Operation Maroon Nigeria


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This thread is to be used by the operation commander and the involved team commanders to update the forces, the organization, and the entire region of actions conducted during the duration of the operation. Events included should be departure from the bases, arrival at the conflict nation, and any other information that you think is necessary for the public to know. Good luck!

I've attached the dossier for quick viewing:

Commander: Nancy Scottsfield (Alpha Team)
Teams Involved: Alpha, Omega, and Delta Teams
Troops: 2,000 (500 from Alpha and Omega each, and 1,000 from Delta)
Objective: Bring order back to New Sekai
primeboy1 said:
Delta team is preparing to leave from Trishan Towers Air Force Base D-4.
Alright we expecting Delta Team to be in The United States of New Sekai somewhere about today or tomorrow.


Delta team has now arrived, we are now mobilising other trinnish forces, if they become needed they will be deployed.
The election was a successful, the new government are a coalition government (The United States of New Sekai's Democratic Party and The United States of New Sekai's Republican Party.). However, a civil war started due to The United States of New Sekai's Constitution Party declare a liberation and independence war against us, and order to attack the surrounding states of the states they occupying in the east as well launch a terrorist attack in Shuto which is still ongoing: http://forum.thenorthpacific.org/topic/7388037/1/?x=90#new . So we need help in any kind of form?


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Syrixia requests the operation is extended to keep peace in the midst of the civil war.