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    The Field-Marshal (Solo)

    A strapping young man ran down the front steps of the palace, flanked on both sides by military officers and aides. Vahna Kielo Inarii Kanad the Second, called by his nickname “Seanin” by most for brevity’s sake, wasn’t exactly the very model of a modern Major-General. He wore his natural brown...
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    Imperium Galactica: Nightfall [Open]

    Taer Altos In one of the few homes the Margravess owned on the capital planet, Mira and Lieutenant Haruss lounged around a table covered in drinks and snacks. Since only those involved with the actual election of the next emperor itself would be allowed to be present, the Margravess had taken...
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    The West Vaasa Conflict

    West-Vaasan/Arcansotskan Border Region November 25th, 2020 1:10 PM The armoured column’s anxious silence was only broken up by the sounds of engines and the crunch of dead leaves under treads and wheels. The train of half a dozen tanks and almost 50 APCs stretched back along the road. To their...
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    [Asheron]: A Post Apocalyptic Earth (Map-Claims)

    Hi. I'd like to remove my previous claim (Republic of Eiru) and have it replaced with the Republic of Moskva. Thanks.
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    Pan-Gotic Union

    Nation: Second Malor-Kanadian Empire PGU Chancellor: Jorgen Årnad
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    Imperium Galactica: Nightfall [Open]

    The Diet Galactica, Taer Altos The Diet depressed the Margravess. From her viewing box, Mira watched the nobles and senators fruitlessly talk over each other, accomplishing little other than frustrating themselves. Lieutenant Haruss was sitting beside her, having brought a notepad with the...
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    Imperium Galactica: Nightfall [Open]

    Taer Altos Mira led the way, opening the heavy door and entering. The trip from Quella had taken the better part of the day, and she hadn’t wasted that time. The Margravess had plotted in her mind, careful in considering who to approach first. While she wasn’t yet sure who would be gunning for...
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    Imperium Galactica: Nightfall [Open]

    Bespia, Quella It was freezing winter in the sprawling megacity of Bespia. When snow fell on the heated walkways and streets throughout the city, the flakes sizzled before melting. Banners of House Vane fluttered wildly in the winds. Most citizens were huddled in their warm homes, happy to be...
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    Imperium Galactica: Claims

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    [Inaius] Worldbuilding of the Kuthea Communes

    Kuthea Commune Government The Kuthea Communes are a Democratic Socialist Confederation which is currently made up of 15 communes. Generally, each significantly inhabited planet is considered a commune, although the Kuthean home planet of Amia contains two communes due to its much greater...
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    [FT]Intergalactic Institute of Stellar Cartography

    If possible, could the Kuthea Commune be renamed to the Kuthea Communes? As I flesh out the government, I realized that I want the whole thing to be made up of multiple smaller communes, as opposed to being one large commune. tyvm <3
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    Music of Eras

    Zbyto Written by an unknown Malorian soldier during the end of the Fascist War, Zbyto describes the tale of a crewman from a downed Malorian bomber in Kanada. Swallowing dust, losing consciousness, there's not much water left. The plane is lying shot down somewhere nearby and my rifle became...
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    The West Vaasa Conflict Expeditionary Forces Thread

    Nation: Second Empire of Malor-Kanada Land force unit name & size: Kanadian 16th Armor Battalion (145 troops), Kanadian 24th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (2,110 troops). 2,255 total. Number of vehicles: 31 tanks, 50 BPT armoured personnel carriers, 235 transport/supply trucks. Number of aircraft...
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    A Wolf at the Gates

    His memory of the night had been compressed to a foggy nightmare. Endless kicking in harsh waves, with debris battering him all round. Every other breath was interrupted by an assault of saltwater. Once Gustav had kicked for what seemed like eons, he came close enough to the shore for the waves...
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    A Wolf at the Gates

    Gustav was laying on his bed, above the sheets, seemingly unbothered by the barrage on the ship. Next to him was a book with his thumb stuck in to keep the page. He was drifting asleep while reading and looked rather comfortable. A hypnic jerk caused his eyes to flutter open, and he nearly fell...