Marcus' Model Railway Journey

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November 26th, 2022

Steam locomotive 34067 Tangmere to depart London Victoria today​


34067 'Tangmere' passing through Ashford ...with a down boat train express, 27-05-1961

34067 Tangmere will be hauling UK Railtour’s Medway Valley Pullman this Saturday, 26th November.

Departing London Victoria at 11:31, the locomotive will pass through Wandsworth Road (11:38), Brixton (11:42), Streatham Common (11:55), South Croydon (12:05), Redhill (12:18), Penhurst (12:36), Tonbridge (12:55), Beltring (13:55), Maidstone West (14:07), Snodland (14:20), Strood (14:29), Rochester (14:43), Farningham Road (15:43), St Mary Cray (15:43), Bromley South (16:03), Kent House (16:09), Brixton (16:18), Wandsworth Road (16:21) and London Victoria at 16:27.

Note: Between Stood and Rochester, this tour may be diesel hauled due to reversal at Strood.
November 26th, 2022

Inside The Train Shed

Yet another busy couple of hours in the shed building a baseboard section.

Carpentry is not one of my strengths.

I was having flashbacks to my teenage years when I used to do woodwork at school.

I still remember the teacher checking my work for 'square' and 'fit'. :blink:

He looked at me sadly and said "I think that metalwork is your future my lad"

He was right. :lol:


I was chasing the 'right angles' until I realised the solution was to use the actual ply boards as the 'datum' and not the legs and frame. :ermm:

The result is a lot more 'square'.

Note: The assumption that timber purchased from a DIY outlet will be 'cut square' and not warped, is not a good one.

It's been a miserable wet day today but it was nice and cosy inside the shed with my little heater, radio and kettle.
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November 26th, 2022

Lily’s Kitchen and Great Western Railway paws for pet-friendly travel​


The Santa Paws Express crosses the River Severn in Worcester

Pet owners who travel by Great Western Railway (GWR) train this Christmas can take advantage of a special train that has been designed to make their journeys easier.

In a joint venture between B Corp pet food brand, Lily’s Kitchen and Great Western Railway, a specially designed Lily’s Kitchen train, the “Santa Paws Express” will operate the railway’s network this Christmas.

The train has a Christmas sack full of treats and is the first of a number of initiatives that aim to make it easier for pet owners to travel with their pets by train during the Christmas season.
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Veterinary surgeon Rory the Vet from children’s television channel CBBC will be providing travel tips and advice, whilst Lily’s Kitchen has created a map that highlights those Great Western Railway stations that have convenient areas for pet owners nearby to exercise their pets before departure to avoid any awkward accidents on the train.

In the lead-up to Christmas, thousands of festive meals and treats made from the very best natural ingredients will be given away to four-legged travellers.

They will be given away at a number of Great Western Railway customer service desks at stations including Oxford, Bath Spa, and Bristol Parkway, and on trains travelling to Bristol on Wednesday, 7th December.

On Thursday, 8th December, visitors travelling with their pet by train to Bath’s famous Christmas Markets can take advantage of samples from Lily’s Kitchen at Bath Spa station where helpers will be handing out ulti-MUTT treats.

802106 carrying Lily's Kitchen livery 1L08 0628 Swansea - Paddington crossing the Usk at Newport 11.11.2022

Passengers wanting to take their cat away with them this Christmas will know that cats can be nervous passengers.

Lily’s Kitchen advises that cat owners should pre-book seats in a train’s quiet coach and travel at quieter times. In particular, they should avoid travelling on Friday evenings or Sundays, which are two of the busiest times for leisure rail travel.

As an incentive for people to travel with their pets and proving that pet travel isn’t just for Christmas, pets can travel for free with Great Western Railway throughout the year.

At Paddington 802106.

November 27th, 2022

Heritage Traction around Yorkshire | 26/27 November 2022

37422 and 37218 - 3J51 RHTT
6233 and 37668 - York Yuletide Express
75078 and 20031 - KWVR Elf Express
Purple Timetable Beatrice and Cumbria - Embsay Santa Specials
33053 and 45407 - Polar Express Wensleydale

November 28th, 2022

West Yorkshire town to get a new station next summer


The site of the new Morley station

In a multi-million-pound investment, a new fully accessible railway station is to open next summer at Morley in Leeds.

The new station will replace the existing one and is just 75 metres away. It will have longer platforms to provide more space and be fully accessible, with a footbridge and lifts connecting the two platforms.

By building a new station, the layout of the platforms and track will be improved and overhead wires required to power electric and hybrid trains in the future will be installed.

It also means that while the new station is being built, the existing station can largely remain open for passengers.

Morley’s new accessible station set to open in summer 2023.

The improvements are part of the Transpennine Route Upgrade, which will revolutionise rail across the north of England with the line from Manchester to York being fully electrified.

For passengers travelling between the two cities as well as from Huddersfield and Leeds there will be more frequent and greener trains with more seats available, whilst stations along the route will be improved and a number of bridges and level crossings will be upgraded.

Although the station will remain open whilst the new one is being built, it will be necessary to close the line between Saturday, 31st December and Monday, 2nd January, which will result in changes to services between Leeds and Huddersfield with bus replacements and diversions in place.

The current Morley station

Between Saturday, 4th and Sunday, 12th February 2023, there will also be further service changes while work takes place to realign the track and install a new platform.

Details of all the service changes can be found at National Rail Enquiries.

Rob McIntosh, Managing Director for Network Rail’s Eastern region said:

“A brand-new fully accessible station in Morley will reinvigorate rail in the area and unlock better connections to jobs, events, and opportunities between Manchester and York for many more people.

“It’s just one element of a massive, multi-billion-pound programme of improvements we’re delivering across the north to create a faster, greener railway that people can confidently rely on to get them where they need to be, on time.”

Secretary of State for Transport, Mark Harper commented:

“As the Chancellor rightly set out last week, delivering core Northern Powerhouse Rail is essential if we’re going to drive investment, grow the economy and unlock potential across the North of England.

“The Transpennine Route and Morley Station upgrades embodies this and our multibillion pound investment will pave the way for first-rate connectivity including more frequent, faster and greener trains running on a more reliable railway.”


Report 02/2022 - Derailment of a passenger train at Carmont

Derailment of a passenger train at Carmont, Aberdeenshire, 12 August 2020.

Published10 March 2022



At around 09:37 hrs on Wednesday 12 August 2020, a passenger train derailed near Carmont, Aberdeenshire.

The train, reporting number 1T08, was the 06:38 hrs service from Aberdeen to Glasgow, which was returning towards Aberdeen due to a blockage that had been reported on the line ahead.

It was travelling at 73 mph (117 km/h), just under the normal speed for the line concerned.

After derailing, the train deviated to the left, before striking a bridge parapet which caused the vehicles to scatter.

Tragically, three people died as a result of the accident and the remaining six people on the train were injured.


RAIB has made 20 recommendations for the improvement of railway safety.

These cover:

How the railway manages extreme weather events, management of civil engineering construction activities, management assurance of railway control functions, train design, and applying learning from previous events.
November 29th, 2022


YouTube Channel News


The Channel now has 11 subscribers, I thank all those that have subscribed so far.

Update on videos, Neonlake has actually used some of my footage to create the opening titles for the future videos.

I converted the AVI files to MP4 and sent them to him.

It's been put together and edited and I must admit, it looks very good.

So it's up to me now to record some more footage.

Hopefully, we may have our first video uploaded soon. :)
November 29th, 2022

Stadler secures contract to deliver more FLIRTs to Finland​


Stadler Flirt trains for VR Group

Stadler has signed a contract with the Finnish VR Group for 20 single-decker FLIRT electric multiple-unit trains.

The first of the new trains is scheduled to be delivered in spring 2026, and it is planned that they will be used for regional transport such as around the Finnish capital of Helsinki and in the Tampere region.

If necessary, they can also be used on intercity services in the future.

With an efficient electric drive, the new trains support sustainable rail operations and VR mission to implement environmentally friendly public transport in Finland.

The contract includes the provision of spare parts, options to supply a further 50 trains, and expanding services to Stadler’s full-service model.

The new trains will be constructed from lightweight aluminium, which combined with the latest converter technology, will significantly reduce the trains’ energy consumption.

These include using propane as a coolant, oil-free air compressors, and being able to recycle a large part of the materials at the end of their service life.

Each train has 356 seats and a total space for 796 passengers, and a maximum speed of 160 km/h.

They have step-free entrance areas, low noise emissions inside and outside the trains, and spacious storage areas for pushchairs, wheelchairs, bicycles, and luggage.

Throughout the design stage, Stadler worked with a local agency so that the trains accord with Finnish designs.

With an elegant and stylish interior that is also modular, they can easily be reconfigured or replaced during the trains’ lifetime.
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FLIRTs are also being delivered to the UK for use by Transport for Wales.

Brand new Transport for Wales class 231 Stadler Flirts 231002+004 at Cardiff Central​

On Friday 19th November 2021 the first of Transport for Wales' new class 231 Stadler Flirt units arrived in south Wales.

Having travelled through the Channel Tunnel to Ripple Lane (London) via Dollands Moor on Thursday evening, units 231002+004 travelled west overnight, hauled by 66001.

The consist is seen here at Cardiff Central, about to depart for nearby Canton depot where the units - and the rest of the 231 fleet, will be based.


Stadler has extensive experience in building rolling stock for challenging climatic conditions.

Over 2,500 FLIRTs (Fast Light Intercity and Regional Train) have been sold, with 81 already in service in Finland, as well as in Sweden, Norway, and Estonia.

Their operation in these countries has proved their ideal suitability for severe winter conditions, and the new FLIRT trains are will be adapted specially for Finland’s Nordic climate.

Additional equipment will include large snow ploughs, efficient air-conditioning technology with underfloor heating in the vestibules, special heat insulation, and well-sealed traction compartments to protect the propulsion units.

Dr. Ansgar Brockmeyer, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing and Deputy Group CEO of Stadler, said:

“After supplying 60 locomotives, we are now proud to be delivering our best-selling FLIRT model to the VR Group. The FLIRT train has already proven its versatility and robustness thousands of times – from the Arctic Circle to Africa. The new vehicles will provide VR’s commuter traffic passengers with an environmentally friendly, reliable, and comfortable travel experience – even in harsh winter weather conditions.”

Elisa Markula, the CEO of VR Group, said:

“Stadler’s proposal responds to our needs. This is what we at VR Group want trains in the future to be like: energy-efficient, accessible for everybody, spacious, and comfortable to travel in. We are happy to have Stadler as our partner in our mission, getting there together for a better world,”
November 29th, 2022

Steam locomotive 7029 Clun Castle to visit Yorkshire today​


7029 Clun Castle was performing well as usual as it races through a dank Kilnhurst on the 1Z70 Tyseley-York 'The Christmas White Rose, 29.11.22.

7029 Clun Castle will be hauling The Christmas White Rose from Tyseley to York and return this Tuesday, 29th November 2022.

Departing Tyseley Steam Trust at 07:56, the tour will pass through Small Heath (08:03), Coleshill Parkway (08:22), Tamworth (08:43), Burton-on-Trent (09:00), Derby (09:20), Chesterfield (09:59), Swinton (10:45), Pontefract Baghill (11:07), Church Fenton (11:50) and York at 12:18.

After time in York, 7029 will depart at 17:11 and will pass through Doncaster (17:50), Mexborough (18:04), Chesterfield (19:09), Duffield (19:36), Derby (19:44), Burton-on-Trent (20:06), Tamworth (20:21), Coleshill Parkway (20:50), Small Heath (21:16) and Tyseley Steam Trust at 21:21.

The Christmas White Rose 7029 Clun Castle

It was lovely to hear the sound of the whistle echo around the Derbyshire valley just before 7029 came into view.

A very challenging morning as light was poor and the mist was dropping as the morning progressed.

Nice to see some wonderful autumn colours near to the old South Wingfield station site very much needed on a dull day.

The Christmas White Rose - Tyseley ST-York on November 29, 2022.

7029. 'The Christmas White Rose'.

29.11.2022. GWR Collett 4073 (Castle) Class 4-6-0 No 7029 'Clun Castle' fills the cutting with exhaust as it climbs away from Barrow Hill with 1Z70, the 07.56 Tyseley Locomotive Works - York 'Christmas White Rose'.

Organised and operated by Vintage Trains.

Nov 29, 2022, GWR Castle Class no 7029 Clun Castle hauls Vintage Trains, The Christmas White Rose, steaming through Sherburn-in-Elmet Station from Tyseley Steam to York.

November 30th, 2022

North Yorkshire Moors Railway release Winter Work update – including steam locomotives 34101 Hartland and 44806​


Winter maintenance

With the full running season now over, the North Yorkshire Moors Railway has begun a schedule of winter work as it prepares for the 2023 season.

For the Civil Engineering team at Grosmont, one of the first tasks was replacing siding No. 7 into the shed.

Engineers will head to Kingsthorpe near Pickering to complete work started last year to relay tracks.

This will start with offloading sleepers and materials during December, ready for work to start on the 1st January.

The work will see welding of track, ballasting and tamping the track during February and stress testing the rails at the beginning of March ahead of the season.

In the new year, work will begin to ballast and tamp Bridges 25 and 25, which were replaced earlier in 2022 as part of the Yorkshire’s Magnificent Journey project.

Kerry Fieldhouse and her team of Lineside Conservation Volunteers will be busy clearing the vegetation and repairing dry-stone walls as well as managing the ash dieback along the line
Moving to Grosmont’s Motive Power Department, a vast amount of work has already been completed on locomotives during November to get them ready for Santa Specials and Christmas Diners.

Elsewhere in the works:
  • Steam fitters are working to make BR 9F No. 92134 ready to receive its new tyres
  • 80136 will have its valves and pistons removed for their exams. The crossheads will need new white metal pouring to replace the bearing surfaces and the slidebar will need some attention.
  • Class 08 08850 has had new batteries, fuel pumps and its automatic voltage regulator serviced.
British Railways 9F 92134
Class 25 No. D7628 is having a top end engine rebuild as well as a main generator overhaul

Black 5 No. 44806’s overhaul is on track with the frame rebuild on schedule and attention will soon turn to machining a new chimney as well as work on the tender.

34101 ‘Hartland’ is now in the boiler shop where all of the large sections are now welded back together.

25278 (D7628) & 24032 (D5032)
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