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Lead Gameside Advocate Appointment
It is a shame that we have to do this so early, but regrettably our beloved @Marcus Antonius has had to resign as our Lead Gameside Advocate. I want to thank him for his fantastic work over the last few months. He was a consummate professional and a great team leader. While we’re sad to lose him in this role, I know he will continue to keep a watchful eye over the RMB, even unofficially, and his example will serve the Gameside Advocates even while he takes his leave.

In finding a replacement, I wanted to recognize one of our most promising Gameside Advocates, someone who truly embodies the idea of GAs as a bridge between the offsite and gameside communities. His eagle eye caught our eye, and I’m happy to bring some new blood to this crucial role. I am pleased to appoint @Fili to the role of Lead Gameside Advocate! I am confident he will thrive in this role and do us all proud. Please join me in congratulating him, and wish him luck. It’s a jungle out there!
Congratulations @Fili!

A well deserved promotion.

Remember.............Suppression fire, Suppress on Sight (SoS) and 'Time Outs! :lol:
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