Episode 26



Well for a change its been a busy few weeks for the government of TIO. The long standing wrangling over the future of the constitution seems to be heading towards a long awaited conclusion. A bill removing the old constitution in favour of a new one which would allow more people to have a say in regional politics has passed the senate, however it will only take effect once a referendum has taken place at the end of this month. Currently a bill to implement the rules of the referendum is taking place and looks set to pass.

Meanwhile Minister of Culture Achkaerin organised our 2nd birthday celebrations including two awards presentations. The first was the now annual Paper Plate Awards, a series of awards given for various fun things by members of the region. The second awards were for roleplay and saw the following awards given out.

Regions Favourite Leading Male Character:- King David III of East Moreland
Regions Favourite Leading Female Character:- Princess Freya Ironside
Regions Favourite Supporting Male Character:- Tim Carpenter
Regions Favourite Supporting Female Character:- Sophie Harrison-Ironside

Regions Favourite Vignette Series:- Highwick Convalescence
Regions Favourite Comedy Post:- President Pete's Lego
Regions Favourite RP Event of the Year:- Materna's Wrath

Regions Favourite Orderballs Post:- By Rhodes

ROLE PLAY NEWS (if it's green you can join in)

JIN ODINSSON WORLD TOUR After the death of Magnus Bakke it appears that his would be successor Jin Odinsson is seeking to cement his lead in the polls with a goodwill tour. So far Toshikawa have responded yet it remains to be seen if anyone else wishes to meet the Nya Aland leader in waiting.

PITTER PATTER OF TINY FEET Joshua Rhodes of Seaforth and his fiancée Evanthe Anselmo of Rokkenjima have announced the birth of Josiah Raiden Rhodes.

WHO WANTS TO HOST PRIDE Pride is Mundus' leading LGBT+ event, applications to host this years incarnation of the event have been opened for the event due to take place in January. The inaugural Pride event was held in Uppsala in the Union of Nordic People last year.

FAIR WATER INITIATIVE In the latest of Rokkenjima's attempts at improving human rights the Empress has announced her intention to host a meeting about ensuring that water resources are not brought into the corporate sphere.

REFUGEE CRISIS The Mavrosian Refugee Crisis continues with several camps run by the Joint Emergency Team now becoming overcrowded. East Moreland's attempts at removing refugees from the region have been hampered by the crash of a Galaxy transport aircraft. Meanwhile Achkaerin have begun rescuing those stranded at sea as Dameran have now joined attempts at offering aid.

FLEET WEEK South Hills are preparing to host their annual mass naval exercises. This year several nations they deem friendly have been invited to attend as well as other nations being permitted on a smaller scale. Nations that are interested are welcome to apply.

DIPLOMATIC GATHERING IN ROKKENJIMA Many of the leaders of nations from across Mundus have gathered in Pyrena, Rokkenjima to meet with the Empress.

ZACHACHEVANIA - LAHKZOV TALKS Two nations from opposite sides of the Mhorish Sea have begun meetings about close co-operation. So far the meeting is still in the small talk, getting to know you phase.

POPE PREPARES GUEST ADDRESS The pope of Transvaal has been visiting East Moreland in an attempt to secure a site for a religious site at a significant spot. While there he has meet with High Priestess Joanna Ironside and been invited to speak at the days religious festival to celebrate love and health, the Feast of Marissa.

BLOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR After Dameran military gate crashed a joint East Moreland - Samsarah - Sparta operation things went a little crazy. As Borlanders attacked the observation post a Red Legionnaire was killed and a Dameran soldier injured. After a quick evacuation the township of Northern Borland was attacked by East Moreland air force jets resulting in injured civilians.

ZIMALIA ANGRY Following the East Moreland attack on Northern Borland the President of Zimalia has spoke of his anger at his nations airspace being invaded by the East Moreland Air Force. The attack saw 52 civilians killed in an attack on a small township. To date only Transvaal have supported Zimalia's condemnation.

OLD FRIENDS The Emperor of Transvaal and King Ragnar of Konungariket av Sverige have begun meetings between their nations. The two nations believe they are connected through a shared history and hope that will be enough for them to begin forming close diplomatic and potentially economic ties.

INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS Celebrations of Lahkzov's independence have continued with the feast beginning. The Seaforthian Archon may have started the boat rocking by asking the host a question about a historic genocide in the nations history.

FLOOD WARNINGArendesia have appealed to the world for help following raising water levels on Lake Escario. They have requested help evacuating those living close to the lake. To date only the Union of Nordic People have agreed to send help.

CAN A LEOPARD CHANGE ITS SPOTS The terrorist orgaisation known as the Borland Seperatists are attempting to go straight. Having purchased land in Zimalia and been granted permission to declare it independent the group have appealed to the world to come and witness them decommissioning offensive weapons in the hopes of gaining some international recognition.

SORTING OUT THE MESS Following the military misunderstanding in Zimalia the East Moreland government and the governments of Dameran have agreed to meet to try and ensure future misunderstandings do not take place. The King is due to meet with the Dameran delegations soon.

WEDDING BELLS Princess Serenity of Achkaerin has tied the knot with Prince Isaac of Supreme Sovreignty thus uniting the two royal families. Several nations Head's of State are in attendance and now look forward to a party to celebrate the union.

INTERFAITH ALLIANCE In an attempt to improve religious understanding around Mundus the High Priestess of the Cult of Helus has started talks between leaders of various faiths. One topic due to be discussed is the current refugee crisis.

ARDIAN DIPLOMACY STUFF It's been a busy time for the nations of Ardia. The majority of the continents nations have gathered to try and end various hostilities with the aid of Morganus and Achkaerin as moderators. So far they have managed to bring about a peace deal between Zachcheavania and Nueva Ardia which includes a referendum for the disputed territory known as the NRA. This referendum will be overseen by East Moreland, the Union of Nordic People and Sverige.




WOMENS WORLD CUP FINAL Following a close final Achkaerin became the inaugrual champions defeating Zachchevania in the final 2-1.

WINTER GAMES SIGN UP!!! Last chance to sign up for the regions version of the Winter Olympics. You can even chance your arm at hosting the event.


Each Update we bring you an interview with the main characters in The Independent Order Role Play. This week its the Shogun of Toshikawa.


Name: Sora Yoshimo

Description: Shogun of Toshikawa, Sora Yoshimo is the highly respected leader of Toshikawa, an accomplished former Samurai, Buddhist and activist

Question 1) What's your favorite pizza topping?
I'm not entirery sure, I never had pizza...hmmm...i do rearry rike Gohan with spices...perhaps that?

Question 2) Sticking with food what's your food heaven and food hell?
Kitsune Udon soup, i always get it when I can. Food hell? Hm...I'm sorry but I'm not sure if I like Rokkenjiman Sushi, almost as bad as Toshikawan fried squid tentacles on a stick, those poor animals.

Question 3) What was your favorite subject at school and why?
It has to be Sociar Studies, other cultures have always greatly interested me

Question 4) Snog, Marry, Avoid- Alex Anselmo, Jinin Fetu, King David III?
Snog Alex Anselmo, Marry King David, definitely avoid Jinin Fetu, why is he even on here?

Question 5) You get to ask a genie one question. It doesn't matter what you ask, but you will get a 100% honest and truthful answer – what would you ask?
Hm, I don't know really...

Question 6) At home what do you do to unwind?
i read and go for walks, meditate, I know it sounds rather drab but the gardens are very colorful where I spend most of my time, so on the side I guess I'm sort of a gardener. But if you need something for action-packed, I practice Kendo.

Question 7) What are your favorite book and film?
I like Battle Royale, book and movie

Question 8) Who do you consider to be your closest friends outside Toshikawa?
I know Alexander Anselmo briefly, in fact I came out to him years ago.

Question 9) Will Rokkenjima's policy in regards to the status of whales cause Toshikawa trouble?
The Whaling Companies are going to whale no matter what and I can't necessarily stop that, the economic repercussions could have negative effects in this period where the country is very sensitive in monetary stability.

Question 10) Could you describe Toshikawa for us in a single sentence?
Beautiful but bleak mountainous rainy land with a strictly traditional martial society.

Question 11) Can you tell us why Toshikawan's are visiting Luna Isle in Achkaerin?
Not really.

Well i don't think it matters, it's about finding someone of importance and that's all I'll give away.

Question 12) Will one of your subordinates be marrying Princess Georgia of Dartfordia anytime soon?
I'm not sure, I try not to get involved in their relations so you'd have to ask Mako personally.


DIJEL AIM TO RESUSCITATE PAN ALBION CONGRESS he Dijeli Federal Government have today unveiled an outline of their vision for the revitalisation of relations with the other states of Albion, beginning with a plethora of measures to bolster the Congress of Albion, an organisation which many have seen as ailing over recent months, following apparent deadlock over a bid from breakaway Nordic state Nya Åland to join the organisation.

WEDDING REPORT During a ceremony at Crystalline Castle Crown Princess Serenity of Achkaerin has married her fiancee Crown Prince Isaac of Supreme Sovereignty. The ceremony carried out by Master Li Katsuragi of the Luna Isle Monks and the head of the Maiden Sister order Kaede Fubuki was attended by three hundred guests and according to early figures watched by close to eighty million people worldwide the majority of these people are believed to be citizens of Achkaerin and Supreme Sovereignty

AIR STRIKE KILLS CIVILIANS Two East Moreland Dragonheart aircraft dropped four bombs on the capital of the Principality of Northern Borland killing 58. The attack on Borland Town came just as the township had unveiled its latest container based home which marked the 50,000th citizen housed. During the attack bombs landed in two residential areas and on a medical facility which acted as a store area for the clinics medical supplies. In the aftermath Borland citizens attempted to treat the injured however as the medical store had been destroyed the medics where unable to do much for those injured until aid came from neighbouring Zimalia two hours later.

KING RICHARD DEAD In Seaforth a heavy truck, reported stolen, ran a red light and smashed into a car in which King Richard V of Seaforth was a passenger. Both King Richard and his driver are confirmed dead at the scene. The driver of the truck appeared unhurt and fled the scene on foot.

FREE MUNDUS NETWORK IS BACK The regions leading independent news network the FMN is back. Their leading first report was on the situation in Lakhzov where for thirty years the Utman people have lived with the appalling consequences of losing the civil war. Persecuted, underprivileged and despised by the Lakhzov majority life has been made intolerable.

MORELAND ON THE MOON The Royal Aeronautical Society confirmed late last night that the Golden Spike lander has successfully touched down on Luna and that astronaut Rachel Dixon has become the first Morelander to walk on the surface on the moon.

NEW CONSTITUTION The nation of Zachachevania has released details of its new constitution it officially establishes Zachachevania as a republic, and establishes several basic human rights for Zachachevanian citizens.

TERRORIST GROUP OFFERS REWARD FOR MURDER video today surfaced on the internet showing the face of self proclaimed Gungnir leader Tobais Odinsson in which he offered a large reward for the execution of Odinic Rite leadership hopeful Jin Odinsson. The Toshikawan born candidate to succeed Magnus Bakke is currently in Toshikawa undertaking a good will tour.

SOUTH HILLS PRESIDENT IN TROUBLE Former Santos Administration Chief of Staff Charlie Garrison was called to testify before Congress today as to his knowledge of the covert bombing on the Mundus Trade Center several months ago.Garrison has pleaded against self incrimination several times in the trial, and the session ended in recess today as it is reported a plea deal may be reached, which, if so, will jeopardize the Santos administration if Garrison says anything incriminating of the President.

UNP LAUNCH SCIENCE VESSEL Mundus Voyager, the Union's, state of the art science research vessel has this morning reached Hygelac and deposited a team of scientists and researches on the ice pack. Lead scientist Professor Joaquin Blert was first to set foot there

SAMSARAH SUPPORT ULTIMATUM President Addis backed measures by the Ardian Entente to force an end to the conflict between Zachachevania and Nueva-Ardia, and ordered total mobilization of Samsari military assets not currently engaged in the Shashmene Mountains to meet the potential threat to the Commonwealth's southeastern borders posed by a retaliatory Zachachevanian incursion.

RIGHT TO RETURN DUO The nations of Sverige and Transvaal have both implemented laws allowing members of the Church of the Prophet to become citizens once they fulfil certain conditions regardless of where they originate in Mundus.