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    Statement on Anti-Fascist Quorum Raids

    On your first point, on the minor that the NPA was opposed, there were four individuals involved in opposing the quorum raid. On your second point, it appears to be that members of the SPSF are not going to be told that they cannot participate in opposing an anti-fascist operation through...
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    [GA - AT VOTE - FOR] Death Penalty Ban

    Changing my vote to Against. This doesn't go far enough.
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    The Minister's Office

    New ambassador appointments are as follows: One big Island: @Skaraborg Forest: @lol2639 Greater Dienstad: @Dillon Honore The Black Hawks: @Dreadton The Hole to Hide In: @Kastonvia United Kingdom: @Honeydewistan Lone Wolves United: @Rom
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    [GA - AT VOTE - FOR] Death Penalty Ban

    For. Death to the death penalty. (Switched)
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    [GA - MARKED ILLEGAL] Repeal: "Freedom of Assembly"

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    Admin Requests

    Please archive the following embassies: Hartfelden The Allied Republic The Empire of Mare Nostrum Could a subforum for "One big Island" please be created as well? Thank you!
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    Brightonburg Embassy request..

    As per our discussion in telegrams, we will shortly have an embassy established for OBI on the forums.
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    Applications for the Executive Staff

    Denied due to this.
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    Citizenship Application Amendment Act

    Presumably the reasoning was because it's important to know if "The Hoppy of Praeceps" or "The Republic of The Hoppy of Praeceps". A nation link would avoid that mess altogether so I like permitting that in addition.
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    Minister of Foreign Affairs Weekly Updates

    Week 1 The term has been off to a strong start. In this first week, my focus was to set up the Ministry for the rest of the term and set the tone of a Ministry which will be creating positive change. I have appointed a number of Deputies to assist me in my duties. Koala will be overseeing the...
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    Minister of Foreign Affairs Weekly Updates

    This thread will provide weekly updates on the progress of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
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    Applications for the Executive Staff

    Accepted. Masked on the forum, if you join the Discord, you can get masked there.
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    Admin Requests

    Much appreciated. Could bootsie and Malphe please be removed? @Owenstacey should be added. Thanks!
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    Admin Requests

    What I am currently interested in is the list of the current members of the group. Would that be possible to obtain?