Episode 23



Its been another slow week in the government, however its been an interesting one.

Our Premier Genstatum appears to have fallen off the face of the Earth and now his nation has ceased to exist creating a slight crisis. Usually the Premiership would pass to the Vice Premier however Stersteraved
has also vanished over the summer. This has forced the Chancellor, Beatrice, to investigate what to do in this unprecedented situation. With elections on the horizon however it may simply be just a case of waiting for the situation to resolve itself through that.

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WEDDING INVITES The wedding invitations from the impending wedding ceremony of Prince Isaac of Supreme Sovereignty and Princess Serenity of Achkaerin have been sent out and it already looks like its going to be a popular event.

CANAL OR NOT TO CANAL? Following Neuva Ardia's past issues with several nations Rokkenjima have proposed the building of a 2,500km long canal running through Samsarah and Zachachevania. The big budget building programme is yet to be confirmed however.

A PRINCES FUNERAL The funeral of Prince Caspian of East Moreland is underway with a hand full of foreign delegates attending.

PEACE TALKS Following a war between NeuvaArdia and Zachachevania peace talks have begun. They have however not got off well with the two leaders already disagreeing. The talks now seem doomed as Neuva Ardia's Telos Meros has prepared to storm out.

NYA ALAND AND DIJEL TALKS The governments of Nya Aland and Dijel are currently meeting in Krokom. The Dijel government being the first ones to visit the new airport there. The talks have come about after the breakdown of the Pan Albion Congress.

MEC GET TOGETHER The Mhorish Economic Co-operative are meeting in Silverhills, a meeting that has even been attended by Neuva Ardia who seem keen to form a partnership with MEC.

LAKHOZIA CELEBRATION The nation of Lakhozia is soon to celebrate its 30th birthday. The nation intend to hold a large celebration to honour the event.

REFUGEE CRISIS As a result of the on going military campaigns in Marseille and Mavrosia a influx of refugees have arrived in Ossario. The gates of the nation have been opened to allow humanitarian support.

AUTONOMOUS WEAPONS CONVENTION Talks on the use of robotic weapons is still on going and at present stuck on defining the meaning of autonomous and weapon.

INVASION OF CASPIVUS Following cross boarder raids by Caspivus armed forces in Mavrosia the Mavrosian government have responded by launching their own attack to end years of human rights abuse. Zachachevania have sent troops to aid the Caspivus cause.


The war in Marseille continues to be a stalemate largely thanks to the weather. The Dijel armed forces however have arrived and are now establishing themselves. The highlight of this weeks action comes from the Nya Aland special forces team that are moving close to the capital and have recently discovered an anti-Sorority resistance group in operation. Meanwhile the Achkaerin Justicars continue to question the self proclaimed King and Queen of Seaforth


Sign ups for the Women's Football World Cup have ended and the group stages have been drawn and are due to be announced soon.


Each week we bring you an interview with one of the most significant figures in the region. This week we bring you an interview with the leader of Neuva Ardia who lead the nation in its revolution.


Name: Tero Melos

Description: Self styled revolutionary leader in the past and now President of Nueva Ardia.

Question 1) What's your favorite pizza topping?
Pizza? *leans over to adviser whispering* What is pizza? *adviser shakes head and shrugs* Next question please.

Question 2) Sticking with food what's your food heaven and food hell?
Sticking with food? Pizza is a food? Your foreigners with your strange flavors, perhaps pizza is my food hell, doesn't sound that appetizing really. Heaven would be my abuela's(grandma's) cooking, Asado, beans, tortilla's, I'm a simple man and simple food remind me of being little.

Question 3) What was your favorite subject at school and why?
I never went to school, I was guided but I mainly taught myself how to read, as a poor farmboy it was the only option as school was so far away. But if I had to pick, I guess history.

Question 4) Snog, Marry, Avoid- Beatrice Anselmo, Matilda Ironside, Leanne Hunnable?
Hmmm, my girlfriend and even ex-wife will be very angry at me *chuckles* Snog Leanna Hunnable, eh Marry Matilda Ironside and sorry, but avoid Beatrice Anselmo.

Question 5) You get to ask a genie one question. It doesn't matter what you ask, but you will get a 100% honest and truthful answer – what would you ask?
Am I doing what's best for my country?

But also, will the wifi ever be faster here...

Question 6) At home what do you do to unwind?
This may sound strange but I don't mind physical work to blow off some steam, I usually work my fields where I grow maize but also I like to spend time with my children, though Lora is a teenager and you know how this stage works out.

Question 7) What are your favorite book and film?
Nueva Ardia isn't known for it's shows or movies, but books, I particularly like many of Paulo Coelho works, guess I'd have to say the most well known one, the Alchemist. Then ofcourse I favor much historical literature, specifically that of Marx and Engels.

Question 8) Who do you consider to be your closest friends outside Nueva Ardia?
No one of a different nationality really, it seems my picture out of Nueva Ardia is painted slightly different. But Zavala, he's been deployed to various battlegrounds around the world and was a main contributor to the revolution, I consider him a close friend, nearly a son to me.

Question 9) How's the life of a politician treating you?
It's very peaceful, perhaps I should start a war! *laughs slapping knee, notices serious looks, quiets down* I was joking...

Question 10) Did you really 'torture' a teenage boy?
Rumors spilled by extreme political opposition, did I arrest the boy for assaulting my daughter? Yes. Did I torture him? No.

Question 11) Will we ever see Nueva Ardia and Rokkenjima get along?
Rokkenjima is a highly imperialist state, something I think would be dubbed 'Enlightened Imperialism', which can ensure short term prosperity perhaps like all capitalist systems, cannot ensure longevity, as a system based on needless consumption and growth is soon to fail. But no I don't think we can and will restore a level of decency with the attitude they've presented us.

Question 12) Who's responsible for the break down of peace talks with Zachachevania?
Zachachenavia, it's very hard to negotiate one sided terms when you know your country has been wronged.


EAST MORELAND ROBOTIC PATROL VEHICLE SCORES FIRST KILL Having been on operational trials a few weeks East Moreland's latest military acquisition has scored its first kill. The autonomous RoboGuard came under fire by insurgents and returned fire automatically.

POLICE CHANGES LIKELY IN SOUTH HILLS Two senators have proposed legislation to remove the Federal Mounted Police agency and establish more centralized law enforcement authority for the states. The legislation calls for current FMP Troopers to be transferred to the relevant State Police agency based on the troopers state of residence.

MILITARY INVESTMENT IN NEUVA ARDIA The Army and Navy announced this week that the new government budget allows a 300 billion dollar investment in revitalizing the ground and strengthening the Naval force. The Army has announced the integration of a larger conventional army, meaning an overhaul of soldier battle dress and the introduction of a new rifle more effect for combat, while the Army has looked abroad the Army announced the Nueva Ardian IR-14, inspired by East Moreland manufactured weapons.

UNDERWATER SCIENCE LABS At a press conference the Achkaerin government today revealed why an area off the south eastern coast of Achkaerin's main island has been off limits to ships in recent weeks. The reason is C.O.R.A.L or to use the full title- Centre of Oceanic Research And Learning. C.O.R.A.L is at first glance an underwater city or at least that is its potential.

END OF RED GUARD the Zachachevanian government will be halting the recruitment of new Red Guard troops, calling it a human rights violation. He has not made any statement regarding the Red Guards currently in training.This troops are recruited from parents as young children and know only a life in the military.

NORDS IN SPACE it was announced that a cross boarder deal has established the Joint Nordic Space Programme (JNSP), the organisation will be equally funded by the governments of the Union of Nordic People and Nya Åland as well as receiving additional money from private sponsers. The Union has been part of several ground breaking space programmes such as Project Icarus which was the first probe to map solar winds, and the Longboat Project which sent three probes around the solar system utilising these winds.

NEUVA ARDIAN FIRST COUPLE EXPECT BABY In a leaked private call between Valencia San Miguel and Tero Melos, who is on diplomatic tour it was discovered that the call covered a very personal decree of news. Valencia informing Tero Melos she is pregnant and to two celebrating in joy over the phone.

MEDIA BLACKOUT LIFTED Infoi Yedayi returns to print after the media blackout declared two weeks ago was lifted by Presidential order today. Infoi Yedayi can now reveal that the media blackout was instituted by an special session of the Emergency Response Committee (ERC) convened in the wake of rising tensions in the Transmecuria province.


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