And now for something completely different...

St George

You wake up in a strange bed, in a strange room, in a strange city...

You don't know how you got here, why you're here or where you are...

You stir from the bed, looking through what you assume are your belongings. From the meagre fare on offer you discover that you are...

A Condottiere: a hard-bitten mercenary, veteran of a great many campaigns. You are well-respected, well known and have superb equipment and above average skills.

A Merchant: a deal-maker, a wheeler-dealer who is regarded with awe by your fellow merchants for your negotiation and trading skills. You have a lot of disposable cash to start with but you aren't known for your abilities in the field.

A Barbarian: a warrior, a man drawn to the sword and a man who can do anything with it. You have insane physical abilities, as if granted by the gods themselves. You may not be well regarded by those of so-called civilised nations but you are a new Hercules, an Achilles, armed with a legendary weapon and your own strength and agility, you are a deadly threat.

An Archer: you know the bow. It speaks to you. You see where arrows will land before they are fired, you know which wood is best and what glue will dissolve in the rain and which will remain sturdy, keeping your weapon in tact. You have a warbow that is unequalled in most of the world and the stats to use it. You have little else to get you through the world, but you know that when needed your skills will not fail you.

A Sergeant-at-Arms: part of a famous unit of men, you avenged the death of your master and made your way elsewhere in the world. You have good equipment and men to fight with you but little money and less food. As a man who has experience, both in battle and in serving noble men, your 'betters' like and respect you. You are also known as a man who can turn untrained farmers and peasants into an efficient killing machine.

A Brigand: Little more than a common bandit, you command your wits, some fellow scum and little else. You have decent stats and mediocre equipment but those with power regard you poorly and would rather not associate with you.

St George

((As a note, I'm running this in two regions and will update both threads at roughly the same time. Total votes were Archer 3, Merchant 1, Condottiere 1, Brigand 1))

You are an Archer. Fast and nimble, with a good bow and a keen eye, you are deadly on the battlefield.

Finishing rooting through your belongings, you take stock of yourself, mind clearing as you consider your strengths and weaknesses...

Current HP: 43/43

Strength 8
Agility 13
Intelligence 6
Charisma 6

You have 4 points to spend. Spend points on Intelligence gives you an extra point to spend on Skills per point spent.

Defensive Tactics 0 (your skill in commanding troops on terrain. each point lessons damage on non-heroes by 1 and on heroes by 2)
Toughness 0 (each point increases HP by 2 and lesson damage on you and heroes by 7% and 5% on non-heroes)
Weapon Master: 3 (Makes it easier to learn weapon proficiencies and increases proficiency limits up to 420)
Reflexes 2 (increases speed and gives you a 5% chance to dodge a blow)
Riding 1 (enables you to ride different types of horses and increases your riding speed and manouver)
Horse Archery 0 (reduces accuracy and damage penalties for firing from horseback)
Looting 1 (increases loot from battles)
Trainer 0 (increases the amount of experience troops get from day-to-day training)
Tracking 0 (increases how long tracks appear on the map)
Heroism 0 (each point increases damage dealt by 1 for non-heroes and 2 for heroes)
Path-finding 0 (increases your speed on the campaign map)
Spotting 0 (increases the distance at which you spot other parties)
Inventory Management 2 (each point increases inventory size by 6 spaces)
Wound Treatment 1 (troops heal 20% faster per point in this skill)
Surgery 0 (each point gives 4% chance that a strike that will kill a party member wounds instead)
First Aid 1 (each point gives 5% more health regain for heroes)
Engineer 0 (each point decreases time spent building siege weapons)
Persuasion 0 (increases your chances of making others accept your arguments and gives you better prices with merchants)
Combat Training 3 (how well trained you are, each point gives 3% chance of a critical hit)
Prisoner Management 1 (each point increases maximum number of prisoners you can have by 15)
Leadership 1 (increases maximum army size by 50 and reduces upkeep costs by 8%)
Trade 0 (gives you better prices with merchants and for prisoners)

You have 6 points to spend, with up to 4 more depending on your intelligence rank.

Weapon Proficiency
One Handed Weapons 97
Two Handed Weapons 39
Polearms/Spears 39
Archery 426
Crossbows 39
Throwing Weapons 23
Cannons 23

You have 10 points to spend (you cannot spend on archery as it is above the maximum level already.


Someone plays Mount and Blade :P . I'd put 2 skills into Intel, 1 strength and another agility. 1 pathfinding, 1 spotting, 2 surgery, 1 defensive tactics, 1 toughness. All 10 points into 1 hand proficiency.

St George

Went with +2 Int and +2 Cha, Toughness +2, Tracking +2, Path-finding +2 and Spotting +2. All 10 Weapon points went on One Handed

You are shaken from your revere by a small cough. You turn quickly, picking up a wooden cup from the table in front of you to use a possible weapon. The man standing before you takes several steps back, looking nervous.

"I-i-i-i see tha-that you're awake." He stutters, taking a moment to compose himself. "I am one of the merchants here. Your bags and clothes aren't familiar. Who are you?"

You take some time to think. Archer. Soldier. Adventurer? Caravan leader? Ruler of Calradia? Probably not the last one. You realise this merchant is waiting for your reply. You turn to him say...

"My name is..."

What is your name?