Security Council Application Thread

Please post here if you wish to join the Security Council.
Section 5.1: Requirements and Admission:
4. Any person with an account on the regional forum and a nation in The North Pacific may apply to join the Council, as long as their nation satisfies any influence and endorsement requirements for membership. Any applicant who does not meet the appropriate requirements, or who ceases to meet them, is automatically rejected.
5. Security Councilors must meet the same influence and endorsement requirements as applicants to the Council, and may be suspended or removed if they fail to do so.
6. The influence requirement is a Soft Power Disbursement Rating within The North Pacific greater than or equal to 182,500, or an influence rank within The North Pacific greater than or equal to Apprentice, whichever is lower. The endorsement requirement is at least 500, or 50 percent of the serving Delegate's endorsement count, whichever is lower.
7. By a two-thirds majority vote, the Security Council may exempt nations who have expended their influence in service to the region from any influence requirements to join the Council or to remain a member. Exemptions granted in such a manner remain valid until the exempted nation regains the required influence level.
Applicants have usually posted an application in the form of "I, Grosseschnauzer, a Handshaker with 206 endorsements wish to apply for the Security Council."

Your application will be discussed and then voted on by the Council. In addition to the formal requirements for becoming a member of the Security Council, all prospective applicants should take into consideration additional factors that are also important to whether or not the Security Council will approve an application. Prospective applicants should demonstrate commitment to all parts of The North Pacific's community, gameside and offsite. Government service, either in the executive staff or in the cabinet, and particularly elected office, are great opportunities to demonstrate that commitment. Consistent and regular presence on the forum, in the RMB, in Discord, are also important to help the Security Council get a sense for who the applicant is, and to build trust. The longer the applicant has been involved in this way, the better, as it gives the Council more to work with and to consider. If the first time you show up on the Council's radar is your application to join them, you will almost certainly not be accepted.

This is an application thread, and not a discussion or voting thread. Thank you!
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Great Bights Mum

Grande Dame
I, Great Bights Mum, an Ambassador with 78 endorsements wish to apply to the Security Council.

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I, [me], a Minnow (326 SPDR*) with 361 endorsements apply to join the Security Council.

*326 is for Avalon, while my other nation Ehlnar has 255 SPDR and dropping because of the new rules regarding influence.


TNP Nation
Thank you for applying r3naissanc3r. I'm sure that the Vice Delegate will open a discussion on your application very soon.

Unfortunately we do not allow penguins or unicorns into the Security Council. We do not allow weird hybrids of the two either.


TNP Nation
I, Alunya, a Vassal (333 SPDR) with 299 endorsements, apply to join the Security Council.

The problem at hand:

Yesterday (Monday, Nov. 24, 2014) I posted this trivia question for the World Factbook Entry. (For those reading from outside of the Security Council, this is the question and answer from the Regional Message Board.)

And it got me to thinking -- which is always a dangerous thing.

r3nnaissanc3r (aka HMS Unicorn) was duly admitted to the Security Council by a vote of the Regional Assembly on May 7, 2014. According to Ch. 4, Sec. 4.1, Clause 2 of the Codified Law of The North Pacific, he should have posted his Oath of Office as a Security Councillor prior to May 15, 2014. Since he didn't, he legally is not a member of the Security Council. (Note: All of chapter 4 is beyond the bounds of Chapter 5, so Sec 5.5, Clause 28 cannot be applied to the Oath requirement.)

Ch. 4 Sec. 4.1 Cl. 2 of the Codified Law of The North Pacific:
2. All government officials will be required to take the Oath of Office within one week of the certification of election results by the Election Commissioner, or if appointed, within one week of their appointment being announced. The taking of the Oath constitutes assumption of the office. Failure to post the oath within the allotted time will result in the office being considered vacant, to be filled in accordance with all laws governing elections or appointments, as is appropriate for the office in question.
Since he legally isn't (and wasn't) a member of the Security Council, his votes subsequent to May 15, 2014, should be invalidated.

That meant that with Lennart's resignation from the Security Council on May 11th, 2014, Kiwi, Lord Nwahs and Alunya would have required a majority of the 9, 10, and 11 eligible Security Council members respectively before their recommendations could have been passed to the Regional Assembly.

Both Kiwi and Lord Nwahs had sufficient votes even with the invalidation of r3nnaissanc3r's Security Council votes.

I, however, would not have obtained the required majority without r3nnaissanc3r's vote. My recommendation should never have progressed to the Regional Assembly.

Both r3nnaissanc3r and Alunya should be considered as not being members of the Security Council.

Why does it matter?

Simply put, there are enough allegations of rules being bent (or broken) to the advantage of some and not others. The surest way to dispel rumors (or rumours) that things are not on the up-and-up is to do things by the book. There should be no favoritism in the process.

I understand I run the risk that this application may be rejected. I'm okay with that. My previous application should be considered invalidated by the circumstances mentioned above. I am applying again with the best interests of The North Pacific in mind, not influenced by personal gain.


I,The Democratic Republic of Tomb, a Minnow (270 SPDR) with 605 endorsement, apply to join the Security Council.