*Dalimbar takes off his Delegate hat, and replaces it with his Acting Field-Marshal one.*

Good evening proud Master-Knights of this chapter of the Order of Gryphons and the honourable citizens of this region alike. As the newly appointed Acting Field-Marshal of the Knights-Militant, I am taking this time to post a few announcements on behalf of the branch.

Firstly, are you currently or have you been a member of the Knights-Militant? If so, please within the next few days travel over to the Gryphorum, where we will be conducting a roll call and holding elections for the position of Field-Marshal. While you are there, please feel free to share your ideas on how the Knights-Militant should operate, what direction it should go, etc etc.

Secondly, are you currently not a member of the branch or even of the Order itself? While our branch is by no means a standing army and never will be, we are made up of members who have been or currently are members of groups that work to defend those who are unable to defend themselves and the promotion of honour in conflict, instead of barbarianism. Knights-Militants are selfless warriors who dedicate themselves to their cause and beliefs. If you think you would like to be a Knight-Militant, I hope you speak to either Lord Thyatira, Knight-Commander of the Order of Gryphons, or myself.

This thread will be used periodically through out time to post additional announcements and other information from the Knights-Militant. Also, feel free to ask any questions or raise any concerns as you see fit.

Sir Dalimbar, KOGM
Acting Field-Marshal
Knights-Militant of the Order of Gryphons.