and Lakhzovia. A proposal by Dartfordia however seems to have broad support and is likely to head to vote in the coming days.



With the Mundus World Cup taking place in Sparta the group games have almost come to an end with Luvonia, Nya Aland, Achkaerin and Tytor leading the four groups. One of the surprise packages has been the largely semi-professional team of East Moreland who lie in 2nd place in Group A and with a draw in their final pool game would seem certain to make the knock out stages.


WAR HITS TOSHI ECONOMY Many agricultural goods, raw materials and more have been decreasing in input to Toshikawa because of the weeks initiation of war on Nueva Ardia, a major provider in various raw consumer goods around the world

POLYANA HAS NEW MAYOR The Results of Last Week's Elections are in, and it was revealed 47 year old Sebastyan Lisz of United Brusnya came out victorious in the polls. From the start of the race it had been evident Mr. Lisz was a fan-favorite among the citizens of our capital, and early polls even had predicted he would be victorious.

POLITICAL CHANGE IN TYTOR n a surprise move, Prime Minister Lord Joseph Cornwallis announced this afternoon that he will be resigning from the leadership of the Conservative Party, effective at midnight tonight. Going against tradition, Cornwallis has declined to appoint his own successor.

TABLET UNFOLDS Geek-con, in Macedonia, features new technology, new games, and unique hacks. 2016 was no exception. Competing against a gaming display with a unique control setup for the show-stealer award was Ankh's new flexible tablet, with a screen that can be rolled up just like a newspaper.

CABINET RESHUFFLE IN ACHKAERIN Gordon Laithwaite has become Minister of Aranye Affairs triggering a bi-election for his seat in Parliament. This has also seen a cabinet reshuffle during which Richard Chambers has been named as new Minister of Foreign Affairs.

ARCHDUCHESS SOPHIE SPEAKS With the East Moreland royal family hospitalised following the Kings Blood attack it was left to the King niece to make a formal statement. She made her speech from the UNP where she was studying at University.

FMN CAPTURE CARPET BOMBING A Free Mundus News reporter gave a live broadcast from Nueva Ardia during which Toshikawan air force bombers carpet bombed the city. The report cut off suddenly leading many to believe the reporter was killed.

NEW CABINET NAMED Arendesia have a new leader in the form of Nathan Izriër who this week unveiled his new cabinet.

NORDS SPOT SPACE STUFF The Longboat Two probe which left the solar system some time ago having completed its fly by of the planets was expected to spend the rest of its days photographing stars beyond our system. It was expected that it would lose ability to transmit at some point in the next two years, however if that is the last transmission from the probe then its leaving on a high. The probe has in the last two months sent back two unique images of black holes.

NYA ALAND DECLARE STATE OF EMERGENCY Following an emergency meeting of the cabinet Head Gothi Daniel Stenberg has been granted permission to suspend the Odinic Council and declare a state of emergency. The move comes following the alleged involvement of Viktor FInberg, a junior Foreign Minister, in the Kings Blood attack in East Moreland. The Head Gothi made the announcement late last night.