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    The Six Point Agenda

    "I don't believe it. He called," Claidie thought to herself, in complete shock. It was difficult for her to keep a straight face and contain her jubilation over what she had basically taken from Osman, but she was also faced with a feeling of dread over what was coming next. She had no hint of...
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    Confirmation of Sil Dorsett and Oracle as Election Commissioners

    I'd just like to bump this to remind the Regional Assembly that this is out here. If there are any questions you'd like to field, I'm happy to answer them.
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    Chief Election Commissioner Elections

    Apologies, but I forgot to close this. Voting ended back on Tuesday. All commissioners have voted. Sil Dorsett - 3 votes Cretox State - 1 vote Abstentions - 2 Sil Dorsett has been selected to serve as Chief Election Commissioner until September 30st, 2021.
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    Chief Election Commissioner Elections

    We have two election commissioners interested in serving as the next chief election commissioner. This term will last until September 30th, 2021. Please vote for one of the following options: Code: < Cretox State | Sil Dorsett | Abstain > The vote will last for three days, ending on...
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    Cartography Discussion and Off-Topic Megathread

    @Pedro Vitor @Comfed Please keep chatter out of the claims thread. I've moved your posts to this discussion thread. The limit is 172,000. It's 162,780 pixels.
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    Confirmation of Sil Dorsett and Oracle as Election Commissioners

    Despite the "2021" I dropped in my forum profile before the pandemic started, which I'm sure some people took as a hint that I might run for Delegate this year... No, I do not plan to run in any upcoming elections. I'm quite comfortable with being on the Election Commission. It's an important...
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    [SC - PASSED] Repeal: “Condemn The Pacific”

    Against. The Pacific can have the condemnation removed when the NPO yeets itself out the window.
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    Exceptions to Section 7.6 of the Legal Code

    @Robespierre needs to repost this in the public area before we do anything with it.
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    Removal of Indefinitely Active Security Council Nominations Act

    That's in line with what I expected.
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    Resolution on Boston Castle

    For the record, I suppose I've been using the wrong terminology, but the effect is the same. I've been referring to "constitutionally mandated officers" when the correct term is "constitutionally mandated elected officers", meaning I was only referring to Delegate, Vice Delegate, Speaker...
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    Resolution on Boston Castle

    Your comparison to the Vice Delegate check doesn't really hold water. The difference between the two checks is that the Vice Delegate's check is an in-character political/"security" check, while the Admin check is an out-of-character anti-cheat and anti-evasion check. Common reasons people fail...
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    The Reign of Terror Begins...

    Advisor to the Delegate was the historical title for that position. I remember the days where delegates had five, six, maybe even more advisors. Congrats to all the appointees!
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    Resolution on Boston Castle

    Could someone explain why Boston Castle can't pass the Admin check? If it's what I suspect it is, home internet based on mobile technologies (5G Home Internet, maybe?), I have a feeling we're going to see a lot more of this as the technology matures. What we don't want is to force people to pick...
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    On the Election and TNP's Current Direction

    I think you wrote the opposing response to your own arguments when you said... I mean, welcome to NationStates. That's what this game is. One of the game's foci centers around the building of regional influence and authority. To be a delegate of a GCR, and hell, the biggest GCR with the most...