Episode 28



The Regional Government Act (2015) will come into force after being signed by Grand Chancellor Beatrice. The Act will fundamentally change the government of The Independent Order making it easier for people to become involved in government activities. The Act was supported by 71.4% of the voters in a recent referendum and should come into force in the coming weeks.

The major changes are as follows.

1. The Senate is abolished and replaced with a Regional Assembly which is not elected but is open to any member who has applied for membership.
2. Premier elections will now take place every 65 days not every 45.
3. Five related pieces of legislation have been repealed.

A brief period of adjustment will now take place before Regional Assembly applications are opened.

ROLE PLAY NEWS (if it's green you can join in)

A TREATY FOR THE MHORISH AND ILLUMIC The Mhorish and Illumic Co-Operative Agency (MICA) is a joint East Moreland and Spartan proposal to create an economic and cultural organisation with the intent of improving relations and economic prosperity. The meeting to organise the body is taking place in Silverhills, East Moreland.

CAN I INTEREST YOU IN SOME DEMOCRACY? The Samsarahan initiative called the Community of Democracies is beginning to gather momentum with several nations expressing an interest. The Samarahan government now intend to hold a meeting to establish the organisation.

OPEN LETTERS TO LAKHZOVIA With Lakhzovia having several problems regarding their Utmen minority population several countries have taken to writing open letters to the government urging international investigations into the treatment of the minority. At present these have been turned down by the government who fear them turning into "Utmen Propaganda"

ANNEXATION OF CASPIVIUS Following the ending of the Mavrosian and Caspivius conflict the nation of Mavrosia have announced they are annexing the defeated nation. East Moreland has called for this matter to be handed democratically and have dispatched several delegates to speak with Mavrosia over the concerns.

FLOODWATER GOES ALONE The Tytorian province of Floodwater has held an independence referendum and has en mass decided to become an independent nation. This however comes at a time when Tytor itself is experiencing a coup and as such not everyone believes this to be a fully democratic referendum.

WEAPONS TO GO The Borland Separatist group are currently trying to show the world that they are giving up their violent past. This has seen them invite the world to witness them destroy their offensive weapons.

A REQUEST FOR AID The Supreme Soveriegnty based terrorist group known as The Enlightenment have asked for help to end the "Lies and corruption" of the government. So far Arendesia have responded offering to send military aid.

WINTER FESTIVAL Nya Aland are hosting their annual Winter Festival in Krokom. It has been seen by some as an opportunity to meet the nations new elected leader Jin Odinsson who is keen to help establish the nations international relations.

UNDERWATER PYRAMID Achkaerin's archaeology department have discovered a large looking pyramid underwater and are moving in to investigate under the supervision of Ex-CETO chair person Donna Steele.

EMERGENCY MEASURES Tytor has seen a coup and now the King has sneaked out word to the international community. Their close ally Rokkenjima is currently attempting to put together an international response but presently things are moving slowly.

CETO 2015 The Cultural Exchange Treaty Organisation is having a get together in it's birthplace of Northfort. The organisation will meet and consider the applications of new members as well as expand the list of registered sites of interest around the world.

LUVONIA'S INTRIGUING IDEA The nation of Luvonia has invited the nations of Mundus to meet and discuss a potential "Wonder" construction. The invitation was rather vague but several nations are intrigued enough to have accepted the invitation.

HELGARA WAR Following the Helgaran government seizing Zachachevanian business assets in their nation a war has broken out. With Sparta originally supporting Helgara troops began mobilising, only to see Spartan President Solon change his mind and withdraw support. Meanwhile Zachachevania have been supported by Lakhzovia and Arendesia who have began sending forces to the region. Meanwhile Zachachevania, who had originally had diplomatic support of many nations, have made a tactical own goal by napalming several cities.

ARDIAN CO-PROSPERITY CONFERENCE The nations of Ardia are meeting to discuss a potential organisation with economic, cultural and diplomatic sections aimed at ensuring stability of the region.

COFT ARANYE TALKS Achkaerin are currently hosting talks in their nation aimed at getting various local nations to work together. The talks haven't however gone as well as hoped with Rokkenjiman related Rishiri attending the talks much of the early chat has been about Rokkenjiman involvement via the backdoor. This has seen Helgara storm out leaving the talks in a difficult spot.


WINTER GAMES The 2015 Winter Games have taken place in Nya Aland. The closely fought contests saw the Medal table topped by several nations, and to much surprise for a while it was topped by Dijel, a nation more renowned for its desert than its snow. After the final day of competition however it was Supreme Sovereignty who came out on top of the medal table.

BASEBALL LEAGUE SIGN UPS Luvonia is setting up the regions first Baseball world series. Nations are encouraged to sign up and test their skills against the best in the world.

LITTLE LEAGUE SIGN UP Helgara are attempting to host the regions first junior sports festival. Teams are needed for Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Archery, and Fencing.

MUNDUS MARTIAL ARTS Epanastasia is hosting a Mixed Martial Arts tournament designed to find out who is the greatest hand to hand fighter in Mundus.


EMPRESS CALLS FOR CTO CHANGE Empress Beatrice has renewed Rokkenjiman calls for Permanent Members to sit upon the Security Council of the Commonwealth Treaty Organisation, a provision the First Empire originally supported. "At a time when the CTO is going to transition to a new set of Security Council members and a new Secretary-General, a time where it will be caught up in its own bureaucracy and processes, Zachachevania has unleashed the most brutal of methods of warfare seen since the days of the United Soviet Russia. This leaves the CTO less capable of addressing the situation as it would be if there were a team of permanent members sitting on the Security Council.

BUZZ ABOUT PYRAMID Having had two cadets on a training mission discover an underwater pyramid the Achkaerin press is a buzz with news of the discovery.

EAST MORELAND LAUNCH PHOENIX AID Following the large scale napalm bombing of Helgara's urban areas the King has initiated an medical evacuation operation named Phoenix Aid. The operation will see several of the nations Naval assets assigned to provide medical assistance to those caught up in the bombing. In addition a Notice to Airman has been issued making a section just off the West coast of Helgara a virtual no fly zone for aircraft not involved in the operation.

UTMEN GROUP KILL 8 A Masked Utman terrorist open fired in a busy market today killing eight and wounding a further 23. The attack came at 11am as the markets traffic was beginning to pick up. A witness reported that they heard a single initial shot fired followed by a terrible scream after which he heard frequent bursts of automatic gunfire.

SOLON UNDER PRESSURE Due to a recent Senate meeting, majority vote dictated that the Spartan troops be removed from the Helgara Collective immediately. The Senate released an announcement shortly after, explaining their motives and apologizing to Zachachevania for their recent actions. Meanwhile, Solon has come under attack for his actions in the Helgara conflict.

MAVROSIAN WALL TO BE REBUILT Today an announcement by the Advocate for defence, Gilbert von Richter, stated that plans were in place to rebuild and repurpose the old Mhorish wall, a defensive system used by Prosia during the Atlari wars of the 40's and 50's. The structures lining the north coast will be rebuilt and extended, refitted with modern weaponry