The reunion ball


*flemingovia enters the ballroom, notices that the band is still tuning up so wanders over to the bar to get a drink
*Rhindon Blade BURSTS into the room.
Huge centaurs sound their royal trumpets.
Prancing fauns throw flowers and glitter and muffin crumbs.
A dwarf enters beating a drum. LOUDLY. Hammer & anvil style.

Rhindon emerges.

Not a sound. Cocktail glass dropped somewhere. Probably from shock.

Then a pin.
Oh god. Not the crickets now.

A little pretentious.

He hurries his Narnian entourage quickly out of sight. Now trying to blend in (impossible), he strides towards the bar, only to find Smirnoff to be the house vodka. Not Absolut, the nasal female bartender says smugly. God damn it. Shoddy blue-collar "ball". He pounds the bar in frustration.

Someone somewhere loses another (probably plastic) cocktail glass.

AHH so I was never good at subtlety. WHATS IT TO YOU??

Sheik Nadnerb bin Cluich enters the room, his voluminous robes billowing about him. "Where are all the loose women?" he shouts. "I was promised loose women!"
Dark enters the room quietly and slips into a seat at the bar, hoping no one will notice her until she's had a few shots of tequila in her to make her more sociable.
Hmmm.....I thought I got rid of the dust. Sorry about that.

As for the moss, just think of those extra nutrients.
A mean old man strays into the ballroom.

"What in hell?"

He looks around at all the frozen figures in the room, some sitting at a bar, others standing in the middle of the room with different emotions plastered upon their motionless faces, others trapped in the act of pulling moss out of shot glasses (and now, instead of removing the moss from the glasses, only allowing the moss to spread from the glasses to their own extremities). A tumbleweed blows in through the open door and slowly rolls across the floor until it is tossed out the window by the cold breeze.

A mean old man continues to stand in the doorway, extremely confused and disturbed.
Pasargad Walks In ,Lights His Cigar Looks at the Mean Old Man standing at the doorway Pulls out his Bazooka and Aims at the Bar and whole place goes up in flame :evil:
[me]gazes in wonder as he is consumed by flames; he does not scream, but simply wonders aloud how a bazooka that wasn't even fired could start such a conflagration.
Enif runs in, dressed in his many-badged army uniform, followed by a squad of MP's, some who are carrying Fire Extinguishers.

"Douse those flames!" he commanded, in his high pitched yet ordering tone. The MP's frantically run towards the bar, and start spraying foam everywhere.
*pulls out a squirming burlap sack*

I know what we need to liven things up !

*unties the sack and releases the rabid badgers into the ballroom*
A mean old man watches as the flames swirl about within the ballroom.

He shrugs.

"At least it's warm now."

He strides into the fire.