Week Ending 17th of May 2015



In a big turn around from last weeks inactiveity in government news this week it's been crazy. We saw the Military Awards and Honours Bill begin to be debated in the Senate and the mother of all pieces of legislation was filed by our Premier Achkaeirin and Vice Chancellor CGJ. The Constitutional Settlement Act is one of the longest pieces of legislation in the Orders history and seeks to radically change the nature of government.

The legislation was also accompanied by an address from the Premier outlining both the reasoning behind it and the impact a successful passage of the bill would have on the region. The legisaltion is seen as so significant that debates have begun in both the elected senate and the Citizens Assembly.

In the words of the Premier the act

"In a nutshell this Act does the following:
Creates a two house system of Government (the Regional Assembly and House of Peers)
Abolishes some elections and reforms some positions
Increases the accountability of the elected government"

The full version of the proposal can be found in the Premiers address, while those in the Senate may join the debate here, while members of the Citizens Assembly (Hey!!! Why not apply to to join today it's free after all) can join the debate here

ROLE PLAY NEWS (if it's green you can join in)

CTO ELECTIONS HAVE BEGUN With the Commonwealth Treaty Organisation now reaching the required number a Security Council is being formed. Three Geographical regions have been drawn up with two of these regions needing elections to select two representatives, meanwhile the Albion region saw only two nominees and therefore the Union of Nordic People and Odmony have already secured seats on the council.

COUNCIL OF UNALIGNED NATION (CUN) GETS NEW BLOOD The Council of Unaligned Nations has seen a flurry of new members. The organisation designed to give nations who do not wish to be part of an alliance a voice has seen three new members in the past 7 days taking its current membership up to five members.

BANK PRESIDENT ELECTED Rokkenjiman Melinda Calison has been elected the first President of the the Mundus Development Bank narrowly beating Francisco Riviere of Achkaerin 3 votes to 2. The first summit of the MDB is expected to begin shortly.

STRING EM UP!! Following the self proclaimed Queen of Borland, Rebekah Barren giving birth in East Moreland custody the King of East Moreland has signed her death warrant. Execution is scheduled for the 21st of May following a daring raid to rescue a 6 year old boy taken hostage by the Borland Seperatist terrorist group in retaliation for the sentence.

ALL HAIL THE NEW EMPEROR In Mavrosia the new Emperor has been crowned. Wolfram Von Schatten, Emperor of Mavrosia was crowned during a ceremony in the capital attended by various dignitaries from across Mundus. A celebration of the coronation is now due to begin.

A SHIFT OF POWER It would seem someone is trying to overthrow the Chairman of Zachachevania and foul deeds are a foot. Following a sharp pain in his leg he seems to have fallen unconscious and this is likely to plunge the nation into chaos. NOTE:- Zach would like people to vote on his ideas for where to take it. Have your input.

PRINCIPALITY REBIRTHFollowing several weeks of unpheavel in Nueva Ardia the royal family have returned and have been seeking recognition, with several nations saying they would only do so if it was the will of the people a referendum is now taking place.

SHINY GUNS AND THINGS The CIS is hosting it's annual Military Expo, this year in Dijel. The various CIS nations have all turned up with a selection of shiny new military equipment in the hope of getting to sell some things that go bang.

SPLITTING HEIRS With two potential heirs to the throne of Nueva Ardia being located very different approaches have been taken. While the teenage Maki Hamer from Achkaerin sneaks into what could be her homeland for a poke around , East Moreland based Janelle Richardson has been chatting with her uncles about taking on some government responsibilities.


BASKETBALL ROUND 11 - East Moreland's Northfort Royals lead the way with a record of 10-2 while the The Imperials of Genstatum sit on 9-3 while the Minute men of Ironbridge stand in 3rd on 8-4. The highlight of this round of games was the high scoring game of Dragons Hollow 86, The Imperials 92.

FORMULA MUNDUS Motor Sport came to Sisko, Dartfordia and Jean Grosein of HKR took the chequered flag 5 seconds ahead of Mika Riakkonen of TAN. The season now sees Ige Jammara of NNB in the lead for the drivers championship while Mika Riakkonen sits four points behind. The constructors championship see's NNB dominating followed by TAN of the Union of Nordic People.

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Match Day 10 in the Mundus Champions League saw Group B as the only group where the two qualifies are determined with Marantha and Avalon tied on 12 points ahead of their group rivals. The highlight of the round was the games between Quinntropolis F.C 3-1 Nome City in Group G


ORDER RESTORED IN VENDOSIA - After days of dangerous uncertainty order has been restored by General Koldor and the loyalist forces. Shortly after with the ruling party being deemed as being so popular other parties are now deemed "Unnecessary"

ROKKENJIMAN FORCES TO WITHDRAW Imperial High Command has announced that the Rokkenjiman deployment to Nueva Ardia will be ending. This is also likely due to the change in government circumstances in the principality.

ROKKENJIMA CONDEMN EXECUTION The Imperial Government has condemned the up coming execution of Kyle Barren. In addition Emperor Alex Anselmo stated "The thought of one of our dearest friends signing a person’s death warrant makes me feel physically ill"

EM'S CIS FUTURE IN QUESTION Following the election of a new government the people of East Moreland are going to the polls again, this time to determine the nations future membership of the CIS.

STRANGE THING ON MOON Following a strange anomoly being spotted on Luna the Swarmbots of East Moreland moved into a crater where they have discovered what appears to be the body of a Neuva Ardia astronaut.

ACHKAERIN NOT HAPPY WITH ELECTION RESULT Following the election for the President of the MDB the Achkaerin Business Minister launched an attack on the process stating "it is not what you know but who you know that gets you places"

REBELS SEIZE ODMONY CITY terrorist forces affiliated with the Sorority of Materna seized Karragul, the provincial capital of Barrej, in a surprise attack

NORDS IN SPACE The UNP have announced their intention to land a human on Luna before the end of the month.