Week Ending 19th April 2015 - Episode 8



This week we've plenty of government news.

First up there were nominations for both the position of Premier and for seats in the Senate. Sadly this saw uncontested elections as only one person nominated themselves for Premier while five nominated themselves for seats in the senate. We therefore congratulate Achkaerin on his inaugeration as Premier.

In the days following the new Premier taking office there was a re-jiggle of the cabinet with some new faces and some moving of positions.

This means the current government looks as follows.

Premier: Achkaerin
Vice Premier: DaveIronside
Attorney General: Achkaerin
Minister for Home and Cultural Affairs: Jeziel
Minister for Foreign Affairs: MikeRaven
Minister for Defence: DaveIronside
Officer of Accountability: Rhodes

Meanwhile the Senate is as follows:-
Senator: Achkaerin
Senator: Tytor
Senator: El Presidente
Senator: Zachpack11
Senator: Jeziel

While Dijel remains as Clerk of the Citizens Assembly.

Following unopposed elections Grand Chancellor Beatrice has announced an intention to work with the government in an attempt to find ways of increasing involvement for the next round of elections.


Green flagged news is RP events that are open to all....feel free to jump in. Click on the titles to see in depth what's been happening.

NYA ALAND APPLY TO PAC The newly independent nation of Nya Aland have applied to join the Pan-Albion Congress, however their application has been viewed with disapproval from some members as this has seen Head Gothi Daniel Stenberg summoned for a grilling about his nations stance on several issues.

ROYAL LOVE BIRDS BUILD TREE HOUSE Prince Isaac of Supreme Sovereignty and Crown Princess Serenity of Achkaerin have spent a romantic weekend away attempting to survive being shot down in their airplane. Having survived the initial crash an injured Serenity has been helped by her boyfriend while a search party look for them. This week they were found having built a tree house to avoid wolves, now they just need the rescue party.

ORSUS IBERIA CORONATION King Ignacio III of Orsus Iberia is about to be crowned and a party is being held. Several nations are in town to wish the new King well and maybe indulge in a little diplomacy. Come along and join the fun.

SHENANIGANS? Rokkenjima's Empress has been sent a rather strange e-mail. The message in question claims to come from a member of the Communist Party of Zachachevania, Rokkenjima's current term nemesis. The message claimed the member would be able to start a coup, however it is yet to be seen how Rokkenjima will respond.

JELLY AND ICE CREAM, OR FISH FINGERS AND CUSTARD Following the Christening of the Fast Frigates the King of East Moreland is hosting a birthday party for the 1st birthday of Prince Caspian and Princess Rhiannon. Currently the Achkaerin delegation have arrived and the Emperor has been sharing some unorthodox parenting tips with the King.

AMIGO ANNOUNCEMENT The nations of Vendosia and Neuva Ardia have announced a military alliance aimed at" safeguarding the socialist ideal from capitalist exploitation and imperialism", It is yet to see if this will be of concern to other nations in the region.

ROYAL JAILBREAK Following the kidnapping of a noble man's son by the Borlanders the King of East Moreland ordered a review of his cousin Prince James' jail sentence for treason. This has caused the former Prince to fear for his life and make a run for it. A manhunt is under way.

ROYAL ROADTRIP - Prince Mohan Ali of Dijel has begun a marathon road trip around the continent of Albion aimed at improving relations between his homeland and his neighbours.


DIJEL GRAND PRIX Formula Mundus 2nd race of the season took place in Dijel and saw Kimi Hakkinen take the top step of the podium ahead of Pepe Oriola from Vendosia and Tiberius Nero of Genstatum. Megan Harrison of Riverie Corporation Racing currently sits in first in the Drivers Championship just 4 points ahead of Kimi Hakkinen. Meanwhile Riverie Corporation top the Constructors Championship by one point ahead of NNB of Ndambia.

CIS CONFEDERATIONS CUP The CIS rugby tournament brought up an interesting set of results, with East Moreland having destroyed biggest rival Dijel last week they struggled to a narrow defeat against Ndambia. The competition has one round of games left to play and 4 of the 6 teams could win the title.

Supreme Sovereignty 15-35 Achkaerin
East Moreland 24-27 Ndambia
Dijel 18-28 Seaforth

MUNDUS CHAMPIONS LEAGUE The first round of matches in the Mundus Champions League have taken place. The eight groups have each played one round of matches and its early days to see who will be the teams to watch. The highlight of the first round was the goal feast between Marantha F.C and Antwerp United which finished 5-1 to Marantha.


Novinica Carry out Military Exercises - Following weeks of quiet Novinica's military has been out in force with exercises involving their air force taking place across the country.

Rokkenjima's Secret Revealed Rokkenjima have announced the launch of a secret battleship project. The vessel known as IRN Maelstrom, features technology designed to mask its IR signature in order to hopefully give it the same radar signature as a tug-ship or smaller vessel.

Dartfordian Train Driver Deals with Dispute - Following a row on a train in which an Amcin man demanded to not be sat next to a woman a major confrontation took place. This was brought to an end when the driver told the man to effectively "shut up or get off". Tension between the UAE and Dartfordia has been noted in recent weeks following the Prince of Littlebrook's less than diplomatic gift to the nation.

Comet Chase Set to Go - Achkaerin have announced plans to land a remote control probe on a comet. A three person crew will depart shortly and launch the probe from close to the comet before taking samples.

Riots in the UAE Following a scuffle between a youth gang and police riots broke out in the city of Kinslaak. It is yet to be seen whether the violence will spread to other cities following what may appear to be a heavy handed police forces actions.

Army Enter Government Building Following the Grand Chancellor being ignored in National Assembly of the Common People by the speaker his arrest was ordered. When he hid in the government building a stand off took place between government forces loyal to the Grand Chancellor and soldier tasked with guarding the building before the speaker surrendered himself.