The Public Gallery


Welcome Citizens. This forum has been created in order to provide a location to comment and discuss on ongoing Court matters without clogging or derailing official Court threads.

What this forum is for:
  • Discussion on ongoing cases before the Court
  • Discussion on current issues that have been presented to the Court in the form of Legal Reviews.
  • Discussion on opinions recently rendered by the Court
  • General discussion on more general Court happenings
What this forum is not for:
  • Spamming
  • Asking the Court official questions
  • Requests for Review
  • Anything else that breaks the ToS/ToU in any way
If you have any direct questions to the Justices, these should continue to be asked in the relevant official threads. The Justices make no promise to read these threads - in some cases, if we feel it would cause undue bias, we may specifically refuse to. At least personally, however, I'll try to keep half an eye on it (no promises for the other current justices, or any future ones) in order to pick up on any possible legitimate points that should be addressed by the Court.

This forum is an experiment, and ToS/ToU violating posts will not be tolerated here as they wouldn't be anywhere else, so please, just behave. I want this to work as much as other people, so help us here.