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    Minister of Foreign Affairs Weekly Updates

    Week 14 I have finished Chapter 5 of the DTM and my DMs are looking it over before it moves to the SDs. Chapter 6 is currently about halfway done. There are a total of 9 Chapters. It will most likely be a bit of a crunch towards the end but I am to have it completed by the end of this term.
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    Deep Fried Flag Act

    I am so glad you asked! I am more than happy to explain the symbolism attached to the new flag. The first item I'll draw your attention to is the background, TNPs old flag. This is emblematic of our history and recognizes our previous flag. The tongue out refers to our thirst for knowledge, it...
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    The Minister's Office

    @Skaraborg is assigned to Thaecia.
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    URA Updates

    Thanks for the update!
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    Resolving Existential Societal Threats Opposing Regional Existence (RESTORE Act)

    Full support! However, teensy weensy tiny detail: you used the wrong link. It should be:
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    [SC - PASSED] Commend Kelssek

    I don't think we should be voting for a proposal which can be substantially improved (and the TEP part was written rather lazily given a complete lack of details). I think it leaves the proposal more vulnerable for a repeal regardless if it passes.
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    [SC - PASSED] Commend Kelssek

    Against. While the RP part may be commendable, the list of contributions to TEP are incredibly unspecific—it is just a list of positions—and should either be removed or explained further. I doubt that the list of positions needs to be included to make the case that the nominee is commendable.
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    Flag Day 2021

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    Deep Fried Flag Act

    Full support.
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    Bill to Raise Number of Judges in the Court from 3 to 4

    While I do not support this bill for reasons mentioned above, it is well-written so kudos to you for that @CursedSoul.
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    Minister of Foreign Affairs Weekly Updates

    Week 13 As most of you will have noticed, the IRC is now up and running. In terms of the DTM, while there are no more chapters finished as of yet, I am currently halfway through Chapter 5. I will note that Chapters get progressively longer as there is more material contained later on.
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    [SC -PASSED] Commend Honeydewistania

    I hear it's awful. The player. Not the fruit. ;)
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    [SC -PASSED] Commend Honeydewistania