Embassy of 10000 Islands

10KI Update

Date: 10 December 2009
Population: 769
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political events
- Elections for the Himes West and Lyonesse East senate seats were held, with longtime members Ad infinitum and Shizensky each winning a race. Both races saw 47 votes cast, which is the highest voter turnout since September 2007.
- The Co9 approved a proposal adding Islantines Day to the 10ki calendar, which honours HockeyNutville and his wife, who met eachother in 10000 Islands.
- The Co9 also revised the House Criterias and opened the Senate Lobby as a place for Islanders to post suggestions for the improvements of the region.
- The Ministry of Education sent out 286 welcome messages to new nation in the region. This is the fifth month in a row with over 100 messages sent and second month in a row with over 200 messages sent out.
- Delegate HockeyNutville has started a new interview series called Eyes on the Islands. So far installments featuring Grub and Ad Infinitum have been posted.

Taco Islands
- New and popular in Taco Island is The Person Below Me which, in the greatest tradition of the internet, we stole from Liberty Alliance, who stole it from FEA.
- Another popular thread is Scenes We'd Like To See, stolen from the British television show “Mock the Week”
- A riot has broken out at the The Taco Island Restaurant and Bar and we are hoping the police, the military or the cavalry will show up to rescue us and restore order.
- Morlago has gone mission from the University Bar after tying himself to a large bunch of helium balloons. The drunken denizens’ efforts to “help” him down with darts failed miserably.
- Taco Island is celebrating the premature award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama with a thread called I won the Nobel Peace Prize for...
- Right now, in the Biregional Baseball Tournament between 10000 Islands and ITALIA, Ananke’s Thorny Flowers are blowing all of the other 10ki teams out of the water. In ITALIA there is a two-way tie for first.
- Finally, there is a Secret Santa RP in the RP section. Come on out and give your friends a gift!

- This month TITO participated in 20 defense missions and 2 liberations.
- Biblical Importance received a decoration for coastwatching and also reached 50 battle stars, earning him the pretty blue colour of a TITO knight.
- Noyzistan reached 150 battle stars, becoming the 8th TITO Knight Battalion Commander in TITO history.

Random Happenings
- In early November most of the focus of 10000 Islands was on the condemnation attempt of our founder Grub. Many Islanders and allies helped lobby against this sham of a proposal, which we’re grateful for.
- Delegate HockeyNutville reached 200 endorsements.
- 10000 Islands keep growing, with our recruiters putting in an extraordinary effort this month. 21 different nations helped out with recruitment during November.
- Several wills of CTE’d nations were executed this month. Among them Sinn Fein’s Ireland, Private Doctors and The Candy Lane.
- Two kinds of lotto were started by Shizensky, the Super Taco and Pick 3.

Written by Ananke, Mutanatia and Shelter from the Storm.
10KI Update

Date: 13 January 2009
Population: 754
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political events
- Elections have started, with Walabamba, SovietPrussia, New Dracora and MinnaCaroline running for the 2 senate seats. Ananke is stepping down from the Co9 this election.
- The Eyes on the Islands interview series continued with interview of Ananke and The Enigmatic Nation.
- We have been busy this month in the Ministry of Education. To start off, I would like to say that I am proud of the nations that are in the MoE. They have work hard this past month. They deserve recognition for their hard work.

December is a month to remember in the MoE. We sent out 362 welcome TGs to new nations coming in. That beats all of the other months and is the highest number recorded. With the close of 2009, I am pleased to say that the we at the MoE have sent out 1816 welcome TGs for the year. Thanks to MinnaCaroline for her part when she was the Minister of Education. While I am on the thanking path. I would like to thank Enigmatic Nation and all recruiters for keeping us busy this month. Keep up the outstanding work.

The Buddy Program is going great. Three out of five of my buddy nations have four new nations that they are buddies for. That is a big load to have. I am proud of them and how they have made the new guys and girls feel welcomed.

TIBOE. Right now we are looking for nations to join the program. So if you know anyone, please help and let them know about it. Hopefully they will join. - Minister of Education, Greek People Nation

Taco Islands
- Mutanatia has started a Roleplaying School.
- Mayor Shelter from the Storm is facing re-election and the latest polls are a bit alarming.

Only 9.8% of voters think he is the rootinest, tootinest, shootinest, hootinest mayor ever, 17.6% think he looks lovely in a pink skirt , 12% think he continues to be the most corrupt mayor in history, 10% think he is s a member of Al-Qaeda, 14% are convinced that he is about to star in his 17th German porno movie, 12% believe he gives lessons to Satan on how to be evil, about 10% think he is hotheaded, selfish, & dangerous, and 16% accuse him of having had an affair with them.

Mayor Shelter reports that he remains confident that he will be able to rig the vote again.

- The very cynical bunch in the Bar & Grill have eschewed new years resolutions and decided to get drunk and go for a swim at the beach instead.

- Newcomer Improving Wordiness has blessed us with her presence giving us a number of clever spam posts. Examples:

In the Nobel Peace Prize thread:
"I wen tHe Noble Peice Prixe gor npt lookung wehn I tupe."
"I won the Nobel Peace Prize for not using the letter D in this post......oh wait.."

In The Person Below Me thread:
Shelter: “TPBM likes jacket potatoes.”
Improving Wordiness: “True! I love it when food dresses for dinner. TPBM Has hairy toes”

- This month TITO participated in 29 defense missions.
- After the liberation resolution of Utopia passed, lifting the password from the region TITO staged a successful liberation of the region 2 January.
- New Dracora became new TITO EF Tactical Officer.
- SovietPrussia reached knighthood this month, by participating in his 50th mission.
- Greek People Nation and Ananke was honoured for having participated in 100 TITO missions, Ad Infinitum for reaching his 150th battlestar, while Titanica reached his 500th mission, having now participated in almost half of all TITO missions.

Random Happenings
- Walabamba was made new Deputy Minister of Education. Hopefully 3rd time's the charm. Edu deputies in 10ki have a disconcerting tendency to disappear after getting appointed…
- WA voting procedures in 10000 Islands was changed, so regional voting now starts whenever a proposal reach quorum, enabling HockeyNutville to cast his vote earlier than usual.
- Talk about writing a 10ki history has begun and Historians are now needed.
- The State department opened an embassy with The Council or Narnia and is currently in talk with several other regions regarding closer relations.

Written by Ananke, Shelter from the Storm and Greek People Nation.
10KI Update

Date: 4 February 2009
Population: 789
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political events
- MinnaCaroline won the Blue Canaria North seat, while a close race saw SovietPrussia as the winner of the New Republica South Senate seat.
- January was another banner month for the Department of Immigration. There were a total of 172 recorded recruits and over 8000 telegrams were sent. Ananke took the top prize in recruits with a total of 82 confirmed recruits. Improving Wordiness was close on her heels with a total of 70 confirmed recruits. Excellent work, recruiters! Let's keep the population high!
- The Co9 approved the House of Wordiness

Taco Islands
- There has been an explosion of activity in Taco Island. Woonsocket, MinnaCaroline, Walabamba, Improving Wordiness and newcomer Ottoman Franks seem to be engaged in constant witticisms, filling page after page of posts. Mayor Shelter is so delighted at the additional tax revenues that he has built a swimming pool filled with money in his mansion. According to Mayor Shelter, it is possible that Improving Wordiness and Ottoman Franks are alien clones come to take over 10000 Islands with their secret psychic powers. Mayor Shelter says the rumours are genuine because, after all, he make them up and started to spread them.
- Rumours of newly elected Senator MinnaCaroline’s newfound corruption are circulating the Island. Further rumours of her having secret cameras installed in her office have visitors a bit paranoid. Spokespeople for the Senator have denied the rumours, stating, “Senator MinnaCaroliine has never been convicted of corruption and as we all know, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.” 10KI celebrities Anime Daisuki and New Dracora have been hanging out in Senator MinnaCaroline’s little new office in spite of the rumors.
- In an unrelated story, Senator MinnaCaroline has fired her Press Officer and the entire communications staff. She has hired the firm Spin City Consultants (owned by Mayor Shelter) to repair her image. The Senator has said that the firm is so expensive, she will have to double her graft and bribe revenues to pay for it all.
- In The Taco Island Restaurant and Bar, Chronopolice is attempting to create a market for the freshly sampled warp core coolant from his ship as a drink. He says, “It will give your throat something more than third-degree burns.” Naturally, the bars’ denizens are lining up to try it.

- TITO participated in 14 missions since last report.
- Year 2009 saw the highest number of successful missions performed by TITO since records were kept. During the year, TITO performed a total of 238 missions, 19 more than the previous record set in 2007. This means that TITO had on average 20 missions per month.
- Gwizel reached 200 battlestars.
- Anime Daisuki became the 3rd TITO Field Commander ever.

Random Happenings
- Inquirius was named the new Regional Reserves Chairman.
- The Regional Reserve Rich List has been updated.
- The 10KI Investment Corperation issued a Profit report, giving decent yield for all investors.
- This month 10ki opened relations with United India and the BeNe Federation (Belgium and Nederland. We look forward to closer ties with these regions in the future.

Liberation and Defence of Truth! by Improving Wordiness
May contain some made up stuff for extra juiciness.

Multiple Stabbings in TIP ( The Island Party)

Horrifying News from 10000 Islands TIP (The Island Party) run by newly elected Senator MinnaCaroline of multiple stabbings of Mayor Shelter from the Storm.
On further investigation Shelter from the Storm was found to have been stabbed on at least 9 separate occasions and yet was seen to be fully recovered and functioning as per usual in Taco Island. Such unusual behaviour led us to look further into what exactly goes on within TIP.

A shocking initiation practice of drawing blood from Mayor Shelter by stabbing him has been verified. On top of this there is also astounding evidence of said Mayor Shelter actually voluntarily allowing this. We also found physical evidence of Mayor Shelter wearing frilly pink knickers.

One member of TIP Noyzistan was found to have been fed muffins laced with Truth Serum and at least once cake laced with a hallucinogenic. Feasting on fine foods and drinking alcoholic beverages goes on daily if not hourly.
Evidence of Corruption was also uncovered in documents of Taco payments to Island inhabitants to join this political party. The list just goes on dear readers. Arson, shootings and grenades!! Yes grenades!! Do these people know no bounds?!
The only thing we have not found to be happening in TIP is Phantom pregnancies or Alien Autopsies. There is NO guarantee these things do not happen but in our shock at the mayhem and chaos we simply stopped looking and ran for our lives!

Be Warned! TIP is alive, thriving, dangerous and growing!

List of Current members of TIP

Shelter From the Storm
Ad Infinitum
New Siluria
Improving Wordiness

Written by Ananke, Shelter from the Storm and Improving Wordiness.
Those people are clearly hanging out the wrong places. They'll be welcome to drop in on 10ki anytime. ;)
10KI Update

Date: 4 March 2010
Population: 850
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political events
- Longtime delegate HockeyNutville decided to step down after the March election period. This week people are declaring their intention to run for either delegate or a senate seat.
- The XKI University was reopened.
- A proposal called The Taco Island Game is currently being discussed in the Senate Lobby.

Taco Islands
- The Rumor mill in Taco Island has been going into overdrive lately. One of our most popular, but unreliable, news blogs, The Taco Island Blurt, has reported that one of 10000 Islands’ Senators is pregnant. There has been much speculation as to who the father is. Possible candidates are Isles of Nixon, Anime Daisuki, Ad Infinitum, Ottoman Franks, Inquirius, Woonsocket and Mayor Shelter.
- A new thread I’m so Pretty has the Islanders trying to outdo each other in the aesthetics department. So far, Woonsocket and Guy are both coming off as prettier than Improving Wordiness as the prettiest islander, much to the chagrin of most Taco Islanders.
- An important poll is generating great controversy and shows the diversity of opinion in Taco Island. The Poll Question is: Are you voting in this poll?
The results so far:
• No 12.7%
• Absolutely not 11.6%
• Under no circumstances 12.7%
• I don't believe in polls 12.7%
• I would rather chew my leg off 9.3%
• Poll, what poll? 16.2%
• Long live the revolution! 11.6%
• Pass the joint, man 12.7%
It remains to be seen as to which group will come to dominate.
- The Taco Island Weather Bureau has released the following long term forecast:
Taco Island is expected to experience showers this evening with higher than normal tides. Tomorrow, it is expected to rain frogs, tapering off to mild drizzle of tadpoles. Sunny for the rest of the week except for occasional piles of money and ensuing riots.
- In the Roleplay section the Zombie Apocalypse thread Is especially popular.

- It’s been a quiet month in regards to TITO activity. Only 9 missions happened this month.
- However during all of 2009 TITO participated in 238 missions. It’s a record since we started counting missions.
- At the start of the month Anime Daisuki received his 350th battlestar, which makes him the 2nd most decorated TITO nation ever.

Random Happenings
- The State department has been somewhat quiet this month, while we wait for a new delegate to take over.
- The XKI University is currently hosting a debate on the merits of The Islands Party (TIP).

Liberation and Defense of Truth! by Improving Wordiness
May contain some made up stuff for extra juiciness.

Following the multiple stabbings last month of Mayor Shelter from the Storm questions were asked:

-How did he survive such a brutal attack?
-How does he still have arms and legs after they were blown / hacked off?
-Is he an alien?
-Can he grow limbs at will and do you have his phone number?

I have accepted to answer some of these questions by traveling to Taco Island and investigating.

The Mayor refused to comment so disguised as a very, very pretty maid I infiltrated his mansion and began looking through his office.
Several suspicious items were found:
A photo album filled with pictures
A notebook mentioning names and taco contributions
Ladies delicate items of clothing
Plans for a new building on Taco Island for an artificial insemination building.
A communication device.

I can only conclude from these items that Mayor Shelter is indeed an Alien with plans on creating a hybrid race at his insemination building.
Some quotes that add to my evidence:

Shelter from the Storm:
OMG!!!!! I have news!!! Huge news! Gigantic New!!!!!

no I'm not pregnant.

News release!

Senator Minna Denies Pregnancy!!! Much speculation about who the father isn't!!!
Improving Wordiness:
You know what else?
I heard Walabamba is too!

You must do something Mayor! There's Virtual Space Swimmers Impregnating the loins of 10KI
Shelter from the Storm:
Do something? You mean you want me to unleash my "virtual space swimmers" too?

I have had to break off my investigation as I was discovered by Mayor Shelter.

Photographic evidence of Mayor Shelter from the Storm's reaction to my investigation.


Some shady dealings going on
*slips envelope thick with currency into the Mayor's pocket *

No need to involve Forsaken in our *ahem* enterprise, is there now?
The Forsaken Dragons:
*quickly snaps a picture of the exchange* Yes, indeed.
Shelter from the Storm:
Hmm, The Forsaken Regions seems like such a nice and upstanding person. It would be a shame if something unfortunate or untoward should occur to him...

The Forsaken Dragons has not been seen since this event. I conclude that woonsocket is somehow involved in the insemination scheme. Perhaps another Alien? Who knows.

If anyone should spot The Forsaken Dragons please contact missing persons @XKI with information.

Written by Ananke, Shelter from the Storm and Improving Wordiness.
Due to her recent ascension to the delegacy of 10000 Islands, Ananke will no longer be able to serve as our emissary to The North Pacific. Therefore, I have been given the position. I hope to enjoy my time as your delegate, and... something else that sounds really officials :pinch:
But yeah, you guys get the idea.
10KI Update

Date: 12 April 2010
Population: 965
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political events
- 10000 Islands was sad to see long-standing Delegate HockeyNutville step down as the face of Foreign Affairs and the World Assembly this past month. However, we are proportionately happy to see Ananke fill HNV's shoes as the new 10000 Islands Delegate! After a somewhat intense election, which saw 7 candidates vying for the post and 77 votes cast in the poll, an all-time record voter turnout, Ananke II took over as delegate of 10000 Islands. Her current endorsement count stands at 298. Not satisfied with this however, she's doing her best to bribe every last 10KI WA nation into endorsing her by offering extra delicious muffins, having learnt a couple of tricks from Shelter from the Storm…
- We are also happy to welcome Echolilia as our newest Senator for Himes West! Prior to his heated election and subsequent runoff election, Echolilia had shown great promise in his short time here, and we hope to see many great things from him during his time in the Council.
- In addition to all of the above, freshly elected Delegate Ananke has opened a new thread, where she posts correspondence received as delegate. Nations are also welcome to post in the Delegate's Inbox with suggestions for Ananke as well!
- Immigration had an outstanding month this month. Immigration officials managed to pull in a staggering 228 recruits, for a net increase of around 20 nations. Senator Echolilia was the top recruiter for the month, with 78 confirmed recruits, and Ananke was close behind with 62.

Taco Islands
- Senator Echolilia has been exploring the archives of Taco Island and is personally responsible for resurrecting a number of long-forgotten threads. For this, the Mayor has awarded him the Taco Island Order of Funny.

- This month's useless poll has been, "Which came 1st: the chicken or the egg?"
Answers were:
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar 10.8%
My cigar is certainly not just a cigar! 8.6%
Girls don't have cigars! 13%
Girls can smoke cigars if they want to! 15.2%
Do you have Prince Albert in a can? 6.5%
Is that a cigar in your pocket? 13%
…Or are you just glad to see me? 17.3%
pass the joint, man 15.2%
- For some reason animals suddenly ran wild in Taco Island, with lots of people changing their forum name.
- Improving Wordiness has started an Auction House where various Islanders in the future will be auctioned off in order to raise money for the Regional Reserve and Taco Island Charities.

- TITO participated in 24 defences this month.
- Improving Wordiness became the newest TITO Tactical Officer after having impressed Grub and the other TOs with her skills at invasion spotting.
- Shelter from the Storm was made a TITO knight after participating in his 50th mission. Rumours regarding bribery were quickly silenced by some of the mayor's henchmen showing up at the door of the worst offenders.
- Estayland received the title Knight Master Commander after passing his 200th TITO mission, while Inquirius participated in his 100th TITO mission, being able to call himself Knight Commander of TITO.

Random Happenings
- 10KI exchanged embassies with Global Right Alliance.
- Anime Daisuki arranged the 10KI Gettin' to Know Our Allies Tour which saw a bunch 10ki people each move a puppet into the regions of Texas and Yggdrasil and stay there for 3 days, chatting with our allies on both their RMB, forum and during specially arranged chats. The trip was a big success, enjoyed by all participants.
- The Council unanimously voted to award Iwerddon with the Heart of the Islands! Iwerddon joins the ranks of the HotI award winners alongside the likes of Fleeb & Jesioneka for his dedication to the region and his hard work creating the Accelerator, the heart of our illustrious Immigration Department.
- The Council of Nine is also proud to announce a new award, to be given to new nations who have shown exemplary dedication and passion to the Islands in the few short months after joining the forum. The Council is proud to award the first quarterly Rookie of the Quarter award to our very pretty Improving Wordiness!
- Because of his dedication to his job as deputy Minister of Education and to the region, Walabamba was awarded the Order of the Islands medal. The Islands thanks him for standing up and taking charge, while Minister Greek People Nation was busy in real life. Both he and Echolilia were awarded the Order of the Islands, while Jesioneka received the Bronze star for services to the region.
- Takaram was granted his own House.

Liberation and Defence of Truth! by Improving Wordiness
May contain some made up stuff for extra juiciness.

Once upon a time, there was a lovely Lady who lived in a village near the forest. Whenever she went out, the lovely Lady wore very very little, so everyone in the village called her Little Minna Caroline.

One morning, Little Minna Caroline asked her INTERNET boyfriend, Nixon if she could go to visit Shelter from the Storm as it had been awhile since they'd seen each other.

"That's a good idea," Nixon said. So they packed a nice basket for Little Minna Caroline to take to Shelter from the Storm.
When the basket was ready, little Minna put on a sexy red cloak and kissed Nixon goodbye.

"Remember, go straight to Shelter's house," Nixon cautioned. "Don't dawdle along the way and please don't talk to strangers in forums! The woods of NationStates are dangerous."

"Don't worry, Nixon," said Little Minna Caroline, "I'll be careful."
But when Little Minna Caroline noticed some lovely flowers in the North Pacific, she forgot her promise to Nixon. She picked a few, watched the butterflies flit about for awhile, listened to the frogs croaking and then picked a few more. She took a drink of bourbon she had stashed and continued on.

Little Minna Caroline was enjoying the warm summer day so much, that she didn't notice a dark shadow approaching out of the forest behind her...
Suddenly, the wolf named Hockeynutville appeared beside her.

"What are you doing out here, sexy lady?" Hockeynutville asked in a voice as friendly as he could muster.

"I'm on my way to see Shelter who lives through the forest, near Texas," Little Minna Caroline replied.

Then she realized how late she was and quickly excused herself, rushing down the path to her Shelter's house.

Hockeynutville, in the meantime, took a shortcut...
Hockeynutville, a little out of breath from running, arrived at Shelter's and knocked lightly at the door.

"Oh thank goodness dear! Come in, come in! I was worried sick that something had happened to you in the forest," said Shelter thinking that the knock was Little Minna Caroline.

HockeyNutville let himself in. Poor Shelter did not have time to say another word, before HockeyNutville gobbled him up!
HockeyNutville let out a satisfied burp, and then poked through Shelter's wardrobe to find a leather outfit that he liked. He was puzzled by the french maid outfit but liked the frilly cap so put that on, and for good measure, dabbed some of Shelter's brandy behind his pointy ears.

A few minutes later, Minna Caroline knocked on the door. HockeyNutVille jumped into bed and pulled the covers over his nose. "Who is it?" he called in a cackly voice.

"It's me, Little Minna Caroline."

"Oh how lovely! Do come in, my dear," croaked HockeyNutville.
When Little Minna Caroline entered the little cottage, she could scarcely recognize Shelter.

"Shelter! Your voice sounds so odd. Is something the matter?" she asked.

"Oh, I just have touch of a cold," squeaked HockeyNutville adding a cough at the end to prove the point.
"But Shelter! What big ears you have," said Little Minna Caroline as she edged closer to the bed.

"The better to hear you with, my dear," replied the HockeyNutVille.

"But Shelter! What big eyes you have," said Little Minna Caroline.

"The better to see you with, my dear," replied HockeyNutville.

"But Shelter! What big teeth you have," said Little Minna Caroline her voice quivering slightly.

"The better to eat you with, my dear," roared HockeyNutville and he leapt out of the bed and began to chase poor Minna.
Almost too late, Little Minna Caroline realized that the person in the bed was not Shelter, but a horny HockeyNutville.

She ran across the room and through the door, shouting, "Help! Help!" as loudly as she could.

TITO Field Officer, Anime Daisuki who was tracking raiders nearby heard her cry and ran toward the cottage as fast as he could.

He grabbed HockeyNutville and made him spit out the poor Shelter who was a bit frazzled by the whole experience, but still in one piece.
"Oh Shelter, I was so scared!" sobbed Little Minna Caroline, "I'll never speak to strangers or dawdle in the forest again."

"There, there, Minna. You've learned an important lesson. Thank goodness you shouted loud enough for kind Anime Daisuki to hear you!"

Anime Daisuki knocked out HockeyNutville and carried him deep into the forest where he promptly ejected and banned him so he wouldn't bother people any longer.

Little Minna Caroline and Shelter had a nice lunch and a long chat while getting tanked on margaritas.
The End~

The Adventures of Guy! by Guy0307

A tawdry soap opera-like set of love trysts has been upsetting the Island. Various participants and couplings have involved Shelter from the Storm, Improving Wordiness, Ayunli, New Underland, Guy, Woonsocket and several others. At one point Guy left Mayor Shelter at the altar, which caused Fox News commentators to condemn Taco Island as a "den of iniquity, a threat against the sanctity of heterosexual marriage and a haven for al qaeda terrorists."

But lets begin at the start of the story. One day Guy saw that Shelter was having trouble finding someone who’d marry him.
Appalled by the fact that Ayunli, Ananke, Improving Wordiness and MinnaCaroline will never marry me no matter how often I ask them
Certain that this injustice must be dealt with
Aware that civilized men do not club women over the head and drag them by their hair back to their cave
Horrified that this would be the only way to get any of those women to marry me
We hereby condemn Haiz for being new.
@ Haiz: BTW, will you marry me?
So Guy decided to do a good deed and proposed to Shelter.
Shelter, I'll marry you! We should go to Massachusettes (or Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Iowa, DC, Belgium, Canada, South Africa, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain or Mexico City - just tell me where and when!
This made Shelter very happy as he’d now found someone to marry.
Oh boy! How about Niagara Falls. The view from the Canadian side is so much better, anyway!
But then something unexpected happened. Wordy came between the two turtledoves:
I am so pretty Guy is probably going to dump shelter for me
Shhh! I told you to keep quiet!
Which was followed by;
*kisses Wordy*
Shelter arrived at the altar to find Guy not there.
Despite numerous apologies from Guy, Shelter refused to re-wed Guy.
I'm really sorry Shelter. Please don't call the wedding off?
Shelter refused to forgive however, so the wedding stayed called off.

Here to comment on the story we now have Shelter and Wordy.

The Mayor's office has stated that Mayor Shelter is not at all upset over having been left at the Alter by Guy. In other news, Ice cream and facial tissue sales to the mayor's mansion have increased 200%. Mayor Shelter has not been seen in public since the wedding.

Guy and I had a torrid steamy 3 day affair. I won't deny it, however had I known of his engagement to the Mayor of Taco Island I would have taken pictures and saved text messages. I do have a blue dress I am keeping in case Guy should ever be elected into Senate. I do not regret having loved such a passionate man but I do regret any harm it has caused. I blame Guy for being such a sexy beast.

Written by Ananke, Shelter from the Storm, Ad Infinitum, Guy0307 and Improving Wordiness.
10KI Update

Date: 15 May 2010
Population: 1,087
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political events
- Ananke became the most endorsed delegate in all of NationStates earlier this month! Her current endorsement count stands at 427. Regional power!
- After thorough discussion in the Council of Nine, the Council has set the first ever delegate term lengths. Delegates will now serve no longer than six months in any twelve month period, but are welcome to run again after someone else has had a go.
- Due to real-life pressure, SovietPrussia stepped down from his Senate seat in mid-April. Rather than holding an interim election for just a few days, his replacement will be determined in the current Senate election.
- In political party news, the illustrious Islands Party now has a password-protected board for conducting primary elections for Senate and Delegate elections.
- Ministry of Immigration report (via Minister of Immigration Enigmatic Nation)

Good news kiddies! This has easily been the best month in the history of the Islands. Hands down, the best. None better, None, not a one, in the history of the Islands. This is the best. THE. BEST. But don't just take my word for it, look at the numbers.

For starters, we have more than a thousand nations. One thousand ninety-three (1093) last I checked. That is HUGE. We've never done that. Ever. In the history of the Islands. It's totally awesome. TOTALLY AWESOME!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, if the above wasn't enough of a record breaker for you, check this out. Echolilia, in only his second month of recruiting, has recruited an unbelievable 236 confirmed nations. No one has ever done that before. Ever. In the history of the Islands. It's totally awesome. Needless to say, he's our top recruiter this month.

Lastly, our runner-up recruiter with 75 confirmed nations, is Ananke who proves just how "leet" she is by sending out 1337 telegrams this month. No one has ev--OK someone probably has, but it's still totally awesome.

Well done to all the recruiters this month. Rewards are a-comin' along with a special gift for seeing us to a thousand. I'd also like to say a special thank you to every recruiter ever for playing their part in getting us to a thousand nations. Sorry, a thank you is all you get. If you want something else, get of your lazy behinds and start recruiting again!

--This has been the best synopsis in the history of the Islands. Hands down, the best. THE. BEST.

Taco Islands
- Improving Wordiness was given the green light for her highly popular and terribly fun XKI Auction House. To date, over a half dozen nations have been bought (or sold, depending on your perspective) raising tens of thousands of tacos for the RRC or Taco Island Charities. The auctioned off Islanders have begun preparing and serving dinner for their buyers.
- Like the rest of the Internet 10ki seem to have a thing for bacon or as they say in Taco Island Bacon Bacon Bacon!!!
- Finding spamming too low for their liking when it comes to earning Tacos, some enterprising Islanders have started a Taco Farm.
- Certain islanders seem to suddenly have found themselves possessing various kinds of Superpowers.

- TITO defended 16 regions this month.
- Biblical Importance and Improving Wordiness were both awarded the 10000 Islands Legion of Merit medal.

Random Happenings
- Also by the grace of the Department of Immigration, 10000 Islands finally accomplished a major goal by surpassing one thousand nations earlier last month. Go us!
- The Department of Immigration, and the region as a whole, passed a milestone by crossing the 100,000 telegram mark for nations contacted via Iwerddon's Accelerator. Hooray!
- In the wake of certain non-WA or non-XKI nations voting in WA Resolution and Security Council polls, MinnaCaroline and Ananke spearheaded an effort to split the voting section of the WA Resolution discussion thread to a more secure location in the Senate Lobby. Links on each of the two threads direct nations to the other thread, allowing a seamless voting process.
- April 28th marked the celebration of Fleeb Day, in honor of one of our oldest and most upstanding citizens. In the true spirit of Fleeb, a selection of popular words were automatically changed to "Fleeb". This was a hoot.
- Prolific recruiter Markanite has been awarded his very own house! Huzzah!
- Prolific recruiters (100+ telegrams sent) this month were Echolilia, Outsiderz, Cerberion, Ananke, Greek People Nation, Improving Wordiness, Grub, Demean Wonk and Markanite.

Liberation and Defence of Truth! by Improving Wordiness
May contain some made up stuff for extra juiciness.

The Story of Ananke and the Three Bears


Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Ananke. She went for a walk around Nation States. Pretty soon, she came upon a region called house. She knocked and, when no one answered, she walked right in.

At the table in the kitchen, there were three jugs of Beer. Ananke was thirsty. She tasted the beer from the first Jug.


"This Beer is too hot!" she exclaimed.

So, she tasted the beer from the second jug.

"This Beer is too cold," she said

So, she tasted the last jug of beer.

"Ahhh, this beer is just right," she said happily and she drank it all up.

After she'd drank all of the three bears' beers she decided she was feeling a little tired. So, she walked into the living room where she saw three chairs. Ananke sat in the first chair to rest her feet.

"This chair is too big!" she exclaimed.

So she sat in the second chair.

"This chair is too big, too!" she whined.

So she tried the last and smallest chair.

"Ahhh, this chair is just right," she sighed. But just as she settled down into the chair to rest, it broke into pieces!

Ananke was very tired by this time, so she went upstairs to the bedroom. She lay down in Biblcals bed, but it was too pointy.


Then she lay in the Minnas bed, but it was too soft.

Then she lay down on Guys bed and it was just right.

Ananke fell asleep.

As she was sleeping, the three bears came home.

"Someone's been drinking my beer," growled Biblical Importance, the Papa bear.

"Someone's been drinking my beer," said Minna Caroline the Mama bear.

"Someone's been drinking my beer and they drank it all up!" cried Guy, the Baby bear.

"Someone's been sitting in my chair," growled Biblical, the Papa bear.

"Someone's been sitting in my chair," said Minna, the Mama bear.

"Someone's been sitting in my chair and they've broken it all to pieces," cried Guy the Baby bear.

They decided to look around some more and when they got upstairs to the bedroom, Biblcal the Papa bear growled, "Someone's been sleeping in my bed,"

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed, too" said Minna the Mama bear

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed and she's still there!" exclaimed Guy Baby bear. "Must be my lucky Day!"

Just then, Ananke woke up and saw the three bears. She screamed, "Help!" And she jumped up and ran out of the room. Ananke ran down the stairs, opened the door, and ran away into the forest. And she never returned to the home of the three bears.

Written by Ananke, Ad Infinitum and Improving Wordiness.
10KI Update

Date: 14 June 2010
Population: 1,250
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political events
- The Senate is proud to welcome two new Senators to our ranks, Markanite and Guy! Congrats, fellas!
- The Council of Nine gave Echolilia the green light to get the lottery back up and running. From now on, the running of the lottery will be the responsibility of the Himes West Senate seat.
- After several months of debate, fine-tuning, and scrapped prototypes, the 10000 Islands Senate is proud to finally reveal their very own seal! Thanks to New Dracora, Grub, and MinnaCaroline for doing all the grunt work to finally get this piece of art out the door.
- Echolilia was made Vice minister of Immigration.
- May was yet again another banner month for the Islands in regards to recruiting. We're doing so well, it's almost becoming a cliche. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him recruit like XKI. A recruit in the hand is worth 5 tacos in XKI. I'm sure we could come up with a good one. Anyway...
Our population showed a net increase of about 100 nations with over 300 confirmed recruits. Over ten thousand telegrams were sent. If the Accelerator didn't elimate double telegrams, I'd say that we had a ton because I didn't think that many nations were even created in a month. The population is currently sitting above 1100 which is the highest it's ever been in the history of the region. Very well done recruiters. Very well, done indeed.

Taco Island
- As if Taco Island didn’t host enough spam already Echolilia decided to found his own Spamathon, promising to give out decent amount of tacos to whoever wins the contest.
- Klington started the 10000 Islands Band, which seem to have morphed into a discussion of Eurovision lately.
- Who would’ve thought that talking about the weather could go on for 30 pages?
- In Roleplay news, Greater New Tannenberg was nuked, the Ground moved in Mutanatia and several diplomatic meetings between 10ki nations are currently taking place, including a visit by the Kannexian Prince to Malecia.

- TITO has been very busy lately, doing 39 defenses and 1 liberation this month.
- Sir Lans, Walabamba and Improving Wordiness all reached 50 battlestars and were made TITO Knights. Their statues can be seen here.
- Biblical Importance participated in his 100th TITO mission and has therefore been awarded the title of Knight Commander.
- Not being done yet TITO also honoured several other nations for their dedication to 10ki:
Fleeb was awarded the Bronze Star.
Noyzistan was awarded the Achievement Medal.
Titanica was awarded the Order of the Islands Medal.
Gwizeldrop was awarded the TITO Defenders Shield.
Improving Wordiness was awarded the TITO Defenders Shield.

Random Happenings
- The Regional Best Flag Contest 2010 between 10000 Islands and Yggdrasil is currently ongoing, with 42 and 23 participants respectively. All the flags can be seen here and here.
- On the night of June 4th, 2010, in NationStates year 131, the 10000 Islands was struck with a great earthquake in the distant waters of the region. With a magnitude of 9.7, every nation in the region felt this great seismic event. The force of the initial quake caused massive tidal waves and ruptured the ocean floor for thousands of miles to our east. This rupture soon started lowering the sea level to our east, miraculously not effecting our western sea level at all. The lowering water level lasted for a few hours and then stopped completely. As a result, many new islands have appeared in the 10000 Islands!
- Due to the expanded map Grub is currently soliciting names for the new seas. Currently the thread seem to somehow have spun into a discussion about whether krakens or dragons are more awesome…
- Mutanatia was named Dean of the XKI University.
- Prolific recruiters (100+ telegrams sent) this month were Silvermain, Ananke, Cerberion, Echolilia, Outsiderz, Grub, Greek People Nation, Guy0307 and Takaram.

Written by Ananke, Ad Infinitum and Grub.
10KI Update

Date: 16 July 2010
Population: 1,200
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political events
- Senate elections are coming up! Himes West and Lyonesse East are up for grabs, be sure to vote for your favourite candidate!
- Ministry of Education report: Well, let’s see here. June has come and gone. We are now over the half year mark for the year 2010. It has been great so far! Yall know I have to start out with the welcome telegrams. Let me tell you, we sent out a whole bunch! This will be a hard record to break! Are you ready? Alright, I am pleased to announce that the Ministry of Education has sent out a whopping 512 welcome telegrams for the month of June! 512! I can not believe it! You know, when we send out 512 welcome telegrams, we are going to get quite a few nations asking for buddies. I am pleased to announce that each of our buddies has had a min of three buddies each! That is great!
. Ministry of Immigration report: I'm afraid I have some bad news. You(recruiters) have now officially been doing so well for so long I can no longer say that you are doing amazingly well and am instead forced to say that you are only average. That's what you get for recruiting so well for so long. I hope you've learned your lesson.

Here are the numbers for the average month of June. There were 377 confirmed recruits, an increase of fifty-six from May. The telegrams sent this month were OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!! 9,291 to be precise. That's actually a decrease from May's 10,264 telegrams, but on the bright side it provides and excellent opportunity for me to work a popular internet meme in to the report.

Our top recruiter for June is Cerberion with 125 confirmed recruits. Well done, Cerb. Our runner-up recruiter is Silvermain with 86 confirmed recruits. Well done, Silver. As might be expected, Cerb sent the most telegrams at 2,664. Echo sent the second highest amount of telegrams this month, 1,850.
- Several changes to do with immigration were announced.

Taco Islands
- The Cover Band Meme thread has given the world a lot of great new album covers.
- Evidently 10ki people are an angry bunch. Either that or they just love spamming, no matter the topic…
- There should be a law… is full of Islanders coming up with all kinds of weird laws.
- The denizens of Taco Island decided to be serious for a moment in order to find the person most suited to be Grub’s Heir.

- TITO participated in 27 defenses and a couple of liberations this month.
- TITO, and 10000 Islands as a whole, achieved pyrrhic victory in the defense of South America! Special thanks to all the non-TITO Islanders who helped out, your efforts will not soon be forgotten. Going up against 80+ invaders 10000 Islands was able to move 74 WA nations into the region, providing the bulk of defenders during the couple of days the mission went on. All non-TITO 10ki people, who helped out in South America were awarded the South America Defense Medal.
- Sir Lans is back as TITO Tactical Officer.

Random Happenings
- We are graced with yet another amazing generation, the Great Quake Generation! Welcome to all new members.
- The new seas were named after Iwerddon, MinnaCaroline and Ananke.
- Ananke II won the Best Flag Contest in 10ki, while Silvadus won in Yggdrasil. Their flags can be seen here.
- Silvermain got her own House.
- Prolific recruiters (100+ telegrams sent) this month were Ananke, Echolilia, Greek People Nation, Cerberion, Silvermain, Markanite, Takaram, Kanaia.

Written by Ananke, Ad Infinitum, The Enigmatic Nation and Greek People Nation.
10KI Update

Date: 7 September 2010
Population: 1,330
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political events
- Elections for 10ki delegate will start this month.
- As a fitting finish to her reign Ananke’s endorsements keep climbing. At the moment they stand at 542, which is a personal record.
- Harperians was named the new Regional Reserve Chairman.
- A new recruitment Team Battle has been announced. 3 teams have been formed and so far the newbie recruiters are blowing all the old folks out of the water, having gained 61 recruits in just 4 days.

Taco Islands
- The boys evidently got tired of getting kicked out of the Girl’s Club, so started their own.
- 10ki people are trying their hands at filmmaking with ”Defenders”.
- A new organisation has been started by the Empire of Kannex: The Pureud a Cooperation Organization, which is an intergovernmental organization that seeks to uphold international law, regional security, and regional development.

- TITO participated in 32 missions during this month, including 4 liberations.
- On August 25 TITO liberated Urbanites together with Westwind + forces from Texas, 0000 A World Power, The Youngworld, The Council of Narnia and the FRA.
- Boltor and Takaram were both made TITO Knights after participating in their 50th TITO mission.
- MinnaCaroline received her 200th Battlestar, while Anime Daisuki passed 400 battlestars.
- Cerberion was awarded the Commendation medal, Improving Wordiness received the Silver Star and Anime Daisuki got the Legion of Excellence for their great work in 10000 Islands.

Random Happenings
- This month 10000 Islands opened relations with Philosophy 115 and Imperial Union of Procrustes.
- 10ki broke the population record for user created regions with 1,324 nations.
- Guy and Silvermain made some great graphs showing 10ki’s population growth over time. To thank them for their work they were both awarded the Order of the Islands medal.
- Pompadoodle started gathering information for a history of 10ki.
- Prolific recruiters this month were Ananke, Echolilia, Improving Wordiness, Cerberion, Silvermain, Grub, Pompadoodle Markanite, Takaram, Walabamba, Woonsocket, Noyzistan, Guy0307, Olivia The Pig, Free Guns For All and Malecia.

Written by Ananke.
Righfully so. I'd love to see Equilism try to make a run for a population like that, so I know how much work has gone into that accomplishment. Well done.
10KI Update

Date: September and October
Population: 1,330
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political events

- Guy (hey, that’s me!) was elected Delegate of 10000 Islands, succeeding Ananke.

- Takaram and Wooonsocket were elected Senators. Congratulations to both!

- In the New Republica South race between Woonsocket and the incumbent Markanite the all-time voter turnout record was broken. Thank you to all who voted!

- Walabamba was appointed the new Education Minister, after long-time minister Greek People Nation retired. Wala is doing a great job so far.

- Wordy was appointed Minister of Labor after the sudden departure of Biblical Importance.



- Valoniah was appointed Tactical Officer after Ananke stepped down.

- Guy, Valoniah, Kanaia, and Cerberion were all made TITO Knights after participating in their 50th TITO mission.

- Wordy received her 100th Battlestar and Gwizeldrop passed 250 battlestars.

Random Happenings


- We were Commended again by the World Assembly. Thank you to all the regions that supported our commendation!

- Ananke was also Commended! thank you to all those who supported this commendation, too. Congrats Ananke!

- A new XKI Awards system was introduced, which will be used to honor nations in the Islands. Ananke has been appointed as the Awards Czarina and will oversee the administration of this new feature.

- Ananke was also awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for her amazing run as Delegate.

- As mentioned earlier, Biblical Importance left the Islands to seek out new excitements and adventures. He had contributed a lot to the Islands, especially in his roles as Minister of Labor and TITO Knight Commander. Biblical could always keep us amused. Once he posted in huge letters on the RMB his name one letter at a time. It was unfortunate and hilarious that he had missed the R in IMPORTANCE. Biblical Impotance was a joke for quite a while.

- La Vida De Sangre was named Rookie of the Quarter. Congratulations!

- With nearly 7,000 telegrams and 283 recruits, Team Young Guns won the New Team Battle! Prolific recruiters were Cerberion, Pompadoodle, Echolilia, Woonsocket and La Vida De Sangre.

- We’ve had a few forum upgrades; check out the Grub and Ananke Appreciation Threads!
Hi, TNP! I've come to see if you guys are interested in founding an embassy with 10000 Islands using the new NS feature. If so, just post here, send me a TG, or send me a message on here saying that you guys are interested.
We're currently discussing how to handle the new embassy feature and so far the consensus seems to be that we will exchange in-game embassies with regions that maintain forum-based embassies with us. In short, probably yes, but give us a day or two to confirm.
It's been determined 10000 Islands meets our criteria for an embassy exchange. I've sent an in-game request to start construction immediately.
10KI Update
Date: April 2011
Population: 1,436
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political events
- Markanite was elected Delegate of 10000 Islands, succeeding Guy
- Takaram was appointed as Minister of Education.
The Senate currently consists of:
- Cerberion, who is currently the Senior Senator.
- Free Guns For All
- Shelter From the Storm, who was appointed to the senate to take over for Markanite when he was elected Delegate.
- Guy, who was appointed to the senate to take over for Takaram when he was selected as Minister of Education.
Great Taco Shortage and the Economic Recovery
The economy of the 10000 Islands has been through a turbulent time. Technical difficulties created a shortage of Tacos, the Islands’ regional currency. Commercial, industrial and governmental activities were disrupted. On Taco Island, the main economic driver is the government owned casinos which were forced to shut down. Asked to describe the effect of the casino closures on the economy, Mayor Shelter from the Storm was quoted as responding, “Ouch!” Taco Island bribes and graft were also reported to have declined.
The hard economic times are over now, thanks to a technical fix created by Senior Senator Cerberion. Congratualtions to Cerb, who has been awarded the Achievement Medal for saving the 10000 Island economy through his great work on fixing the Great Taco Shortage.
Cerberion has also been appointed as the Registrar-General of 10000 Islands. The main responsibility of this position is to make sure the bills passed in the 10000 Islands are properly documented as well as keeping links about government officials up to date, etc. The Registrar-General is also responsible for keeping the actual document of the 10000 Islands Constitution safe from invader hands. Cerb commands a small, but elite, force that secretly protects our Constitution in the Great Library.

Boltor has been named as a Tactical Officer.
Magthere has become the 50th knight of TITO. Rumour has it that Grub has ordered a new Round Table to accommodate the growing body of Knights. Currently 25 TITO nations have achieved over 100 Battle Stars and have participated in over 1450 defences and liberations, over 90 of them this year.
Other new Knights of TITO are Echolilia (Knight Commander), Woonsocket, and Isles of Nixon
Grub has decorated Ad Infinitum with the TITO Purple Heart award

Valoniah was recently awarded the Silver Star for his work on the battlefield.

TITO also received some awards at the 2011 Defender Awards hosted by FRA. TITO is extremely proud of our winning The Anarchotopia Award won for best defender group of the year.

Wordy was, undoubtedly, the star of the awards. She won the Defender of the Year Award, the Sir Lans Award and the Newcomer of the Year award. We are very proud of her.



Ananke won The Lifetime Achievement Award for Dedication to Defending.

We are always proud of Valoniah who, this year, won the Best Defender Quote Award for his immortal words, “Topoo drun k for up[date tonufght Good luck!”

Taco Island
A great party was held to celebrate the marriage of Gilda and Shelter from the Storm. Gilda is the ancient denizen of 10000 Islands who is well known for providing cookies and advice to Islanders. Shelter is the Mayor of Taco Island and is well known for corruption, graft and bribery. Shelter is Gilda’s fifth husband. All of her previous husbands died premature deaths, some of them still unexplained. Shelter noted (after a significant intake of alcohol at the reception), “I lub... love her. I’d be happy to die before my time just to be with ‘er.” The happy couple honeymooned in the Caribbean.

A new tiki bar has opened in Taco Island. The Proprietor, Mayor Shelter from the Storm hopes it will complement the Taco Island Restaurant and Bar

Random Happenings

- Consortina was named Rookie of the Quarter. Congratulations!
XKI Update
Date: June 1, 2011
Population: 1,672
Delegate Endorsements: 563
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political Events

- MinnaCaroline was elected Senator (New Republica South), succeeding Guy
- Tsim Sha Tsui was elected Senator (Blue Canaria North), succeeding Shelter from the Storm

The Council of Nine:
- Grub (Founder)
- Markanite (Delegate)
- Improving Wordiness (Minister of Labor)
- Takaram (Minister of Education)
- Woonsocket (Minister of Immigration)
- Cerberion (Senior Senator, Lyonesse East)
- Free Guns For All (Senator, Himes West)
- MinnaCaroline (Senator, New Republica South)
- Tsim Sha Tsui (Senator, Blue Canaria North)


- TITO celebrated their 1500th mission. A special medal was awarded to those nations that had participated in TITO operations the month prior to the medal ceremony.
- Field Commander Anime Daisuki celebrated his 5th Anniversary as a member of TITO.
- Ad Infinitum has reached 250 battle stars, becoming only the 5th Knight Marshal Commander of TITO.
- Improving Wordiness has reached 200 battle stars, becoming a Knight Master Commander of TITO.
- Walabamba and Valoniah have reached 100 battle stars, becoming Knight Commanders of TITO
- Eist has reached 50 battle stars, becoming the 51st TITO Knight.
- Valoniah has resigned as a Tactical Officer.
- Prince William, Duke of Cambridge revealed himself as a TITO Knight supporter during his modest wedding in London.

TITO Command:
- Grub (Commander in Chief)
- Anime Daisuki (Field Commander)
- Improving Wordiness (Tactical Officer)
- Boltor (Tactical Officer)

Taco Island

- Werewolf Game 4 ended in victory for the devious Assassin, Byzesion. The current overall score in Werewolf Games now stands at Assassins 2, Werewolves 1, and Villagers 1. Due to balance concerns, the Assassin role is being retired for Werewolf Game 5.
- Activity in Taco Island remains high with over one-hundred and fifty threads active in just the last week of May.

Mayor of Taco Island
- Shelter from the Storm

Random Happenings

- The annual Regional Best Flag Contest has been launched in conjunction with Yggdrasil. The preliminary round will end June 7th, while the final round is scheduled to end June 15th.
- In what was obviously the Wedding Event of the Century, Ad Infinitum married Improving Wordiness.
- Markanite, Paffnia and Walabamba received Commendation Medals for their service to XKI.
XKI Update
Date: August 2011
Population: 1610
Delegate Endorsements: 545
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political Events

- Cerberion was reelected Senator for Lyonesse East. As a result, he will continue to serve as Senior Senator.
- Walabamba was elected Senator for Himes West, succeeding Free Guns For All.
- By order of the Council of Nine, Anime Daisuki and Improving Wordiness were both awarded the Heart of the Islands for their outstanding and ongoing contributions to the Islands.
- Additionally, the Council declared Aersodorf the Rookie of the Quarter, granted a house to Echolila in recognition of his incredible record of recruitment, established diplomatic relations with Jethnia, and approved a business application for CTE Solutions.

The Council of Nine:
- Grub (Founder)
- Markanite (Delegate)
- Improving Wordiness (Minister of Labor)
- Takaram (Minister of Education)
- Woonsocket (Minister of Immigration)
- Cerberion (Senior Senator, Lyonesse East)
- MinnaCaroline (Senator, New Republica South)
- Tsim Sha Tsui (Senator, Blue Canaria North)
- Walabamba (Senator, Himes West)


- Inquirius and Boltor both reached the milestone of 150 battle stars, becoming the 11th and 12th members respectively to achieve the ranks of of TITO Knight Battalion Commander.

TITO Command:
- Grub (Commander in Chief)
- Anime Daisuki (Field Commander)
- Improving Wordiness (Tactical Officer)
- Boltor (Tactical Officer)
- Eist (Tactical Officer)

Taco Island

- After an outbreak of Mad Camel Fever, the Taco Islands Restaurant and Bar has reopened for business. As always, Spam and Lichto Water are the most prominent menu items.

Mayor of Taco Island:
- Shelter from the Storm

Random Happenings

- In heated race Aersoldorf won the inaugural Ten-Thousand Islands Poetry Competition and was named the first ever XKI Poet Laureate.
XKI Update
Date: September 2011
Population: 1858
Delegate Endorsements: 629
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political Events

- The Islands are gearing up for the September elections. Islanders will be voting for Delegate, Senator (New Republica South), and Senator (Blue Canaria North ).
- The Council of Nine voted to confiscate tacos from a number of CTE nations and transfer them to the Regional Reserve. Additionally, the idea of having an official XKI Featured Region Follower was considered before being dismissed.

The Council of Nine:
- Grub (Founder)
- Markanite (Delegate)
- Improving Wordiness (Minister of Labor)
- Takaram (Minister of Education)
- Woonsocket (Minister of Immigration)
- Cerberion (Senior Senator, Lyonesse East)
- MinnaCaroline (Senator, New Republica South)
- Tsim Sha Tsui (Senator, Blue Canaria North)
- Walabamba (Senator, Himes West)


- TITO Knight Commander Sir Lans has resigned from TITO so that he can assist in the rebirth of The Youngworld. He will be missed, and TITO looks forward to working with him again in the future.
- TITO Knights Echolila and Ananke II have reached 150 battle stars, becoming TITO Knight Battalion Commanders.

TITO Command:
- Grub (Commander in Chief)
- Anime Daisuki (Field Commander)
- Improving Wordiness (Tactical Officer)
- Boltor (Tactical Officer)
- Eist (Tactical Officer)

Taco Island

- The Mayor has announced the XKI Darwin Awards. Nominations are ongoing, and a “winner” will be announced at a secretive future date.

Mayor of Taco Island:
- Shelter from the Storm

Random Happenings
- The XKI Lottery has been reborn! The winning numbers of August 23rd’s inaugural drawing were 2-4-9. The next drawing will be on September 6th.
- The United States of Grub announced that they are expecting an heir to the throne. A mad rush of celebrations, congratulations, and name suggestions ensued.
- The Islands are proudly celebrating both a record number of citizens and record number of delegate endorsements
XKI Update
Date: October 2011
Population: 1,944
Delegate Endorsements: 417
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political Events

- The Enigmatic Nation has been elected Delegate, succeeding Markanite.
- MinnaCaroline has been reelected Senator, New Republica South. Additionally, with Cerberion's resignation as Senator, she now serves as Senior Senator.
- Tsim Sha Tsui has been reelected Senator, Blue Canaria North.
- Cerberion has been appointed Minister of Labor, succeeding Improving Wordiness.
- Anime Daisuki has been appointed Senator, Lyonesse East, to fill Cerberion's now vacant seat.
- The Council of Nine has voted to close diplomatic relations with the Equilism, due to their ties to invader regions. Additionally, the Council passed legislation regulating political party sub-forums and establishing the 1800 Generation.

The Council of Nine:
- Grub (Founder)
- The Enigmatic Nation (Delegate)
- Woonsocket (Minister of Immigration)
- Takaram (Minister of Education)
- Cerberion (Minister of Labor)
- MinnaCaroline (Senior Senator, New Republica South)
- Tsim Sha Tsui (Senator, Blue Canaria North)
- Walabamba (Senator, Himes West)
- Anime Daisuki (Senator, Lyonesse East)


- TITO Knight Cerberion reached 100 battle stars, becoming a TITO Knight Commander.

TITO Command:
- Grub (Commander in Chief)
- Anime Daisuki (Field Commander)
- Improving Wordiness (Tactical Officer)
- Boltor (Tactical Officer)
- Eist (Tactical Officer)

Taco Island

- To celebrate the 10th iteration of the game he introduced to XKI, Ambassador Firstaria of ITALIA is running Werewolf: Game 10. It features more flavor than ever, potentially huge prizes, and is being sponsored by Aersoldorf.

Mayor of Taco Island:
- Shelter from the Storm

Random Happenings

- Bellemiatic has begun an ambitious project creating Ten Thousand Islandic, a new language for XKI.
XKI Update

Date: April, 2012
Population: 2,277
Delegate Endorsements: 631
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political Events

March was a very busy month in XKI politics.

- Two elections were held in March for the Senate, and the Delegate election was held as well.

- In the Senate, Paffnia ran for re-election for Lyonesse East. His opponent Robloxica managed to collect 20 votes, but Paffnia’s 52 vote total proved to be too much to surmount. Paffnia thus retained his seat with a plurality.

-In Himes West, things were much closer. Walabama vacated his seat to run for Delegate, thus leaving the Himes West seat open. The Islands Party Primary was won by Ater Nox. In the General Election, he faced Independent candidates Aersoldorf and Glasgia. Under XKI election statutes, a candidate must win by a minimum of 50%, or else a runoff will result. Thus, Aersoldorf and Ater Nox faced each other in the region’s second consecutive run-off. In the runoff, Aersoldorf prevailed by a 14 vote margin.

-The Delegate race featured a group of well known Islanders. Ananke, Walabama, and Shizensky all vied for the Delegate seat. Ananke prevailed by a large margin over the other candidates, thus winning the Delegate’s seat.

Check out the election threads in the University’s Campaign Archives:


Thus, the composition of the current Council of Nine is:

- Grub (Founder)
- The Flower girl of Ananke II (Delegate)
- MinnaCaroline (Minister of Immigration)
- Takaram (Minister of Education)
- Cerberion (Minister of Labor)
- Paffnia (Senior Senator, Lyonesse East)
- Markanite (Senator, New Republica South)
- Malecia (Senator, Blue Canaria North)
- Aersoldorf (Senator, Himes West)

Featured Nations

Featured Nations in March included Wordy, Blogotopia, Moog’s World, and Holilands.


- TITO has successfully defended 1720 nations to date. March battles include: Tumblr, Deep Space, Middle East 3, The Music, The United States, Syria, District 10, Ecotopia 2, ZZ 9 Plural Alpha 2, Norway 7 (03-20-12)

- Shizensky has become the most recent Knight of TITO. A member of XKI since 2005, this honor was a long time coming and well deserved. His perseverance is a shining example of the commitment of all our TITO members, Knights and non-Knights a like!

-Executive Officer Ad Infinitum is celebrating his 8th year with TITO. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, PAI!

Current TITO Command:
- Grub (Commander in Chief)
- Ad Infinitum (Executive Officer)
- Improving Wordiness (Field Commander)
- Boltor (Tactical Officer)
- Eist (Tactical Officer)

Taco Island

Taco Island continues to be the number one destination for fun and Tacos. Werewolf 13 kicked off in the middle of the month and is being moderated by Firstaria.
While Shelter from the Storm tend to be a popular guy it seems like not everyone agree with how he’s running Taco Island. A topic dealing with his overthrow was recently posted and have already garnered 6 pages of discussion. At this point in time it seems to have morphed into a vanity thread for Major Shelter though.

Mayor of Taco Island:
- Shelter from the Storm

Random Happenings

- The Recruiting Team continues its outstanding work. As a result, shares of IMM stock now trade at 41 Tacos. Several of the Islands’ financial experts are predicting yet another Taco split.

- The 5th Boltor Taco Review was published. Unsurprisingly, the top performer for gains was the XKI Investment Corp.

- In the University, new classes have started including Metaphysics with Shemiki, Web Development with Shizensky, and Mock Trial with Malecia. Ongoing classes include Recruiting with Minna Caroline, and Politics with Mutanatia.
XKI Update
Date: May, 2012
Population: 2,085
Delegate Endorsements: 781
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political Events
- It’s election time in the Islands. The seats from New Republica South and Blue Canaria North are up for grabs. Both incumbents have declared their intent to seek another term, and the primaries have produced some interesting challenges. Results will be posted next month.

The current composition of the Council of Nine is:

- Grub (Founder)
- Ananke II (Delegate)
- MinnaCaroline (Minister of Immigration)
- Takaram (Minister of Education)
- Cerberion (Minister of Labor)
- Paffnia (Senior Senator, Lyonesse East)
- Markanite (Senator, New Republica South)
- Malecia (Senator, Blue Canaria North)
- Aersoldorf (Senator, Himes West)

Featured Nations in April included Yolksville, Surdra, Hoodhat, Blogotopia and Lahuland.

- TITO has successfully defended 1737 nations to date. April defenses include: The Skeleton Army, Norway, Norway Lockup, Western Europe, Pacific and Death Star.
- New TITO members this month are Not A Sossidge, Calanria, Zegenas and Barrarabia. We look forward to defending beside them.
- Ater Nox and Surdra were awarded the coveted title of TITO Knight in April. They exemplify the dedication and wherewithal that is a hallmark of those who have been admitted to the Chamber of TITO Knights!
- TITO Executive Officer Ad Infinitum created a new Refound Pin for TITO nations who have participated in a refounding mission.
- Ad Infinitum also completed a major overhaul and recategorization of all of TITO's awards.
- TITO Field Commander Improving Wordiness became a Knight Legion Commander with 300+ battle stars.
- TITO Knight Echolilia became a Knight Master Commander with 200+ battle stars.

Current TITO Command:
- Grub (Commander in Chief)
- Improving Wordiness (Field Commander)
- Boltor (Tactical Officer)
Eist (Tactical Officer)
Ad Infinitum (Executive Officer)

Taco Island
- Taco Island continues to be the number one destination for fun and Tacos. Werewolf continues to be a popular game and version 14 is now underway.
- Our regular RP’ers are currently planning a new Fantasy section.
- The Third LUSS Session is ongoin g. While diplomacy is taking place at the LUSS meeting war is brewing in Tunezona and there’s the Pepuluan Uprising to keep an eye on as well.

Mayor of Taco Island:
- Shelter from the Storm

Random Happenings
- During the traditional NS April’s Fool, which this year included a fictional IPO 10ki nations quickly decided to cede their shares to Grub, who ended up being 6 in the list of top shareholders with 1,641,826 shares. Much fun was had by everyone, especially those who flooded Nationstates with newly resurrected puppet nations.
- The Recruiting Team is rocking the Islands with its continued work. IMM shares are now trading at 44 Tacos, the highest level in nearly a year.
- In the University, a debate on Universal Health Care is underway, and there have been great points made on both side of this issue.
- When the Most World Assembly Endorsements ranking hit on May 5 Ananke II held the top spot in the World, while all in all 30 10ki nations placed in top 100.
- Boltor was our winner of the Echolilia Full Throttle Award for the 3rd month in a row, sending out over 5,000 telegrams and recruiting 197 new nations.
- Aersoldorf was the runner up for the 3rd month in a row, sending out over 1,800 telegrams and bringing in 66 new recruits.
- We had 20 recruiters total, and we collectively sent out 13,186 telegrams. 451 new nations joined our region in the month of April.
- Woonsocket is not only a decorated war hero, TITO Knight, former Minister of Immigration, but he has now recruited over 2000 new nations into our region. He is the first nation in our region to accomplish this task and hereby has been awarded the Iwerddon Accelerated Recruitment Medal.
- The Islands joyfully celebrated Anime Daisuki Day on April 13 and Fleeb Day on April 28.
XKI Update

Date: June, 2012
Population: 2123
Delegate Endorsements: 824
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political Events

- May saw another election take place in the Islands. The Senate seats for Blue Canaria North and New Republica South were contested. In the race for the NRS seat, incumbent Markanite, the nominee of The Islands Party won a decisive race against The Defender Party candidate Valoniah, and independent candidate Surdra. Mark won with 60 votes to Val’s 22 and Surdra’s 10.
The race for the BCN seat was a different story altogether. Incumbent candidate and TIP nominee Malecia squared off against TDP candidate Calanria, who is a newcomer to the Islands. At one point, Cal was up by 5 votes and he looked as though he was going to unseat Mal. Both sides campaigned hard all week, and Mal was eventually able to catch Cal and surpass him, winning with a 5 vote margin and retaining his seat.
The BCN race also set a new record for voter turnout at 93, breaking the record from last fall for the Lyonesse East seat set by Paffnia and Malecia.
The results from both of these elections as well as elections past are available here. You can also read historical campaign threads.
- After a succesful period as Minister of Education Takaram decided to step down. We thank him for all his had work in the Islands. Markanite was appointed new minister, while Valoniah took over his senate seat in the Council of 9.

Thus, the composition of the current Council of Nine is:

- Grub (Founder)
- Ananke II (Delegate)
- MinnaCaroline (Minister of Immigration)
- Markanite (Minister of Education)
- Cerberion (Minister of Labor)
- Paffnia (Senior Senator, Lyonesse East)
- Valoniah (Senator, New Republica South)
- Malecia (Senator, Blue Canaria North)
- Aersoldorf (Senator, Himes West)

Featured Nations

Featured Nations in May included Lahuland, Dernovia, Tzo, and Calanria.


- TITO has successfully defended 1720 nations to date. May battles include: Ponsatomy, Asia, The Indian Ocean, Trojans, Union of Talkhausia, Democratic Socialist Alliance, Transilvania, and A Very Small Box.
-The TITO Knights’ Chambers welcomed Land Filled with People as its latest Knight, after he earned his 50th battle star for his participation in the defense of The Union of Talkhausia. Land is also a six time recipient of the Coast Watcher Eagles (awarded for spotting invasions), the Quick Reaction Force Pin, and the Refound Pin. In recognition for his outstanding service in the seven short months he’s been with us, Land has also been awarded the Soldier’s Medal. Way to go Land!
- Boltor became a TITO Knight Marshall Commander with 250 battle stars, while Eist reached Knight Battalion Commander with 150 battle stars and Kanaia attained Knight Commander with 100 battle stars.
- This month we welcomed Joshualand, ForeverRapid, Free South Califas and Lucian De Mundo to TITO.

Current TITO Command:
- Grub (Commander in Chief)
- Improving Wordiness (Field Commander)
- Boltor (Tactical Officer)
- Eist (Tactical Officer)
- Ad Infinitum (Executive Officer)

Taco Island

- Taco Island continues to be the number one destination for fun and Tacos. Werewolf 15 began, moderated by Calanria (anyone notice this guy is all over the place?).

Mayor of Taco Island:
- Shelter from the Storm

Random Happenings

- Cartographer-general Shizensky was awarded the Meritorious Service medal.
- The Recruiting Team continues its outstanding work. As a result, shares of IMM stock now trade at 41 Tacos. Several of the Islands’ financial experts are predicting yet another Taco split.
- In the University, new classes have started including Metaphysics with Shemiki, Web Development with Shizensky, and Mock Trial with Malecia. Ongoing classes include Recruiting with Minna Caroline, and Politics with Mutanatia. Mut is also getting ready for News and Current events 201.
- The Co9 established the Fleeb University Award for Meritorious Service with the first recipient being Mutanatia
- We’re currently visiting our allies Texas.
- Embassies were exchanged between 10ki and Osiris this month. We look forward to friendly relations between our two regions.
- This month we had 18 recruiters total, and we collectively sent out 12,984 telegrams. 365 new nations joined our region in the month of May.
- The June Poetry competition is currently being voted on. This time we had 8 entrants, who are competing for the coveted title of 10ki Poet Laureate.

Written by Malecia, Ananke and MinnaCaroline.