Episode 24



Its election time , that's right nominations are open for the Premiership and for the Senate. With attempts being made to radically change the nature of the TIO government there is the possibility that this may be the last ever elections of a Senate with plans a foot to turn an elected senate into a regional assembly open to all.

The voting will begin the middle of the coming week and we should be able to bring you the news of the new government in next weeks update. These elections are possibly the most important in the regions history and we'd love to see everyone getting involved. Check out the nominations thread.

ROLE PLAY NEWS (if it's green you can join in)

LEADERS ADDRESS THE PRESS Having began talks between the two theocracies the government of Dominiscus and Nya Aland have meet in front of the press exchanging kind words about each other and gifts before diplomatic talks get underway.

NYA ALAND HOST DIJEL With a further round of diplomatic talks going on with Dijel it seems a busy time for the Alanders. The two leaders are currently enjoying a tour down the river for an informal lunch before the main business gets underway in Krokom.

BANQUET ENDS The diplomatic banquet held in Oricalcion has drawn to an end. With several diplomats from around the world having come to take part a fine time was had by all.


Neuva Ardia's Merida University undertook a massive survey of different nations attitudes towards each other and came up with some surprising results.

Nation Most Likely to Threaten World Peace Zachachenavia
Most liked nation Union of Nordic People
Most Hated Zachachenavia
Most Dangerous Zachachenavia
Happiest Union of Nordic People
Most Miserable Slavic Federation

NERAKLOS AND SPARTA GET TOGETHER The nations of Sparta and Neraklos have had a diplomatic get together to discuss improving relations between their nations because of their geographic closeness. So far Sparta have proposed an alliance however the details are still to be worked out.

MUNDUS REFUGEE CRISIS Following the escalation of war in Mavrosia the people of that nation have been displaced by fighting. Many thousands have tried crossing the Mhroish Sea or entering neighbouring nations causing a major humanitarian crisis. Several nations have stepped up to help including the NGO Joint Emergency Team, Ossario, East Moreland and Morgenthale. This week East Moreland military has landed in Mavrosia to establish a safe route to asylum for those most in need.

SPACE PARTNERSHIP Sparta and Supreme Sovereignty have begun talks about a joint space programme. With neither nation having a sizeable legacy of space exploration it is expected the two will look to make an impact soon.

RELIGIOUS SITE TALKS It has been agreed between East Moreland and Transvaal that a religious site can be built upon by the Pope of Transvaal. High Priestess Joanna of East Moreland has approved the design and has begun looking at building the first ever Cult of Helus Temple in Transvaal.

AN AWKWARD QUESTION With young Prince Isaac of Supreme Sovereinty getting married soon he has turned to Emperor Alex Anselmo for advice in the bedroom. An awkward chain of e-mails has commenced that the international media would probably love to get their hands on.

BLOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR With lab results confirming the mult-national outbreak of a virus originated in Zimalia the nations of Samsarah, East Moreland and Sparta are now planning to place a facility run by the Borlanders under observation in order to work out if the disease is being used as a biological weapon.

WAR IN MAVROSIA Mavrosia's military continue rumbling East against the Capsvius military who have been committing human rights abuses. This has caused the major international refugee crisis which has seen many nations intervene, so far though no nation has got involved directly in the war.

SPACE TELESCOPE Following the destruction of the Tytorian Space Shuttle the Tytorian Aerospace Ministry are looking for help putting their latest development into orbit. So far several nations have offered help but as of yet the government are to respond.

ARDIAN ARGUEMENTS In an attempt to end several tense moments in the continent of Ardia a conference has been called. So far however the delegates seem more intent on arguing and finger pointing. With the arrival of Bishop Sándor Péterváry of Morganthale and Crown Princess Serenity of Achkaerin have arrived as mediators time will tell if they can get people to sit down and come to agreements.

GAME ON!!! Epanastasia are hosting the V3 Games Conference, the first ever Mundus conference on video games. With several nations showing off their wares it will soon be revealed who has taken Best in Show.


The war in Marseille rumbles on. The monsoon there seems to be breaking meaning mobility may soon be back on the cards. In the meantime the Nya Aland special forces trying to infiltrate the capital have made contact with a rebel group known as Real Marseille and aided them with an attempt on the life of the President of Marseille, a woman who is merely using the Presidency to spread the warped ideology of the Sorority terrorist group. Meanwhile in the east of the nation a further splinter group called Le Orient seem to be up to something.


The Women's World Cup has got underway in Dartfordia and the first round of matches have been played yielding the following results;

Group A
Dartfordia 2-1 Dominiscius
Sparta 1-4 East Moreland

Group B
Quinntopia 3-0 Verover
Nueva Ardia 1-6 Zachachevania

Group C
Achkaerin 2-0 Morgenthale
Nya Aland 3-3 UNP

Group D
Seaforth 2-2 Ndambia
Dijel 2-1 CE Carolina


Each week we bring you an exclusive interview with one of the major charectors of the TIO role-play universe. This week the former Princess of Seaforth and sister of the nations Archon Joshua Rhodes.


Name: Harper Rhodes

Description: Younger sister of Archon Joshua Rhodes of Seaforth, recovering from Eugenics war ordeal, Mundus Pride performer, currently the Seaforth representative on the Illumic Council

Question 1) What's your favorite pizza topping? Shrimp

Question 2) Sticking with food what's your food heaven and food hell? My food heaven would have to be Seafood, especially crab legs. My food hell would be red meat...I just can't take the smell when it's cooking.

Question 3) What was your favorite subject at school and why? Music. I just loved playing and creating music that people would enjoy.

Question 4a) Snog, Marry, Avoid- Alex Anselmo, Constantine 'The Great', Tero Melos? Hmm, Snog Alex, Marry Telo Melos and avoid Constantine.

Question 4b) Snog, Marry Avoid- Serenity Azurewind, Sophie Harrison-Ironside, Leanne Hunnable? Can't I just snog them all? Ok, Ok, uhm...Snog Sophie, Marry Serenity and Avoid Leanne Hunnable.

Question 5) You get to ask a genie one question. It doesn't matter what you ask, but you will get a 100% honest and truthful answer – what would you ask? Why am I here?

Question 6) At home what do you do to unwind? Pilates and squash. The Pilates relaxes me and smashing that little ball at a wall for an hour really works out any frustrations.

Question 7) What are your favorite book and film? My favorite book is "To Kill A Mockingbird" and I really like the film "Casablanca"

Question 8) Who do you consider to be your closest friends outside Seaforth? Hmm. I honestly haven't had much opportunity to make many close friends outside of Seaforth. I am, of course a big fan of the Justicars, for obvious reasons. I suppose I am closest to Alex Anselmo, due to the Mundus Pride preformances...that was so much fun. I understand I may not get invited back because of the Nya Aland whale hunt, so...I don't know?

Question 9) Did you enjoy your responsibility's during the Nya Aland whale hunt? Very Much! The Nya Alanders are a wonderful people and I loved my time with them. I couldn't handle the 'First Kill' though...I'm not a fan of that.

Question 10) What do you think of this 'pretender' Richard Cameron? I don't know. He's very handsome and speaks well, but...I think he will be a thorn in Joshua's side for some time. He seems very opportunistic to me.

Question 11) Are you fully recovered from what happened in the Eugenics war? Somewhat. The treatment I received in Achkaerin was fantastic and I am fully physically recovered. The memories are...hard. I am seeing a therapist to help me work out the lingering issues. I fear it will be a life long battle.

Question 12) When are you going to let Justicar Julian Lawson buy you dinner? Any Time!


NEUVA ARDIA PARAMILITARY SET UP In the coming weeks the Army has begun the promotion of an unofficial branch of the Armed Forces, a paramilitary dubbed the ‘Andinist Defence Force’, in opposition to national conscription was proposed and formed. This new culture, of paramilitary service prepares for induction into the regular army or long time trained para-army service. Many Children’s Army Schools have opened, ranging from ages 12 to 18.

SPARTA SATELLITE TARGET PRACTICE The Spartan government-funded R&D company Black Mesa launched a satellite two days ago at a research site in New Knossos. This was a perfectly normal situation. What was different this time was that a day later, a missile was fired at it, and it was recorded to have completely obliterated the satellite. Experts speculate that Black Mesa is working on possible space warfare.

ROKKENJIMA TO AID LE ORIENT In an unprecedented move the Empress has proposed that the Imperial Diet approve an additional deployment of 20,000 Rokkenjiman troops to the eastern portion of Marseille. In a conflict which is increasing seen as stalled, the Empress points to Le Orient as "a potential ally in the fight against Maternic extremism.

JOSHUA RHODES SLIPS IN POPULARITY After a relatively quiet role in the CTOMM, The SOAR has been deployed en mass in all three provinces of the so called "Grand Duchy". Military officials refused to comment citing "Operational Security". This has resulted in a dip in the Archon's popularity. This goes hand in hand with recent trends. Allowing King Richard and Queen Alys to be interrogated by foreign powers has also hurt his popularity and the King, speaking out against his treatment by the Achkaerin and Seaforth governments as well as rallies organized by Premier Constantine Brady have sought to plunge his approval rating to an all-time low of 49%

TRANSVAAL PUSH BACK REFUGEES The President of Transvaal took to the press to speak about the refugee crisis saying "Transvaal's policy of boat turnbacks is a proven method and has successful stopped people dying at sea. The problems we see in Lakhzovia are a major concern and if the border continues to be found not to be secure then we will be forced to step up efforts to prevent illegal immigrants coming into Transvaal."

UAE QUIET ON REFUGEES the UAE have stood by as thousands flee across the continent to find refuge and peace and have done nothing. It is believed that current plans are to not adopt a single refugee, as has been the case when Amcin Border Police fought off groups of struggling, desperate refugees at the Sidan Crossing, the main southern entrance into the country.

AIRLINE CRASHES AFTER HIJACK Following the crash of an airliner Bureau of Domestic Investigation has reported that six of the passengers aboard the plane, corresponding with reports of six hijackers, were on the Bureau's watch list, though, due to the fact that the contents of the list are considered classified, TWA could not have known. The six suspects entered the country by plane in early August, claiming to be fleeing violence in the Duchy of Marseille

SUPREME SOVERIGHTY SPACE NEWS Aperture Defense Industries Space Division revealed the prototype of the newest Rocket Propelled Launch System now known as the Sovereign IV. This new launch vehicle is equipped with a much larger cargo system and even a crew module allowing personnel to accompany the cargo to it's designated orbit making sure nothing goes wrong in the process.

HEAD GOTHI CALLS FOR RESISTANCE SUPPORT Following a statement released by a resistance group in Marseille the nation's Head Gothi Daniel Stenberg called on the international community to support the group known as Real Marseille. The group have recently claimed to be responsible for an attack on the President of Marseille Anna La Montange and are thought to be the leading resistance group in the nations capital. Stenberg has confirmed that Nya Åland's elite Housecarl unit are operating in Marseille but refused to give any further details. In his weekly press conference he spoke at length about the situation.

EAST MORELAND KING JOINS EVACUATION OPERATION ith the East Moreland Armed forces being stretched by operations in Marseille and preparing to evacuate 200,000 refugees in Mavrosia the Military High Command took the decision to mobilise 6,500 reservists, amongst this number was His Majesty King David. It was later confirmed by Palace Press Secretary that the King had joined the operations in Mavrosia itself and would be amongst the soldiers going ashore from REMNS Tom Pickle to build an improvised airfield

GUILTY VERDICT IN SAMSARAH Ex-President Charles Nassa was found guilty of 89 counts of corruption in Kyzylkorum today, to the cheering of anti-corruption protesters outside. Nassa, who was President from 1997-2002, was aressted at his home last year following an extensive police investigation. He had been involved in plans to flee the country to escape charge.

ROYAL BIRTHS It has been announced that the Sheriff of Neo Gowu, Lydia Daniels wife to Prince Simon has given birth to two girls. It has also been revealed that these are conjoined twins, born six weeks prematurely and that while they're in good health right now anything can happen from here on in the words of royal physician Doctor Maddy Dale "We're only at the start of the journey, it's a long way to go but we're hopeful that if all goes well these two girls will have the opportunity to lead normal lives...well as normal as any Princess's life can be."



Long time member of TIO Cool101jr is planning to make a video game. Having made games in the past an ambitious first person role playing game is in the pipeline.....well the very early start of a pipeline. With members suggesting storylines and ideas the potential game has been to talk of IRC. We wish Cool luck in this very ambitious project.