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Links for New Members

Major Entertainment Links

Government Links

Military Links

Foreign Affairs Links

Forum Support Links

Links for new members:

Citizenship Application - Apply for Citizenship and be able to participate and immerse yourself complete in what the North Pacific has to offer.

Join the Executive Staff - Looking for a quick and easy way to get involved in your government? Choose which Ministry you wish to get involved in and get started right away.

Residency Applications - Register your residency if you do not wish to apply for citizenship quite yet!

Map of The North Pacific - You're in the get on the map!

TNP's IRC Chat - Come chat with us on IRC!! This link will take you to quick guide which will help with process.

TNP's Discord Chat - This is our second but most active chat, now used by a lot of our members.

Regional Assembly Meeting Chambers - Regional Assembly discussion takes place here; Propose your idea, raise concerns or participate in debate!

Forum Operations - Contact the people who make the forums run here, the admin team.

Major Entertainment Links:

Role Playing - Home to the regions roleplaying - participate in diplomacy or war, attend conferences, build alliances. Endless possibilities for your nation.

Games and Arts - Home to a number of fun threads to participate in!

Real Life - The Bane of NS - debate real life politics, talk about the weather, warn us of natural disasters, discuss celebrity scandals or do anything else real-life here.

Government Links:

Delegate's Government - Contact your regional Delegate in this forum, and find out about the regional government.

WA Affairs - Post your stance on the latest resolution at vote, or work out your latest draft.

Regional Assembly - Home of the region's Legislative System. Posting rights may be limited to RA members.

Election Forums - Run for elected office here. Elections run during the first day of the months of January, May, and September.

Court of The North Pacific - Settle disputes among nations here, or if your curious to see TNP law in progress, just watch.

The Agora - The place for discussion. Vote or run for office in Elections, Attend a class in The North Pacific University, start a political party in Parties, or show off your religion in Temple Courts!

Military Links:

Sign up for the NPA! - Join the North Pacific Army, the region's standing Army.

Foreign Affairs Links:

Embassy Row - Embassies for the regions of NationStates, as well as details for creating one.

Forum Support Links:

Forum Operations - Got an idea to improve the forum? Post it here.