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    Campaign Announcement

    Some might say Mal's post was initially answered at the level of substance it has, others might beg to differ, all the things some say can be so confusing. Some others including yours truly might just say, have a nice campaign!
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    Campaign Rally 2018

    without wanting to be prejudicial to other candidates, good luck Bootsie. Have good campaign.
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    [Complete][SC - Passed] Liberate The East Pacific

    Against If the SC wants to tell Yuno she is naughty issue a condemnation instead
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    Request for Review: The Court's Illegal Review of an RA Proposal

    Thanks for that decision. With this the saga comes to an end and the power of the court has been clarified for future reference.
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    Request for Review

    Thank you for the decision, this should clarify a lot. Is there an indication when the court expects to rule on the request by Sillystring that now needs to be decided on?
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    Request for Review

    yes, after this the last thing we need is grounds for another r4r, given that a speedy solution isnt on the table naymore anyway, best to do it thoroughly. And thanks for letting us know you guys are still working on it and not mia.
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    Request for Review

    its a timeline, and an indication something is happening, a huge improvement over the previous situation, so thanks for the update.
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    Request for Review

    Now that a fresh THO has been appointed, is it possible to get an indication when a decision maybe expected?
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    Court Bulletin Board & General Information

    The delegate would now have to appoint a fresh THO it seems.
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    Appointment of THO

    In the R4R that has been pending for some time and was the subject of a recent motion to recall the appointed THO's, one of the appointed THO's has vacated his office due to inactivity. Pursuant to: Section 3.2: Appointment of Hearing Officers 4. A conflict of interest occurs when a Justice or...
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    Recall THO's

    Has one of the THO's been here since the message in the court thread? Are they even aware of all this? Could an administrator perhaps say if any of them have been here recently? I havent voted yet on the recall, for now I'm inclined to the benefit of the doubt and the possibility a recall will...
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    The Speaker's Desk

    thanks for a prompt answer to my requests.
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    Recall THO's

    The law very clearly states that quorum is based on number of citizens voting in -at least one of three- votes, not that the lowest number of votes cast in one vote determines the quorum. I gather that the speaker also reads the law this way given the modified quorum posted.
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    The Speaker's Desk

    I looked at the registry, but I have no idea how I can determine from it that a citizen voted in one of the last 3 legislative votes or how many citizens in total did that. It does mention a quorum of 12, but it appears that cannot be correct currently as we already know 46 citizens voted in one...
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    The Speaker's Desk

    In the debate about recalling THO's it is now relevant what the quorum is to determine how many citizens are needed to force a vote. I think there is currently not a proper reading of the relevant law being applied. Quorum is determined by the number of citizens who voted in at least one of...