Episode 25



We've had a busy few weeks here in The Independent Order, elections have been held and we have a new Sentate, what could turn out the be the Orders final one. With Achkaerin, DaveIronside, Cool101jr, Morganus and zachpack11 forming the new legislative body talks have already progressed further than under previous Senates on the future of the region. Currently a proposal to replace an elected senate with a open Assembly seems to be gaining momentum. If successful this would allow all members who have been in the region over 14 days and made at least 10 non-spam posts eligible to be part of the legislative process. Meanwhile the proposed charter would still call for elections from Premier with term lengths increased to 65 days from the current 45.

The region's new Premier is Achkaerin, who was elected unopposed. The new cabinet has been selected with DaveIronside as Foreign Minister, Achkaerin as Cultural Minister and Gadshack as Minister of Defence.

In other news work is in progress to mark the regions 2nd birthday which is coming at the end of September. So far a Paper Plate Awards have been opened for nominations as well as a Role Play Award proposal.

ROLE PLAY NEWS (if it's green you can join in)

Big role play news this week is Gadshack's decision to bring about the death of his nation Neuva Ardia, everyone's favourite bit Taco eating, cigar smoking, tequilla drinking nation. Instead we now see a return of the old nation Toshikawa and its Shogunate.


WEDDING BELLS The wedding of Crown Princess Serenity and Prince Isaac is about to begin. The Achkaerin royal family are hosting several dignitaries from around the world, many who under the guidance of Serenity's brother Simon, have gone out to toast the groom and celebrated his last night as a single man.

TOSHI AND THE WHALE Toshikawa announced plans to begin whaling making them the second nation on Munuds to permit the practice. Following a statement by Rokkenjima against the practice the leader of Toshikawa has invited a delegation from Rokkenjima to discuss the situation.

SECRET WATCHERS A multi-national team from East Moreland, Samsarah and Sparta have infiltrated Zimalia to keep watch over the North Borland City, a site where many suspect that the Borland terrorist group have been keeping stores of infected blood. Meanwhile a mysterious figure has infiltrated the city but who is it? Back in East Moreland a Morganthale representative has come forth bearing secret information.

TALKS SEEM TO BREAK DOWN Talks between Nekrotistan and Sparta appear to be breaking down. Sparta seem determined to try and begin a formal alliance while Nekrotistan would perfer a slower approach. Following Nekrotistan suggesting joint efforts to help the refugee crisis Sparta seems unwilling to accept this and as such talks stand at a delicate point.

SSSHHHH!!!! IT'S A SECRET Zachachevania have received a secret telegram from Lakhzovia investigating the opportunities for an alliance of some kind.

REFUGEE CRISIS GETS DEADLY The ongoing Mundus Refugee crisis has this week taken a deadly twist. With East Moreland beginning evacuating refugees from the Mavroisan war zone a fleet taking refugees back across the Mhorish Sea came across a boat carrying refugees that was sinking. During poor conditions and at night a rescue attempt was made which saw East Moreland's Chief or Royal Household dive in to save a child only to get washed away, a body wearing his jacket was later found on the beach. Meanwhile as Toshikawa seek to help rescue refugees from the Marseille conflict suicide bombers exploded a bomb onboard SNS Katsumi.

ISHTAR HERE WE COME Achkaerin's mission Ishtar is underway, the ambitious project to land on the inhospitable planet has already seen co-operation with Seaforth, Rokkenjima and East Moreland.

ACHKAERIN COMPANY WIN V3 AWARD The regions first computer games conference has finished. The event was held in Epanastasia and saw entries from across Mundus. After a close vote it was Derralia from Achkaerin's Cosmos Gaming Industries that won the prestigious best in show award.

MARSEILLE CONFERENCE In an attempt to eventually bring order to the war stricken nation of Marseille the ever neutral Union of Nordic People have called a conference to explore what to do once hostilities end. As such Willa Sunbrek is hosting nations of the world along with leaders of resistance groups.


The war in Marseille continues, this time however it seems to be more the behind the scenes discussions as hostilities seem to be winding down. With General Cartier having fled the Marseille Defence Force to aid the independence of Acquitane many nations have spke of their discomfort in this . Meanwhile Cartier has requested a prisoner exchange for his son captured earlier in the fighting. Nya Åland backed Real Marseille meanwhile have begun war crimes trials broadcast on the internet that revealed massacres have been taking place by the MDF.


Each update we bring you an interview with one of the regions best known characters. This time its Emperor of Achkaerin Peter Azurewind


Name: Peter Azurewind

Description: Emperor of the Holy Empire of Achkaerin, Gold Medal winning horse rider, naval background, presently dating Renee Sandiego.

Question 1) What's your favorite pizza topping?

I'm going to be slightly odd and say the oyster pizza my daughter in law makes.

Question 2) Sticking with food what's your food heaven and food hell?

I'm going to stick with Lydia's cooking for food heaven and say her cheesecake, as for food hell well I've never been a fan of rabbit guess it's the cute and fluffy image.

Question 3) What was your favorite subject at school and why?

I'm going to say PE for this one... it was about the one subject where being the next in line to the throne meant nothing, everyone's equal on the playing field.

Question 4) Snog, Marry, Avoid- Beatrice Anselmo, Matilda Ironside, Alys Arsenault?

Well there's no doubt I'd avoid Alys, as for the other two well it's a little tricky but I'd probably snog Matilda and marry Beatrice.

Question 5) You get to ask a genie one question. It doesn't matter what you ask, but you will get a 100% honest and truthful answer – what would you ask?

Will I ever say anything that doesn't result in someone taking a pot shot at me or my family?

Question 6) At home what do you do to unwind?

Read a book, chat with friends or my personal favorite lie on the sofa and listen to Serenity play the piano.

Question 7) What are your favorite book and film?

I'm a keen reader so this is tricky but if I have to choose one I'll say Cyber Quest. As for a film I'm not the sort for these action packed thrill rides, I prefer a more mellow relaxing watch these days so I'll say Amazing Grace.

Question 8) Who do you consider to be your closest friends outside Achkaerin?

Well Beatrice and Alex Anselmo, David and Matilda Ironside are obvious probably the Rhodes's too and obviously the Wesley's.

Question 9) What's competing at the Mundus Games like?

A nightmare, don't get me wrong it's a great experience when you're watching fellow athletes but when you're actually competing there's very little on your mind except the pressure of the competition, I got lucky in that I rode well cross country and then gained confidence for the showjumping. Others weren't as lucky as that.

Question 10) What do you think of recent comments made in the Rokkenjiman Press?

Rokkenjima has an opinion like anyone else but they don't set Achkaerinese policy and if I may say it's bad manners for anyone to act like they own the world.

Question 11) What do you make of your soon to be son in law Isaac Wesley?

He's a good lad as far as I can see and probably the first suitor Serenity's had that I actually approve of, I've already told him he's the best thing that's happened to her. That said he'd better treat her well or he'll have me, Simon and Lydia to answer to.

Question 12) When are the wedding bells for you and Renee?

Whoa whoa who said anything about wedding bells? Yes she's moved into the Palace and yes the Palace is now a part time music classroom, but for right now we're taking it one day at a time, if I decide I want to take things further I want Renee to be comfortable with that.


WOMEN'S WORLD CUP REACHES KNOCK OUT STAGE Following the completion of the group stages the identity of the last eight is known.

East Moreland v Dijel
Zachachevania v UNP
Achkaerin v Quinntopia
Seaforth v Sparta

Old rugby rivalries between Dijel and East Moreland look set to spill into the round ball game as they pair off, meanwhile Achkaerin and Quinntopia, two of the biggest names in the men's game get drawn together.

WINTER GAMES SIGN UP The second TIO Winter Olympics are coming and your all invited, teams have already begun intensive training as the secretly acquired photograph of the Toshikawan team in practice shows. Sign up before its too late.



MASTER CHEF It's not to late to sign up for the regions first TV cooking contest.

LAND REFORM IN LAKHZOVIA Lakhzovia have announced significant reforms to land ownership ensuring that the government retains control of key resources and can hear cases of land disputes.

BUDDHISTS GO NUTS IN TOSHIKAWA A spate of religious violence aimed at minorities has been under way in Toshikawa lead by the Buddhists. A religious zealot has been released from prison and may be stoking up the tensions.

A media fall out seems to be underway between Achkaerin and Rokkenjima following an Ardian Convention. Achkaerin media responded to the Empress criticising "outside" involvement by printing a statement from Vice-Consul Kennedy in which she says "Rokkenjima needs to understand one very important thing about the politics of Ardia, the only way stability can be achieved is for both Rokkenjima and Zachachevania to swallow their pride and have a chips down conversation about how to bring stability to Ardia," . As a result Rokkenjiman media reported that the majority of Rokkenjimans now hold an unfavourable view of the Holy Empire, down from a high of 69% viewing Achkaerin 'highly favourable' at the beginning of the year. Following the most recent diplomatic issues between the allies, this time over preceived Achkaerenese 'meddling' in Ardian affairs, only 32% of Rokkenjimans held a 'highly favourable' view of the Holy Empire, with 49% viewing the Holy Empire 'unfavourably

ENLIGHTENMENT NOT GONE "Mundus... you thought us gone? You thought we would warn you then disappear? No! We will not lay down until the false king and Supreme Sovereignty are gone. This nation is a disgrace of Sin's name and we of the Enlightenment will stand for it no longer." Jeremiah Roberts said as an army stood behind him in front of an ancient castle. Seems Supreme Sovereignty's terrorist problems have not ended.

KING DAVID CALLS FOR ACTION Following the death of his close friend Alex Redfern in a refugee rescue operation, the King of East Moreland wrote an editorial for the Northfort News calling for nations to take action to help refugees.

SEAFORTH GET INTO ACTION Archon Joshua Rhodes issued orders today deploying Seaforthian navy vessels on humanitarian missions. Two task forces have been deployed. The first, from the Illumic Fleet is heading to the northern coast of Ardia while a second task force, deployed from CFB Gibraltar is heading into the Straight of Shaw and the City of Troyes in Orleans to aid refugees fleeing the conflict in Marseille. Archon Rhodes has been blasted in the media by King Richard for his inaction

VIRUS OUTBREAK IN SPARTA The recent virus outbreak in Minoa was traced to a new terrorist group known as Spartan Enlightenment. Experts speculate that after Sparta's recent alliance with Supreme Sovereignty, and the creation of the North Ardia Space Initiative, the Supreme Sovereigntian terrorist group Enlightenment created a faction to attack on Sparta's home soil.

NYA ALAND LEADER MURDERED Magnus Bakke, the Prime Minister of Nya Aland has been assassinated by a member of his own party following the passing of a controversial Education Bill. The Gungnir have since claimed responsibility.