Men of Honour (solo?) (closed)


Það er alltaf sólríkt í Býkonsviði
TNP Nation
Imperial Palace, Yamantau

Carolus Ironhorse grunted as he worked on the transmission of his vintage Blockade Runner. The smell of oil, cigarettes, stale beer, and sweat mixed in the air. It was foul in a way that was also strangely inviting. A predominantly masculine scent.

No sooner had Carolus finished what he was working on when his phone pinged.

"Ah damnit, who's fokking botherin' me?" he muttered to no one in particular. He was locked into his task and he just didn't want to be bothered. He wiped his hands clean and checked his phone. A Twitcher notification. It was from King Tobias of Prydania. Carolus had an affinity for the Prydanians as an Ephyran. And he and the Prydanian King had started a group chat on Twitcher. At first it was to share car and motorcycle pics. Carolus had his Blockade Runner, his pride and joy, while Tobias was restoring his father's old motorcycle.

And what had begun as a friendly bit of engineering banter had turned into just a group chat between friends. And this message? Well it was very direct.


T-Bone and the C-Man
Private Group Chat

HH Tobias III Loðbrók @konungurprydansk
2 March 2023 7:03 pm



"Fokken' eh," Carolus replied as he puffed on his cigarette. He'd been working all day on this damn thing, and some Men of Honour would be a good way to relax and unwind.
Truth be told both of them were shocked the other played the game. Each had seen the very worst war could bring, after all. But they sort of discovered that each of them played it as a sort of therapy. To work out issues in a controlled, safe environment.

Well as safe an environment could be when twelve year olds halfway around the world called you racial slurs. But hey. Nothing was perfect.

Carolus took a chug of his beer and sat down at his AE console and logged into Men of Honour as he turned on his headset. Ah the group was mostly here...his girlfriend the Khanum of his home country Alara, Tobias, his wife Empress Alycia of Norsia, and Vittorio, the Dodge of Predice.

Carolus Yo, we ready to go?
Tobias We're waiting on Augustus.
Alycia It was his idea to play, and then once we got here he dropped. Again.
Tobias *chuckles* Já he does that.
Alycia He does that. A lot.
Carolus Godsdamnit Augustus.
Vittorio Skill issue.
Alara Calm down babe.
Carolus Well if it was his idea he should be here. And he can invite me himself.
Alara He's just a bit unsure about it because of the Wa

Augustus has entered the chat

Augustus Whatup! I'm back.
Alycia Why'd you drop as soon as you called us here?
Augustus Something came up!
Alycia It always comes up every time you decide to get a game going. Like it's your decision but then something always comes up.
Augustus Hey I'm very busy!
Alycia We're all busy!
Tobias I mean it does happen like... every time.
Augustus Oh shut up, I don't need you agreeing with your girl.
Tobias I'm just sayin'...
Vittorio Look guys can we just...
Carolus Hey Augustus. Why didn't you send me an invite yourself? Why you makin' Toby do it?
Augustus What? He had you in a group chat! I thought it would be easier!
Carolus Ok sure. Not because we kicked your sorry ass legions outta Yamantau.
Augustus You're not even Yamantian!
Carolus More than your mom is.
Augustus ... what?
Vittorio Jesus Christ this shit again... can we just pla
Alara Let's just play. Oh sorry Vittorio.
Vittorio No it's cool, just do we have to have the same conversation every time? Jesus Christ.
Carolus It'll stop when Augustus apologizes.
Augustus Suck my dick.
Carolus You can't afford it.
Tobias We done?
Augustus Yeah we done. Which map are we doing?
Alycia Chemical Factory?
Vittorio And get fucked by a bunch of sniping asswipes? No thank you.
Alycia You just don't know how to counter-snipe.
Tobias You gotta learn to anticipate where they're gonna slide to after their shots and you spray. It's like a goalie on penalties in football. You got a 50/50 chance.
Vittorio Ugh no thanks. What about Supply Depot?
Alycia I could do Supply Depot. Babe?
Tobias I'm down for anything that's not Border Crossing.
Alara Fok Border Crossing.
Vittorio So Supply Depot?
Augustus Sure.
Carolus I'm down.

load screen

Augustus Ugh this Atoijakian music. It's offensive.
Carolus Don't be butthurt just because they broke away from the Imperium.
Tobias I mean it's just for mood.
Alycia Yeah not like they're gonna actually steal your kidneys.
Vittorio Oh wow! Fucking incredible.
Augustus Savage!
Alara Ok boys nut up. You don't want Aly and I on top of the leader board again do ya?
Augustus I bet Toby likes Aly on top.
Tobias Man... fok you.
Alycia Don't let him get to you babe.
Vittorio Talk about your periods later ladies, it's go time.

Carolus There's a squad camping on the high ground.
Alycia I've pinged him. Let's get him.
Carolus I gotta reload my Ephyrian Death Machine. Two minutes.
Alara Já you do.
Augustus Come on Carolus. Let's 'em. This is for HONOUR!
Carolus Hold on. There's a team on the building. They're on top of you Aly.
Alycia My bad guys, I'm stuck here.
Augustus Let's get the high ground here Carolus, I'll show you how it's done.

Carolus What the fok! This isn't the high ground! Good going Augustus!
Augustus I don't know what to tell you! Try hitting your shots!
Carolus Fok these campers.

Tobias I'm coming.
Alycia Oh you're leaving me?
Tobias What? You're pinned and...
Alycia I'm kidding!
Tobias .... ok Augustus, Carolus, on my way.

Augustus AHA! That's how you do it! You gotta get to the firing range Carolus.
Carolus GG the fokking Imperium finally got a battlefield kill.
Augustus Yeah well ask the 500,000 dead in Yamantau.
Carolus Ok. How they were spared having to put up with you Suavidici motherfokkers?
Augustus Cope and seethe.

Tobias Holy fok. Did you just take out their guys hun?
Alycia I'm still pinned down.
Vittorio You're welcome fucksticks.
Alara Boom! Headshot. Right here Vittorio!
Vittorio Right on. See what you fuckers can do when you're not arguing like bitches the whole time?
Carolus Toby where you at bro?
Tobias Coming up.
Augustus You pushing centre? No bro!
Tobias Under fire!
Augustus Yeah no shit!
Alycia Hey! Be nice!
Tobias *mutters* I'm just here for a good time.
Vittorio When you fuckers are done your circle jerk Alara and I could use some help.

Carolus Ooohhhhh shit.
Vittorio What?
Carolus I think I had coms open with the other squad.
Alycia What?
Carolus Já they heard everything.
Vittorio Bail!

Vittorio, Alara, Alycia, and Tobias DC

Augustus Fuck you Carolus.
Carolus Suck my sack.

Carolus and Augustus DC

OOC Note: I used characters from @Yamantau Em , @Norsia , @Predice , and @Ianmey7 's nations. If you'd like a change made just lemme know, but honestly this isn't that serious :D