Episode 22




With the summer being here most of the government actions have ground to a halt. With elections coming up soon then it is likely a new senate may kick start proceedings again once September comes.

ROLE PLAY NEWS (if it's green you can join in)

ARDIAN UNION GETS NEW LIFE With several nations on the continent of Ardia clamouring to join the Ardian Union the fledgling organisation is slowly gaining momentum.

A PRINCES FAREWELL Prince Caspian of East Moreland has lost his battle with his life long illness and passed away leaving a nation in grief.

WEDDINGS BELLS AND BALLS At the New Reach Ball Supreme Sovereingty's Prince Isaac proposed to his girlfriend Princess Serenity who accepted. The ball has since turned into more of an engagement party. A date is yet to be set for the wedding.

DEFENCE PACT Sparta and Mavrosia have began talks on a defensive pact aimed at securing the future of their nations. Talks are still in an early stage.

CARTOON NASTY With a Epanastasian childrens cartoon showing a happy airplane character murdering thousands of stereotypically drawn members of a racial group there has been an outcry amongst many TV stations across Mundus.

MHORISH ECONOMIC CO-OPERATIVE The Mhroish nations of the world are meeting in Silverhills to discuss furthering their economic co-operation. On the agenda will be admissions of new members and a potential partnership with Nueva Ardia.

SPARTA AND SS TALKS Sparta and Supreme Sovereignty are beginning talks about various forms of co-operation between them including economic, military, social and cultural connections.

BLOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR The outbreak of the virus has been narrowed down to Zimalia, East Moreland, Sparta and Samsarah now are working together to work out exactly where the infected blood is being kept before launcing attempts to destroy it.

LETS BE FRIENDS Following a long period of tension between Nueva Ardia and Zachachevania the two nations are now meeting in an attempt to put things behind them.

CEREMONY FOR NEW BEGINNINGS The nation of Mahaki have choosen to end their isolation and open up to the world. The governments of the world have sent several leaders to attend this cultural spectacle aimed at opening the new nation up to the world.

THEOCRATIC DIPLOMACY Two of the world's most theocratic nations are meeting in Dominscious about improving relations between them. The host nation is heavily influenced by Christianity while their Nya Aland guests are the worlds only Odinist nation. It remains to be seen if the two nations can get along.

DIPLOMATIC BANQUET The nation of Oricalcion have thrown a banquet to get to know the diplomats of the world. Several nations have arrived and are now enjoying their banquet.

UNIVERSITY LINKS The Universities of Sparta have opened themselves up to opportunities to work alongside other institutes around the world, so far several have accepted.

MORGENTHALE TENDERS The nation of Morgenthale has opened itself up economically and is currently looking for people able to provide it with a large variety of military equipment along with civilian airliners.

OSMANTECH EXPANSION East Moreland's largest business has arrived in Samsarah and are negotiating with the government for access to the nation for a series of industrial experiments. Meanwhile their may be an opportunity for wider economic co-operation.

LAKHZOVIAN BUSINESS The nation of Lakhzovia have began to open themselves up for trade with the wider world. OSmanTech of East Moreland were amongst the first to jump at the opportunity and are now in negotiations to make a deal happen.

ROBOT WARS Several major nations have gathered in South Hills to discuss the banning of autonomous weapons, with nations like Rokkenjima already affirming their commitment to not use these types of weapons it is hoped a deal can be reached.



Rainy season has come to Marseille all but stopping the action, with a few exceptions. The Nueva Ardian Hearts and Mind Campaign has seen a few suicide bombers attack them and East Moreland have dug in for the duration of the rain. In the meantime forces from Dijel have arrived to reinforce operations.

The Achkaerin Justicars have arrived in Seaforth to interview the King of Seaforth and his Queen the former Duchess of Marseille.


LAST CALL FOR THE WOMAN'S WORLD CUP With a closing deadline this will probably be your last chance to sign up. Act today to avoid disappointment.


Each week we bring you an interview with one of the leading players in the Independent Orders role play world. This week the new Secretary General of the Commonwealth Treaty Organisation


Name: Charles Foster Ofdensen

Description: Close friend of the Rokkenjiman Imperial Family, former Lord High Steward and Chief Steward of the Imperial Household of Rokkenjima, Manager of Dethklok, Owner of Crystal Mountain Records

Question 1) What's your favorite pizza topping?


Question 2) Sticking with food what's your food heaven and food hell?

My food heaven would be Rokkenjiman cuisine, whilst my food hell would be a day's worth of Nueva Ardian dishes.

Question 3) What was your favorite subject at school and why?

History, although math comes in at a close second. Without history one is incapable of understanding the present, or preparing for the future.

Question 4) Snog, Marry, Avoid- Renee Sandiego, Matilda Ironside, Quanil Laat?

Snog Matilda Ironside, Marry Quanil Laat, Avoid Renee Sandiego

Question 5) You get to ask a genie one question. It doesn't matter what you ask, but you will get a 100% honest and truthful answer – what would you ask?

When will Alex outgrow his puberty and calm down some?

Question 6) At home what do you do to unwind?

On a typical evening I put on a record, bring up a bottle of brandy or wine from the cellar depending on my tastes for that evening, and I'll throw in a little bit of paperwork depending upon the business of the day.

Question 7) What are your favorite book and film?

My favourite book would have to be The Collected Works of Edgar Allen Poe, while in film I very much enjoy The Princess Bride. It is a timeless classic.

Question 8) Who do you consider to be your closest friends outside Rokkenjima?

Outside of Rokkenjima I haven't built many friendships, but I'd like to think I have many excellent professional relationships with leaders from each corner of Mundus.

Question 9) What does the Lord High Steward of Rokkenjima actually do?

The Lord High Steward is one of the Great Offices of the First Empire. It is the official job of the Lord High Steward to support his Empress, and while the portfolio of the Office is less detailed than that of Vicegerent it entails similar responsibilities.

Question 10) What words of advice do you have for your successor as Lord High Steward?

Much like Mr. Carpenter stated to me when I succeeded him as Secretary-General, there isn't much I could have in the way of advice for Mr. Kuzumi. He is a man widely respected throughout Rokkenjima, and the breadth of his knowledge is respectable. As a former servant of the Empress' mother, I am certain there are things he could advise me upon.

Question 11) Will you be retaining the services of the secretary that your predecessor Tim Carpenter appointed?

I have no plans to replace her at this time, although I may bring on some of my associated staff from Pyrena Castle to assist in my duties at the Palace of Nations.

Question 12) What do you hope to achieve as Secretary General of the CTO?

I hope to bring the same spirit and dedication I've shown as Lord High Steward to the Office of Secretary-General, being a part of solutions, bridging differences between nations currently opposed to each other, and generally increasing understanding upon the international stage. The Secretary-General has a variety of options at his or her disposal, and can act in a capacity which I don't think any world leader can due to many reasons.


TRAVEL CHAOS AVOIDED The Lakhozi government won an historic victory against the Transit Registry Workers Union (TRWU) bosses who had been threatening the travel plans of thousands of Lakhsov citizens during the upcoming Independence Day holiday week, forcing them to give in to all government demands.

Both the Achkaerin and the Supreme Sovereignty media was full of news of the royal engagement between Princess Serenity and Prince Isaac.

PRINCESS DOESN'T MAKE THE CUT Princess Freya of East Moreland had hoped to become the first female in modern times to join the nations elite Red Legion, however after injuring herself in the final escape and evasion test that dream has ended.

ROKKENJIMA EXPRESSES CONCERNS OVER ORIENT According to a report released by the Imperial Council at the request of the Empress the state of human rights have been questioned in the Orient. "While progress has certainly been made the state of human rights throughout the Orient remains a matter of great concern, especially in regards to gender equality and LGBT rights." The report went on to state that while "...the Dijel remains a bright spot in a region largely dominated by fundamentalist policies it has taken no initiative to support human rights endeavours in its region

ECONOMIC HOPE the Morgenthali government held a press conference to speak about its hopes for the continued economic growth of the nation.