Episode 27



It's referendum time.

With all neccessary legislation having been put in place campaigning has begun to swing into action. members of the region will be asked "Should the Regional Governance Act (2015) come into force?" with the options clearly being YES or NO. The Regional Governance Act (2015) would make significant changes to the way the region is run. It would abolish the senate and replace it with a Regional Assembly, a body in which any member of the region may participate.

Three campaigns have begun to influence voters, the NO Campaign which is being run by Zachachevania, the YES campaign organised by Achkaerin and the comedy campaign of Vote Meh being run by Hobbes. Serious debate has begun in the Yes and No Campaigns.

Polls will be open between 27-28 October 2015 and anyone who has been a member of TIO 14 days, made more than 6 non-spam posts of which at least 3 are in the last 14 days.

Make your voice heard.

ROLE PLAY NEWS (if it's green you can join in)

We've seen a great influx of new members in the last few weeks and it's really boosted RP. Thanks to everyone who has joined for getting involved. This section aims to tell people what has been going on in the region, it means I've had a lot of reading to do so if I missed anything then let me know. It's also a way of you seeing what everyone's up to and how you can get involved. If it's in GREEN, then go join in.

SHOOT DOWN IN AK Following increased tension between East Moreland and Zimalia two Zimalian air force jets confronted an East Moreland electronic surveillance aircraft. During attempts to force the Morelander aircraft to land in Zimalia shots were fired which then saw an East Moreland fighter jet shoot down a Zimalian MiG.

TRI-NATION TALKS The nations of Sparta, Dameran and Arendesia have agreed to talks between their three nations.

DIPLOMATIC TALKS CREATE NEW UNION The nations of Konungariket av Sverige and Transvaal have meet and agreed to form the Pan Continental Union, a economic union aimed at increasing trade. After launching it between themselves they intend to invite nations from across Mundus to take part.

BYE BYE BORLAND WEAPONS In the Principality of Northern Borland a plan to de-arm the Borland Seperatists is underway. Several nations including Dameran, Sparta and Nya Aland have sent representatives to oversee the process which is being hosted by Zimalian leader Binyamin Elwes.

PRIDE GOES TO GOWU The annual LGBT+ Pride event will be hosted in the Achkaerin territory of Gowu. The 2nd Pride event will take place early in the new year with preparations already beginning.

NYA ALAND NAVY BUILDING Following a recent Defense Review Nya Aland have begun a naval remodification. With the new Dragonboat Class Destroyer due to be built they have turned to South Hills to provide some key systems.

HISTORICAL ADVENTURE Following the opening of the Achkaerin aquatic research station known as CORAL a unique shape has been found underwater. The Achkaerin delegate to CETO has begun to get excited about the pyramid structure they appear to have found.

REFUGEE'S RUNOVER As the Refugee Crisis continues the latest disaster comes from Lakhzovia where a Naval vessel appears to have mown down several refugee boats and left the stricken people to their fate in the ocean.

ELECTIONS IN ZACHACHEVANIA Following democratic reforms the nation of Zachachevania are due to host their first elections. OOC - You can vote, go and cast your vote and influence the future of Zachacehvania.

A DIPLOMATIC TWIST A representative from Helgara is visiting East Moreland when a sudden change in the tone of the visit happens. The Oracle representing Helgara has warned that she is in danger prompting the Morelanders to offer asylum, something that has been turned down.

KING DAVID VISITS SPARTA The King of East Moreland, David III has jetted to Sparta for a series of diplomatic talks with President Solon.

TECH TOUR The Dameran representative visiting East Moreland has been given a tour of Technology City. As the King of East Moreland has done his best to show of his nations Technological jewels.

EXCITING TALKS IN ROKKENJIMA A diplomatic get together in Rokkenjima took an interesting twist. With the representative from Epanastasia running late President Alphonse deceided to parachute into Pyrena Castle taking a window out in the way to the conference room. This all followed the shocking announcement from Joshua Rhodes stating his resignation as Archon of Seaforth.

WINTER FESTIVAL UNDERWAY The Nya Aland Winter Festival is beginning. The annual festival to prepare for the coming dark nights is the first oppurtunity for the nations new leader Jin Odinsson to meet delegates from around the world. The historic replica longship Drakken is due to host a reception in the coming days.

COUP IN TYTOR A member of the Tytorian armed forces has taken control of the country by arresting the Prime Minister and confining the royal family to their residence. The King however has managed to sneak a message out to their Rokkenjiman allies who are now preparing an international response. Meanwhile at the Pan-Albion Conference the ambassador from Tytor has requested asylum which the UNP have granted.

INTERFAITH ALLIANCE The gathering of religious leaders has been discussing the establishment of a charity bank, its intention to help with poverty, disaster relief and other challenges faced by those in need. The vote on the banks charter ends tonight.

GRAPHI-CON The regions first comic and sci-fi fan convention has begun in Epanastasia. Several major political figures are attending, the beauty of fancy dress meaning they are incognito.

CULTURE CENTRE Arendesia have attempted to bring the world together with a specialist centre for global culture. With an attempt to build museums from across Mundus as well as monuments and learning centres.

TRADE WAR Following a change in Helgara economic policy several billion dollars of Zachachevanian investment has been seized by the Helgaran government. This has seen a blockade and preparations for war begin by both sides and their alies.


With preparations for the Winter Games underway in Nya Aland it's been a quiet time for the sporting world.

The only sporting fixture was Rugby World Champions East Moreland travelling to Arendesia for a friendly game. The HoneyBadgers ran out 10-27 winners in the first of a four match test series.


Each week we bring you an interview with one of the regions most interesting characters. This week its the man with Mundus' longest job title, Zimalian President for Life, Field Marshal, Head Physician and Doctor Binyamin Elwes Hero of the People, Lord of All the Beasts of Mundus and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the unjust and protector of the people.

Name: Binyamin Elwes

Description:His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal, Head Physician and Doctor Binyamin Elwes Hero of the People, Lord of All the Beasts of Mundus and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the unjust and protector of the people

Question 1) What's your favorite pizza topping? Pizza....to us that is a vegetable, if its real food it has to be meat, red meat is a man's meal so my pizza topping would be Beef and lots of it. Spicier the better.

Question 2) Sticking with food what's your food heaven and food hell? Food heaven.....a good homecooked Goat Curry, food hell.....any of this salad stuff my wives like.

Question 3) What was your favorite subject at school and why? School....you must be joking. When I was a boy all school was in Zimalia was a chance to learn to read and write your name. My real education came like a man's should, in the military. There I enjoyed the biology lessons I received during medics training, that is why I went on to become an Army Doctor.

Question 4) Snog, Marry, Avoid- Harper Rhodes, Erin Osman, Serenity Azurewind? I'm a Zimalian, there all to thin for me, but why not marry them all.....if I must choose, I would marry Erin, she seems fun, Snog Serenity, avoid Harper, I hear she would be more interested in my wives than me.

Question 5) You get to ask a genie one question. It doesn't matter what you ask, but you will get a 100% honest and truthful answer – what would you ask? Ferrari or Lamborghini, which would look better on me?

Question 6) At home what do you do to unwind? I spend time with my family, my wives and children are important to me, I like to take my two sons hunting, to know how to live off the land is a true Zimalian's test, I like listening to my three daughters play music and dance. Its good to be in the heart of a family.

Question 7) What are your favorite book and film? I did not learn to read until I was 14 so I do not really read much, it's just something I never got chance to do so don't find it enjoyable. I love films though, my house has many TV's and I enjoy James Bond films.

Question 8) Who do you consider to be your closest friends outside Zimalia? As the poorest nation on Zimalia we have very few people willing to visit us or host us. King Kyle Barren of Northern Borland however is a good man who I share much in common with,

Question 9) Can you enlighten us on the recent viral epidemic in your country, do you know what caused it? We don't have a 100% answer. We believe this was probably a virus that started in cattle and somehow mutated to spread to farm hands, which in turn spread it throughout the country. Sadly we also have no idea why or how it stopped other than just pure luck.

Question 10) Are you concerned that East Moreland seems to have gotten away with murder? Concerned yes, surprised no. The rich always pray on the poor and this is no different, East Moreland have modern weapons and technology, we just have the bravery of our men to defend us and while I can not fault our military I know it is not always enough. The international community only talk they do not act so we will have to look to our own defence.

Question 11) What do you see as the future for Zimalia? We stand on the edge of a new beginning. We have an opportunity to embrace the world and with our friends the Borlanders we can do much to bring peace and stability to the world. Once we have begun doing that then the world will embrace us and like the caring nation we are we will accept that embrace.

Question 12) What's with the long title anyway? It is not a long title, it is merely the sum of the roles I play within our nation. As a poor land we each work hard and do our best, many of us hold down more than one job.


ROKKENJIMA MAKE SUB ANNOUNCEMENT IRN Salamander reportedly operated for nearly four weeks undetected in the Ardian Gulf, according to reports from independent media. The Ruby Class submarine, which boasts suspected surveillance capabilities including the splicing of underwater cables, conducted operations around the Ardian Gulf according to unnamed sources within the Imperial Rokkenjiman Navy

ACHKAERIN SPACE SHIP RETURNS HOME This afternoon Athena I touched down at ASA mission control at Djana-Ville, this marks the completion of the first stage of the Ishtar mission program. The two astronauts Imgoen Quan and Vince Eppes are presently undergoing their debriefing, though they did have the time to give a comment to the press of "It was something special to go further out than any Achkaerinese astronaut, we kind of envy those picked for the Athena III."

NYA ALAND GET WINTER GAMES In his first official duty as Allsherjargoði Jin Odinsson accepted the opportunity for Nya Åland to host the Winter Games. The former Sports and Culture Minister was instrumental in putting together the nations bid and was visibly overjoyed at the decision. The design of the medals has also been revealed, Krokom based jewellery company "Krafken" had already been commissioned to provide the Bronze, Silver and Gold medals should the bid be accepted. The medals will be in the shape of Thor's hammer "Mjölnir" and will have the name of the event written on in Nordic Runes

ALLIANCE ANNOUNCED The Lakhzovian government today announced the signing of a treaty entering Lakhzovia in to an alliance with the nation of Zachachevania. The treaty is expected to strengthen the Lakhzovian economy and increase freedom of movement and cooperation between the nations.

JOINT NAVAL EXERCISES The South Hills Department of the Navy confirmed today that Carrier Strike Group 2, led by Pittsburgh would be conducting joint exercises with Seaforth and East Moreland in the Illumic Channel. The Pittsburgh battlegroup will work on joint-exercises with both Seaforth and East Moreland out of Camp Redfern in the Illumic East complex.

SHOOT DOWN Two Dragonheart aircraft of the Royal East Moreland Air Force have engaged and downed a Zimalian MiG25 over the Northern Wilderness. Minister of Defence Harry Samuelson spoke following the statement released by President Binyamin Elwes claimed the pilot was killed during the confrontation. Speaking at Ostlake former Prime Minister Samuelson said, "Our pilots acted in self-defence"

DIJEL DOWNSIZE Six of the FDDF's eight aging Heart-Class guided missile cruisers are to be scrapped as a cost-saving measure, the Defence Ministry has today announced, with the remaining two to be withdrawn from active service shortly. The vessels, which were all constructed by the then communist regime during the first half of the 1970's, were for a long time the largest and most powerful surface combatants operated by the FDDF, although since the introduction of the more modern Tigress-Class 'heavy destroyers' earlier in the year, the future of these vessels has been in doubt.

RHODES RESIGNS Joshua Rhodes has resigned as Archon of Seaforth. In his place, Grand Admiral James McKenna has been elected by the Grand Council as the new Archon. Though a military man, the Archon has a well deserved reputation as stabilizing factor in any operations zone he has been deployed to. Initial reports indicate that he enjoys widespread support among the population of Seaforth.

MINING CHANGES President Addis announced the beginning of a process to privatize “significant” proportions of Samsarah’s top four publically owned mining companies today, perhaps up to 74%. Epitha Mining Company, Sun Aluminium Ltd, The Kazbek Mining Conglomerate and Gupta Exploitations collectively dominate the Samsari mining field. However, all five have been involved in major scandals regarding union abuse, safety concerns and pay manipulation over the last ten years, and have been criticized for their consistently low productivity compared to targets.