Northwest Limited


[icon]arrow-circle-right[/icon] Sender: Jack Butler [icon]check[/icon]
[icon]arrow-circle-right[/icon] Recipient: All Staff [icon]check[/icon]
[icon]arrow-circle-right[/icon] Subject: MALWARE ALERT

Attention staff:

Well, Zeke finally had enough of being the fate-designated whipping boy of R&D. After the prototype for Project 36 turned his...ahem..."carpeted area" puce, he installed a destructive computer virus on all the computers in the North Pacific office. This software will show up on your devices as "BH6R.exe" and will disrupt email services irreparably unless action is taken by somebody in IT. I'll be working with Mike 24/7 to resolve this issue until further notice. Please report any additional activity by BH6R.exe to one of us by phone or in person. In the meantime, Zeke has of course been terminated and reported to local law enforcement.

~Jack Butler
Chairman, Department of Research & Development


The one, the true, the great.
[icon]arrow-circle-right[/icon] Sender: Joe Baxter [icon]check[/icon]
[icon]arrow-circle-right[/icon] Recipient: Jack Butler [icon]check[/icon]
[icon]arrow-circle-right[/icon] Subject: Re: MALWARE ALERT

It may interest you that I've figured out how to manipulate the virus, and in the process have created an antivirus virus. It's a virus in itself, but if I put it on everyone's computers it'll destroy the virus and itself at the same time. I used one of the IT software test computers to test the program and it seems to work. Would you like me to run the program?

Note- there is a risk it won't work, but the percentage is quite low. I think it's a risk work taking.

[hr]Dr. Joseph "Joe" Baxter
Deputy Chairman of Research and Development
o: 555-670-8220
[icon]arrow-circle-right[/icon] Sender: Richard Abercrombie [icon]check[/icon]
[icon]arrow-circle-right[/icon] Recipient: Jack Butler [icon]check[/icon]
[icon]arrow-circle-right[/icon] Subject: RE: RE: Malware Alert

Hey! Thanks for bringing this up to us!

I've had a staff computer imaged, and sent it off to my cousin, who works with a computer security company based in a secret location somewhere in that warehouse district downtown. She says she'll be able to help us whip up a tool that can remove the BH6R virus, but she won't send me a copy of the tool unless I help her find a date for her university graduation party.

Since that won't be for a month, we're going to have to come up with a stopgap solution!

She also asked that you don't tell the police about her. So please don't do that.


[icon]arrow-circle-right[/icon] Sender: Lance Dent
[icon]arrow-circle-right[/icon] Recipient: all Staff
[icon]arrow-circle-right[/icon] Subject: Conference Success

Wotcha! This is Denty radioing in from the sunny south to let you all know that we have the Sunset Soda contract tied up tighter than a nun's silkies. Am about to jump the next plane home, oh, and J.V.? I got you a shirt of unbelievable tackiness which I dare you to wear for the next meeting. Anyway, be back soon, tatty-bye!


[icon]arrow-circle-right[/icon] Sender: Jack Butler [icon]check[/icon]
[icon]arrow-circle-right[/icon] Recipient: Richard Abercrombie [icon]check[/icon]
[icon]arrow-circle-right[/icon] Subject: Re:Re: Malware Alert

This isn't going to be like the new girl in Marketing again, is it?