Embassy of 10000 Islands

I, Io Way, representing the region name, do hereby understand that this consulate in no way forces The North Pacific into any Military or Political Alliance or relationship. I understand that this consulate may be closed at anytime by the Minister of External Affairs for whatever reason. I hereby pledge to follow the rules and regulations of this forum.

Whoo Hoo! I can now post!

Tell us, who is in charge there these days?
Grub is still in charge, as the founder if you mean. CO9 is now: Grub, Jesioneka, Sinn Féin's Ireland, The Candy Lane, The Enigmatic Nation, MinnaCaroline, Estayland, Twobagger.

No really new people...

I'm workin on a report now.
Soo... I may sound noobish... But what is a consulate?

10000 islands is the place for fun!
Our main forum is Taco Island with 80+ Pages of Post game goodness. Nearing 100,000 posts! Guess where a whole lot of people spend there time!

Due to taco island, 'posts' have become sort of arbitrary since you can eaily rack up 2k posts if another person desides to 'fight' for taco island with you.

We have a monetary system (tacos). You get 15 tacos per post instead of the 10 here.

Immigration stock report!: (You can buy stock based off of immigration) The IMM (stock) dropped 7 points to 35 after a large decrease of population.

Assmbly report: nothing new [insert name] was added to the assmbly. We are discussing [insert topic]

Random Good Stuff: Whooho! This embassy/conselate was created and I have horrible spelling!
NEWS FROM THE 10000 ISLANDS! Brought to you by Io Way!

Senate elections are coming up!

2 seats are open in the 10000 Islands presidous CO9!
They are, (And who is running (And Political Party affilication))

Blue Canaria North:
The Enigmatic Nation (UPP)
Shizensky (ACN)

New Republica South:
The Isles of Nixon (UPP)
A Lee Project

New Republica South has seen a LOT of battle, to help explain I'll have Eng's post to help me

Isle of Nixon declared in New Republica South. No one declared right away so Io Way declared to drum up interest, Gladii declared and Io Way withdrew. Parthini then declared. A few days later Gladii withdrew and then ALP declared.

Have I got all that straight? This has to be a record for most declarations for one seat. Who ever said the Islands were boring obviously hasn't been around during an election. Around at all really, but that's beside the point.

Grub has endored Enigmatic Nation and Parthini, while I, Io Way, have endorsed Shizensky and A Lee Project.

The senate election boards are going crazy at the momemt. The original voting date was 9/11 and that sparked a firestorm with the obvious corralation. Many memebers will be voting on the 12th.

More to come on the end of the election.

55 nation has proposed a new bill introducing a new legislative body to the XKI. However, the Founder, Grub, is sceptical.

Sorry none here.

Io Way
More news!
From Eng Again!

Note:author=enigmaticnation board=SenateOffices thread=1189375287 post=1189375287

Senate Report: August 2007


Hockeynutville retired due to a conflict with real life priorities. Petalumadom resigned his post as Minister of Education and his citizenship in 10000 Islands to focus on his own region. He continues to be a presence on the forums under his new name Ambassadoratum. On a happier note, Sinn Feins Ireland, our Minister of Immigration, celebrated two years as an Islander on the 21st of the month. The 10000 Islands also celebrated Distinguished Service Medal Day honoring the nine nations who have received the lofty award.


Grub reached 10000 posts. Furthermore the longstanding record of 21 users on at once was broken on August 27th. The new record is 23. Girlsandboys compiled a list of those nations who have been hospitable and welcoming to new nations since welcoming reforms in November.

The Map

The Council of Nine unveiled a new section of the region, the Islands of the TITO Knights. Nations may launch expeditions for treasure and begin colonization of the previously secret islands should they so choose. Grub removed population requirements on world standings.

Council of Nine

The Co9 passes Resolution 2007-001 creating provisions for absentee ballots. Senator MinnaCaroline resigns her position to become Minister of Education.


The department begins keeping detailed records of who joins the region and which join the forum in order to be as welcoming and helpful as possible in an effort to keep recruits interested and get them active. Classes continued in the University. In addition a new feature was introduced by enterprising nation Soviet-Prussia, the University Bar.


The August Immigration Initiate was released and ushered in the start of the fourth Team Battle. Though faced with one of the notorious “graveyards months” the recruiters did a great job, brining in 66 new nations

State Dept.

“Awards for foreign dignitaries” continues to be discussed. Progress is being made. Govindia was appointed ambassador to Canada, Io Way ambassador to the North Pacific, and Siros ambassador to Europe. Shesharlie is working on a UN proposal regarding maritime borders. Our delegate, Jesioneka is working closely with Shesharlie on the project. Shesharlie needs a second UN endorsement to make the proposal and seeks any willing nation to provide it.


No AoN proposals made their way to the Co9 during the month of August


MinnaCaroline, The Gladii, and Twobagger were knighted as the twenty-third, twenty –fourth, and twenty-fifth Knights of TITO respectively.
Enigmatic Nation brings in the Monthly report for the Assmbly of Nations.
AoN Monthly Report: August 2007

A slightly less active month than July.

A Lee Project is elected as the Official Opposition Leader and Italia Romanae is appointed the latest Censor.

The AoN saw several applicants to the AoN over the course of the month. It welcomes Govindia and Bletheropolis to its ranks and welcomes back San Juan Capital who returns after a term as senator

The AoN discussed putting a cap on AoN membership. This discussion was closed by its author 55 Nations and was not brought to a vote

No proposals were brought before the Council of Nine in August

Sorry it's a bit late.
Anime Daisuki brings in the more fun news. I'm just copy pasitng it,


A short recap of events and news from the islands...


- Senate elections for the New Republica South and Blue Canaria North constituencies are currently underway. The New Republica South seat is contested by Isles of Nixon, Parthini, and A Lee Project. Over at Blue Canaria North, The Enigmatic Nation is defending his seat against Shizenky and 55 Nations.
- Elections are always exciting to watch and its no different this time around. The race for New Republica South is particularly heated with active campaigning from candidates and their supporters. Grub has thrown his support behind Parthini, a TITO Knight, ex-delegate, and writer of the 10KI Constitution. Meanwhile, Isles of Nixon has garnered important endorsements from Sinn Feins Ireland and MinnaCaroline.
- In a surprising move, the Council of Nine (Co9) has banned retired senator and AoN speaker Girlsandboys (GnB) from the forum for two weeks. According to the Co9, the censure was in response to GnB's confrontational attitude and personal attacks on several islanders. This version of events is disputed by GnB and her supporters, whom maintain that the real issue was free speech or lack thereof.
- The censure of GnB has sent shockwaves through the region with several members jumping to her defense. Soviet-Prussia temporarily left the islands as a sign of protest (he has since returned). Several members have started to form a new party --- The Radical Party, to challenge the Constitution.
- Several proposals are being discussed at AoN. They include a proposal to increase the number of senate seats and a proposal to create a DEFCON warning system.


- Last month's 'lucky draw' to redistribute IMM shares was won by Twobagger.  The lucky Taco Island Mayor won himself 1,143 IMM shares to the envy of everyone else.
- A "Name a Treasure" contest has been launched as part of the effort to expand the Regional Map. Participants are asked to name a treasure and write a short story in order to win.
- Taco Island has always been about fun and games. In addition to the hundreds of threads already in the subforum, several new threads were started recently. These include "Bother the mayor", a sort of invitation to spam Twobagger; "21", a counting game; and "Parthini and five", a random chat about Parthini and his mysterious connection with the number 5.
- Soviet-Prussia, MinnaCaroline, and Girlsandboys have successfully pulled off the first ever escape from Taco Island jail with the help of the KGB and Mafia.
- Taco Island's popularity is evident in the number of posts it captures. With 100,000 posts, its share of total forum posts is nearly 70 percent.


- Islanders mourn the loss of Coyotemen, former Taco Island Mayor and AoN member.
- Yavanna and Otupia also CTEd in the past few weeks. However, there is hope that they will be resurrected.


- Two more TITO nations were knighted since the last newsletter. The Gladii became the 25th and Gwizeldrop the 26th Knight of TITO. Both are decorated members and have served TITO with distinction. Congratulations!
- Last three weeks, TITO members saw action in "The North Pacific", "HHHS", "The Valliant Plains", "The BHG", "Flying nation in the sky", "Cazelia", "Antartica", "Ceylon", "E20 Memorial Region", "Wecanmisspellobscenities", "The Stronghold", "The Irish Empire", "Here be Dragons", "Starbucks", "Green Anarchy" and "Georgia", keeping these regions free from invader oppression.
- For the whole of August, TITO participated in a total 26 missions.


- Friends and diplomats from Jethnea, Founderless Region Alliance, Liberalia, Equilism, The Meritocracy have dropped-by for visits.
- 10000 Islands is pleased to present Io Way as the region's new emissary to The North Pacific.
- The State Department is looking for islanders willing to serve as emissaries to foreign regions. Currently, liason offices at Zurich, Non-Aligned States, The Youngworld and Nationstates (the region) are unstaffed. Please contact Jesioneka if you can help!


- In addition to official, registered political parties, there are several specialty groups in 10KI. They include the "Star Party", the "Taco Party", The "Really Really Ridiculously Cool People Whose Names Starts With S Club", the "Holy Order of Gun Trotting Old Farts", and "The Girls Only Club". The last one is reportedly a hot favorite among boys, ironically.

- Best quote of the week:
The Taco Toting Minister and RRC of Sinn Feins Ireland:
"Can we get some coconuts to clap together to make it sound as though we're on horseback please?  ;D"

The United States of Grub:
"klop klop klop klop"

The Republic of The Enigmatic Nation:
"Excellent idea. klop klop klop klop."

The Musical Queens of MinnaCaroline:
"I love the coconuts and Monty Python!"
Late update:
Isle of Nixon and Enigmatic Nation have been voted senators for this time around.
Whoho! I just been banjected from the XKI!

Need more info? Go to the introductions on the RR forums... I'm too lazy to post it here.

I've replaced Io Way as Emissary to TNP.

Hello! I'm Lichto, former Delegate in the Renegade Islands Alliance. Yes, Shiz is hanging out in 10KI, and he happened to bring me into the Region a little over a month ago. So now I'm active in NS again, after more than two years in the Delegacy of the RIA. It is a tragedy what happened there, but a few of us have picked ourselves up, dusted off, and started anew.

Stay tuned for more about the XKI! (and less about me :pinch: )

10000 Islands


A short recap of events and news from the islands...


- Recently, Jesioneka announced his intention to stepdown as Delegate of 10000 Islands. Jesioneka started his public-service career in the State Department in August 2004 and has worked his way up to become Senator, Senior Senator, TITO Tactical Officer, and finally, Delegate of 10000 Islands. He has served a long and successful career and has contributed greatly to the region. The region thanks him for his services and will begin an election to find his replacement shortly.
- The Council of Nine has approved a slight revision to the Assembly of Nations (AoN) charter to lay to rest any arguments about AoN's role in 10000 Islands. The change makes clear that AoN is not part of the government.
- Grub consolidated several recurring topics in AoN with the intent of tabling these discussions from this point on. They include 1) Granting non UN nations citizenship; 2) Creating a new judiciary; 3) Proposing to change the way Ministers are appointed; and 4) Making the AoN a part of the XKI government.
- The AoN continues to debate a number of political and economic issues including the establishment of a government reserve, the creation of a 'Bank of XKI', the creation of a premium transfer fee to speed up Taco transfers, and the role of the AoN within XKI.


- Taco Island has a new look! Last Saturday, master craftsmen from the United States of Grub erected a new sign for the island (complete with taco symbols). Now new members will have no troubles locating everyone's favorite place for fun and games.
- Aside from the spanking new sign, a new forum feature now allows islanders to transfer tacos (10KI's regional currency) at ease. With just a few clicks, islanders will be able to send or receive tacos. There are reports, however, of potential bugs in the system. This is being worked out by the admins.
- Ad Infinitum's personal post "Ask a soldier absolutely anything" is proving to be surprisingly popular. In less than a month, the real life Captain's Q&A post has garnered more than 150 replies.
- The Mad Islander Magazine is interviewing Lichto, the region's second Golden Nation. If you have a question for him, now's the time to ask!


- Islanders greeted the return of TITO Knight and ex-Senator Boolari with fanfare and lotsa partying. The most popular food in the party? Fish burgers.
- Lockerica and The Candy Lane said their good-byes to the region due to personal reasons. They will be missed.
- Soviet-Prussia has pointed out that Mandali has not logged onto his nation since losing his bid for the Senate seat. Ambassadoratum best sums it up when he said It's always bad to lose good members... Especially when they effect your IMM stock!
- Nation showcase: The Imperial Nation of Trinutural is a massive, devout nation, notable for its barren, inhospitable landscape. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, cynical population of 8.2 billion are ruled with an iron fist by a corrupt, dictatorship government. Trinutural's national animal is the platypus, and its currency is the trin. It has a GDP per capita of $26,076.
Trinutural is regularly ranked 1st in the region for Largest Soda Pop Sector.


- TITO leadership underwent two important changes since the last newsletter report. After spearheading a successful liberation of France, The Colonial Fleet asked to stepdown as Tactical Officer (TO) due to changes in his work schedule. A week later, long-time TO Anime Daisuki retired from his position. Both enjoyed successful stints during their time in service. They are replaced by Ad Infinitum, a former TO and TITO Knight, and Gwizeldrop, TITO Knight and staunch defender. Congratulations to the new officers!
- Titanica made history when he became the first TITO nation to perform 300 defense missions. He was awarded the Knight Legion Commander Medal to commemorate this historic occasion.
- Additionally, two other TITO nations were awarded medals for outstanding service. Anime Daisuki was awarded the Knight Battalion Commander Medal for reaching his 150th mission. Meanwhile, Shizensky was awarded the Legion of Merit Medal for outstanding work for the region. The announcements were received with approbation and praise.
- Last two weeks, TITO was deployed to defend Sparta, Arabia, Zealand, A Socialist Paradise, World 19, Nationstates Bible Church, Chocolate, Soviet Union, France, Seattle, and Russia.


- 10000 Islands gained new friends when it opened relations with City in the Sky and Liberty Alliance.
- Friends and diplomats from The Founderless Alliance, Equlism, and 00000 A World Power have dropped by for visits.
- The State Department is still searching for volunteers to serve as emissaries to foreign regions. Please contact Jesioneka if you can help!


- A total of 50 nations are presently represented on the Map of 10000 Islands.
- Only Grub, Assassins and Bandits, and Estayland are first world nations on the map. Repaxan will become a first world nation once his Shipping purchase is approved.

- Best quote of the week:
The Republic of The Enigmatic Nation:
Okay, when I said "Argument over" is wasn't a statement of observation. You want to continue this that's fine but do it privately.

The Scientists of Noyzistan:
^ three cheers for Enig!!!
...now, what were we talking about?

I, Lichto, representing the 10000 Islands, do hereby understand that this consulate in no way forces The North Pacific into any Military or Political Alliance or relationship. I understand that this consulate may be closed at anytime by the Minister of External Affairs for whatever reason. I hereby pledge to follow the rules and regulations of this forum.

I figure I'll repost that, since I'm a new Emissary, and the past one has a bad record.

In recent 10KI news, Sinn Fein's Ireland, Twobagger, and Repaxan have declared their intentions to run for Delegate. Each is playing up their own experience in the Region, and all are prepared for a hard battle for the victory. More news as it comes!
Thank you for renewing your Consulate's pledge, though I do not feel it was neccessary.

Sounds like it should be an interesting delegate election. You have some fine candidates there.
Indeed, the candidates were both good choices. And, as it turns out, the Region chose Sinn Feins to become the next Delegate of the 10000 Islands. Congrats to him, and good luck in his new duties.

Here is this week's News From The Island!

Merry Chrismas and Happy 2008! Now a short recap of events and news from the islands...


- Sinn Feins Ireland has been declared delegate-in-waiting of 10000 Islands after his opponent in the delegate race, Twobagger, conceded the election to him in the middle of the one week voting period. Sinn and Twobagger were the only candidates on the ballot following a week of candidate declaration and campaigning.
- With Sinn slated to assume the delegate seat, the region will be looking to find a replacement for the Minister of Immigration post. It is worthy of note that Sinn is the longest-serving IMM Minister and had greatly contributed to IMM since his appointment in mid-2006. He had raised the profile of the IMM Ministry and revolutionized recruitment through successful schemes such as Tag-team Recruiting and IMM Monthly Initiatives. His replacement will have big shoes to fill.
- A small argument occurred in Isles of Nixon's Senate office when several islanders confronted him on his recent activities. The exchange was put under control after Senator Twobagger intervened.
- The question on whether election polls should have a "None of the above" option was brought up for debate in the Assembly of Nations by Repaxan. Another new issue on "Negative Tacos" is also being debated upon. The issue is raised by newly appointed AoN Censor, Lichto.


- Good banter and activity is something Taco Island is never short of. Aside from the good ol "Random Count to...", "Blame the person" and "Alphabet" threads, you can also find polls, jokes, interviews, and virtually everything fun under the sun.
- TI resident Bletheropolis recently opened a resort in the middle of the Island. In her own words: "(it is) a place to chill after a hard day/night's spamming,... where we can whine and dine, watch TV or videos and karaoke until a) the cows come home or b) we lose our voices.". The Taco Island Resort boosts a supersized refrigerator, a giant swimming pool, a karaoke lounge, and a cinema, where MinnaCaroline was forceably kissed to her great consternation.
- A pillow fight has broken out in the Girls Only Club. Unfortunately for the boys, the party is for girls only. Lichto found out the hard way when he was hit by a golf club.
- The 10KI Investment Corp is fast becoming the largest private business in the islands. To invest, please contact Ambassadoratum.


- Italia-Romanae CTEd quietly after a prolonged period of inactivity. The former TITO nation will be missed by his peers.
- Two other nations have made announcements on their future activity. Repaxan and Soviet-Prussia expects reduced involvement in regional matters over the next few weeks.
- Islanders celebrate the return of former Ministers The Candy Lane and Eridani after a brief hiatus from NationStates.
- Nation showcase: The Society of Shocking Bliss is a massive, environmentally stunning nation, remarkable for its complete lack of prisons. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, intelligent population of 6.5 billion enjoy extensive civil freedoms. Trinutural's national animal is the Bannana Slug, and its currency is the Cowrie Shell. It has one of the lowest GDP per capita in the region at $105.
Shocking Bliss was a participant in the 2006 Regional Best Flag Contest and the nation's motto is "It may be screwed up, but its home!"


- Last two weeks, TITO saw action in several regions including "The Imperial Alliance", "Stargate", "Zzzzzzzzzz", "Austria", "Yorkshire" "Uzbekistan", and "Scotland", keeping these regions safe from invader hands.
- TITO wish to express its congratulations to the region Christian, at last free from a month-long invader occupation. Where defender groups (including TITO) have failed, providence (or the founder) have succeeded. Merry X'mas!


- State Department staff eagerly awaits their new chief executive Sinn Feins Ireland. Even as Jesioneka prepares to leave office, a number of important changes took place that will push 10KI's foreign affairs to new heights.
- The Ambassadors' Row on the forum has been improved with new sub-forums for all active embassies. Now foreign ambassadors can run their affairs in the privacy of their own sub-forums in 10000 Islands.
- New emissaries were appointed to City in the Sky (Lichto), ITALIA (Mukeli), Liberty Alliance (Coyotemen), The East Pacific (Repaxan), and Europe (Twobagger). The emissaries have the important tasks of putting 10KI's best face forward and forging ties with the regions they're assigned to.
- Soviet-Prussia has asked to retire from his emissary position due to a busy schedule. Soviet-Prussia have been emissary to Hyrule since May 2007 and has done a wonderful job of bringing both regions closer together.
- Friends and diplomats from City in the Sky, Equilism, and 00000 A World Power have dropped by for visits.
- The State Department is still searching for volunteers to serve as emissaries to Hyrule, and Nasicournia. Please contact Jesioneka if you can help!


- Twobagger has compiled a list of Taco Island Mayors through the years. Visit the Grand Library to learn more.
- Best quote of the week:
The witty Riposte of According to the:
Naked men cannot be cross-dressing. They can either be naked, or cross dressing, but not both at the same time. Boo!

The Whomping Nar Nars of Boolari:
G-string doesn't agree with you, Oscar.
I apologize for my long absence. I return now with yet another News from the Islands! A lot has happened since the last one, and with March, and another Senate election, just around the corner, we're looking at some good times coming up!

A short recap of events and news from the islands...


- Senate election for January has concluded. Over at Blue Canaria North, Shizensky (ACN) won comfortably over San Juan Capital for his first Co9 position in several years. At New Republica South, a heated race developed between 0scar Wilde/ATT and Isles of Nixon (UPP). Ultimately, Nixon was able to beat 0scar by a small margin to retain his precinct.
- Still on the election, islanders were treated to political fireworks of sorts between Nixon and 0scar Wilde on the campaign trail. The atmosphere was so explosive that it consumed several islanders, with some feeling compelled enough to argue on behalf of the candidates.
- In a surprise announcement, 0scar Wilde has been appointed to head the Regional Reserve. He is expected to take over the chairmanship from Sinn Feins Ireland shortly.
- Sinn Feins Ireland was inaugurated as the 12th delegate of 10000 Islands after leaving the Immigration Minister position last week. Senior Senator Enigmatic Nation has been moved to fill this important job. May they succeed in their duties.
- The Co9 voted by a vast majority to repeal statute 2004-001 (The Ministry of Education Sponsorship Program). The new bill 2007-002 (The Ministry of Education Buddy Program) is similar but has language more representative of the current situation.
- The question on whether election polls should have a "None of the above" option continues to be debated in the Assembly of Nations. Other issues on the floor include a proposal to create Daily User Stocks, and a discussion on footnoting the Constitution.


- As expected, the much awaited quarterly Mortimer Report brought a windfall for many islanders. Those whom invested in their islands earned huge profits for the second time since map upgrades became available.
- Regional population is continuing its slow dive for the tenth straight week. Reasons offered include a pause in recruitment in November due to burn-out from the October Initiative, the lack of interest in December due to the holidays, and general NS inactivity. This drop has a profound effect on IMM stock prices, down to 26 tacos per share.
- To deal with this emergency, the Co9 and the Immigration Ministry has introduced additional rewards for IMM. Every telegram sent will now earn the recruiting officer 10 tacos. This is in addition to monthly bonuses, achievement medals, and rewards at every turn. Heed the call to service and join IMM today!
- The XKI Space Race is here at last! Due to technology improvements, nations with atleast a Factory on their islands can now purchase any of 13 items necessary to put together a space mission. Visit the forum to learn more!
- A number of threads in Taco Island deserve special mention in this issue. 'The DEN Admittance test' is a great read continues to baffle islanders; 'Into The Night'- a XKI soap opera in the RP forum, became extremely popular and even attracted Grub's participation; 'How to get girls and keep them' is a great place to get advice from the fairer sex.


- After announcing his reduced involvement in 10000 Islands last month, Soviet-Prussia formally retired from the islands. S-P served as an emissary, a TITO nation, and was a popular bartender in the University Bar.
- Additionally, former senate candidate Private doctors CTEd after a long period of inactivity. Both S-P and Private doctors will be missed.
- Nation showcase: The Satanic Empire of Drumrany is a massive, safe nation, remarkable for its punitive income tax rates. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, cynical population of 2.5 billion are rabid consumers, partly through choice and partly because the government tells them to and dissenters tend to vanish from their homes at night. Drumrany's national animal is the Goat, which is also the nation's favorite main course, and its currency is the Satanic Unit. It's motto is "Dum Spiro Spero."
The nation is regularly ranked top 10 in the region for Highest Average Tax Rates, Largest Public Sector, Largest Defense Forces (per capita), and Largest Welfare Programs (per capita).


- Year in review: 2007 turned out to be a great year for Ten thousand Islands Treaty Organization (TITO). In all, TITO performed a total of 219 missions, up 2.5 times from 2006. The mission rate compares favorably with other organizations in Nationstates. It is also worthy of note that last year, TITO produced 10 TITO Knights, up from 1 in 2006.
- Last two weeks, TITO saw action in several regions including "Greece", "The Southron Confederacy", "000", and "Outer Heaven", keeping these regions safe from invader hands.


- Retired Delegate Jesioneka was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for his service to the region during his nine-months as Delegate.
- Sinn Feins Ireland re-established the region's relations with Nasicournia as one of his first acts as Delegate. Coyotemen is appointed new emissary to 10KI's former ally. He is also the region's emissary to Liberty Alliance.
- Friends and diplomats from The North Pacific, Equilism, Canada and 00000 A World Power visited the islands over the past two weeks. Some were in time to witness the delegate's changing-of-office ceremony.
- The State Department still has a number of emissary positions to foreign regions. Please contact Sinn Feins Ireland for more information.


- Sinn Feins Ireland is the longest serving Minister in 10000 Islands.
- Best quote of the week:
The Union Province of San Juan Capital:
By the way, the USA also NEEDS to look south of the border... it has ignored Latin America since 2001... and then they go asking why is Chavez so popular...

The You'll Never Walk Alone of The States of Eridani:
I don't see anyone asking "Hmmm, I wonder why Chavez is so popular." I see them saying, "Oh $hit, Chavez is so popular."
Hi There!

My name is MinnaCaroline and I've just been elected Delegate of the 10000 Islands. I'd like to request to re-open this embassy. I will be assigning an emissary shortly, however between now and then if you have any questions please let me know and I'll be happy to answer. Thank you!

As soon as this embassy is able to be re-opened I'd like to introduce Vasylonia as your new Emissary. He's just been elected the Minister of Education and I think he'll do a fine job keeping you up to date on the happenings of our region. Thank You!
Minna's already introduced me, just wanted to come on and say "Hi" myself. Recently I've been given a lot of responsibility in my region, but I am very active and I'll be able to keep you all up to date on news from XKI.

Looking forward to my time as Emissary here! Thank you! :D
Hey MinnaCaroline and Hey Vasylonia!

Welcome to TNP, I'm sure the External Affairs Minister will get to your request shortly. :)
I was gone for a bit, but showing up to say I'm ready to begin Emissary duties as soon as the reactivation of our Embassy is approved. :D
*blows the dust away*

Sorry for the long inactivity. 10000 Islands was focusing on getting our own region in order for a bit. Our state department is currently getting an overhaul though and since I more or less know my way around here, as long as you haven't moved too much stuff around lately *squints at old map, trying to make everything fit* I'm the new ambassador from 10KI. I've got muffins to everyone for the grand reopening.
10KI Update

Date: 7 June 2009
Population: 410
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political events
- HockeyNutville became the Islands' 15th delegate after Sheynat decided to step down due to time constraints.
- Elections for two of the four senate seats in the Council of 9 (Co9) were held at the end of May, with New Dracora winning the Blue Canaria North seat, in fierce competition with both Crazy Girl and Greek People Nation. The New Republica South seat went to Ananke after she managed to bribe most of the electorate with homemade muffins. Both GLIII and Noyzistan put up a decent fight though. The elections saw higher voter turnout than the last two senate elections, possible because of the many candidates, which made the election a lot of fun.
- Longtime Minister of Education MinnaCaroline decided to step down and let someone else take over this important post. The choice fell on Greek People Nation, a longtime Islander, who’s always ready to give a hand where needed. The Islands’ thank MinnaCaroline for an amazing job and look forward to GPN’s term in the office.
- The Co9 voted to give the Heart of the Islands award to Fleeb and Jesioneka for their tireless work in the Islands. Both have served the region as delegates and continue to be actively involved in the betterment of 10000 Islands.

Taco Islands
- Taco Island has been brimming with activity recently, thanks to both oldtimers and new nations, who’ve quickly gotten used to our spammy ways.
- The University Bar is especially popular after HockeyNutville told everyone to put their drinks on his tab the first weekend after his delegate election and evidently forgot to close it afterward. Being Islanders we have all been drinking happily at his expense ever since, doing our best to ruin him in the process.
- The Annual Best Flag Contest hosted by Anime Daisuki in 10000 Islands and Yggdrasil simultaneously is currently underway and open to both residents and ambassadors. So far there are a lot of great entrants from both old and new nations.
- Shelter from the Storm was recently appointed Mayor of Taco Islands and didn’t waste much time getting set up. He’s currently taking advice from Salinthal regarding how to best furnish his new office, while the poll he set up to gauge his performance as mayor quickly turned into a discussion about how best to exploit taxpayer money for his own gain.
- After the senate elections descended into a mock fight between supporter of American versus British spelling, Noyzistan and Nolishiwan decided to found the Better English Festival, which have littered the Islands with an surplus of the letter ‘u’ the last weeks.

Comings and Goings
- In the start of May the region welcomed back oldtime member Thewsconia, TITO Knight and former senator.
- XFracture, former senator of the Islands, also had his nation resurrected and dropped by the forum.
- Crazy Girl returned to Nationstates after 2 years away and 10000 Islands were lucky to hijack her before anyone else got a chance. She almost won a senate seat only two weeks after joining, so we all expect great things from her.
- Sir Lans, longtime defender and ally of 10000 Islands through FRA, decided to join TITO and quickly rose in the ranks to Tactical Officer. The Islands look forward to following him into battle against invaders many times in the future.
- Ananke has been a force to be reckoned with in the Islands lately. When she was a member of The North Pacific she was always a huge help to TITO and never hesitated to jump in and help on a mission. She actually joined the Islands a year ago this past May. Within the year she's accomplished much in the region. First she became a Tactical Officer almost immediately upon joining our region and very shortly afterward she became a TITO Knight. She has helped endlessly and tirelessly with Immigration. In just a few short months she became the top 3rd recruiter in the region and our numbers have jumped because of her efforts. She also jumped in and welcomed several new nations and even offered to be buddies with them in helping out the department of Education. It was no surprise when she won the senate race by a landslide against her opponents in May 2009. We thank Ananke for joining the region and for all the help she has done over the past year.
- Unfortunately Harmonious Treefolk, our late Taco Island Mayor CTE’d at the end of May. He’d quickly become a well known part of 10000 Islands and will be sorely missed.

- TITO has, together with the region as a whole, seen a recent uptick in membership. We're therefore very happy to welcome Ankyrah, Biblical Importance, Crazy Girl, Ishkabibber, Jocund, Margento, New Calyland, Nolishiwan, Riddum, Salinthal, Sir Lans, The Kailyn Islands, Thewsconia and XFracture into the force.
- The TITO team of Tactical Officers currently consist of Anime Daisuki, Ananke and Sir Lans. Ananke was brought in to cover the new update time, while Sir Lans agreed to lead the TITO Expeditionary Force after Estayland stepped down.
- TITO passed our 950th mission in the middle of May.

Diplomatic Events
- Recently the 10KI State department has seen a flurry of activity after the Co9 voted to make foreign affairs purview of the delegate, inspired by Jesioneka’s time in charge of the State department, during his delegacy term.
- HockeyNutville, Crazygirl, Ananke and Mutanatia have spent time reaching out to both old and new regions the last weeks, in order to revive diplomatic relations which had fallen into disrepair.
- HockeyNutville’s call for new emissaries to represent 10000 Islands around Nationstates has already garnered several replies, which are currently being processed by the State department to make sure that our new emissaries get posted to a region that suits them.
- This month we welcomed new ambassadors from Italia, Liberty Alliance and The East Pacific, some of which have already been spotted at the back of the university bar in a drunken stupor, trying to get to know the locals in their natural habitats. Drinks are of course on the State department’s tab, but foreign governments might wish to warn their junior personnel about the risks of too much partying in Taco Islands. The 10000 islands Co9 cannot be held responsible for anything happening in the Mayor’s mansion after dark.

Random Happenings
- Mutanatia was recently made moderator of the Roleplay forums, which are currently boasting a Medieval Roleplay and a War Game simulation.
- 10000 Islands have been seeing a steep growth in nations during the last 3 months, jumping from 200 nations back in March to the 400+ currently residing in the region. In order to take advantage of this the Immigration Ministry is currently holding a 3 month recruitment battle between Team Gargantuan (Captain Ananke, Biblical Importance, Greek People Nation) and Team Mammoth (Captain MinnaCaroline, The Enigmatic legion, Lassiem). With both teams already doing their best to hit every single newly founded nation with a recruitment telegram, it’ll be a stiff competition worth the final price of 100,000 tacos for the team, which gets the most recruits.
- Both The Enigmatic Minister and Ananke was awarded the Legion of Merit medal for sending out 5000 recruitment telegrams.

Quote of the month:
The Musical Queens of MinnaCaroline:
Hi Everyone!!

I'm creating a new Political Party. We stand for Defending, Justice, Peace and Tacos for All! Not to mention Recruiting. Actually recruiting is our motto. Also Spamming is the name of the game, if you're a spammer then this political party is the one for you!

The Delirium Veil of Inquirius:
Wow Minna. This party seems really vague and really enthusiastic.

I am so in.
10KI Update

Date: 4 July 2009
Population: 423
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political Events
- 10000 Islands celebrated its 114th birthday in NationStates years on June 18th. The NS year system was formulated by prestigious Islander Fleeb and refined by Founder Grub several years ago.
- This month the Ministry of Education welcomed 227 nations to the region.
- The Islands celebrated TITO Knight Day on June 22nd honouring all TITO Knights past and present.
- The next senate elections will be held between 14 and 21 July, with campaign declarations starting 7 July.

Taco Island
- The winners of the biregional Best Flag Contest were announced. Victoria Prime won the Yggdrasil group with 16 (10%) out of 160 votes, while Ishkabibber ran away with the prize in the 10000 Islands Group with 21 (15%) out of 136 votes. The flags entering the competition can be seen here and here.
- The corruption in Taco Island seems to only be spreading after Salinthal, Biblical Importance and MinnaCaroline decided to take high paying job with very vague descriptions in Mayor Shelter’s administration. The current issue on the agenda is how best to get tax out of the Islanders frequenting Taco Island and whether it makes more sense to tax tax or tax time. Also being discussed is a new theme park and casino to fleece the tourists.
- The recent distribution of a new kind of muffin made by Shelter in The University Bar has led to a large jump in the willingness of patrons to share details about themselves. Rumours concerning the use of truth serum have circulated, but is being staunchly denied by the major’s office. However, the 10KI administration wants the public to know that they are keeping a close eye on the proceedings in the University Bar in case foreign dignitaries or political opponents let their tongue run away with them regarding state secrets or scandals rife for exploitation of any health risk to the populace of the Islands.
- Part of Mayor Shelter's PR campaign is the new Complaints Desk where Islanders vent their spleen and complain about whatever is bugging them.
- The 2nd season of the Taco Island Hockey League is now open for new members. It’s hoped that all 20 spots will be taken up by players, crowding out the AIs.

Coming and goings
Longtime member of the region, Trinutural ceased to exist this month. He’ll be fondly remembered for often placing in the top 100 of the World for Safest Nations (89) and Largest Insurance Industry (96).

- This month TITO welcomed Munawarah, Oportopolis and Wabbitslayah to the force. We look forward to fighting beside them against the bullies of Nationstates.
- TITO Knights Colonial Fleet, Gwizel, Twobagger, Iwerddon and Enigmatic all received statues for the XKI Hall of Heroes in June. Colonial Fleet is depicted as a sail unfurled, while Gwizel sits deep in thought, shrouded by a cloak. Twobagger is depicted as a dragon turtle and Iwerddon stands resolute, holding a sword and shield atop the Accelerator which he created. Enigmatic is depicted sitting with book in hand staring into the distance, pondering life’s mysteries.
- During the month of June TITO defended 18 regions, among them ITALIA, with whom we’ve long had diplomatic relations.
- TITO also liberated the region A Silly Place with help from our friends in Texas, Yggdrasil, 00000 A World Power and Pacific Defenders. A total of 23 defenders took part to help the natives retake the region and get rid of the invaders.
- To commemorate this month’s TITO victories Grub announced two new medals. The A Silly Place Liberation Medal was awarded to those TITO nations which participated in the spectacularly planned and executed mission to liberate A Silly Place from the hands of invaders. The Anime Daisuki Cross, named for the famed TITO Tactical Officer, is awarded to nations who superbly command & coordinate successful TITO missions on a regular basis and for dedication to TITO and its mission to protect the liberty and freedom of regions across NationStates. The only nation so far to receive the new medal is its namesake.
- TITO moves ever closer to 1000 successful defense missions.

Diplomatic Events
- 10000 Islands begins a Biregional Football Tournament with the region of Liberalia. The tournament is spearheaded by longtime Islander and Roleplaying Forum moderator Mutanatia.
- 10000 Islands welcomed a new ambassador from Equilism, Fernwickk. He has so far not been spotted in the University Bar, but we’re confident it’s only a matter of time…

Random Happenings
- Anime Daisuki submitted the WA proposal “Epidemic Response Act”, which garnered enough votes to reach quorum in less than a day. We look forward to voting on this well-written resolution and congratulate Anime Daisuki on having it reach quorum so quickly. Jesioneka and Belriel both helped with advice, before the finished proposal was submitted.
- 10000 Islands have generally been doing well in the regional rankings, which was introduced this month. The region placed 20th in the world for Most Influential, 29th in the world for Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry and 37th in the world for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry. 10000 Islands is also the tenth largest region in NationState.
- NationStates 2 dies on the operating table, prompting Grub to announce the closing down of the NS2 subforum. There was much rejoicing
Thanks. Was all Anime Daisuki's work. He watched the region like hawk after the Macedonian nation moved out to do the refound and managed to grab it right in front of them. :D
TITO Reaches 1000th Mission!

In a warm July evening in 2003, a sleepy little region called the 10000 Islands was attacked without reason by a stealth invader force that was over five times the size of the Islands. This was in the days before Founders existed and could eject invaders.

At the time, the 10000 Islands only had about 30 nations and our region's defensive force called TITO (Ten thousand Islands Treaty Organization) was called into its first mission to defend our shores. Because TITO only had four members, the mass size of the invading force was too much to handle by ourselves, so the nation of Grub went out to nearly a hundred regions posting on regional message boards, asking for assistance. That night and over the next day of battle, many outside nations answered the call and helped to defend the 10000 Islands. Eventually, the invaders put their tails between their legs and retreated.

Only because of the help of outsiders did the 10000 Islands remain free that night. After that time, TITO decided to help regions that were attacked unfairly and without reason. We made it our goal to help others like we had once been helped.

Nearly five years later, I am happy to announce that TITO has reached its 1000th mission milestone! This outstanding achievement is a NationStates record and is a testament to the fine nations that have served over our long history and to the freedom that they have helped to maintain in the regions of NationStates.

Well done to all TITO nations past and present! I am proud of you and you have made a good difference in NationStates! In honor of this historic achievement, all TITO nations that have earned a TITO battle star within the past 30 days will be awarded a special 1000th TITO mission medal in your war record that can be seen below.

This is also a message to all invaders. We have beaten you in the past and we will continue to beat you in the future. You will not be able to stifle freedom for long when you attack because where nations care about their regions you will lose. Freedom will always prevail in the end. Also keep in mind that our memory is long and our might is strong. Think twice before you attack the innocent.

Long live the TITO! Long live freedom! Long live the 10000 Islands!

Founder - 10000 Islands/TITO
10KI Update

Date: 30 July 2009
Population: 419
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political Events
- Senate elections were held this month. Sir Lans won his first term as senator for Lyonesse East over incumbent Iwerddon and challenger Noyzistan. Himes West saw a close race between Mutanatia and Nolishiwan, both battling for a first term. Mutanatia was declared the victor after Nolishiwan withdrew from the runoff election citing an expected drop in activity. The Council of Nine welcomes both Sir Lans and Mutanatia to it's ranks as the newest 10000 Islands senators.
- The Titan Team Battle continues. Due to a few problems with the Accelerator there have been no serious updates. The results will be in at the end of the month. Though no numbers are in, it is believed Ananke and Team Gargantuan still lead by a wide margin.

Taco Island
- To celebrate topic number 1000 in Taco Island Nol'wan has opened a fair/market.* So far, we have:

Nol'wan Sandwiches [by Nol'wan]
Lion Super Ice-Cream [by Lion Kindom]
Muffins and various other cakes [by Ananke II]
Espresso and Cappuccino Bar [by Shelter from the Storm]
Balloon Tossing [by Noyzistan]
(yet to come:) Chocolate [by Chronopolice]
Influence Peddling and Bicycle Pedaling [by Shelter from the Storm]
Cotton Candy [by Morlago]
Book Store [by Ananke II]

*The mayor wishes to remind everyone of the 10% tax on all purchases, which is earmarked towards making Taco Island a better place for all residents.

- At The University Bar, there has been a wave of "sharing" of RL stories as well as general drunkenness and debauchery. Chronopolice continues to fish for chocolate fish in the chocolate fountain and cats have been known to scream at the attempts at karaoke. Also, Shelter has been accused of eating people's pet cats. The Mayor's mansion categorically denies that the mayor has been seen eating cats.
- The Mayor has been accused of putting truth serum in the muffins in University Bar, in regards to which the Mayor’s office issued the following press release:

The Mayor's Office denies the use of truth serum. The Mayor uses only the most natural of ingredients (Natural being defined as anything that may exist on the planet, especially anything that might exist in the CIA's pharmacopoeia). The Mayor said, "I don't deny that my muffins are so delicious that they may inspire people to tell the truth."

Coming and goings
- Longtime member and former delegate Sheynat CTE’d in July, which was met with sadness from the rest of the region. He’ll be missed very much, although it’s hoped that he’ll return sometime in the future.

- This month we welcomed Mutanatia, Gateborg and Walabamba to TITO.
- TITO reached its 1000 successful mission mark. It was six years ago this month that the Ten Thousand Islands was attacked by raiders. With help from defenders across NationStates, the newly formed TITO was able to drive off the invaders. Since that time TITO has dedicated itself to protecting the regions of NationStates from raider aggression. All TITO nations that participated in a mission in the last month have been awarded a special 1000th mission medal to commemorate the occasion.
- TITO Knight and Tactical Officer Anime Daisuki refounded France, thus freeing it from raider control. Anime's puppet nation has since been turned over to the rightful delegate of France, so that he may begin rebuilding the region which had been destroyed by invaders.

Diplomatic Events
- This month 10000 Islands opened relations with Grand Central, European Union and Democratic Socialist Alliance.
- Morlago and Biblical Importance joined the corps of emissaries, representing 10000 Islands abroad.

Random Happenings
- The Epidemic Response Act authored by Anime Daisuki was passed by the World Assembly with 3,735 votes for and 1,301 against. This is the first Islander sponsored WA resolution to reach the WA floor.
- Our Labor Minister Estayland and founder Grub have the stupidest citizens in 10000 Islands, ranking 74 and 541 in the world. Fortunately this is made up for by delegate HockeyNutville being 48,878 in the world.
- This month 10000 Islands as a region did well in the world rankings dealing with Largest Public Transport Sector (10) and Largest Information Technology Sector (24).

Written by Ananke, The Enigmatic Legion and Shelter from the Storm.
10KI Update

Date: 23 september 2009
Population: 474
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political events
- Senate elections were held at the start of September with New Dracora, Inquirius and Walabamba competing for the Blue Canaria North seat, while Ananke, Ayunli and Morlago ran for the New Republica South seat. Both incumbents (New Dracora and Ananke) won a second senate period, although the elections were close at times.
- Biblical Importance was named Minister of Labor after Estayland stepped down, citing time constraints.
- Recently, a new Fantasy League, by decree of the Council of Nine, has cropped up in XKI. This fantasy league, when it garners enough people, will involve nations playing for tacos as contestants predict the outcome of games in baseball, football, and hockey.
- The Education Ministry has been quite busy this past month. First off, 151 welcome TG's were sent off. Thanks again to the Immigration Ministry for keeping us busy. Second, Salinthal has been named Deputy Minister of Education and have been put in charge of running the Buddy Program. Speaking of the Buddy Program, we have five nations as buddies and it is going great right now.

Taco Islands
- In Taco Islands The Very Tired Thread has seen lots of use since it was started by Anime Daisuki.
- While Shelter has started serving cats at his Mansion. For some reason his dinner parties have seen less guests than usual after the menu got changed.
- The Biregional Tournament, the first interregional tournament between XKI and Liberalia, is in full swing at the moment. The XKI division is all tied up, while there's a runaway in Liberalia thus far.
- The Senate Race Aftermath, the celebration of Mutanatia's and Nolishiwan's historic Senate campaign, is also in full swing, with New Dracora having hatched a plot to assassinate Mutanatia's Senator, Teresa Sammon.
- Other active roleplays right now are Eowynian Era in Koponia and 10000 Islands Space Station.

- This month TITO welcomed Ayunli, Mexar, SovietPrussia, Hiske, New Olwe, Kutup, Morlago and Alustrian to our midst.
- From the start of August to the middle of September TITO participated in 41 missions, consisting of both defenses and liberations.
- Anime Daisuki became the 3rd Knight Legion Commander of TITO by reaching 300 battle stars.
- TITO Knights Jesioneka and MinnaCaroline both reached 150 battle stars this month.
- Lassiem was knighted after reaching his 50th battle star and had a statue erected in his honour.
- TITO knights Estayland, Jesioneka and Ishkabibber all reached 5 years of TITO service, proving to everyone how addicting Nationstates can be. ;)

Diplomatic Events
- Shizinsky was named Secretary of State, taking over direction of foreign affairs from delegate HockeyNutville. He’s currently busy reorganising things.
- This month 10000 Islands welcomed ambassadors from Nasicournia, European Union and the Founderless Regions Alliance to the forum.

Random Happenings
- Discussions regarding a regional flag are ongoing and islanders have been urged to submit their designs. So far New Dracora’s plethora of flags seem to have cowed the opposition though…
- Immigration news:


The longest team battle in 10000 Islands history ends in a massive blow out. Team Mammoth struggled from the very start. Two team members dropped out in the first month and the emergency replacement recruiter was revealed to be a spy and banned from the region during the second month. That left only Enigmatic to carry the burden. Though an old hat at recruiting, he just couldn't compete with the numbers and tenacity of Team Gargantuan. Ananke, Biblical Importance, and Greek People Nation are to be commended for their hard work and dedication during the Titan Team Battle. Team Gargantuan wins 100,000 tacos to be divided amongst the participants and the recognition of having completed a full three months of competitive recruiting. Well done!

All money earned from the Titan Team Battle will be paid out within the next week along with standard recruiting rewards and medal payouts.

- Individual performances:
- First, we award Ananke the Lockerica Green Star for 175 confirmed recruits. She was only one recruit short of this prestigious award at the major update before the start of the Titan Team Battle. It's about time she received it. Additionally, we award Ananke the MinnaCaroline Ocean Star for 225 confirmed recruits and the Jesioneka Immigration Excellent Medal for 280 confirmed recruits. She takes home 52,500 tacos in award money. Well done, Ananke!
- Secondly, we commend the recruiting prowess of Biblical Importance. Bib started the Titan Team Battle without having earned his first medal. He ended the competition having earned three. We award Biblical Importance the Immigration Achievement Award for 15 confirmed recruits, the LoreSong 2nd Class for 35 confirmed recruits, and the TheSensitiveNewAge Recruitment Medal for 60 confirmed recruits. Biblical takes home 11,000 tacos in award money. Well done, Biblical!
- Thirdly, we highlight the efforts of Greek People Nation. GPN also began the Titan Team Battle without having earned his first medal. He ended the competition having earned two. We award Greek People Nation the Immigration Achievement Award and the LoreSong 2nd Class. GPN takes home 5000 tacos in award money. Well done, GPN.
- Lastly, we celebrate a day nearly three years in the making. Enigmatic began recruiting in the waning days of 2006 and hasn't really looked back, quickly becoming XKI's top recruiter and later assuming the title and responsibilities of Minister of Immigration. We award the Enigmatic Nation the Sinn Feins Ireland Golden Sun for an astounding 400 confirmed recruits. This medal is currently the highest honor a nation can achieve for recruiting and has never before been awarded. Enigmatic takes home 50,000 tacos in award money. Well done, Enigmatic!
- Due to the strong recruiting efforts shown by many islanders the last 6 months, the amount of money in the Regional Reserve Account has dropped a lot. The Co9 have therefore solicited suggestions from islanders regarding possible ways for the Regional Reserve Account to gain revenue.

Written by Ananke, The Enigmatic Legion and Mutanatia.
Hey guys. Just wanted to thank you all for voting against the repeal of our commendation. It's appreciated, no matter the reason. :tb2:

*hands out homemade muffins to everyone*
10KI Update

Date: 2 November 2009
Population: 615
Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/index.cgi

Political events
- The Co9 approved a new position as official endorser, whose job it will be to endorse all WA nations in the region and help with regional security.
- Feeling somewhat patriotic one day 10000 Islander SovietPrussia decided to write an anthem for the region.
- Senate elections is just about to start and this time there'll be two open seat, since Sanator Mutanatia has decided to step down. We thank him for his hard work in the Islands during his tenure in the Co9.

Taco Islands
- Prompted by recent events the newest fad in Taco Islands seems to be condemning fellow Islanders for all kinds of silly things.
- Another popular thread is the Ask a soldier anything one, where Ad Infinitum answers any and all questions thrown at him.
- The RP section was rather quiet this month. BUT the 2009 XKI-Liberalia biregional tournament has finally entered into postseason play. The following was XKI's final records:

!) Twobagger Oilers (9-7)
2) Iwerddon Browns (9-7)
3) Estayland Saints (8-8)
4) HockeyNutVille Buccaneers (6-10)

The Browns played the Saints and the Saints won in the first round of the playoffs by one point. This means that the Oilers or Buccaneers will be the home team if they beat their opponent by more than 1 point. In the event of Overtime, the Saints will be the home team. It was a game for the ages, with the game coming down do the very last play. That will definitely go in the record books as the single most exciting playoffs game I have ever seen. The Winner of this region will go to face the Liberalian regional winner at the site of the region whose winner wins their respective division by the most points.

On tap, starting this week, the RP Moderator has promised the following:

1) A haunted House RP
2) The next round of the Divisional Playoffs

For November, starting the second week in November, the RP moderator has promised:
A Thanksgiving-themed feast

Also in November:
A) The Regional finals, and the finale of the Biregional Tournament
B) The reboot of the regular (and original) XKI Football League

In December:
A) A gift-giving RP
B) The start of the 2009-2010 XKI Baseball league

The RP moderator looks forward to seeing you there soon!

- This month TITO welcomed Botago, Guy0307 and DanielTurner to the force.
- Since the last report TITO's participated in 18 defense missions and organised 2 liberations.
- New Dracora reached TITO knight and got his own statue thanks to Morlago.

Diplomatic Events
-October has been a busy month for the 10ki State department. We opened new embassies with New Britannian Empire, Renatia, and Royal Federation of Nations.
- The repeal of our commendation also marked the later part of the month in 10000 Islands. We are of course sad that the repeal of our commendation passed, but want to thank all the delegates and nations around Nationstates who voted against the repeal. We appreciate it.
- Ananke was named Vice Secretary of State.

Random Happenings
- As if he didn't already have enough to do Shizensky took up the mantle of Regional Reserve Chairman. His plans for the Regional Reserve includes several kinds of lottery, making the list of riches 10ki nations and working towards getting more businesses in the region.
- Immigration minister The Enigmatic Legion posted a synopsis on what's been happening in regards to recruitment this month. Highlights include an outstanding jump from 461 to 600 nations, with Ananke recruiting 95 nations and Lettgalia 31.
- If the region stays above 600 nations for a week the Imm minister have promised to give 100 Immigration shares to all active recruiters.

Written by Ananke and Mutanatia.