Pax Polaris Occidens


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Pax Polaris Occidens

Section I - Mutual Recognition

  1. The signatories acknowledge the constitutional governments acting at the time of ratification of this treaty to be legitimate and sovereign governments of their respective NationStates regions.
  2. The signatories will maintain their established in-game embassies (i.e., on the NationStates site) and off-site embassies (i.e., on their respective regional forums) with each other.

Section II - Definitions

  1. For the purposes of this treaty, the following definitions will be used.
    • A Home Region is defined as a signatory’s primary region, the one through which governance, Delegacy, and World Assembly affairs are conducted.
    • A Protected Region is defined as any region that has a mutual defense agreement with a signatory.
    • Specific exceptions to Protected Region designation can be made via unanimous consent and amendment to this treaty, and will be listed under Section II, Rule 1 (e.). These regions will be defined as Exempt Regions.
    • Any Protected Region will be automatically moved to the list of Exempt Regions if they declare hostility or engage in military operations against a Home Region or Protected Region. Re-assignment under this provision will not require re-ratification.
    • The list of Exempt Regions is:

Section III - Mutual Defense

  1. The signatories agree not to engage in any military hostilities against each other and shall not consider being on opposite sides of a military operation against a target unrelated to this document’s provisions to be military hostilities.
  2. The signatories will not attempt to overthrow one another’s legitimate governments as defined in this document.
  3. The signatories shall provide one another prompt military assistance in case of a military attack targeting a Home Region or Protected Region to the best of their ability, and at the request of any impacted signatory.
  4. In the event of a declaration of war or sustained hostilities effectively constituting a state of war brought against a Home Region or Protected Region, all parties shall consider this to be grounds to engage in opposition of every operation undertaken by the aggressor party until the hostilities are rescinded.

Section IV - Intelligence Sharing

  1. The signatories shall provide information to all other signatories’ head of government which is pertinent to any Home Region or Protected Region’s security, unless the signatory in possession of such intelligence reasonably believes that doing so would violate applicable laws or contravene the terms of service for NationStates or said signatory's forum provider.
  2. The signatories will keep confidential all intelligence provided to them under this Section, unless the providing signatory consents to the release.
  3. The signatories will not in any way initiate or participate in espionage, subterfuge, or other clandestine operations against one another. For this purpose, a "clandestine operation" is one or more persons acting under false pretenses at the direction of any other signatory in order to gain access to regions, forums, discords, or any other property of the signatory so as to collect non-public or sensitive information.

Section V - General Provisions and Dissolution

  1. This treaty will come into effect upon its ratification by the duly authorized individuals or bodies of the signatories.
  2. Further additional members may be added via unanimous invitation by all signatories, upon ratification by the duly authorized individuals or bodies of the signatories.
  3. A signatory may choose to withdraw from the agreement when they deem it to be in their best interest. They must inform the other parties through the relevant diplomatic channels of their intent to withdraw in advance.
  4. The signatories will make all reasonable efforts to seek a diplomatic solution before withdrawing from this treaty.
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The Pax Polaris Occidens is ratified by the following signatories:
The North Pacific
The Pacific
The West Pacific​