[Draft] Commend Antifa

Whole India

The Security Council,

Noting the fact that, Antifa has taken tremendous efforts to end Fascism and Nazism in NS for the past 7 years;

Prasing Antifa for its Operation UNITY under which in 2014:

Admiring the fact that, a total of 13 Anti-Nazi/Fascist regions were united under Antifa to stem the resurgence of the Nazi/Fascist threat which had been slowly building over in 2014;

Acknowledging that, Antifa successfully captured The Aryan Army which was a major coalition of fascist regions from the Antiquity Era;

Further Acknowledging that The URAP and The NSIA, two fascist regions founded in 2003 and 2005 respectively and members of The Aryan Army, were laid to rest in 2016 by Antifa;

Complimenting that, Antifa's raid on The NSIA was a historic operation in which 84 members belonging to 19 different regions united under the one banner of Antifa;

Recognising that, Antifa collaborated with Ruining Nazi Sandcastles founded by The Order of the Grey Wardens's former member and a Security Council commended nation, Roavin, in various operations to combat fascism and nazism;

Acclaiming that, Antifa united 10 regions in its operation against a Nazi region, Elite Region of Global Command, a region famous for glorifying Nazism, of which shared embassies with Nazi Europa, KAISERREICH;

Appreciating that, Antifa could unite 24 major regions to conquer Genua, a major emerging fascist region which had attempted to make significant regions like The League, Ridgefield, and Thaecia as their Jump points;

Respecting the truth that more than 1,000 regions have been pacified from Nazism and Fascism by Antifa;

Accepting the fact that Antifa has liberated numerous innocent regions which were the victims of Nazi and fascist brutality;

Signifying the fact that Antifa saved Liberal Haven, an innocent region raided by the Right Wing Uprising, an organisation found by NAZI EUROPE, was successfully liberated with 35 WA nations;

Further Signifying the fact that Anne Frank was liberated from the Nazis in a landmark operation where 30 regions united under the banner of Antifa liberating that region;

Realizing that Antifa has done phenomenal work to unite regions.;

Hereby, Commends Antifa.
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