Embassy of The United Defenders League

October 25 2011

A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate of the United Defenders League,

These past few weeks have been busy for the United Defenders League although the raider world was mostly congregated in the Proletariat Coalition and then Utopia and now Anarchy and Osiris. During these periods of high raider centralization our institution has to focus on building up its numbers and organizing to conduct these sorts of large missions. Missions were attempted several times in Utopia; many of us who observed the raid have a personal connection with Utopia, some helped to liberate it back when it was held by the Alliance of Dictators and I wrote and passed the initial liberation proposal. I am glad to announce that although the Phantom Knights and the Alliance of Dictators tried to motion for the destruction of the region, the United Defenders League did finally liberate Utopia on Oct. 23. Coincidentally, the raiders were able to kick-ban the intended lead and it was the mission’s newbie who actually prevailed. So congratulations to Grackalack!

Now if liberating Utopia wasn’t nostalgic enough for some of our members, liberating “A Liberal Haven” surely was:
<@Goobergunch> I've defended it in my ADN capacity -_-
<Unibot> o_0
<Unibot> Should be like old times then.
<@harmoneia> reminiscent ^_^

All jokes aside, we’re really happy A Liberal Haven’s oppressors were overthrown (on Canadian Thanksgiving too!) and the United Defenders League was able to quickly help that community get back on its feet. The Black Hawks were outnumbered and overpowered by Merrymen and Rangers, 8-3 in successfully updated endorsements. Best of luck to A Liberal Haven in the future and the Dirty South and several other regions we defended over these past two weeks. But of course everyone’s attention is on the creation of Balder and Osiris, the game’s newest “sinker” regions. We decided as an institution to enter Balder and secure some sort of stable framework for a native government. Since any situation like Balder or Osiris will be a large power vacuum featuring military foreign forces in fierce competition, it ultimately takes some sort of organized movement of endorsements to empower the average resident in Balder or Osiris over the direction of their region. This couldn’t be done without cooperation from Europeia and many others who have also being doing a great job helping to safeguard the region in its early days. Furthermore, I’m happy to announce Balder’s elections for WA Delegate are almost done as I write this update; it looks like Luxembourg is going to be the first elected delegate of Balder by a landside vote, but nonetheless congratulations to whoever wins that electoral race. It was a ton of fun running Balder’s candidate’s debate and serving as Balder’s leader for these past few days, although I personally can’t wait to return “Robin Hood” to the Greenwood and continue the fight against the injustices of our world.

I'd like to officially welcome St. George and New Kervoskia to the Chiefs of Staff. St. George has been a merryman for a while and has been a great member, assisting us with those tedious minor updates; St. George has a lot of experience recruiting for his past regions and is looking forward to developing the Recruitment system for the United Defenders League as he takes on the position of Chief of Recruitment. New Kervoskia, former TNP delegate (and my former NS boss!) and well known bureaucrat from those circles has joined the Greenwood Band as our Chief of Feeder Affairs, essentially our Chief Herald will be conducting the usual embassy and treaty relations with feeders but New Kervoskia will act as a consultant on matters relevant to feeder politics. Feel free to reach New Kervoskia at his public office, here. We’ve also had some lovely new entries to the United Defender’s League in the past few days including: South Boston Irishmen, a well-known player from one of our consociates, United Kingdom and also Earth22 and Oliver the Menac—Mediocre, our resident bookworms and patrons of the Library. Best of luck to them in the organization!

Finally we’re going to have our movie night on Saturday, Oct. 29 22:00 EDT. The film will be “Robin Hood”, the Disney version which seems to be a bit of a cult classic. Yes it’s the one with the sexy talking fox *sniggers*. As always our IRC military channel (#udl on Espernet) will be open to the public and all are invited for the movie night.

Quotation of the Update:
* +Ballotonia is using the nation Free4All. It's been a LONG time since that one has seen defender action.
<@Unibot> Holy shit.
<@Goobergunch> XD
* @Unibot bows.
<@Unibot> Not worthy.
<@Unibot> Not worthy.
<+Carta> rofl
<+Carta> ._.
<+Ballotonia> If only the battle could be fought in terms of nation population :p
<@Unibot> Hahahahaa.
<+Carta> lol
<@Goobergunch> Then I'd have to use Goobergunchia for everything =/
<+Carta> xd
<+Earth> xD
<@Unibot> I'd have to stop getting deleted. >_>

May Justice Never Be Abandoned,

A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate of the United Defenders League,

First news of the week is the promotion of Ballotonia and Eluvatar to the rank of Lieutenant, this places them above the grunts, but beneath the self-important pencil-pushers like me. Congratulations to both of these soldiers, these promotions were well-deserved and I cannot stress enough how much effort they’ve been putting into the United Defenders League. Ballotonia joined our group asking to work as a grunt regardless of his extensive history as a defender; he’s demonstrated his commitment, expertise and leadership in every way, so much so that my Lieutenant and I felt it would be absolutely absurd not to promote him to Lieutenant. Eluvatar first got involved with the United Defenders League after I helped him refound Taijitu, but his assistance in the United Defenders League has been way beyond expectations, he’s helped out with admin duties, building some new equipment, has been fulfilling his duties as Chief of Intelligence diligently and has even taken on the duties of Chief Lieutenant while Spartz has been away on vacation. Seriously, the United Defenders League would not be what it is today without these two individuals and I know that the organization really appreciates all of the time and effort they’ve been putting into the United Defenders League. Keep it up guys.

Unfortunately, the other offers for promotion to Lieutenant were rejected, namely Frattastan, Arch-Chancellor of the Founderless Regions Alliance and Tramiar, General of The Black Hawks. I haven't the foggiest clue why…

I'd like to announce that the United Defenders League has a new policy to help resuscitate defender unity; it’s occurred to us that our fellow defenders are making the same sort of sacrifices as we are and so we should keep the badmouthing of other defender organizations private. ADN can suck my blue and white tripartite! Oops, sorry, it’s habitual. Maybe I have Tourett—Yo Group’s so fat, the only thing you defend is the existence of Jenny Craig. Alright, I have a problem. What's next thing on the agenda to discuss?

I'm happy to say on a personal note, Harmoneia and I are getting NS married; we're waiting on my best man to return from vacation to determine a date for the wedding.

On to a gloomier subject: the situation in Anarchy is worsening, but I appreciate how strong and resilient the native community has been in Anarchy and the United Defenders League wants them to know that their hope is not in vain. Lone Wolves United has been motioning for the destruction of the region, gathering help from Nazi groups and ejecting and banning natives. Our prearranged attempt to liberate Anarchy unfortunately hit a snag: the server suffered from lag, it took many of us twenty seconds or more to move into the region. Certainly a frustrating series of events, but it is our duty to persevere. However, we have had some great successes in the past week, we defended Rohan and Ireland simultaneously (joint FRA Missions) and liberated Rome, United Defense Directorate and Lake ilopango as of last night. Congratulations goes to Goobergunchia, who performed as the lead in a liberation for the first time in a while, he seemed happy about this.

Finally our Movie Night was good fun, some of the commentary of “Robin Hood” lead to some entertaining comments as we relieved our childhood:

<+Oliver> "Kissing girls? That's so gay!"


<+Oliver> I'm just waiting for the creepy, bass-themed music to start...
<@Eluvatar> eep
<+Earth> it's...so cute


<@Unibot> This movie so appropriate for the Tea Party movement.
<+Embolalia> haha
<@Eluvatar> Except for stealing from the rich
<@Eluvatar> to give to the poor
<@Unibot> I love how the narrator is a southern person too.
<+Embolalia> ^


<@Unibot> But otherwise I'd say thanks for coming out [to Movie Night].
<harmoneia> you all came out?
<harmoneia> aww homo party!!


May Justice Never Be Abandoned,



ANARCHY HAS BEEN LIBERATED BY THE UNITED DEFENDERS LEAGUE! Thirteen Merrymen and a FRA Ranger entered Anarchy on Tuesday, November 8; Evil Wolf ejected six before update began in Anarchy… but it was not enough... he needed to eject seven. Ultimately, Lone Wolves United and their Nazi and Fascist brethren were narrowly defeated 23 to 22 endorsers. We wish Anarchy a quick and steady recovery.

To commemorate the liberation, The UDL is awarding those who served in any of the four attempts to liberate Anarchy with a special ribbon, variations include:

Blue Wolf II:
Hey now Unibot, its not polite to call TBH Nazis, they might take offense to that.
I'd have to agree. That is rather libellous...
Indeed. What did the Nazis do to deserve that comparison?
Rather, to compare raiders that are not liked by defenders to some of the worst genocidal maniacs in history, is a violation of Godwin's Law.

I do consider that a libellous statement, and a possible TOS violation.
Blue Wolf II:
Hey now Unibot, its not polite to call TBH Nazis, they might take offense to that.
I'd have to agree. That is rather libellous...
Indeed. What did the Nazis do to deserve that comparison?
Rather, to compare raiders that are not liked by defenders to some of the worst genocidal maniacs in history, is a violation of Godwin's Law.

I do consider that a libellous statement, and a possible TOS violation.
Unibot refers to the forces from Greater German Reich.
Blue Wolf II:
Hey now Unibot, its not polite to call TBH Nazis, they might take offense to that.
Maybe they're fascists. :P

EDIT: I don't think it's libelous to compare GGR with Nazis and Alliance of Dictators with fascists.
Blue Wolf II:
Hey now Unibot, its not polite to call TBH Nazis, they might take offense to that.
Maybe they're fascists. :P

EDIT: I don't think it's libelous to compare GGR with Nazis and Alliance of Dictators with fascists.
Well it was never made clear Unibot.

Also, I kindly do ask to please speak with me privately about some matters sir, instead of ignoring me <_<

A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate of the United Defenders League,

The United Defenders League has been particular busy these past few weeks, although just recently an incident in Balder shocked NationStates and so I will begin this statement, reviewing the situation in Balder. I believe Balder is planning to provide the story in even fuller depth, so instead I would read this account as the perspective of the Balder incident from a Merryman in The United Defenders League.

On Nov. 21, the United Defenders League’s leadership was informed of a very unfortunate conspiracy. The Delegate of Balder, Luxembourg hacked his Vice Delegate’s email and tried to get control of the root admin of the Balder forum. We all can only speculate what nefariousness, Luxembourg had planned for Balder – it was nonetheless a radical departure from Luxembourg’s usual populist character. Luxembourg was unsuccessful at controlling the root admin account, but was successful at hacking his Vice Delegate’s email.

Balder’s Committee of Public Safety in an emergency discussion, organized a liberation of Balder from its rogue delegate. Branching out to various military organizations including The United Defenders League. The plan was to liberate Balder by endorsing Fotar, Balder’s Vice Delegate, but the margin between him and Luxembourg was so high that the Committee of Public Safety opted to wait to liberate till the next update, so that an efficient un-endorsement campaign could run against Luxembourg.

On Nov. 22’s minor update, Luxembourg became too suspicious or knew we were on to him after finding out Fotar’s NationStates email account had been changed; Luxembourg ejected and banned Fotar – if he had ejected and banned Fotar five minutes sooner, Fotar would have updated in The Rejected Realms thereby destabilizing Balder greatly, however because Fotar escaped update, he maintained his thirty-some endorsements in Balder, although banned. Luxembourg quickly established his tyranny; he removed the links to the forum in the WFE, changed the flag, suppressed dissent, enforced an endo-cap of five and added a “totalitarian” tag to Balder. But after ejecting Fotar and Robin Hood, his Regional Influence was greatly severed; like a wounded animal, he withered and sought the end. He eccentrically declared that the first person to telegram him would receive the password to his nations – I, Unibot, telegrammed him first and received the nations: Botswana, Mozambique and yes, Luxembourg. By then, Luxembourg had resigned from the World Assembly and I was able to assume control of Balder’s delegacy to restore Balder to some degree.

I’m happy to report that because Fotar did not update and lose his endorsements, last night on Nov. 23’s major update, Balder was able to perform a safe and unchallenged rise to the delegacy with Fotar, the new delegate of Balder. As I said in the World Factbook Entry of Balder, this was all a series of unfortunate events but perhaps this event demonstrates the resilience of the Balder community.

In other news, we’ve promoted Hileville to Chief of Recruitment; Hileville was previously our Associate Chief of Recruitment and a Merryman and has been doing a wonderful job in The South Pacific where he is the Chair of the Assembly. Good luck Hile! Additionally, Goobergunchia, Merryman and Chief Executive of The Native Rights Watch, got his own sort of promotion… but this one from NationStates’ Adminship! Goobergunchia is a shiny new forum moderator in NationStates! Congratulations to Goober, although, I’m going to miss not ranting at him.

Um... what’s next on the list? Oh yes, we’ve opened embassies with the Founderless Regions Alliance and we’re discussing the formation of a Convention on Defender Solidarity to promote similar principles and cooperation. I’ll keep you updated on that project, but I have high expectations. On a darker note, the situation has worsened in North Atlantic, where troops from The New Inquisition, Europeia and others have hoarded over a small community; recently, a native was banjected from the region for not complying with the raider’s “martial law”. We’re monitoring the situation closely and hope some solace can be brought to the natives of North Atlantic. On a happier note, The United Defenders League has been running around doing deeds across NationStates; defences in Alliance of Communist States, LOL Doomed, The Greater Soviet Union, The Glorious Empire of Belka, Pact of Steel and .. Islam. Again. Will people just stop attacking Islam? It got old around the Thirteenth century. Just saying.

And to conclude this update: UDL’s Movie Night is happening December 3rd 2011. The movie will be decided by our members; so far it's close race between “A Knight’s Tale” and “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” with “A Knight’s Tale” in a narrow lead.

And your Moment of Zen,

<@Bunnicula> my very presence makes milograd quake in fear
<@Spartz> scaredy-cat
<@Bunnicula> puddy cat
* @Unibot purrs.
<@Spartz> Unicat
* @Unibot jumps into Bunni's lap.
<+Jamie> Unicat!
<@Bunnicula> :D
* @Bunnicula pets unibot
* @Unibot purrrrrs.
<@Eluvatar> O_O
* @Unibot licks his paw.
<@harmoneia> why is my husband on someone else's lap?
* @Unibot hisses at Bunni and scampers into Harmie's lap.
<@Mahaj> lol
* @Unibot meows.
<+Jamie> rabid cat!

May Justice Never Be Abandoned,

A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate of the United Defenders League,

Well the last few weeks certainly have been busy haven’t they? Admittedly what’s been keeping us busy has been the less organized (or “unnamed”) groups of raiders as of late, invading places like Federation of Allied Nations, Arachosia, The Land Of Morning Calm and Western Europe and a couple other places. The professional invader groups have been tied up in their mass griefing of North Atlantic. Although The Black Hawks and DEN attempted to hold Egypt they quickly went head-to-head with an awakening founder and lost; it will suffice to reaffirm the following model of combat in NationStates:


Besides those invasions, the situation is worsening in Vlaanderen. The Black Riders are currently hoarding over the region, moving in a boatload of non-updaters to cushion their tyranny. We here at the United Defenders League are happy to work with the Belgium and Dutch communities (who have been very helpful thus far) to see to it this oppression ends as soon as possible. However there is some good news, we recently liberated another community, Norway. This was a fascinating liberation for me since I had to watch in horror from the sidelines; the lead defender and two other defenders were banjected, so we had the bare minimum to unseat the raider delegate – the new delegate had to be (of course) the mission’s newbie and our new defender-in-training, Fischistan. Good work Fisch! People who participated in the Norway liberation have received this neat badge.

Nonetheless, this week has been frightening; raider groups have been striking left and right and I’ve been serving as the South Pacific delegate. It is good to know however that the team can easily do just about everything without me. This is somehow depressing and honouring simultaneously. I will, however, have to end what can only be described as the Era of Good Feelings in the Greenwood Band and return to the field, probably sometime next week when the newly elected delegate, Hileville takes over as delegate. There have been some great entries to the Merrymen ranks in the past few days and I look forward to defending with them when I get back, including Fisch, Riemstagrad and my good friend Topid! All wonderful surprises that make me jolly.

And since I like new people that much I've decided to promote Earth22 as our new Chief of Recruitment; Likewise, I’d like to wish Hileville good luck on his endeavors as the new leader of the South Pacific. Earth's got quite a bit of work ahead of her, but in the coming months I expect The United Defenders League will become the first defender organization in a long time to do its own recruitment (and not piggybacking on regional recruitment), specifically for promoting defending to new players. I'm very excited about this because, although we've been able to do a lot more with our numbers than raiders would, I'm really envisioning a future where defenders can confidently approach a raid like Vlaanderen (sixteen+ soldiers) and not bat an eye to organize a liberation with more soldiers than "required". But to achieve this vision, we have to approach the new blood of the game and expose them to how they can help out and volunteer to keep NationStates free and just.

Thank you for reading.

Annnnnd here's your Moment of Zen,

<fischistan> I thought sedge was a raider?

May Justice Never Be Abandoned,


A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate of The United Defenders League,

Wow, it’s the end of the year already! Tis’ been a great year for NationStates and NationStates Gameplay; we saw a game-changing coup in the South Pacific that lead to a greater concern for the protection of democracy and freedom of speech there and elsewhere and the creation of our institution in response to the bureaucratic nature of some of the defence that came to the aid of the South Pacific. This year we also saw a re-emergence of blitzkrieg raiding during the early part of the year, which carried into the summer. Raiders were attacking defenceless and smaller targets with greater frequency during update; going thro’ region to region, leaving their tag behind. This preceded a re-emergence of stockpile raiding, where regions are taken with a very small number of raiders (two or three), then non-updaters are moved in to “cushion” their raid’s security – the numbers of which have been ludicrous, at times the infamous raid on the Proletariat Coalition had forty or fifty raiders endorsing the lead, for example. Currently, The Black Riders’ raid of Rome and Europeia’s raid of North Carolina are also using those tactics and that forces us to focus on recruiting and organizing; estimations suggest that if the United Defenders League wants to be a viable force to be reckoned with against these types of raids, it would need to quadruple its membership and thus overshadow almost all of the raider groups combined -- this is what I intend to do and thus the new year will mark a year of expansion. Consider that my new year’s “resolution” to our current problem plaguing the safety of native communities around NationStates.

Some of the ways in which we’re advertising for new members are rather creative; thanks to one very beloved member, we are now advertising using nation mottos which still warms the cockles of my promotional heart. Also, earlier this month, we sponsored a life expectancy calculator for nations which some of you may enjoy. As Yogurt once said in a thick Jewish accent, “Meuuurwwwchandise! Meuuurwwwchandise!” Eventually we’ll actually get recruiting sometime in the New Year. You know the whole “holidays” and “having fun” seems to interfere with mass recruitment programs and the hefty emotional labour thereof – but give it time and I’ll get the staff whipped into shape, don’t you worry!

We’ve had a good week or two of military action; defenses occured all over the place. We stopped the Red Army from conquering “Dictators of the world Unite” (they ‘strategically retreated’) as well as defences in The United Kingdom Alliance, The Federation of Allied Nations, East Pacific, Western Europe, Esperivira. There were also liberations in The Roman Empire of Independent States, Koeln (from these troll-face guys) and there was an exciting liberation of The Crimson Dawn from the Black Hawks and DEN; a very close liberation that was attained with a remarkably close margin. Great work guys!

Anyways this week has been pretty chill, the holidays are starting to set in; I’d like to wish everyone in NationStates has a happy holidays and seasonal lull. I’ve been spending the last day or so sending out holiday messages to our members; for some members I preferred to post on their region’s RMB (to embarrass them) and others I’ve telegrammed them or included it in this update.

And your Moment of Zen is St. George’s drunk understanding of the United Defenders League’s membership:

<@stgeeorgee> Ballotonia|sleep iss cooool. Eluvatar osa mappopoing. Goobergunch is mod and will thus becoe tyrannnnnnnny. Mahaj is 12. spartz is um Unibot must bedn oves Bazlantis|RestingEyes i shero. Carta is hudin in gholgoth. Embolalia is wa. E|study is cooler than iiiii ithought. Grack ids ossomeone Griff is earths biiiiiitcch??????? Jamie is cute n hot n cute. splm is ssamsolm


Happy Holidays from The United Defenders League

May Justice Never Be Abandoned,


A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate of The United Defenders League,

I know it’s only been a few days since I’ve last sent out an update, but I wanted to remind everyone that the United Defenders League’s Movie Night will happen at 8:00 PM EST on Saturday, January 7 2012. We will be watching A Knight’s Tale; so everyone with a soft gooey spot in their heart for a young handsome Heath Ledger should come out to watch erm... the jousting scenes… yeah, that. As always we will open our IRC channel, #udl on Espernet, for the public so everyone who wants to attend can watch the movie.

Anyways, these past few days have been busy for the staff. We’ve conducted a liberation of OMBS from the Black Hawks; successfully defended Atrosia Isles, The Roman Empire of Independent States, Athos, Corporate Profit Alliance, West Africa, The Middle East and liberated Communist Europe, The United Commonwealth of Nations, The Republican Federation, Classically Liberal Communitarians, Shoelace, The United Earth Federation and Antioch. During our liberation of Christmas, according to the popular Children’s book, “How the United Defenders League saved Christmas!” we all flew a funky Christmas flag which I might resurrect in the future:


We also did a very nice little liberation of The Republican Federation recently. In the span of three seconds, this occurred:

Seconds ago: The Fiefdom of Green Kitties replaced The Hilarious Manipulation of Uruguaya as WA Delegate.
Seconds ago: The United Kingdom of Vanium arrived from TransMcElligot Pool.
Seconds ago: The Republic of Fire arrived from TransMcElligot Pool.
Seconds ago: The Republic of Sixth Times the Charm arrived from TransMcElligot Pool.
Seconds ago: The Fiefdom of Green Kitties arrived from TransMcElligot Pool.
Seconds ago: The Republic of The Lone Miracle arrived from TransMcElligot Pool.
Seconds ago: The Final Nation of Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz arrived from TransMcElligot Pool.
Seconds ago: The Republic of Scrumptious Silver Steps arrived from TransMcElligot Pool.

As you can imagine, daddy was proud. A big shout out goes to United Kingdom, who had several of their soldiers attend that liberation to get some more experience running a professional liberation; I hope they had fun and learnt a thing or two. They’re welcome anytime to join us on future missions; the way I see it: the more defenders, the merrier. If someone is reading this and thinks “hey I’d like to get my region involved with defending!”, I’d be more than happy to help your region get an army off the ground and trained, even if your members don’t join the United Defenders League – NationStates could use a few new volunteers to keep it safe and it’s something interesting that a region can do as a community. Just send me a telegram at “Unibot II”.

Also, welcome back Mallorea and Riva! Mall was our newly appoint lieutenant before he left the game for a few months; we’re very happy to have him back and in full defending mode.

That being said, these past few weeks, we’ve been more dealing with unorganized or unprofessional raiding groups and troublemakers mostly because the professional raiders are fortifying their worrying occupation of Stargate.

After being acquainted with these rag-tag raider groups we had some discussion in our ranks over which one we thought was the worst. Here’s a list of some of the worst raider groups we’ve seen in the past few weeks, but we’d love for you to decide which is the worst!

1. The "Right to Life Army (RTLA)”. These militant anti-abortionists spread their pro-life message against the freedom of the native communities by raiding them to post their pro-life spam. The irony here makes me chuckle. At least I know "Uterus" is safe from a raid from these guys.

Of course, their founder has said the RTLA has been formed for different reasons: to protect “other” pro-life regions and “pressure” regions that harass pro-life regions. So y’all better watch out, if you speak out against pro-life regions... you might get pressured… oh wait. Now I’m going to get invaded dammit. RAISE THE DEFENCES !

2. “Huckey and his Goon Squad”. Named after one of their members' puppets, "Huckey" which has been used in every single one of their raids thus far... Huckey and his Goon Squad have attempted to raid several regions; /every/…/single/…/time/, Huckey will pretend to be a native. During the UDL's defence of Corporate Profit Alliance, Huckey sent "like i told that other person, unitbot is sending out a bunch of people [to stop your raid]. and i'm gonna condemn yall for raiding" to none other than me, Unibot.

3. "Awesomespaceland". These goons invade foundered regions; adding "We are now a colony of awesomespaceland. Or be invaded by us. Your choice," to their target's WFE. Their team includes such aptly named puppets as "Omg who the faaf cares", "Stirred stirred is that how i say it" and "Dave is Epic". As far as I can see their organization's flag is the default flag.

Although they may be slowing down on the raiding, since their Minister of Internal Affairs has come out and said:

TransMcElligot Pool is a defender region that defends other region from being raided! Our sources tell us that they have us in the dossier and are watching us, we should stay low for now and just recruit the old fashioned way.

Good plan Awesomespaceland, good plan. If professional raiders drink at the Old Raiding Club, these guys would be underage.

4. "The Defender Alliance". These fools are rather bizarre. Although they call themselves "defenders"; their track record thus far has been simply colonisations of various regions and raiding and griefing facist regions. They also have a bajillion bases and a region for just about everything .. except defending.

And here’s your Moment of Zen, brought to you by Ballotonia:

2 days ago: The Defensive Shield of Conservator aborted construction of embassies with Right to Life.

May Justice Never Be Abandoned,
Note: The embassy that has the most viewers voting "for the Worst" wins a special mentioning in the next UDL update and a prize that is yet to be determined. Most regions are using a poll, but since I obviously can't post a poll here, posts clearly marked as votes in this thread will be counted.


A Letter from the Capitalis de Societate of the United Defenders League,

On a high-note of every institution must come somewhat divergent notes to closely follow; I will speak of our successes in the end part of the update, but for now I’d like to discuss the rather turbulent past day this has been for The United Defenders League in regards to its leadership.

Our well wishes to Mallorea and Riva, a former Lieutenant, who has unexpectedly decided to switch to the Black Hawks. We all hope that he gets the enjoyable gaming experience and life-changer to which he has been looking forward. He was a great soldier and a dedicated spotter and I’m glad I had the pleasure to help train him all the way from a WA Author to a seasoned soldier.

Shortly after, for different reasons (real life), Harmoneia, one of our beloved lieutenants decided that she ought to retire from NationStates with real life becoming too demanding. It’s been a really great experience having Harmoneia on our staff; of course she was also my wife in our gameplay “marriage”, so I’m going to miss her dearly, but she was also a really strong and positive force in our ranks. Harmoneia’s job was generally to assist our new players during missions and she did it often with a charming approach from which our newbies always benefited. Of course, Harmoneia’s NationStates career spans way beyond The United Defenders League; she’s served years in Lazarus and Jethnea and in the ADN-Reloaded and the Founderless Regions Alliance of course.

Lastly, yesterday, Spartzerium, our Chief Lieutenant and good friend has confirmed with me that he’s been participating in raids with the Black Hawks for the past month and has enjoy that experience, so he’ll be phasing out his service with the UDL and switching to the Black Hawks over the next three weeks. Spartzerium has worked long and hard with both the United Defenders League and the Founderless Regions Alliance and has contributed a lot, in the latter as I believe the most accomplished spotter and soldier they’ve ever had and in the former, he’s been our quiet friend whose good-heartedness, knowledge and talents has always made him an excellent and reliable second-in-command and I know his presence –however subtle– will be sorely missed. I invite all defenders to honour Spartz’s choice and his long and contributive career as a defender. I know I will be campaigning for Spartz to be honored with “The Lifetime Achievement Award for Dedication to Defending” in the Founderless Regions Alliance’s Sixth Defender Awards and I encourage others who have appreciated all of Spartz’s contributions over the years to come out and vote.

We also will be co-organizing a “Freaky Friday” night, in three weeks’ time, which will entail UDL officers taking a night off to “raid” somewhere (obviously not in a real native target) with Spartz; raiders from across NationStates will be encouraged to take part in the challenge as the “defenders” In the event (spotting, defending etc.). It’s our way of bringing a nice finale to Spartz’s career as a defender; these next few weeks will be a transition of course as we have to get everything in order for Spartz’s switch: being the admin of our forums, the founder of our main headquarters and someone with a quite a bit of knowledge, there’s obviously a lot of things that need to be resolved and it’s my hope that Spartz can enjoy his last little while as a defender and leave with everything in order.

Obviously these events are going to be an impetus for some more promotions to fill the voids; since our organization is expanding, I had already intended to promote several of these individuals for their dedication, expertise and demonstrations of leadership but now is a fine opportunity too: congratulations to Belschaft, Mahaj and St. George on their new appointments to the position of lieutenant in The United Defenders League. Belschaft of course, is the former delegate of the South Pacific and has been a defender and a major contributor to the United Defenders League, The Founderless Regions Alliance and the Eastern Islands of Dharma and he also wrote a draft to commend me. Mahaj, is the founder of the South and a well-known WA Author and has been really dedicating himself to the United Defenders League in these past few months since he’s joined, also he wrote a draft to commend me. Last, but definitely least since he didn’t try to commend me is St. George, our lovely drunk roleplayer/defender/F7er who really has picked up the ropes quickly and is just such a colorful and beloved personality.

Now obviously this update has probably been rather gloomy, which seems rather ironic when otherwise our organization has been doing splendid lately. We had two back-to-back successful liberations against Unknown and Lone Wolves United and the Black Riders and a nifty liberation only a few days before that in the Corporate Profit Alliance against Democratium. We’ve also been conducting a recruitment drive between our members and have seen some very lovely new entries like the NS-Sports legend, creator of NSEconomy and commended genius of Commerce Heights; the beloved F7ers: Nightkill the Emperor, Nude East Ireland and Zeppy ; Former ALL and ADN defender :ninja: and beloved generalite, The Blaatschapen; North Wiedna, Hassett and Alevuss; Maurepas, generalite extraordinaire whose fellow Issue Editors, Luna Amore and Lenyo also have joined; Yelda and Glenn from the WA community and Northrop-Grumman and Wewtlandem have joined us from the roleplay community. I know there are still a lot of members still planning to join us and their memberships are sort of caught up in beaucratic limbo. But nonetheless, I really want to thank these guys and gals for signing up; it’s with volunteers like them that we can keep NationStates safe and free for all native communities.

FINALLY, the conclusion to last update’s survey challenge: The Right to Life Army (RTLA) was voted as the worst raider organization of the past few months (by 21 votes), followed by Awesomespaceland (14 votes) and The Defender Alliance (12 votes). The most active poll in all of the UDL’s embassies was Europeia, so they win their own selection of pro-life t-shirts! Europeia was followed by the Founderless Regions Alliance who will all receive their choice of pro-life keychains. Thanks for everyone who responded!

Oh and our Moment of Zen:
<@Unibot> I need help with the Moment of Zen.
<@Unibot> Anything funny that was said recently?
<+SBI> yeah
<+SBI> "anything funny that was recently"
<@Unibot> Wait...
<@Unibot> You quoted me wrong...

May Justice Never Be Abandoned,