Week Ending 14th June - Episde 16



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Executive News

This is the first of the Independent Order's 'Monthly Special Updates'. There's not that much that's really special about them, to be honest - we just wanted to grab your attention with the name. Anyway, you probably want us to just cut to the chase and get to the news.

In our most recent Premier elections, Orderians were treated to another borefest with only one candidate nominating themselves for the job. This meant that the candidate in question, Achkaerin, secured a second term as Premier, running a campaign focused on encouraging greater newcomer involvement in the regional government, a notion which has been pushed by even the Grand Chancellor. Some citizens entered joke nominations, including Pedro and Thomas the Tank Engine, but unsurprisingly (and some would say unfortunately) they were ineligible to run for Premier.

Our new Premier (if only...)​

In an effort to kickstart what is being touted as the "Revitalisation Programme" (i.e. increasing the activity of the regional government through encouraging newcomers to become involved), there has been a significant Cabinet reshuffle. Vice Premier DaveIronside finds himself as Minister of Foreign Affairs after having been transferred from the Ministry of Defence. The Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Home Affairs were split back into two separate Ministries at the start of the term, with Jeziel taking over the Ministry of Culture and the Premier taking control of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Gadshack is now Minister of Defence and Rhodes has been placed in charge of the Attorney General's Office.

Many expect the Revitalisation Programme to really begin once the Constitutional Settlement Act is passed by the Senate. The Act, if passed, will initiate significant reforms to the Legislative Government, doing away with the Senate template and introducing a lower and higher house system, with the Regional Assembly acting as the Lower House and the House of Peers acting as the Higher House. It is hoped that through participation in the Legislative Government, newcomers and relatively inactive members will be encouraged to participate in other areas of the regional government, with a particular focus on the Executive Government, the activity of which has been called into question in recent months.

In addition to pushing for greater newcomer engagement and involvement, the Grand Chancellor has also called for strengthened recruitment efforts in an attempt to further increase regional activity. This could lead to an increased dependency on the Ministry of Home Affairs in order to maintain a greater level of recruitment. Whether this could draw some activity away from other Ministries remains to be seen, but if the increased recruitment efforts are successful, then the activity of the rest of the Ministries would likely be maintained.

It is difficult to argue that this is an important and rather exciting time for the Order, so we will keep you updated on any and all developments in regards to what has been mentioned in this article - watch this space!

ROLE PLAY NEWS (if it's green you can join in)


ILLUMIC REUNION - Following months of inactivity the Illumic Council is getting together again and any nation interested in the Illumic Channel is invited. This time the meeting seems set for Transvaal.

ZIMALIA OUTBREAK With money being given to the Borlanders to aid the people of Zimalia it seems a terrorist organisation has become a front line humanitarian organisation, meanwhile medical experimenters from Transvaal have arrived while the disease seems to have reached Gensatatum. HEY IF YOUR NEW COME AND JOIN IN THIS ROLE PLAY.....PLEASE!!!!

MHORISH MONEY With the Mhorish Sea taking off as a region the nation of Mavrosia are trying to form some kind of economic union. The invite is open to all nations in the region. Come along and make some dough.

MEETING THE DUCHESS The Secretary General of the CTO has been meeting with the Duchess of Marseille in order to try and reach a peaceful end to the situation that's been brewing there for a while.

EAST MORELAND VISIT ACHKAERIN Following their departure from the CIS East Moreland have visited long time CIS partner Achkaerin in order to forge a treaty between the two of them. While this would seem pretty simple the first matter of the talks was about East Moreland taking custody of the murderer of Emperor Peter's wife Iona.

VEROVER INTERVIEW The interview to admit Verover to the CIS for the third time is underway, with the nation having left once and then the Emperor betraying his CIS allies it is sure to be a tense interview.

IMPERIAL ADDRESS It's that time of year when the Empress of Rokkenjima gives her annual address to her people, her allies and those she doesn't like to much but has to tolerate, which category will you fall into?

COMMUNICATION ISSUES Following being slightly naughty a Achkaerin warship is now approached by South Hills navy and asked to stop.....as if by coincidence the radio is broken, cue much flag waving.


A general assembly vote is underway in order to put in place measures by which the organisation can remove members of the Security Council.

Meanwhile the Secretary General is interviewing the Rokkenjimans and Achkaerin delegations as it seems the vote to elect a leader of CTOMM will be a tie.


YOU WANT SOME RUGBY????? Applications for the regions first ever rugby world cup have opened, sign up today and even bid to host the tournament.

BASKETBALL REACHES QUARTER FINALS With Brussels beating Iowa and Ironbridge defeating Quail City the Quarter Finals are set as follows:-
Number in brackets = seeding

(1)The Imperials vs. (8)Brussels Wild Cats
(4)Pretoria Province Warriors vs. (5)Roberton Barons
(3)The Legionnaires vs. (6)Greensvare Grizzlies
(2)Northfort Royals vs. (7)Ironridge Minutemen

MILITARY GAMES East Moreland's annual olympic style event is over and the home nation's elite Red Legion took the title in the last day, narrowly defeating guests Rokkenjima by a single point.

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FOOTBALL The first leg of the Quarter Finals have been played and the results are as follows

Emancipa United 2-0 Northania P.F.C
Northfort United 1-1 Valtheim United
Conquistadores 2-4 IFK Krokom
Quinntropolis F.C 0-0 Leonaise F.C

KING UNHAPPY WITH DONATIONS - The King of East Moreland has publically taken to the media to announce his concerns with donations being made to the Borlanders which are intended to aid Zimalia, his main fear is the money will be spent on weapons.

THE PRISONS ARE REVOLTING. It would appear the prisons of Pittsburgh are a dangerous place and the inmates are suing the state. A spokesman said there had been "Twenty-three separate cases of inmates being hospitalized due to chemicals within the institution causing, sometimes permanent, lung conditions"

TRANSVAAL CTO VOTE In the Transvaal Parliament MP's are voting on a wither or not Transvaal would apply to become part of the CTO. An immigration bill is also working its way through Parliament.

DARTFORDIA RESEARCH ANNOUNCED - In a slow news week researchers from one of Dartfordia’s most prestigious universities the University of Wilmington have released the results of a 12-year study which suggests a lack of exercise could be killing twice as many people as obesity in Dartfordia.

EMPEROR IN LOVE?? Emperor Peter Azurewind and actress Renee Sandiego have been photographed being romantic in the woods . The photographs seem to imply that there is some sort of relationship developing between the pair. This has led naturally to speculation that the relationship may be of the romantic nature.

SPACE DISASTER Shortly after liftoff, the Tytorian Aerospace Ministry's reusable spacecraft, SS Challenger, suffered a structural failure and exploded at an altitude of approximately 48,000 feet, or just over nine miles.

In other news the region would like to send their congratulations to Verover/Ivan for becoming a Dad. We wish Baby, Mum and Dad all the best.