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    For the King, to Valhalla

    OOC: Please read this OOC thread for a track listing as well as some background information on what I plan on doing here. Thanks for reading! 8 November 2032 12:02 pm On a Monday Býkonsviði, Prydania Styrbjörn Granseth began eating his sandwich; mustard and cold chicken slices. "You know" he...
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    Twitcher (now with Messenger!)

    Ásunn Tólisdóttir @ATolf • 1d Does @konungurprydansk not understand that @ArthurDT is an extremist, Syndicalist leader that now wants to convert their country and all their neighbours to communism? Perhaps he will become a citizen of Kýrland??? How can they stand by while they seize houses and...
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    ErasVision Interest Thread

    Prydania will join!
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    Scraps of Roleplaying

    August 2020 Absalonhöll Býkonsviði, Prydania To my Esteemed Cousin Tobias Na Lothbrok, King of Prydania and blood relative of Kayyvan I will be frank, the horror stories my ambassador tells me of Cogorian coffee are cause for concern, I hope the selection of beans gathered from across my...
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    For the King, to Valhalla

    14 July 2029 1:05 pm On a Saturday Hildisey, Prydania "Styrbjörn, slow down!" Þorfinnur Granseth called out with a chuckle as his ten year old son ran ahead of him. "Pabbi, come on! Come on! Coastersaurus is this way!" The ride combined roller coasters, Spilvel, and dinosaurs. It was a magnet...
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    Tusacwyan Confederacy Embassy Programme (Applications)

    — • — Kingdom of Prydania Do you wish to establish mutual diplomatic missions? Yes Do you wish to engage in bilateral trade? Yes If yes, please list desired or sought imports that the Tusacaway could potentially offer. Furs, ores, metals, oil, produced food products If yes, please list foreign...
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    For the King, to Valhalla

    15 June 2001 12:23 pm On a Friday Býkonsviði, Prydania Tobias rolled one of his Verforvander train-bots into a train station he'd constructed from Spilvel bricks. "Good job!" he said excitedly as he brought the train to a stop. "We can't forgive those who harm railway tracks!" It had been...
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    Craviter Economic Association

    Teddy Thrane nodded. "Thank you First Secretary. I accept the nomination."
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    Cartography Discussion and Off-Topic Megathread
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    [GA - MARKED ILLEGAL] Repeal: "Freedom of Assembly"

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    For the King, to Valhalla

    16 June 2078 1:28 pm On a Thursday Býkonsviði, Prydania Hilda Ringdahl took her seat...or what was her seat today. Usually she'd sit at the head of the table at cabinet meetings, as the Prime Minister. Today though, was special. For the first time in forty-six years the King was...
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    For a Modern Realm (solo)

    Prydanian Embassy Norvalle, Sil Dorsett Evenings in Norvalle always tended to put William in a good mood. The city's lights, the vibrancy of its nightlife... he was past the age where the nightlife itself held much appeal to him, but the energy of the city was still appealing. It was...
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    Scraps of Roleplaying

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    For the King, to Valhalla

    21 October 2025 5:30 pm On a Tuesday Stormurholmr, Prydania "You look so handsome" Alycia said as she straightened Tobias' cloak. They were both wearing fur cloaks over ceremonial uniforms, appropriate for the occasion. Tobias only smiled and leaned in to kiss his wife, just as Colart entered...
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    Go West, Young Man (Closed)

    25 December 2020 9:07 pm On a Friday Coire, Saintonge "It's so strange to not see any snow on Christmas" Sakura said as she and Tjörvi made their way down the street that Léopold and Ásthildur lived on. "It is, Auntie" Tjörvi replied, looking around. "It sneaks up on me. I didn't even notice...