Episode 20



With a new government in place its time for the usual stock taking. Rolls Calls have been taken for the military and ambassadors so maybe you'll be seeing one of our updates for the first time as Foreign Minister Stersteraved gets his diplomats in order. Another shake up is the Independent Mentor's Corps, a body designed to help newcomers adapt to the region. Under Premier Genstatum this organisation will move from being accessed by request to each newcomer being assigned a mentor that will be their first port of call if they need help. It is hoped this will see many new members get involved quicker.

IN the Roleplay council a map expansion has been authorised and finally many nations can see what is beyind their borders. The new map has also given a few nations an opportunity to sneakily move their nation. There have also been some changes in the economic caps and the creation of a Technology Advisor to rule on the realism of some of the technology being used in the region.

In the Senate we have a debate raging between two bills on the future of the constitution of the region. WIth the Constitutional Settlement Act stalled in the Senate for what seems like forever a "simplified" but equally game changing alternative has been introduced by Genstatum. There will now be a time of debate to determine which, if any, of these bills to take forward or whether they can be consolidated.

ROLE PLAY NEWS (if it's green you can join in)

MATERNA'S WRATH Well it's all gone a bit crazy in the region's latest warzone. The Duchy of Marseille is now surronded by CTOMM forces and following several ICBM missile strikes special forces teams have entered the Duchy. Meanwhile the Neuva Ardian's have gone rouge from CTOMM and invaded early beginning what they see as a Heart's and Mind's Campaign. Another nation that went early was Achkaerin who have lost 1,500 in what they have termed a "preparatory assault" on a coastal province, this caused quiet a few issues up the command chain leading to the creation of a High Command network. After 48 hours of special operations chaos the troops from East Moreland invaded Marseille from the North as planned while South Hills have commited large numbers of troops to the region after becoming concerned themselves.

FRIENDS Following the East Moreland departure from the Commonwealth of Independent States, they have been meeting with former CIS buddy Achkaerin to ensure the benefits of the old alliance don't disintegrate now East Moreland has left. After meeting in Achkaerin Emperor Peter Azurewind and King David III have signed a treaty and exchanged artefacts to demonstrate their nations friendships.

RELICS OF A DARK PAST With Oricalcion having passed a law stating they should not hold ancient artefacts from other lands they've been attempting to return them. Little did they know however that Epanastasia was trying to hide part of its darker history by removing all mention of an evil former ruler. This has created quiet the little diplomatic embarrassment

ONE LAST HURDLE With Verover having seemingly passed the interview in their homeland with Achkaerin they have been invited to CIS HQ to finalise their re-admission into the CIS.

BLOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR With an outbreak of an Ebola like disease sweeping through a city in East Moreland glimpses of the disease have also been seen in Verover. With the initial outbreak in Silverhills seemingly over it will take time to see where its spread beyond the East Moreland area.

ARMS SALES ON THE UP Mavrosia are investing heavily in improving their military, this time purchasing directly from Vendosia. With a few hundred vehicles being purchased it will be a welcome boost to the Vendosian economy.

BLACK GOLD With Kuskian Oil being offered for sale several nations are likely to want to become the nations new best buds.


As a region that prides itself on RolePlay we have some interesting characters that have been developed, with this in mind we bring you the second instalment of Achkaerin's interviews with the region's leading Role Play Characters. This time it's the former regent of East Moreland Princess Freya Ironside.


Name: Freya Ironside

Description: Princess of East Moreland, Red Legion recruit, veteran soldier and motorcycle enthusiast. Has a chequered past with Alex Redfern.

Question 1) What's your favorite pizza topping? Has to be something spicy, rather fond of things like Chicken and Jalapeño.

Question 2) Sticking with food what's your food heaven and food hell? Food heaven would have to be something like a nice wild boar stew on a cold night. As for hell....well apart from my brothers chilli, it would have to be something like octopus, it just looks wrong.

Question 3) What was your favourite subject at school and why? Physical Education, I was never the most academic of girls, give me a hockey stick and a field to run around on then I was happy. Other than that I always liked wood and metal work, it just seemed more practical.

Question 4) Snog, Marry, Avoid- Emperor Alexander Anselmo, Emperor Peter Azurewind, Archon Joshua Rhodes? Avoid Emperor Peter...sorry but guys with beards not really my thing. Snog Emperor Alex, marry Joshua Rhodes I think we'd get on quiet well.

Question 5) You get to ask a genie one question. It doesn't matter what you ask, but you will get a 100% honest and truthful answer – what would you ask? Probably how to cure little Caspian.

Question 6) At home what do you do to unwind? I have two motorbikes so I like to get out on them, I'm a big fan of rock music so put on some good music and just find a nice riding road and set off.

Question 7) What are your favorite book and film? My favourite book would have to be "The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared", just an amazing feel good read. As for film it would probably be The Shawshank Redemption.

Question 8) Who do you consider to be your closest friends outside East Moreland? If I'm honest I don't really have many close friends outside of East Moreland, I guess their is Sapyiat and probably Joshua Rhodes but beyond that not anyone really.

Question 9) Why try to join the Red Legion?In my view Red Legion is the greatest special forces unit in Mundus, the selection process is tougher than most nations training. I'm a competitive person, so I really guess I want to test myself see if I can hang with the best.

Question 10) How much did it take to drown your sorrows after Ostlake? Not much, the military games are tough, everyone knows that just like in a real life military operation anything can happen, you just take it on the chin and move on.

Question 11) You've got a notable camaraderie of sorts with Major Sapyiat Kaltev of Achkaerin how do you view that relationship? She's a good soldier and I respect what she's done, we also share a bond of being part of the guardianship of my nephew and niece so she's almost family in a way.

Question 12) What are your feelings towards Alex Redfern? (Turns red) Alex is just a good friend, he's probably my closest friend and I always look forward to hanging out with him, just now he's seeing Erin Osman its not something we get to do often.



The Rugby World Cup is in full swing following the conclusion of the group stage.

The Quarter Final draw is as follows.

Dijel v Strathakoka - Proletariat Field, Proletariat City
Genstatum v Achkaerin - Kraken Road, Marantha
Quinntopia v Dartfordia - Cityview Stadium, Quinntropolis
Seaforth v East Moreland - Cityview Stadium, Quinntropolis


ACHKAERIN SOLDIERS HELD HOSTAGE Following what has been termed a preparatory assault on the beaches of disputed territory occupied by the nation of Marseilles 230 of 1500 Achkaerin marines have been captured and are presently being held under pain of death.

VENDOSIAN ECONOMY UNDER THE MICROSCOPE According to a report the future might be more problematic for Vendosia than thought, as the embargos of from varios nations in the south begin to have an effect on the economy of the nation.

CURRENCY CONCERNS IN DARTFORDIA Dartfordia will be suspending its membership of the Cross-Straits Exchange Rate Mechanism, after failing, for the second quarter in a row, to keep the Dartfordian Pound within a band set by the Cross-Straits Union, and has summoned an emergency meeting of finance ministers at the Cross-Straits Union headquarters in Arendelle

VEROVER TO BUILD NEW DESTROYER A new class of destroyer for the Verovian Navy is currently under development by the Krylov State Research Center (KSRC), IHS Jane's was told during a visit to the company.

MASS GRAVE COULD BE GENOCIDE A mass grave found in East Moreland could signal the first findings of an ancient genocide which attempted to remove all non-native religions from the country.

NEW LEADER IN SPARTA Carl Solon has been sworn in as President after a landslide election in his favor. His campaign to reduce taxes and improve business was extremely popular with the citizens of Sparta.

SOUTH HILLS JOIN MILITARY OPERATION A joint session of Congress has just voted with a 56% Majority to enter the Materna CTOMM intervention. President Santos announced a large, 3 division expeditionary force to be activated to be deployed. President Santos addressed the session after passing the vote.