The World Assembly/ Security Council FAQ

Almost everything you need to know about the World Assembly (WA) is found at the Jennifer Government: NationStates FAQ. It answers nearly every question you may have about the World Assembly.

However, there are bound to be at least a few questions about the WA Office in TNP and the WA in general. Here's a few we've heard thus far:

WA FAQ Extras:
Q1: The WA Delegate in the North Pacific has been around too long! Let's overthrow him!
A1: Okay, that's not really a question, but it brings up something important. The WA Delegate can not be easily overthrown for a few reasons:
  • They were democratically elected on these regional forums (which you are encouraged to be an active part of) and as such, attempting a coup is considered treason;
  • They probably have a shit ton more endorsements than your own WA nation and it would take an extensive amount of time to catch up to even the Vice Delegate;
  • The Security Council of the North Pacific will know faster than you can say "Oops."
Generally, it's a bad idea to coup the Delegate. If you feel they have wronged you in any way, you are free to motion for a recall of the Delegate, provided you have sufficient evidence of their wrongdoing. Either that, or come the next election, vote for another candidate. Keep in mind that Delegates can only be in power for two consecutive full terms.

Q2: I want more endorsements for my WA nation. How do I get them?
A2: The best way to get endorsements is to endorse other people. This is a process known as "endo-tarting" and it is a very effective method of getting endorsements. In most cases, when you endorse someone, the other person will endorse you in return. It does take time to endo-tart, but it pays off in the long run. Through the WADP you can earn rewards and enhance your endo-tarting. It is suggested that you DO NOT do the following:
  • Use a script (a program that automatically does things in the game for you) to endorse other nations, as it is illegal under the current rules of NationStates;
  • Post on the Regional Messaging Board asking for endorsements, as it is seen in bad tastes by many people and is generally ineffective;
  • Endorse every single person in the region, as that can be considered an attempt to coup the Delegate;
  • Repeatedly send messages to the same person for their endorsement.
For the last suggestion, sending a single message to a person is fine and is sometimes considered in good taste. If you wish to not send a message asking for their endorsement (once you have endorsed them), that's okay as well.

Q3: What is the WADP?
A3: The North Pacific WA Development Program (WADP) is a campaign to increase awareness among nations in The North Pacific of the benefits of World Assembly (WA) membership and maintaining high endorsement counts. We hope that this campaign will result in a significant increase in the number of WA members and the number of endorsements exchanged within The North Pacific. If these objectives are achieved, The North Pacific will become a much more influential and secure region. Greater endorsements means greater prestige for your nation, and if you do well you will gain recognition and stand out to the other nations in the region. You may even get featured and earn some medals in the process, similar to the awards you get as part of the normal gameplay. The delegate and Security Council are ineligible for these awards, so you will only have to compete with the other normal nations in the region. To learn more about this program and how you and the region can benefit from it, check out the WADP dispatch.

Q4: What the heck is this "Security Council" thing?
A3: The Security Council of the North Pacific is a group of World Assembly nations in the North Pacific that have an exceptional amount of influence. They are considered by many as the "vanguard" of the Delegate's security. If something were to happen (the Delegate gets deleted, someone attempts a coup, etc.), then the Security Council steps in to stop any threats that could arise and in extreme cases, hold the Delegate position until the new Delegate has enough endorsements to take control of the position. Keep in mind, this Security Council is different from that of the World Assembly.

Q5: What exactly is the difference between the North Pacific's Security Council and the World Assembly's Security Council
A4: The North Pacific's Security Council is located in the North Pacific only. It is to act as a safeguard for the position of Delegate and protect it from attempted coups. The World Assembly's Security Council is a game-wide organization. It is the place where nations and regions alike can be commended and condemned and a place where regions can be "liberated" (as in, remove the power of placing a regional password from a region's Delegate).

Q6: Sounds cool! I wanna join the North Pacific's Security Council!
A5: Sounds like a great goal! Keep in mind, there are a few things that are needed in order to have a chance to join the Council, as defined under the law:
Section 5.1 of the Legal Code:
4. The influence requirement will consist of a TNP influence score (Soft Power Disbursement Rating) greater than or equal to 300, though when a nation's influence score within TNP is unknown as the displayed score may include significant influence within other regions, a TNP influence rank greater than or equal to Vassal may be substituted.
5. The minimum endorsement count is defined as 100 endorsements, or fifty per cent of the serving Delegate's endorsement count, whichever is least.
6. The maximum endorsement count is defined as 40 fewer endorsements than the serving Delegate's endorsement count, or eighty-five percent of said count, whichever is greatest.
7. Where the computation results in fractions, the count shall be rounded down.
8. The serving Delegate is exempt from endorsement requirements.
If you have fulfilled such requirements, then feel free to apply to the Security Council. You will have to go through the proper process to join the Security Council, as defined by the Constitution:
Article V of the Constitution:
1. Any person who is a member of the Regional Assembly and meets any endorsement and influence requirements determined by law may apply to become a member of the Security Council.
2. The Regional Assembly may exempt a person from Regional Assembly membership or any requirements by a two-thirds majority vote, and may terminate an exemption by a two-thirds majority vote.
3. The Security Council may approve applicants by a majority vote. The Regional Assembly may admit an approved applicant by a majority vote. If the Security Council does not approve an applicant or does not act on them within thirty days, the Regional Assembly may admit the applicant by a two-thirds majority vote.
4. The Security Council will monitor the region’s security and report on it to the public, and enforce decisions of the Regional Assembly to remove the Delegate.
5. The Regional Assembly may establish a line of succession beyond the Vice Delegate among the members of the Security Council by a majority vote. If a new member is admitted to the Security Council, they will be added at the end of the current line of succession. If a member is removed from the Security Council, they will be removed from the line of succession.

Q7: I received a warning from a member of the "Security Council" recently about my endorsements... I'm scared...
A6: Oh come now, they don't bite... usually. I kid I kid. If you receive a message from the Security Council, do the following:
  • Take a moment to calm down. Perhaps some hot cocoa or some other drink of choice will help soothe your nerves.
  • Read the telegram again. Does the sender state what the problem is? It is most likely about the amount of endorsements you received.
  • Now check your endorsement levels and check those of the Vice Delegate (currently Tomb). Are your endorsements more than or nearing their own? If so, then that is definitely a very serious issue.
  • Reply to the sender to ask what you can do to lower your endorsements to the proper levels.
Keep in mind... if you fail to follow through on lowering endorsement levels or fail to respond to the telegram, the Security Council may deem you as a potential threat to the North Pacific's security and you may possibly be ejected/banned/banjected from the North Pacific by the Delegate. We both know you don't want that, so it's a good idea to listen to them and work with them. They are all nice people after all.

Q8: Some person claims to be from the Security Council and sending me messages ordering me to do things... but I don't know if they are on the Council. What do I do?
A7: If you are suspicious of the sender of a telegram and they claim to be of the Security Council, check the Membership Rolls. If they are not on this list, do the following:
  • Report the incident to the Delegate of the North Pacific.
  • Save a screenshot of the telegram that was sent to you. Do not lose this screenshot... it may become vital evidence.
  • Save the telegram and ensure it remains as an Archived telegram.
Impersonation of a Security Council member is a crime and is regarded as Fraud. DO NOT impersonate a member of the Security Council and DO NOT follow the instructions of an imposter.

Q9: Two Security Council members sent me telegrams near the same time on the same matter and I'm scared. What do I do?
A8: Report the incident to the Vice Delegate (currently Tomb) or the Delegate. More likely than not, this is just an accident. However, it is good to report such things as it can be helpful as feedback.

Q10: The Delegate isn't voting on a proposal as I would like them to. How can I get my voice heard?
A9: The best way to get your voice heard by the Delegate is via the WA Affairs Office. You can vote and debate on proposals here. As more people vote, the Minister of WA Affairs will state the total votes and will suggest the Delegate how they should vote on a proposal. Please note, voting is ultimately at the digression of the WA Delegate. For example, if they feel a proposal is too silly/stupid/wrong, they are welcome to vote against it.

Q11: My question is not located here or NationStates' FAQ. What do I do?
A10: Post your question below in this thread. We will make sure to answer it as soon as possible. If the same question comes up multiple times, it will most likely be added to the FAQ.


What would the Security Council do if someone received more endorsements than the Vice Delegate during a Leave of Absence?

- Cascadia


What would the Security Council do if someone received more endorsements than the Vice Delegate during a Leave of Absence?

- Cascadia

Hi Cascadia. I just saw this reply. Do you mean if the nation exceeded the Vice Delegate while they were on a leave of absence, or while the Vice Delegate was on a leave of absence?

If the nation in question was away and did not respond to our telegrams, it would depend how close they were to the Delegate. Banning is always used as a last resort. If we can warn them or get them below a certain endorsement threshold we will aim to do that. One method we could use is asking the North Pacific Army to return to TNP and endorse the Vice Delegate & Delegate. We could also conduct an unendorsement campaign and ask nations to unendorse the nation who had exceeded the Vice Delegate. The Security Council would likely also unendorse them. Of course, it is more than likely that we would use a combination of these approaches when dealing with a nation who had exceeded the Vice Delegate's endorsement count. A leave of absence or the appearance of inactivity could be used as a ploy so that we would think that it was unintentional to exceed the Vice Delegate's endorsement count.

If the Vice Delegate was on a leave of absence, then it is likely we would have asked the nation to NOT tart during that absence, if we could see that they were getting too close to the VD. Otherwise we would take a similar approach to what I outlined above.
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