Ban of Dereanta


2) The Judicial Branch or the Prime Minister can call a referendum vote of the Regional Assembly for the purpose of approving a motion for immediate expulsion by the posting of the case and evidence of needed action in a thread within the Regional off-site Forum and a notification of the motion and referendum on the Regional message board at at any time.
3) If more than half of the Regional Assembly Members who cast a vote in that thread, with a quorum participating, vote in favor of an ejection within a 24 hour period, then the Nation will be ejected by the Delegate.

Acting under the authority of the above sections of The North Pacific Constitution, (Article VI, Section 2, Clauses 2 and 3), I, The United Federation of Hersfold, Prime Minister of The North Pacific, hereby call for an immediate vote of the Regional Assembly to ban the nation Dereanta, on the grounds that they are openly campaigning against the elected Regional Delegate during a time of war.

The nation of Dereanta has been mass mailing the following message across The North Pacific, in an obvious attempt to destabilize the region during a time of war. The message was as follows:
Greetings fellow member of The North Pacific,

I am writing to ask you to remove your endorsement from Former English Colony in order to help free your region from the dictatorial rule that it is currently under. TNP is your region, wouldn't you like to have a say in how it is run?

Are you aware that Former English Colony only listens to 14 nations at the most out of this region of over 5000 nations, containing over 750 UN nations, before casting her vote carrying your name and your endorsement on a UN resolution? More recently, she only listened to 5 of you, and voted 3 days early. Did she ask if you agreed with vote taken in your name? No. Did she ask if she could vote on the resolution early and therefore forfeit your opinion for you? No.

Your nation is now forced to abide by UN rules that Former English Colony voted on due to your endorsement. We believe that you should no longer have to put up with this.

When FEC was elected into the Delegacy, she won with 23 out of 25 votes. Only 25 out of over 6800 nations at the time got to vote on who their Delegate should be. Yet, Former English Colony and her inner circle who want to hold onto their power, claim that TNP is a democratic region.

TNP is your region, wouldn't you like to have a say in how it is run?

If you want more information before you remove your endorsement, please contact me and I will be more than happy to help.

Do not be afraid to stand up and say that you want your region back.

May your nation grow and prosper, and may you get the freedom that you deserve.

During this time of war, this could potentially pose a threat to the Delegacy, and therefore a threat to regional security.

As Prime Minister, I call for an immediate vote of the Regional Assembly to ban this offender from the region. This vote is to last 24 hours, starting from the time of this post, and must achieve a quorum (20 members) by that time. If a majority vote in favor of the ban, Former English Colony will have the authority to ban the nation from the region.

The United Federation of Hersfold votes in favor of this ban.
This vote has now been open for 24 hours and is therefore closed.

With a final total of 23 votes in favor to 1 vote against, Former English Colony is hereby authorized to ban the nation Dereanta from The North Pacific.