Weekly Update - Week Ending 5th April 2015



Well the big news this week is we moved.....the region is now hosted on www.independentorder.net. Big thanks for CGJ for organising that after discussions in the Privy Council thought it would be easier to remember and look cooler. Do not worry though the old address will still work and all existing links will still function correctly so we haven't lost anything.

Two bills are currently being voted on in the Senate. The first the Prosecution Service Act essentially sets up a framework to establish a team of government prosecutors for future legal disputes....so far we've not had any but it's only a matter of time until CGJ messes up. Meanwhile the Zetaboards Terms of Service Act is being voted in making the region fully compliment with the hosting services terms of service. So no naughty stuff folks.


CONFEDERATIONS CUP - The CIS annual rugby tournament returned with old rivalries being resumed and a new team on the block. Old rugby rivals East Moreland and Dijel top the table after two games and are due to play next week in what is expected to be one of the most hotly contested games of any tournament.

MUDDIED WATERS - With Dijel establishing a corridor of water between their mainland and the island of Dauntel, it would appear Dartfordia and Rokkenjima believe this is illegal and have therefore decieded to stage their naval exercise right in the middle of the corridor. This has seen claims from Dijel of potential damage to shipping, environmental disasters in the making and general bad stuff. In an attempt to calm things down Princess Georgia has been dispatched to talk through the problem.

NYA ÅLAND GET THE KEYS Nya Åland has now officially come into existence. Several nations arrived to join in the celebrations and with the new Head of State now installed some have stayed behind to enjoy Nordic hospitality and maybe conduct a little diplomacy.

ACHKAERIN APPLIES TO JOIN THE CSU Following the recent election in Achkaerin the new coalition has applied to join the regions biggest economic union, the Cross Straights Union. The move is seen as a departure for the CSU as the majority of members are those who are also members of the Cross Straits Treaty Organisation. It is yet to see how the negotiations go.

DECAPOLIS DEDICATION - The Tytorian government are officially opening the Provincial Capitol Building in Aquilae, many leading diplomats have attended, amongst them making her first appearance in an official role is the young Princess Adriana of Rokkenjima, although it seems not everything has gone to plan, it does look though like everyone will have a smashing time.

ISANITY RETREAT - The love story of Isaac and Serenity continues. This time stuck at the top of a mountain with an injured leg and a gathering pack of wolves. Never fear however a search party is underway.


Jesus Arrested? In Nya Aland religious symbolism is banned for non-Odinists. A recent Christian parade fell foul of the new rules resulting in three members of the congregation being arrested.

Odinist Homecoming - Meanwhile the new government of Nya Aland have put in place something out of Exodus in an attempt to "Bring there people home". A cruise ship has been dispatched to spread the good word of Odin and fetch the faithful home.

All Aboard The Dartfordian Express A nation well known for its love of trains the Dartfordian owned LS-Railways have pushed the boundaries of luxury rail travel by offering a train with a gym, cinema, swimming pool and on-board arcade.

Robots To The Moon- An East Moreland company has announced the intention to land 1,000 mini robots on the moon with the intent to use them to explore, gather samples and generally wander freely across the Luna landscape.

What are the Rokkenjimans up to? Rumours a plenty are beginning over the The Anderson and Kyne Shipyards activity. A long time closed shipyard has seen mysterious activity....so what have they got in there?

Arms Deals A Plenty - Nueva Ardia have concluded several arms deals in the last few weeks, first with Vendosia and then with Nya Aland.

Strange Announcement Following a terrorist attack by the Sorority of Materna a group calling itself The Odmonian Matriarchy has claimed it is in control of the nation. A response is yet to be seen.
Thanks for the update, Morheim. I will make sure to communicate that the regional forum has moved to The Independent Order ambassador.

~ Tomb