February 2013 Update

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    Foreign Dispatch:

    I. GFN refounded by CoC:

    The past few days were very hectic. The Commonwealth of Crowns is pleased to announce that we could secure justice for the residents of the Global Federation of Nations, who were unceremoniously ejected by their erstwhile founder, City of New Global .
    At the request of the GFN natives, led by Herlosk, the CoC refounded the region after it was abandoned by it's past founder and GFN has been handed over to the natives. The native region of Herlosk was made Governor of the region. This gave new lease of life to the GFN and earned the natives' praise.

    In the events that followed, the past founder of GFN, Wiendonia, demanded that the CoC give back total control of the region to their nation. The threat of war loomed large on the region as Wiendonia did not wish to accept anything short of full founder control of the region.

    The Chancellor of the CoC ,Lentheric pragmatically nominated a few members including Borduria, Belhorizon, Noorderkwartier and REC observer Imperial Yamea to negotiate with Wiendonia in a specially created zone--The Cavern. Although Wiendonia tried to internationalize the issue, he could not get any support from any region.

    Ultimately, breakthrough was achieved after initial failures in talks and Wiendonia accepted the Cavern Accord, which gave him an opportunity to revive the GFN and the founding nation would be controlled by CoC.

    With the signing of the Accord, Chancellor Lentheric addressed the region as follows:-
    Regional news:

    Meanwhile in Crowns City, the official HQRs of CoC, the 3 member International Crowns Court (ICC) was elected with Borduria as Chief Justice and Vetega and Oberseewald as member Judges.

    The last few weeks saw the dramatic return of ex-CoC members back to CoC from OIS(Organization of Independent States) like San Monteriano, Skako, Alkoul, Wyethelania, Santa Cordova (Awaji) etc after their region's fall. It is noteworthy that the same members had formed the ILN after the split of 2011-12.

    Membership hovered around the 110 figure after CTEs , defections supplemented by fresh recruits.

    The Chancellor also reorganised the cabinet , by elevating the Secretary(Recruitment) to a full fledgd Ministry with a deputy Minister (GuatemalaCity) reporting to it. The Ministry of Finance was also abolished.

    Foreign Affairs

    Talks are on with the like minded region, The Commonwealth of Kings, to have a Treaty of Mutual Defense . The refounded ILN also expressed an interest to come under CoC protection, which is being examined.