June Embassy Update | The Union of Democratic States

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Foreign Envoy

June Embassy Update
Ministry of Foreign Affairs​

New Administration
by British Isles And Commonwealth Realms​

With the end of President Nuevo San Miguel's term in office approaching, the recently established Electoral Commission opened nominations for the office of the President of the Union of Democratic States.
This would be the first presidential elections to be conducted under the new constitution, abd the winner would be the first president who would we'll all the powers given to them by this constitution. There were only two candidates; former chief justice Kron with Zuk as her vice president and former defence minister Kang with Phoenix as his vice president. Kron's manifesto focused on efficiency, activity and information. She is the first presidential candidate in recent history to declare their cabinet in their manifesto. One major point of her campaign was the splitting of the Ministry of Culture into Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Roleplay, the minster of the latter ministry and the Minister of defence would be nominated by the roleplayers and soldiers respectively. Kang promised positive growth in domestic and international matters, and culture. The promised game nights and reaching out to new incoming nations through telegrams.

The two candidates met for a skirmish in a debate where the citizenry ask them questions through our intermediary Glac. The final battle took place on the electoral field and Kron emerged victorious. Our long-suffering chief justice and the architect of the present constitution had won the top seat of power in the Union and began working immediately. She nominated her cabinet choices to the Speaker of the Senate and were duly confirmed. Phoenix as the Minister of the Censes, Sacento as the Minister of Culture, Zuk as the Minister of Justice and Attorney General and Isles as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The soldiers of the UDSAF chose Kang as the Minister of Defence and role players chose Nuevo San Miguel as the Minister of Role-play. Both were duly confirmed. All the cabinet positions were now filled. The Kronministration has settled in.

Ministry of Role-Play Created
by British Isles And Commonwealth Realms​

One of the campaign promises of President Kron was to split the Ministry of Culture into; Ministry of Culture with the responsibility of a game night etc., and Ministry of Role-Play which as the name suggests will be responsible for role-play. President Kron also asked to the UDS role-playing community for their preference for the minister. The chosen Nuevo San Miguel as the first Minister of Role-Play

World Assembly Delegate Transition
by British Isles And Commonwealth Realms​

Asdersland had been serving as the World Assembly Delegate of the Union of Democratic States. His resignation meant a transition for the UDS. President Kron nominated Kade (the glorious hypetrain) for the position as per the Constitution. Upon confirmation by the Senate the campaign began at once. Telegrams were sent, announcements were, well, announced, and UDSAF was called home to aid in the transition. In 10 days, Kade was appointed as the World Assembly Delegate of the Union of Democratic States.

Change of Electoral Commission Staff
by British Isles And Commonwealth Realms​

With Asdersland resigning as UDS’s first Chief Electoral Commissioner, President Kron using the powers pursuant to Article V, Section 2, Clause a, of the Constitution of the Union of Democratic States nominated Deputy Chief Electoral Commissioner as the new Chief. After the Senate’s confirmation, Kade (the glorious hypetrain) took office and appointed Phoenix (phoenix_coalition) as the Deputy Chief Election Commissioner.

New Chief Justice and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Union of Democratic States
by British Isles And Commonwealth Realms​

Upon Kron’s resignation from the office of the Chief Justice, the electoral commission opened nominations for the now vacated office. In the running were Khevo, an associate justice; Glaciocia, the Attorney General and Druing, a former president. Khevo won with the majority of votes. As per Article IV, section 3 of the Constitution of the Union of Democratic States, Khevo was confirmed as the Chief Justice of the Union of Democratic States and appointed Nuevo San Miguel as associate justice to the seat he vacated.

Senate By-Election
by Joesphto​
Following the resignation of Senator XanPlex, the Union was left with an open Senate seat. Three candidates ran for the position. They were Mr. Casually Cruel (moe), During, and North Plegia, as well as the additional Re-Open Nominations. The election was held using the Average Placement voting system. Of the 20 votes cast, 19 were counted, with one being disqualified. Moe was elected on the first ballot with 11 votes. North Plegia placed second with 4 votes, and with Druing and RON tying for third with 2 votes each. Upon publication of the election report by the Union Electoral Commision, Moe was named a Senator of the Union of Democratic States.