Embassy of Stargate



Told ya so!

Casl is restored to office after Jackson is fired!

Why? Well because of the... Um... Jackson didn't do anything was the problem see.

As a result of this popular opinion is to pass an amendment restricting last minute write ins.

And another Baal bites the dust.

System Lord Baal, long appreciated and horrible sadistic Executive officer has ceased to exist, information on whether Baal might return is unknown.



NTO-08 is XO!

NTO, otherwise known as TAO has risen to the position of XO of Stargate after Baal CTE'd. No promises on whether or not evil is a part of his campaign, a policy which bought Baal popularity.

Zombie Day

Some really well coordinated effort on Z day prevented any serious casualties and with minimal deaths the zombies were cured in one to two hours.

Avir's Flag Is Default

It's a real issue, I swear.



Doing what's right.

Stargates General Hammond proposed the SC liberate Deep Space some time ago. Recently this proposal gained the support to enter a voting phase.

As a result Stargate is on heightened alert and is preparing to lock down if necessary until the resolution passes or fails. Stargate has avoided the spotlight for time time, but doing what is right is always necessary. No matter the cost.


I do wish that I would be consulted on such matters in advance >.> and yes my flag is currently default.



Stargate Lives On

Thanks to the valiant and well timed actions of our allies in The North Pacific Stargate avoided a potential raid and a two year history of freedom remains.

Thanks to all who participated in the swift intervention!



A New Stargate

Roughly six and a half months ago Stargate experienced the greatest shock of it's long history when its reigning WA Delegate, General Hammond, ceased to exist. Ending a continuous delegacy of three and a half years Stargate's beloved delegate who first rose to power five years ago vanished without notice and left the region in a state of shock.

However with luck long time member Wrapper picked up the delegacy. While initially stating their intention to merely keep the region safe for Hammonds return, it soon became clear that Stargate's venerable Delegate was gone for good with Wrapper becoming the defacto leader of the region.

Now Stargate enters a a new era under a new leadership sure to be as successful as the departing establishment.

A Region In Lockdown

Following a close call some weeks ago Stargate has now been locked down after yet another scare. The latest in a series of moves aimed at increasing security this lockdown has been enforced amidst talks of implementing a new system for entry into the region. At the moment no set term for the lock has been announced and new nations are asked to enter the region of Stargate Command before gaining entry to Stargate proper.



Tremendous Inactivity

Stargate continues it's great golden age with posts as old as 75 days still on the regional message board. Truly splendid inactivity, though some wonder if such inactivity is sustainable. History says yes.

Casl is Inattentive

After allowing his nation to CTE some months ago, Casl has committed yet another blunder as he moves to Warzone Airspace by accident. As many know Stargate's new security regime instituted a password, that measure has made this event far more embarrassing.

Nowhere Like the Ashes of Home

In a stupendous performance, Stargate has managed to become the 63rd most irradiated place in the universe following nuclear war.



Wrapper Steps Down

After more than a year as Delegate Wrapper has stepped down, choosing not to run for re-election in the latest elections. Wrapper has served Stargate admirably; their presence provided vital stability after the previous, and longest served, Delegate General Hammond vanished. In Wrappers place Casl has become the most recent Stargate Delegate with NTO-08 serving as executive officer. Of note the office of Secretary of State was left vacant even as BrightonBurg stood unopposed to win the Secretary of Defense position.


Just for those interested, as a longtime resident of Stargate, I can relay that news there has been sparse due to the lack of new "Stargate" news.

There has been some off-topic byplay recently, between TAO and myself, as we share a common interest, or at least did once upon a time.

As always spoilers are not welcome, so do take care with your RMB posts.

Dunno what's going on in discord.