Hey hi hello


Hi friends!

Sooo, I am a complete newbie, meaning I'm a bit lost in all this new information at the moment, but NationStates and this community in particular seem super great, and I'm excited to be a part of them. TNP already feels homey to me, for some reason. Hopefully it will become even more so once I figure out how to, you know, do stuff. Be a nation. All that.

Right, so Ingoesr (my nation) is still very much a baby nation. I'm not quite sure how this whole thing works yet. But I'm very eager to develop my nation's identity and history and such. I also hope to become an active and contributing member to TNP in some way or another once I get settled in. Can't wait for that!

I hope you all are having a lovely day, wherever you are :]

Hello there, Ingoesr! Welcome to TNP!
The first thin to do is post three times in this section of the forum (the docks). This will validate your account.
Then, consider joining the World Assembly, where you can gain endorsements and vote on proposals.
Gaining citizenship here is very important, as it allows you to vote, and you may wish to start joining organisations such as the Democratic Union, the Treaty Organisation, and the Trade Agreement (if you want, message me and I'll talk you through how to do all these things).
Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here!
Your friend,


Hello and Welcome to The North Pacific! :)

I'm Andrew, the Minister of Home Affairs. This is one of the best regions that anyone could ever be in. In here we have a huge multicultural community that likes to play NationStates and that has interests in a wide variety of areas including:

Legislating (Regional Assembly and World Assembly)
Roleplaying (Democratic Union, Embassy Program, and story role plays)
Taking part in the Executive Branch (Executive Staff)
And much more! :D

So again, do get comfortable and I look forward to seeing you so more around our forum and region! Welcome again to The North Pacific!