The one, the true, the great.
We've had free trade for a while, since we're part of Eumenor's agreement. This won't change anything in Syrixia, so we aren't worried about its ratification.

On that note, thanks to all who voted to ratify this. I like this. :D


The one, the true, the great.
I think this goes well with the recent attack of the religious fanatics on Stonessfurd, as well as the resulting multi-national investigation.

Full support.


The one, the true, the great.
Parliament has thoroughly analyzed this motion and has delivered a response of:

Lord Lore

Eldritch Horror that Plagues Eras Cartography
The revised constitution of Constitution of the Democratic Union as of May 12th, 2015


The Signatories of this document, do establish this Constitution for the Procedure and Structure of the Democratic Union. In accordance of the founding values of this alliance, the Democratic Union will work to advance Democratic values in The North Pacific. This Constitutional Treaty hereby lays out the governing principles of this organization.

Membership in this union shall be split into three categories: Full Membership, Provisional Membership, and Observer State. A Full Member is entitled to all processes within the Democratic Union. A Provisional Member is entitled to the same rights and privileges of Full Member unless their membership is revoked. An Observer State is entitled to be represented within the Democratic Union, but is not privy to voting or running for positions of power within the Democratic Union. If a Member State of the Democratic Union is expelled, they retain the option to shift their status to that of an Observer.

The Speaker has the power to approve or disapprove all applications for membership.

Sub-Section I
Membership Requirements

To gain membership status in the Democratic Union, prospective members have to meet the following criteria: they must have a stated ambition to further the cause of the Democratic Union, they must fill out a standardized application set by the Office of the Chairperson, their representative must take an “Oath of Membership” on their behalf. Upon approval by the Speaker, they shall be granted Provisional Membership.

Provisional Membership lasts for two weeks. Upon expiration of Provisional Membership, the member shall be granted Full Membership. During this period if two or more members shall object to the Provisional Member's admission, the Speaker shall call a vote of the Council. If the Council shall vote to reject the Provisional Member, they shall be expelled from the Democratic Union. Otherwise they shall granted full membership.

Sub -Section II
Observer Requirements

To become an observer state in the Democratic Union, states have to meet the following criteria: they must have a stated ambition to further the cause of the Democratic Union, they must fill out a standardized application, and finally must gain approval from the Speaker.

Section II
Legislative Branch

The Democratic Council shall henceforth be the unicameral body governing the Democratic Union. The Council consists of representatives from each Member State of the Democratic Union. This Council writes and codifies new laws and treaties within the Democratic Union. The Council is headed by a Speaker who shall be elected every four months. This Speaker organizes votes on laws and treaties. The Speaker shall also be tasked with tracking the activity of the Democratic Union Members and shall be granted the power to bring votes to remove members to the voting floor due, only on the issue of activity. In the absence of the Speaker the power of the Speaker shall shift to the Deputy Chairperson.

Section III
Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of the Democratic Union is the Office of the Chairperson. The Office of the Chairperson consists of the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson, both elected every four months. The Chairperson shall be instilled with the power to veto any law or treaty that receives less than a 65% approval in the Democratic Council. The Chairperson is elected every four months with the Deputy Chairperson seat being filled with the runner up in the election. If no other candidates run, then the Chairperson may appoint a Deputy Chairperson.

Section IV
Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch of the Democratic Union is to be named the Democratic Court which interprets and rules on the legality of Democratic Union laws and actions. The Court may also arbitrate disputes between member states. This court consists of one justice: a Grand Justice appointed by the Chairperson. The Democratic Council can overturn the appointment with a 2/3rds majority vote. The Democratic Court may expel member states from the Democratic Union which fail to meet their obligations under this treaty.

Section V

The Headquarters of the Democratic Union are maintained on a small island chosen by the Democratic Council. The Democratic Council along with the rest of the Democratic Union’s Government and Programs shall be based on said island. No member state of the Democratic Union may have sovereignty over this territory. Citizens of Democratic Union are allowed the freedom to visit and settle on this island.

Section VI

This treaty will take full effect once two-thirds of the member states ratify it. Member states will ratify this treaty through their normal means of treaty ratification. Once ratified all member states are expected to comply immediately. This treaty will be signed by member state ambassadors, heads of government, and heads of state, as appropriate under each member state’s government. Any states which fail to ratify this treaty will cease to be members of the Democratic Union.

Section VII

This Constitutional Treaty can be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Democratic Council. Amendments can be made at any time.
Small version, for convenience.

Thank you.