Well, I';ve been ejected and banned bringing to an end my interest in this game. I was already logging in only once a week usually. For the record, I was at 148 endorsements (below the endorsement cap) when banned. As this is my last post, let me just say "good-bye and farewell."
Tormin, this is for your information:

Section 2: Legal Recourse

1. In the case where a Nation feels that their banning or ejection was unwarranted, they may appeal their case to the full three-person Court that shall have the power to overturn the Delegate's ruling and order the unbanning of the nation.

Disclaimer: The above post is not meant to convey that The Minister, the nation of Gracius Maximus, or any affiliated party, believes the nation to be wrongfully banned from the region. It is informative in nature only.