December Update



~December 2013 Update~

Nations: 138
World Assembly Delegate:


Premier: William Roebuck, Gun-Toting Animals (ECL)
Forgein Affairs: Augustus Barrington, Inimicus (UEC)
Defence and Peacekeeping: Blair von Schroeder, Red Croatia (UEC)
Economics: Peter Montfort, Angleter (UEC)
Internal Affairs: Dann Eriksson am d'Iunio, Duxburian Union, (ECL)


Chief Justice: Javinas Stidernbaker, Os Corelia
Justice: William Hague, Davishire
Justice: Bartholomew MacPherson, Halsberg
Justice: Luyes Taraque, Nouvelle Picardie
Justice: Gergely Stjepanic, United Romulan Empire


Speaker of the European Council: Acwellan Lir Devoy am Harrison, Duxburian Union (ECL)

Socialist Workers Party (SWP): Communist, Socialist, Anti-Capitalist
Party of European Socialists and Democrats (S&D): Social Democrat, Integrationist
Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for a Green Europe (ALDGE): Social Liberal, Environmentalist
European Classical Liberals (ECL): Classical Liberal, Pragmatic
Union of European Conservatives (UEC): Conservative, Christian Democrat
European National Party (ENP): Fascist, National Socialist

Commission News
  • Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping Blair von Schroeder has had a meeting with Davishiran Prime Minister Manning, to discuss the diplomatic tensions caused by Manning's plans to ignore the European Nuclear Arms Association (the organisation deciding who can and who can't produce nuclear weapons) and produce nuclear arms either way. Following that statement, the Duxburian Union (a country famous for its huge military and nuclear arsenal) threatened Davishire by saying that ignoring the ENAA would be "...unwise...". In the conversation between the Commissioner and the Davishirian PM, the latter said Davishire's government didn't have any plans to obtain nuclear weapons in an illegal way at all.
European Court of Justice News
  • There is no news from the European Court of Justice for the month of December
Council News
  • The council has been discussing a bill proposed by the Davishirian councillor on the issue of green legislation. The bill was met with criticism, even by the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for a Green Europe, the Europarty from which everyone would expect they would support legislation like this. When green legislation is discussed, the Council can expect some tough words from the Inimician councillor, as Inimicus has always been sceptical of environmental legislation. This bill was no exception:
How dares the Davishirian councillor prospose penalties for not reaching the prosposed deadlines?! You're practically saying to countries that they aren't allowed to develop themselves in a way that suits them best. Instead, you're saying they should watch their emissions, which haven't even proven to cause global warming (and no, I'm not denying global warming, it's very evident that temperatures have risen in the past 100 years, but so have they in medieval times, when there weren't any cars or emissions). (...) Do you want to put strains on your economy by doing everything you can to cut down on carbon emissions, and afterwards you get to hear 'It's not enough' and you get a huge fin. five hundred million euros is the equivalent of 2300 new houses, or, for the ALDGE's sake, 230 wind turbines
The Os Corelian councillor was mainly concerned with nuclear energy being excluded from the bill. The proposal didn't say anything about nuclear energy; Davhishire is known for its nuclear ambitions, and it would not be surprising to the Corelians if nuclear energy would be completely excluded from the bill. Other councillors would rather see a treaty, not a bill, about environmental legislation. Multiple delegates have proposed a further meeting on this bill (including the Inimician councillor).

Other news
  • His Holiness Pope Clement XV resigned on the 3rd of December. Following his resignation, the Papal seat was decleared "Sede Vacante" and a conclave was called, with cardinals from every European nation with a (partially) catholic population participating. Black smoke emerged from the Sistine Chapel's chimney for four nights, yet on the fifth night:

    The Cardinal elected, Einico Baraszi, adapted the name Aloysius, after St Aloysius Gonzaga, parton saint of Christian Youth.
  • The United Romulan Empire has elected its first female senator. Athena Aurora's election has caused a rapid rise in approval for her party, the Romulan Imperial Party. She chaired the Civil Rights committee and is the leader and only member of the Women's power caucus.
  • The United Kingdom of Icholasen proposes the build of a tunnel from a City on the Pas de Calais coast to the Kingdom of Miraco. Key discussion points are Cost, Depth, Length (Which City to which City), Financially viable? Who will pay? Public Opinion and Trade.
    The plan was met with positive reactions from those involved.
  • Inimicus went to the polls on 8 December. The Green Party was banned recently because of alledged connections to terrorist organisations, so an electory gap formed. A lot of voters therefore turned to the center-right party, Democrats For Inimicus, which clomb from 27 to 82 seats in the Inimician Parliament. After the elections, a liberal-conservative coalition was formed.
  • Inimicus has been denied a license by the ENAA. The Inimicians thought it high time their country was granted permission to protect itself with nuclear weapons, but the ENAA disagreed, saying:
The ENAA has looked over and discussed Inimicus’ application and each argument kept coming back to the same premise: instability. Inimicus has made great strides as a nation on the European stage but this is still the same nation that used chemical weapons on its own people in a violation of European law. It leads one to question if Inimicus can do that to its own people, would it really be averse to using nukes against foreign nations. The specter of the Telum Incident looms large today over this ENAA decision, just like it has loomed over the past year of events in Inimicus.
The ENAA turned to an event that occured about a year ago, when an incapable Minister for Defence ordered the use of Soman gas at a group of rioters in the Inimician capital.
It is yet unclear when or if Inimicus will apply again.
[*]Also Qvait was denied a license for nuclear weapons. The main issue for denial was the half-century long civil war Qvait recently emerged from, known as the "Qvatican Oddysey" The ENAA therefore thought it wise to deny Qvait's application.
[*]Eurovoice XX has started. For the first time, the contest had multiple themes: Boy Bands, Girl Bands, 90s Songs, Movie/TV Songs, Duets, Current Generation Music, Covers, and Ghetto.
The competition was met with a lot of enthusiasm, although some nations are not happy with the choice of themes the host nation, Red Croatia, has made. The competition is still in progress.
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