Embassy of Stargate


Great to see this approved.

Until the upcoming Stargate election i will be the ambassador.
In a spirit of mutual cooperation Stargate proposes the following treaty.


Recognizing both Stargate and The North Pacific as pre founder regions, both with rich communities forged over time, and wishing to assure that both retain their history and community, we hereby adopt the following treaty.

1.The parties to this treaty are Stargate and The North Pacific.
2.The parties will recognize the constitutional governments in force at the time of ratification of this treaty as the sole legitimate governments of their respective regions.
3.The parties will not undermine one another through subterfuge, espionage, invasion, or any other means.
4.The parties will defend one another to the best of their ability on the request of the other party.
5.A new treaty between the parties may override this treaty.
Blue Wolf II:
I agree to this proposition.

-Blue Wolf II, Delegate of The North Pacific.
If you agree to the treaty then i hereby put it in force as a legitimate treaty in Stargate under the signed name of General Hammond.

Quoted: General Hammond
Blue Wolf II:
I agree to this proposition.

-Blue Wolf II, Delegate of The North Pacific.
If you agree to the treaty then i hereby put it in force as a legitimate treaty in Stargate under the signed name of General Hammond.

Quoted: General Hammond
It needs RA approval first I believe
Just because its in force within Stargate does not mean it is within TNP.

Our government does not require technicalities, we wait on others usually.
I wouldn't be too concerned. I am pretty certain that the Regional Assembly will approve this treaty. Many have great hopes for this alliance, and believe it will be mutually beneficial to us both. TNP has the ability to help protect the legitimate government of regions that need our help, I am convinced that all our citizens would want to do any and all we can to help.
Oh we might be there one day, we have a constitution in the works that will make the government... Far less simple.

For the sake of democracy :/


Stargate has passed a constitution! With this Stargate will be entering a new era of political drama and intrigue. Along with this we will get stuck with a more tedious indirect, but generally more fair government. This is the first time in Stargate history a constitution has been passed and the first time we have taken the move to a more organized government. However in response to native feelings about offsite forums we have created a new blog to showcase all the updates in Stargate and hold all our precious information, all without the hassle of running a forum!

Visit the blog to see it and read about our constitution in the aptly labelled Constitution tab!
Stargate Blog
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Stargate elections are over!

Hammond has been re-elected with System-Lord Baal as his XO

Chief's/Heads are:

Casl (Given position of Sec. of Interior)
Stargate Iris (Took Casl's old position as Chief of Security)
Cadifor (Retained Position)


Yesterday the Forces of Stargate and the NPA seized the region Goauld System Lords!


Goauld System Lords is a Stargate based region that formed after the attempted coup of Stargate nearly a year ago. Today it stands and the most undefended Stargate region and is often raided and tagged.

So is this a raid? Of course not! Stargate has undergone this action to provide temporary security to the region of Goauld System Lords with the eventual hope of appointing them a native regional delegate. Of course there is also the growing problem of sleeper agents within Goauld System Lords, as a result Stargate called the NPA for help in gaining influence quickly to oust said sleepers.

We thank the NPA for their kind help and hope to start a new page on politics with Goauld System Lords


Stargate has been attacked, all communications and updates shall be suspended until further notice.
We are saddened by this update. We will work towards reestablishing the elected governments authority in Stargate, and will only recognise the duly elected government, led by Delegate General Hammond.
As The TNP Deputy Minister of External Affairs I feel that I should wish or Ally Stargate the best at this difficult time, and I sincerely hope that your Region is soon freed from the plague of the forces of DEN, the Black Hawks and the Black Riders. I also hope that your Duly elected Government led by your leader General Hammond is soon returned to the Delegacy.
I am sorry for my inactivity, however i report affairs with stargate go well and the North Pacific's continued help and support have been of great use.

This is not an official update, but those will resume.
*after reading all the updates*

I liked them. They had a nice banner and were informative :)
Although raiding Stargate was extremely amus *cough* I mean incerdibly evil and totally not allowed, I'm glad to see the government and stuff is growing :)


Stargate has been inactive for about a month recently. This was a foreseen event of summer and its end but now as things settle down activity is returning. However Romney Vs Obama debates have never been very productive. On another note Woolsey has not annoyed us in a while and the region is secure, although it has experienced significant population drop.


The main reason for this update though is to ark the complete end of Stargate action is Goa'uld System Lords, with the return of its founder occupation is no longer necessary, the region ahs been raid free for a while now and we can thank the brave soldiers of Stargate and the NPA for this victory.

Casl Resumes Sec of State Position in Stargate, is reinstated as Ambassador to The North Pacific

Earlier today General Hammond, elected constitutional leader of Stargate and her peoples announced in a statement that former Sec of State Casl would be resuming the position and would also be resuming his other position as acting ambassador of Stargate to The North Pacific and all other regions Stargate is allied with. The General has had no further comment on the matter.

General Hammond:
I am pleased to reinstate Casl as our Secretary of State. In this capacity, they will serve as our regional Ambassador, most notably to the North Pacific.

A possible Symbiote ban on the horizon?

General Hammond, leader of Stargate has recently expressed his disgust at a possible gun ban and interjected that in reality we should be considering a Symbiote ban in this statement:

You might notice that Apophis calls for gun control, but not Staff control. He knows that if our guns are taken away, his Jaffa will be free to run roughshod over the populace! It's slavery by Goa'uld! Ban symbiotes, not Smith & Wessons!

The support for the motion grew when Sec of State Casl voiced his support later in the day. The possibility of a Symbiote ban is now no longer a dream but a motion that is being considered by government. What would this ban entail? At this point it isn't clear, due to the high number of Tok'ra and Goa'uld in the region any possible ban will likely focus on the activities of Symbiotes rather than their presence itself. So far there has been no outcry nor direct statement that a ban is coming but should it come we can expect any ban to impose blending restrictions on Symbiotes in addition to having their activities monitored by the Government of Stargate. More on this as it happens.

Lord Atum rises again!

Lord Atum has completed yet another cycle of rebirth in Stargate, will he post on the RMB this cycle? Who can say?


Stargate has recently fallen prey to the zombie onslaught! Three nations scramble for a cure but amid inaction by most of the populace a call from the government has come out, this from Sec of State Casl!


The government is still in place, do not fear.

I advise all nations and empires within Stargate to eliminate the zombies, there is no cure that can be found within the time we have, we are already at nearly 20% infection status. With our advanced technology most nations within Stargate will be able to destroy the Zombie threat if we coordinate our military efforts. I remind us all to avoid exportation of Zombies, our combined militarily power can defeat the threat no Stargate nation is going to fall this day. Also the destruction of cities that have been too severely infected by orbital strike or nuclear bombing is advised.

We must all band together now in our darkest hour, let no nation of this proud region conspire against this new effort, and death to those god damn flesh eating pigs!

While this comes from only one branch of government the evidence is clear that zombie extermination has been effective within central Casl, but will it take place fast enough to save Stargate? Only time will tell.

An Allied Front!

Stargate supports TNP and all its other allies! If Stargate is successful in repelling the zombie threat all information n its tactics is to be shared!

[bgcolor=#fe0][border=#fe0,1,solid]Open Election Season!
Stargate Elections are now underway with petitions for positions once again open! At this point no challengers have surfaced to the existing positions, and non are predicted to considering the general environment of stability enjoyed for the last year.

More as it comes.

I hope things went well with the elections. Stargate was one of my favorite TV series and is now my second-favorite region (after TNP). :)
I hereby hand this embassy, and representation of the great region of Stargate, to Daniel Jackson, the now official Sec. of State for the region of Stargate by order of the people of Stargate and General Hammond its leader in accordance to the Constitution of Stargate.